Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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29. A Painful Lie

Valkyrie POV

Eyes closed, I try to concentrate on my food. My small discussion with Dimitri yesterday wasn’t good. He ended up leaving my chambers pissed. Like it was my fault. So now, as nothing happened, we sat having our dinner quietly.

I sat next to Dimitri. Since he walked in, he has said nothing. Damian and Leo sat with us at the long table, but neither of us started a conversation. It was stressing me out.

All-day I spend it with Michael, Damian, and Prince Cian. Michael has been examining me. Making sure I don’t feel bad. It still amazed me that after everything I went through, I was feeling better. It has only been a day, and my body pain is gone, and like nothing ever happened. It surprised Prince Cian and Michael how I was getting better. And I won’t lie, I felt this change in me. Was it good? Was it bad? I was unsure.

I couldn’t let this bother me. What bothered me the most was Dimitri. I wanted to stay away from him, but somehow I always ended up thinking about him. Dimitri would not change that I was aware of. His anger was something I could say I was used to because of being a slave. But all my time as a slave, the most I would see someone mad would be if they punished me.

I would never understand why Dimitri would get mad with me. He is the type of person to get mad quickly. Anything bothered him, and I saw it a lot today. I heard his growls and shouts throughout the palace. His cries reminded me of the times they punished me as a kid. The whips, the cuts, the kicks, everything Dimitri would remind me of.

With a sigh, I clean my mouth and excuse myself to stand up. I couldn’t be here anymore. Walking away from them, I hear Dimitri call for me.

Looking over my shoulder, I see him glaring at me.

“Yes?” I said.

“Going to your chambers?” Dimitri asked as Damian looked at us.

“Yes?” I lied. Honestly, I wasn’t heading that way. I was planning to go to the library.

“Let me walk you,” Dimitri said, standing up.

I grip my dress.

“No need,” I quickly said, turning away from him and marching out of there.

“Valkyrie?” I heard Dimitri calling from behind.

With quick steps, I run away. Right now, what I needed was some time alone. Not with him around me. I had a lot to think about. Especially those dreams.

“I said stop, Valkyrie!” Dimitri said as he grasped my arm and pulled me to his chest.

With a small yelp, I look at him.

His hand circled my waist, pulling me closer.

“Dimitri!” I retorted.

“Just listen to me!” Dimitri said, annoyed, “Just for a second, that’s all I’m asking.”

Breathing hard, I look away. Feeling my body relax, I wait for Dimitri to say something. Dimitri lost his grip on my waist and instead held my hand. Making me follow him, I let him take me away.

Without asking, I let Dimitri guide me. I frowned as I noticed we were heading to the library.

As he opens the doors, he pulls me in. I look around as he lets go. The library was dark, barely lit by candles. Hearing a slight click, I turn and find Dimitri looking at me with eyes that could devour me. Making me gulp, I back away. What was he doing?

Turning my back to him, I fixed a hair strand. The place was eerily quiet.

The only sounds were our breaths and my beating heart.

Feeling his warmth, I gasp. But, unfortunately, he was standing way too close from behind. My breathing became erratic as his hands found my waist.

“D-Dimitri?” I mumble nervously. I was afraid to look back. What was Dimitri doing?

Closing my eyes, I gulp hard. A slight shiver ran down my body, making every hair strand stand in attention. Chest rising and falling met him as I felt his body against mine.

Dimitri hugged me completely, taking me by surprise.

“Are you cold?” Dimitri whispered near my ear.

My mouth couldn’t move, so I just shook my head. It was frustrating. Even though my mind denied him, my body was asking for more.

Suddenly Dimitri mumbled something. Frowning immediately, I turned and looked over my shoulder.

“What did you just say?” It confused me.

With his head leaned on my shoulder. Dimitri mumbled a sorry. I felt his body relax against mine. With a sigh, I stayed still. He kept mumbling a sorry until it was annoying me.

“Enough, Dimitri,” I said as I shook his arms away.

I was walking over to my favorite spot near the chimney. Dimitri follows and then takes a seat opposite me. His eyes linger on my face.

“Valkyrie, I said I’m sorry,” Dimitri said again.

