Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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26. The Plan to save the Queen

Cian POV

I was finding out that Valkyrie was gone. I had immediately guessed who was the one who took her away. I’ve been observing Lilly for a while, and since the moment she approached me, I knew she was a devil in disguise. She was the type to play it innocently, but her intentions were clear, like water. Her envious eyes and her desire to do something to Valkyrie didn’t go unnoticed by me.

I have always been sharp. And I knew when someone was behaving strangely.

Deciding to check back on Valkyrie’s chambers, I head up. Everyone left the palace to look for her. I couldn’t afford Lilly in taking Valkyrie away, not even hurt her. So I sent word already of Valkyrie’s existence.

Opening the chamber’s door, I step in and immediately get a sniff of the air. There it was, it was light, but they used some drug. Damian mentioned earlier that he had dozed off without realizing it. So it seems they used something to knock him off.

Approaching the bed, I take a seat. I checked where Valkyrie was and nothing; then I moved to the side where Damian was. Slipping my hand, I stop when I feel something. The bedsheets were white, so you could not see the small white powder if you didn’t see.

Grabbing some from the bedsheets, I check it. I was concentrating when Michael and Dimitri walked in; I had to hush them. It was already annoying that they were trying to interrupt me.

Doing a closer inspection, I realized what it was. I glare at Michael. This was his, and the person knew that he had some.

“Fairy drug?” Dimitri asked.

Fairy drug was a white, almost translucent powder. Fairies made it. It was unusual to find, and it could do wonders if you get your hands on some. They used the drug more to put people asleep. It would make them fall asleep unconsciously, making it harder for them to feel anything. It was also a simple way to kill someone.

Watching Michael leave us, I decided to check around the palace. But before I did, I needed to speak with Dimitri.

I mentioned the mark because I needed to know why he hadn’t done it. It was odd he hadn’t marked her and a stranger for Dimitri to hold up. I knew my kind. We are dragons, beasts, monsters in need, and our appetite was sexual. Our craving for mating was excruciating. So, I didn’t understand how he was doing it. Especially he who was a king.

Leaving him confused, I decided to take my leave. But, first, I needed to look for Valkyrie.

It’s been a while, and I had no other clue. Could Lilly take Valkyrie away? She was indeed strong because of the genes, but so the deed was the question.

Walking down the hallway, I stop. I saw dragons flying close by. It was almost midnight, and they still were looking for her. The last I heard of was that Lilly possibly left for the Merlin Kingdom. That was a big impossibility. But she wasn’t that stupid, and I was no idiot.

Deciding to head down to the cave, I stop when my nose picks up a scent. Frowning, I glance to the side. The door to the dungeons was the only thing to my side. It was one part of the palace that no one had taken their time to check. Looking to the sides, I notice I’m all alone. A slight hunch played in my mind.

Pushing through the metal door, I walk in quietly. I had to be careful I didn’t want to make noise or make anyone aware I was here. With cautious steps, I head down the stairs. This place reeks of moisture and urine. It seems Dimitri had people locked in here.

Reaching one hallway, I sniff the air. I furrowed my eyebrows as I smelled something like vanilla. That was a distinct odor from the rest. Remembering that Valkyrie smells like that, I decided to walk into the hallway.

Cobwebs hang from the rooftop and the pillars. This part of the hallway was emptier and dirtier than the rest. So far, I had only seen two doors. Were these cages?

Confused at what this place was, I heard rustling from a cage. I stopped and hid behind a pillar. They barely lighted the room. Torches lit up the room, but some areas remained dark.

“Bitch,” I heard a voice mumble.

Was that a woman’s voice?

Glancing towards the room, I see a body moving between the shadows. I needed to get closer.

Hearing a sudden splash and a cough, I peek out. Using my sight, I try to see between the darkness. But still was a bit far. Trying to find another spot, I notice a pillar on the other side. That was a suitable spot to hide. Crouching down, I crawl. I tried to be cautious.

Hearing another cough, I stop and look. Eyes wide, I gasped silently. Was that Valkyrie?

