Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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28. A Tedious Heart

Valkyrie POV

Black, that’s all I saw. My body felt heavy, and my mind was hazy. I looked at Damian and felt Dimitri. This anxious feeling spread across my body, but I smiled as I saw how Damian was better.

“Follow it. Remember to follow it.”

“Lies, they’re lies. Don’t listen. Listen to me.”

“You are… You know…”

Heavy eyes, heavy body, I groaned as I started feeling sick. Again, feeling my body being carried away. I close my eyes once again and let my body surrender. It was exhausting even to try to wake up. Feeling my head wobble, I wondered who was carrying me. Was it Dimitri? Michael? Damian?

My mind had many questions. But no energy to even try to speak. So finally, feeling my mind go dark again, I surrender to it.

Something sharp pierced my skin. Inhaling, I open my eyes slowly. They dropped as I tried to keep them open. Then, panting softly, I feel something cold being dropped over my head. It slid down my entire body. Was it water? What was happening?

A voice called my name, but I couldn’t distinguish it. Who was that? The person sounded angry, annoyed by my presence. Was I going to be punished?

Worried, a single tear slid down my cheek. What did I do to get punished again?

I slightly moved and felt something cold on my skin. Rustling on the ground made me aware that maybe I was tied up. Did Dimitri sell me to someone? Was he mad at me?

The minor pains continue all over my body. It was something sharp. Feeling a scrutinizing pain in my head, I open my eyes.

I saw the silver eyes.

“Lilly?” I mutter softly.

Hearing a chuckle, I feel her slap me. I groan with the bit of force I had. Why was Lilly with me?

All this was making me confused. Raising my head, I look at her. She looked annoyed, even crazy. She had this evil smile plastered on her beautiful pale face. Lowering my head, I hear her mutter something under her breath. But after that, I didn’t hear anything else. All I heard was a minor ruckus. I was losing consciousness again to even concentrate on what was happening.

A while later, I felt warm and strong arms around my body. The person whispered my name, but how could I answer if my body wasn’t letting me?

Too tired, I finally let consciousness take over.

Groaning, I move to the side. Everything around me felt cold. Where was I?

Opening my eyes, I slowly sit up. My head spun. The nauseous feeling reached my mouth. Panicking, I swallowed it back, making me want to throw up again. Then, going for the bed’s edge, I let all the contents out. I was feeling like trash.

Looking for someone, I noticed I was all alone. My empty chambers greeted me. Using the back of my hand, I clean my mouth. It was disgusting, but I didn’t care.

“Mia?” I tried calling.

Giving up, I tried to stand up.

I did my best. Looking towards the balcony, I noticed that the sun was setting on the horizon. It must be afternoon, by the looks of it.

Taking a deep breath, I look around. I was only wearing a thin dress. Looking for something to cover up, I decided to look for Dimitri or Mia.

Barefoot, I walked down the stairs. Every person I passed by looked my way with shock. Why were they looking at me that way?

Deciding it was best to ignore them. I head towards a place I haven’t been before the throne room. I had a hunch that Dimitri could be there, and as expected, I started hearing arguments as I got close. Hearing the voices, I can distinguish Damian’s. Smiling, I head with wobbly steps towards the doors. Two guards who stood on the throne room doors looked at me like it was the first time they ever saw me.

Have I been out for so long that everyone looks shocked?

Even though I had many questions, those were my most minor worries. First, I needed to see Damian and Dimitri.

“Open the doors,” I said with a hoarse voice I didn’t even know I had.

Looking at each other, the guards nodded with a smile. The voices behind the door were getting louder. Impatient, I grip the long sheet I had over me.

As the doors finally opened and a loud Dimitri reached my ears. I intervene.

“ENOUGH!” I yelled, getting everyone’s attention. Damian and Dimitri looked my way with shocked faces.

Feeling the strength leave my body, I plead for the last time with them. Too tired to stand up, I fall on my knees. Feeling arms around me, I look and find Prince Cian holding me. With a sigh, I lean my head. I needed to rest.


“Feeling better?” Michael asked me for the third time.

I had the intention to roll my eyes but didn’t want to be disrespectful towards him.

“I’m just tired,” I mutter.

Leo, Mia, Prince Cian, Damian, and Dimitri surrounded my bed. They were quiet. Especially Damian and Dimitri. Looking at Dimitri’s way, I see him gazing at me with worried eyes. I locked my eyes with him to have him avert them. I frown, confused.

“Let me see your hand,” Michael asked as I looked back at him.

After a while, I was free from Michael’s checkups. Sighing, I laid back on the soft pillows.

“Want anything?” Mia asked with a warm smile.

“Yes, water, please,” I said, smiling back at her.

My throat hurt. Sighing again, I turn and look at the guys. Damian looked impatient. Smiling brightly, I called for him to get closer.

