Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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25. Sneaking behind the Kings Back

Dimitri POV

“Lilly,” the girl said.

I felt my eye twitch. I was gripping the throne angrily.

I stand up without a word and leave the room. I could feel my face contort in anger. The monster in me is trying to break free. I tried to mind link Lilly, but she didn’t respond. It was making me feel angrier.

The moment I find her, I will make sure she is dead. This time she crossed the line. Heading down, I asked everyone if they knew where she was. No one saw her until a girl approached me.

“King Dimitri?” she stutters as fear clings to her body.

“You’ve seen her?” I asked angrily.

“Yes, please follow me,” the girl said. Her body trembles as she walks in front of me.

I was trying my best to stay composed, but if I saw Lilly, I would lose it, that I was sure off.

The girl took me down the cave, confused. I looked everywhere.

“Why are we here?” I asked the girl.

“This is where she went.” The girl whispered, looking around.

As realization hits me, I push the girl and run towards the entrance. Scattered cloth lay on the floor. Taking a quick inhale, I realize it’s hers. Growling loudly, I mind linking my men, including Damian.

In a split second, everyone gathers around.

“We are going down to search for your queen. Now I want Lilly dead or alive, are we clear?” I order.

I heard a loud yes. Undressing, I transform into my black dragon and fly out of the cave. By the time Valkyrie disappeared, it must be over three hours. She must have been far by now. Cursing in my mind, I mind link, Damian.

“Find her, Damian, no matter what, find her,” I ordered him.

Damian didn’t answer back, but I could see him watching over me from afar. Deciding to head down, I land with a thud. Transforming into my human form, I start searching. I used my senses to get a swift of the air. If they were close, I could smell Valkyrie.

The area around the mountain didn’t have hiding spots. There was only one waterfall with a cave that could hide someone from plain sight. So, deciding to search that area, I ran. The waterfall wasn’t far away from the lake.

Reaching the waterfall, I look around the trees and bushes. So far, not even a glimpse of them. I couldn’t even smell Valkyrie. Fisting my hands, I stop and decide to scout the area. Closing my eyes, I kneel on one knee and concentrate; I try to assimilate my surroundings. Being dragons gave us advantages. Our senses were sharper than humans, so listening and smelling things from a distance wasn’t hard.

“Damn it,” I mumble. Nothing around my area. Where was she hiding?

This desperate feeling that was building on my mind was frustrating. I hated to feel like this. But I was already worried because Valkyrie wasn’t waking up, and now she has disappeared?

“Dimitri, we found something,” Damian said in my mind.

“Where?” I asked.

“On the east border. You better come,” Damian said, sounding frustrated.

Growling, I transform and take off. The east border wasn’t far either. It was the closest border to the palace. And now that I think about it, Lilly might have got out that way. The east side bordered the Marlin Kingdom.

The Marlin Kingdom was a friendly kingdom that bordered the east side of the mountain range.

They were a helping kingdom and also one of our significant providers, especially with food. So we have a treaty with them.

Seeing my men from afar, I quickly head their way. Landing, I growl softly. Damian was in his human form.

“This is Lilly’s clothes,” Damian yelled as he showed me the scattered clothes, “And this has Valkyrie’s.”

Looking to the front, I see the gates of Marlin Kingdom. Did she possibly head that way? I found it odd. Something was telling me that maybe this was a trap.

“Keep looking. Leo sent a team to the Merlin Kingdom,” I order.

Leaving Damian in charge, I head back to the palace. First, I needed to see if they checked every room in the palace. Second, something was telling me that Lilly didn’t go to the Merlin Kingdom. It was strange that she headed there. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that Lilly’s obsession with me was going overboard.

“Nothing?” Michael asked as he handed me some clothes.

“We have some clues,” I told him as I fixed my trousers, “It seems she headed to the Merlin Kingdom.”

“What?” Michael asked, shocked, “Why there? Did she know how big of trouble she would cause?”

“I don’t think she headed that way,” I said honestly.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, following behind me.

“I have a feeling that it was only a distraction. Lilly is somewhere else.” I said, and I was going to find her no matter what.

Reaching Valkyrie’s chambers, we find Prince Cian on Valkyrie’s bed. He had a deep frown.

“What are you doing?” I asked. Raising his hand, he hushes me.

“Cian?” Michael said, making Prince Cian hush him too.

Reaching for the bed’s edge, where Damian was found resting, he picks something white up. Sniffing it, he scowls and backs his hand away.

“If I’m not wrong, this is yours, brother?” Prince Cian said, looking at Michael with a stern look. “Did you check your chambers to see if anything was missing?”

“Missing?” Michael asked, looking at Cian’s hand.

He had white powder on his fingers. Walking over, Michael grabs Prince Cian’s hand and brings it up to his nose. Scowling, he looks down at his brother.

“Fairy drug,” Michael mumbled.

“Fairy drug? How did that get here?” I asked, confused.

“I have some, but that’s for experimenting or for battles,” Michael said, cursing under his breath. Leaving us, I stayed with Prince Cian.

“You have a wonderful bitch around you,” Prince Cian said as he walked to my side, “If you have fucked her so many times, you should have made her your queen.”

“What the fuck is your problem?” I asked, growling.

“My problem? None. It’s just that I wonder why Valkyrie doesn’t have the mate’s mark.” Prince Cian said as his icy eyes met mine. His reptile eyes gleam.

“That is none of your business,” I hissed, walking away.

“Really?” Prince Cian said, grasping my arm and making me turn my head, “If Valkyrie isn’t your mate, I will take her away.”

Pushing him, I growl.

“You dare to threaten me?” I asked angrily.

“Let me remind you she’s my family,” Prince Cian hissed back.

“You don’t have proof!” I said, annoyed as I got closer to his face, “Once you show me the proof, I will believe you.”

“Don’t worry, the proof it’s on its way,” Prince Cian mutters, making me look at him shocked.

Proof? Was he getting proof that Valkyrie was her cousin? If that happens and I find out Valkyrie is my mate, I would marry not only a hybrid but also a princess.

Somehow that made me feel better, knowing that Valkyrie’s life as a slave would change. She would no longer be called a slave or seen down for once, especially from my kind that hates her.

Looking up, I find that Cian was gone. When did he leave?

Sighing, I massage my temple.

“Where are you, Valkyrie?” I mumble.

Nighttime came, and everyone was back. Leo informed me they sent a group of four into the Merlin Kingdom. Damian left a group of dragons roaming the mountains in case there was any movement.

Leaning against the table, I sigh.

“Calm down, Dimitri,” Damian said as he took a seat next to me, “I bet Lilly has done nothing to her.”

“Lilly? That woman is crazy,” I said, annoyed.

“And whose fault is it?” Damian spat like venom.

Grumbling, I pull my hair. It was frustrating. What if Lilly hurts her? Or even tries to kill her? My chest hurt, and my mind couldn’t stop thinking of Valkyrie.

“Look, we will search again for her. We have people searching for the palace again. Nothing will happen to Valkyrie that I’m sure of,” Damian said, reassuring me.

“But what if?” I mutter sadly.

“Have a bit of hope,” Damian said, patting my shoulder, “Why don’t you go to rest? I will inform you if anything comes up.”

“No need,” I answered back.

“Stubborn,” Damian hissed, “Michael!”

Frowning, I look at the door. Michael didn’t walk in; instead, he stood behind me.

“Sorry, Dimitri,” Michael sighed, “Hit Damian for this.”

Not understanding, I snap my head towards Damian. With an evil smile plastered on his face, Damian whispers a goodnight. Feeling light-headed, I grab the table’s edge before my head smacks the table, and I fall asleep.

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