“And I heard you,” I snapped, annoyed. I didn’t intend to sound rude, but I wanted to be alone.

“Listen, I know you’re not happy and all. And I know that I’ve been rude,” Dimitri said.

Raising my eyebrow, I look at him. Why did that bother me?

“I know I am also an idiot, and I need to learn. But you need to know Valkyrie that I don’t tolerate certain things,” Dimitri said as his golden eyes pierced mine. “You need to change and need to follow the rules.”

“For example?” I asked in disbelief. Was he serious right now?

“Stay away from Damian. I need you away from him,” Dimitri retorted.

“Are you jealous of your brother?” I asked while I felt my anger boiling.

“If I say yes, so what?” Dimitri snapped, “I hate seeing Damian around you. You’re always smiling and laughing with him. Why can’t you do that with me?” Dimitri asked as I heard his voice tremble, “Why?”

“Because you’re not him….” I said, shutting my mouth in surprise.

Dimitri looked at me with pain in his eyes. That look made my chest hurt. A suffocating feeling in my throat was making it hard to breathe.

“I see…” Dimitri whispered as he looked at the fireplace. “Well, I’m sorry I’m not him. But I will never be him. So you will have to accept me like this.”

My lip started trembling, so I tried to bite it. But it was useless.

“You are mine Valkyrie, not his or anyone else. No one can get close to you, do you hear me? No one,” Dimitri said as he stood up, “This is a warning Valkyrie, so obey me.” with that, he walked away.

Letting my tears out, I cover my face. I sob quietly as possible. Was he going to treat me like that?

Feeling someone push me slightly, I open my heavy eyes.

“Valkyrie?” Prince Cian whispered. Looking around confused, I remember I doze off while crying in the library.

My neck aches and my eyes feel puffy. Did I cry until I fell asleep?

“Are you okay?” Prince Cian asked as he sat down in front of me. Doing small circles on my back, I hiccup. “Hey, come here,” he said, hugging me.

I was still sleepy. So I let him hug me.

“Let me take you back,” Prince Cian said, but I stopped him. Shaking my head, I rub my eyes.

“Is it morning?” I asked with a rough voice.

“Yes,” Prince Cian said as his icy blue eyes looked at me. “Valkyrie, what’s bothering you?”

Looking at him, I furrowed my eyebrows.

“What?” I asked.

“I asked what’s bothering you. I know there’s something you are hiding. Is it about Lilly? Your powers?” Prince Cian started saying, as I remember Lilly.

“Lilly!” I said, standing up abruptly, “What happened to her?”

Standing up, Prince Cian looks at me with a darkened face.

“You don’t have to worry for her,” Prince Cian said.

“Where is she?” I asked again.

“And I said don’t need to worry,” Prince Cian said, angry this time.

Scoffing, I turned and rushed out. I know Dimitri must have done something to her. Running down the stairs, I see the guards and others looking at me, surprised.

I was barefoot, with untamed hair and maybe with eyes that looked like tomatoes. Heading towards the throne room, where I know Dimitri is. I bump into someone. Falling back, I hit my buttocks hard on the ground. I grimace as I feel slight pain.

“You okay?” a voice asked as I looked up and found Jason looking down at me with a worried expression. “Sorry for that,” he said, offering his hand.

Taking it, he helps me up.

“Are you okay? You look awful,” Jason said, making me conscious of how I might look.

“Where’s Dimitri?” I asked him, ignoring his question completely.

“The king? He is out in the dungeons,” Jason said. Waving a quick thanks, I ran in that direction. I heard Jason yell something, but my mind was on finding Dimitri right now.

Pushing the metallic door, I head in. The place odor immediately made me regret coming in. These smelled worse than where I was locked. But, at least it cleaned once our cells a week. Feeling nauseous, I try to divert my thoughts to finding Lilly or Dimitri.

Walking down the barely lit stairs carefully, I hear voices. One of them was Dimitri’s. He sounded angry but differently. Like he was holding it in.

Following his voice, I stop when I see the other three persons standing against the wall. Damian and Leo stood with their arms crossed. I heard a gasping sound and then a loud smack. Getting nervous, I quietly walk towards them.