Cursing internally, I crawl until I finally can hide. I kept myself down, so she couldn’t see me.

“Morning sunshine,” Lilly said laughing, “Hey there!”

I heard a slap, and I grit my teeth in anger. My body shakes in anger. It seems my hunch was correct, and Lilly was still here.

Trying to get in, I saw that the door to the cage was left open. Smirking, I head in.

While Lilly was distracted by Valkyrie, I approached her quietly.

“I think it’s time for you to die. You know I had enough of you,” Lilly whispered with a laugh. “Dimitri will never be yours!”

She was crazy.

Observing her, I study her body language. Lilly was impatient. Seeing her pull something from her pants, I stop moving. Was that a dagger?

I couldn’t attack her so suddenly she might hurt Valkyrie. But did I have enough time?

Yanking Valkyrie’s hair, I see her raise her hand. Knowing I didn’t have enough time. I move and grab her arm, stopping her.

Lilly turned and looked at me with shock.

“You’re seeking death!” I hissed dangerously on her way.

Lilly’s face contorted in anger. Letting go of Valkyrie’s hair, she lashes at me, I back away. Moving quickly, Lilly attacks me. She wasn’t giving me a chance. Her movements were agile and great. Cursing under my breath, I find an open spot near her thighs. Kicking hard, Lilly stumbles. Grabbing her wrist, I pull her arm and make her turn around, stabbing her with the same dagger on the neck. Lilly started coughing blood. With wide eyes and a pale face, she tries to reach for me. I silently back away from her hand, falling to the ground.

Blood oozes from her neck. I watch with disgust as she drowns in her blood. Then, without taking a glance, I turn around. Valkyrie was chained against the wall. Her dress was ragged. Feeling my chest in pain, I hold my hand up. What was that?

Shaking my head so I could make those feelings go away, I decided to remove the chains. Valkyrie was half awake. Her head wobbles. Letting go of one of her wrists, I reach for her body. My arms circled her waist. Unlocking the other chain, Valkyrie’s body goes limp. I crouched with her in my arms. Moving her hair from her face, I see a couple of bruises. Growling softly, I lift her and take her out of there.

“Damian, I need you,” I thought.

“What is it?” Damian asked, worried.

“Valkyrie, I have her,” I mumble as I look down at Valkyrie’s face. She looked in pain. “Everything is all right now,” I murmur as I kiss her temple.


Reaching the dungeon’s entrance, Damian and some guys, including Leo, gathered around me. Dimitri was nowhere to be seen.

“What the fuck happen?” Damian asked as he looked between Valkyrie and me.

“Where’s Michael?” I asked.

Leo yelled for a name, and Michael came running our way. Putting Valkyrie down, I watch as Michael checks on her. Then, leaving her in his care, I stand up and fix my clothes.

“What the hell happened?” Leo asked this time.

“Lilly had Valkyrie locked on the dungeons,” I said, pointing towards the entrance.

“Wait, she was right under our snout?” Leo said, dumbfounded.

“Yes,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Where is Lilly?” Damian asked as his eyes pierced mine.

“Dead,” I said, averting my eyes, “I killed her.”

Both Leo and Damian looked at me like I had grown horns.

“What?” I snap, “I told Dimitri I was going to kill her.”

“Is her body down there?” Leo asked. Nodding, I explain where she is. Then, excusing himself, Leo leaves us and takes a couple of men with him.

“Dimitri?” I asked as my eyes landed on Valkyrie.

“Uh, he sleeping?” Damian said, scratching his head.

“No one called for him?” I asked, confused.

“Well, actually, Michael put him to sleep. So he won’t wake until tomorrow,” Damian said, laughing nervously.

Raising my eyebrow, I look at him.

“You are in trouble,” I mumble.

“Please don’t mention it,” Damian said with a sigh, “At least we found her. Thank you.” Damian said, patting my shoulder.

I look back at Valkyrie. What did Lily do to make her react? If neither Michael nor I have been able to wake her up?

“She is fine,” I mumble.

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