Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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27. Angry Queen

Damian POV

Putting Dimitri to sleep was a low move. I knew I was going to be in trouble. It would piss Dimitri once he wakes up, especially since we found Valkyrie. I still can’t believe Lilly was here all along. How did we miss the dungeons?

And now that I look at Prince Cian, how did he know?

Sometimes Cian made me look at him suspiciously. He had this odd feeling coming off him. It was like he was hiding his true intentions. Not only that, but his behavior was unusual. He acted like he knew everything, and somehow it bothered me.

Sighing, I asked Michael to take Valkyrie back. Cian left with him. Frowning, I turn and look at the entrance to the dungeons. Then, ordering some men to monitor Michael and Cian, I head in.

The smell of urine and blood mixed in the air makes me scowl. This place needed some ventilation and urgent cleanup. Heading to the floor that Prince Cian mentioned that Valkyrie was, I stop when I hear a growl. Rushing down, I follow the sound. Again, a loud growl was heard, and then a loud thud.

“Leo?” I called urgently.

Reaching the cage, I find Leo with Lilly; he was holding her by the neck. Lilly hissed his way angrily. Blood dripped from Leo’s face. Confused, I look at both of them. What the hell was happening?

“Lilly?” I mutter. “Didn’t…” I trailed off.

Snapping her head my way, Lilly hissed. She was angry. Her dress was full of blood, and her throat wound had scales.

“Fuck!” I curse.

Massaging my temple, I sigh.

“Chain her and monitor her,” I said, approaching Lilly.

Letting go of her. Lilly pants. Her chest rose and fell.

“You’re a lucky one,” I said as I stood in front of her.

Smirking, Lilly spits in my face.

“I can’t die that easily,” Lilly spats, “We can’t die unless it’s an actual dragon’s weapon.”

Slapping her across her face, Lilly falls to the ground.

“If it weren’t because Dimitri would love to see your face before killing you. I would kill you.” I spat angrily.

“Oh, Damian,” Lilly said laughing, “Do I have to remind you, you can’t kill me? The entire council will go against Dimitri!”

Leo and I stay stunned. Fisting my hands, I angrily punch her. Leo grabbed my arm and pulled me.

“Relax, Damian,” Leo said in my mind.

“Fucking keep an eye on her,” I order, leaving the cage. If I stayed a minute longer, I would pull her heart out.

Heading towards Valkyrie’s chambers, I open the door and find Mia changing Valkyrie. Blushing, I turn my face away.

“Did you find her body?” Cian asked as he had his back towards Mia. Michael was with his head bowed.

He looked like he was thinking about something.

“Yes, we just chained her. Leo was about to fight her,” I sighed.

“She’s alive?” Michael asked.

“She can’t die, idiot,” I snap, “Did you forget she’s a dragon?”

Laughing, Cian looked at me.

“Why do I have the feeling you guys don’t want to kill her?” Cian said with a smirk.

“I do!” I mumble, annoyed, “But I have no right. Especially if Dimitri hasn’t given the order.”

“Oh gods, I should have killed her. I was a bit compassionate to her by letting her die slowly. Never expected for you to fear her words,” Cian said, scoffing.

“SHUT UP!” I growled.

“Guys, stop it,” Michael said, stepping between us.

Scoffing, I turn and look at Mia.

“How’s Valkyrie?” I asked as I sat next to her.

“She is fine, just resting,” Michael mutters, “She will wake up soon.”

“But she wasn’t reacting,” I said, remembering when Prince Cian was carrying her.

“Yes, she was. I saw it with my own eyes,” Prince Cian said as he moved to the other side.

“Was?” I asked, confused.

“Yes. When I found her, Lilly somehow made her react. She was half awake.” Prince Cian explained.

“Wait, why didn’t you explain that earlier?” Michael asked.

Cian glared at Michael. I could see that something was up with these two.

“I thought you noticed it,” Cian said, moving his gaze from Michael.

Frowning, I noticed he was holding Valkyrie’s hand. He looked at her with warm eyes. Was I seeing things right now?

Unconsciously, my hand moved and slapped him away. Prince Cian looked at me, surprised. Even I was surprised by what I had just done.

“S-sorry,” I stutter.

What was wrong with me? For a second, I felt jealous of her.

As I was about to say something, we heard a growl. Rolling my eyes, I groan.

“Seems the king is awake?” Prince Cian said, smirking.

“Wasn’t he supposed to wake until later?” I asked Michael.

Shrugging his shoulders, Michael turns away.

“It’s time for you to get your grave ready,” Michael said as he waved his hand.

With my arms crossed, I listen to Dimitri’s rant. We were in the throne room. Since he woke up, he has been ranting about what we did. He’s been cursing Michael and me.

“Just what the fuck is wrong with you? I swear if you weren’t my brother, I have beaten your ass,” Dimitri yelled.

Annoyed, I hush him up. Everyone present looked at me. Even Dimitri looked at me, surprised.

“Look, you can lock us in the cage if you want to, but our priority right now isn’t your anger but the queen. Or do I need to remind the king that our queen got kidnapped?” I retorted.

Leo’s eyes grew the size of lemons as he looked my way. Then, a silence fell in the room. The air was tense as Dimitri’s face darkened.

Raising my eyebrow, I stare at him.

“Damian, you’re in huge fucking trouble,” Dimitri said on my mind.

“Don’t fucking blame me for your behavior,” I bark back.

Frowning, Dimitri keeps his eyes on me. Like a lion ready to catch its prey.

“You’re not showing respect, Damian!” Dimitri answered back.

“So what?” I said, annoyed, “You don’t even behave like a king anymore.”

“Fuck off, Damian!” Dimitri said.

“MAKE ME!” I snap aloud, making everyone flinch. Dimitri’s nose flared as it showed his anger on his face. Then, slamming my hand on the armrest, I stand. Dimitri followed.

We both stood looking at each other. Then, finally, I was having enough of Dimitri, and Dimitri was having enough of me. I was on the verge of putting him in his place.

“Did you just challenge me?” Dimitri asked, barely a whisper.

Looking sternly into his golden eyes, I smirk.

“Have a problem?” I snap back, “Let’s take this outside.”

Growling, Dimitri walks down the stairs. I move to the middle of the room with my hand, ready to punch him in the face.

“ENOUGH!” a voice suddenly said, making Dimitri and I standstill, snapping my head to the entrance. Everyone stands surprised. Even Prince Cian looked taken aback.

Valkyrie was leaning against the door, panting and with both guards behind her with a worried look.

“Enough… please,” Valkyrie said as her body swayed and we moved to grab her, but Cian reached her first and held her in his arms.

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