“Thank the gods you’re awake,” Damian said as he held my hand in his. His warm touch made a smile spread across my face.

“I’m glad you’re doing better,” I said, “How long have I’ve been asleep?”

“For at least four days,” Prince Cian said as he sat on the chair next to my canopy bed, “You had us worried.”

Giggling, I turn and smile at them. What was this warm feeling I was getting?

“Here, have some water,” Mia said as she handed me a goblet of water.

Thanking her, I take a sip. It was refreshing.

“Do you remember what happened?” Prince Cian asked with his arms crossed.

“No,” I said, shaking my head.

“You don’t recall the stupid thing you did?” Dimitri said, making me flinch. Everyone looked at him. Lowering my head, I stayed quiet.

“Dimitri,” Damian hissed.

I wasn’t in the mood to hear them fighting.

“Can you please leave the king and me alone for a moment?” I said, making everyone look between each other. Then, nodding, everyone started standing up. Damian’s gaze lingers for a while before sighing and standing up.

Hearing the double doors shut, I look at Dimitri. He looked uncomfortable. Remembering why, I whispered, “You may come in.”

Dimitri looked up, his gaze burning my face as his face darkened. Averting my eyes, I sat up.

“Are you staying there?” I whispered, afraid to make him mad.

Taking a seat on the bed, he gets way too close for my taste. My body instinctively flinched.

I gripped the bed sheets tightly.

White knuckles didn’t go unnoticed by me. We hadn’t even started talking, and I was already nervous about his presence. There was this oppression coming from him that made me uncomfortable.

“Answer me, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said, making my breathing erratic.

“What do you want me to tell you?” I mumble nervously.

“Tell me why the fuck you did that?” Dimitri said calmly, but there was still this dangerous tone in his voice.

“I had to save him, Dimitri. I would have done it even if it was you,” I said, gripping the sheets tighter, “I had no choice.”

“No choice?” Dimitri mumbled and then started laughing.

Raising my eyes, I stare at him, baffled. Once he calmed down from laughing, he met my eyes. His golden eyes looked menacing.

“It seems like you can’t think straight. I even have thoughts that you’re kind of stupid, you know,” Dimitri retorted, “A stupid slave.” he spats like venom.

I bit my trembling lip as his words hurt. My eyes burned, tears fighting to come out of my eyes.

“Don’t,” I mumble.

Dimitri raised his eyebrows, “What?”

“Don’t call me stupid!” I snap as tears threaten to come out like waterfalls. “You may call me slave, but don’t dare call me stupid!”

Dimitri looked taken aback.

“I… Valkyrie…” Dimitri stutters, but I stop him.

“It’s ok if you call me a slave. Call me that if you want. Because I am a slave, there’s no denial. But calling me stupid, I won’t accept that from you!” I said, snapping angrily at him. “Don’t you dare call me stupid, Dimitri!”

My tears flowed down my now red face. My nose was runny. Fisting my hands, I lowered my face in embarrassment.

“I’m not your toy….” I mumble nervously.

Dimitri stayed quiet. He wasn’t answering back, and it surprised me. Looking through my lashes, I find Dimitri with his head lowered. He wasn’t even looking at me.

Bothered by it, I get off the bed. Then, needing some fresh air, I headed out to the balcony. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t saying anything.

Getting closer to the rail, I feel a warm hand grabbing my wrist. I turned, the wind was blowing hard, so my hair was over my face. Feeling another hand around my neck, I gasped, surprised as cold lips met mine. Trying to back away from Dimitri’s kiss, instead, his arms circled my waist.

“D-Dimitri…” I tried to say between kisses.

But Dimitri didn’t stop; instead, his arms tightened around me. I could feel that pull again, that warm feeling that made my legs wobble. Cursing under my breath, I feel my body surrendering to his touch.

His lips move in sync with mine. Wet trails of kisses along my jaw have me panting. Then, as I snap out of it, I put my hands on his tone chest and push.

“Don’t push me away, Valkyrie,” Dimitri whispers in my ear, making my body shudder. “Please don’t.”

My body shivered as his breath tickled my ear. Closing my eyes, I grit my teeth. Was he thinking of fixing this with kisses?

“Enough, Dimitri!” I said with strength, “You won’t fix these!”

But it was useless. Dimitri instead hugged me. I felt trapped in his arms, like a bird being caged, stripped of its freedom.

“Let go!” I said, struggling.

“I WON’T BECAUSE…” Dimitri said loud but then stopped. Surprised by his voice, I tense up. My arms dropped to the side.

I waited and waited, but he didn’t say anything back. Feeling like this was going to be a never-ending song, I pushed him hard this time. Dimitri didn’t fight me. As I backed away, I looked at him. Dimitri’s eyes linger on mine.

“Just leave because I feel like I hate you….”

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