I heard another smacking sound and then a cry. What were they doing?

“This is for what you did,” Dimitri growled lowly. His voice made me shiver in fear.

Peeking at the entrance, I hear a sudden cracking sound. When my eyes saw what that was, I screamed loud enough, making everyone turn and look at me. Covering my mouth, I look at Dimitri. His body and hands are covered in blood as a half-alive Lilly hangs from the ceiling.

“Valkyrie?” Damian called. Snapping my head, I back away.

My stomach turned as I looked back at Lilly. They twisted her leg weirdly with her stomach and breast bleeding. Her face had a dark purple bruise, and her back had whip marks.

Feeling my breath caught up in my throat, I back away slowly.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri called.

I looked his way but found him nasty, and tears started sliding down my face. He looked like a monster. Covering my face, I try to think of something else. But all I could think about was when they punished me. Those times they tortured me. The many times I was chained and even marked like an animal.

Feeling icy hands on my arms, I look up. Dimitri stood before me. Pushing his bloody hands away, I turn and look at Damian and Leo. I didn’t want to be part of this.

“Wait, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said, grasping my hand. I looked down and saw my arm and wrists full of blood.

“Let go!” I said, sobbing. “Please don’t….”

I tried holding my head as memories came back.

“Hey, calm down,” Dimitri tried to plead as his hand moved back to mine.

“No, please don’t hurt me,” I blurt out, crying.

“Dimitri!” I heard Damian say and then felt strong arms holding me. I didn’t dare look. I was afraid to see who it was.

As I heard doors opening and closing and voices whispering, I stayed in the same fetal position the person held me. I was feeling all the vile trying to escape my mouth.

“I’m so sorry,” I heard Dimitri whisper as his lips met my head, “I’m so sorry.”

Why was Dimitri holding me?

I tried struggling, but his muscular arms kept me in place.

As I feel two doors open with a bang, I yelp, surprised.

“My king?” Mia’s voice said, surprised.

“Bring clean clothes,” Dimitri ordered as he kept walking. I still had my eyes closed. Afraid to open them and see my body covered in blood. Lilly’s blood.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri called, but I pressed my shut eyes harder.

“No,” I said.

Hearing him sigh, I feel him descend stairs as something warm hits my skin. I open my eyes. Steam and the fresh smell of plants greet my nervous body.

“Finally,” Dimitri mumbled. I look at him just to find his face inches from mine. Feeling shy, I circle my arms around his neck and hide my face.

I heard a small chuckle as he kept walking. My entire body was now in warm water. I felt my clothes stick to my body.

It was making me uncomfortable.

“Don’t you want to let go?” Dimitri asked as I felt him smile.

Shaking my head shyly, I keep hiding it on the crook of his neck.

“Very well then, as the queen orders,” Dimitri mutters, kissing my shoulder.

We’ve been in the water for a while. Finally, Dimitri took a seat on the shallow side of the bath.

I rested my head on his shoulders. His warmth and the water were making me relax.

Dimitri hasn’t said a word, and I was grateful for that. Then, closing my eyes, I sighed tiredly.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” Dimitri mumbled as his hand moved up and down my back.

He was right; I felt the clothes were too heavy on my body. It was uncomfortable. Nodding, I sat up without looking at him. Moving away from his lap, I walked a bit further until I felt it was okay to undress. Striping my dress off, I grab it and throw it to the side. It floated on the water. Taking a seat back on the same spot I was. I hear a rustling sound behind me. I ignored it completely. Once it quieted down, I looked to the front where the open window was. The sun was high in the sky. Was it lunchtime already?

Since I started living here, I’ve been eating more.

This hunger makes me eat double. It was new to me. After all, I was used to eating three times a week. But now I could eat whenever I wanted.

Feeling the water around me move. I look over to my left. Dimitri sat behind me. I felt his legs on my sides. Hugging myself, I stayed quiet.

“Come here,” Dimitri mutters as his hands reach for my stomach and slightly pull me until my back is against his chest.

The simple touch made me inhale. Dimitri was doing things to me, just like before.

“Relax, Valkyrie,” Dimitri whispered. Just like a relaxing song, I lean against his chest. Then, resting my head to the side, I feel his hand reach for mine.

“I’m sorry you saw that,” Dimitri mumbled as his fingers intertwined with mine. “I just don’t get it. Why were you there?”

“I came to look for you,” I whispered as the water falling from a small cascade overlapped my voice.

“Me?” Dimitri asked, “Why? I thought you were mad with me.”

“I was,” I muttered under my breath. I still was a bit mad at Dimitri for what he told me.

“Was it because of Lilly?” Dimitri then asked, making me nod.

My red hair covered his chest. I watched as Dimitri played with my hands. His big and manly hands made mine look tiny.

I smile as I watch with awe.

“Lilly needs to get punished,” Dimitri said as he closed his hand on mine. My eyes remained on our hands.

“For what she did?” I asked.

“Yes, everyone already told you, right?” Dimitri asked.

“Yes…” I said, nodding, “But all I wanted to know was what you were planning to do with her. Are you going to kill her?”

Dimitri tense up. Sighing, I sat up. Letting go of his hand, I fix my messy hair.

“You don’t have to hide anything from me,” I said sadly.

Hearing him groan, I close my eyes. A sudden pull has me opening my eyes in shock. Falling on Dimitri’s lap, I stare at his face. His black raven hair, just like the night, was a mess on his face.

“It’s not that I’m hiding,” Dimitri said as he ruffled his hair. I blush at that. I haven’t noticed it well, but Dimitri had a pretty handsome face. His chiseled jawline was captivating, and those Golden eyes like reptiles made me stare at them with awe. Plump lips tempting me to sin I know I might regret.

“Valkyrie? Did you hear me?” Dimitri asked as he got closer to me.

“Huh?” I said, sounding confused.

“What are you thinking about?” Dimitri then asked, making me blush. I could feel my face turning hot.

“Nothing! What did you say?” I asked, embarrassed.

“I said that I just know you’re not ready for all those things. You didn’t have the best life as a slave. I think I saw that a while ago.” Dimitri explained with a sigh.

Dimitri was right. Would I be able to handle that? Just the blood and the weapons made me shudder.

“You see?” Dimitri said, hugging me. His head on my chest. “I don’t want to see you fearing me.”

Rubbing my face, I decided to give up.

“Now that I remember,” Dimitri said as he lifted his head, “You….”

“I what?” I asked as I saw his eyes wander down my chest. Frowning, I look at his face. A sly smile was creeping up his handsome face.

Shaking his head, I see his smile gone. Lifting me, he sits me with my back to him. Confused, I tried to look over my shoulder, but I stopped. Goosebumps erupted on my skin as Dimitri left a trail of kisses down my back. I gasp as I feel his lips move up and down.

“W-Wait…” I stutter as I feel him reach the crook of my neck.

Covering my mouth, I prevent a moan from escaping my lips.

“Come here!” Dimitri said with a low rumble. His chest vibrated as he pulled me closer.

I could feel the tip of his shaft near my butt.

Putting an arm around my waist and the other moves my hair away. Dimitri keeps kissing me. Moving his hand, he reaches for one of my breasts. Groping it, I moan. His expert fingers toyed with my hardened nipple.

“P-Please…” I breathe. I heard him groan. He lifts me and carries me back to the room. Throwing me on his bed, I gasp. “Hey!” I said as my wet body lay on the bed.

Crawling over my body seductively, Dimitri’s penetrating eyes looked lavishly at my bare body. I lick my lips. I was finding this to be suitable for my own.

“Do you have any idea how I’m controlling myself?” Dimitri breathes near my chest as he inhales. My skin crawled deliciously.

“I…” I try to say.

“Surrender Valkyrie,” Dimitri said as he inched from my lips. His plump red lips made me lick mine again in anticipation.

Feather-like kisses descended my cheek, my neck, and my chest. Moaning, I feel my legs quiver. Reaching for my leg, he raises it, making me jump as his mushroom tip meets my wet pussy. With wide eyes the size of a lemon, I stare, surprised. His shaft was hard and long.

“Oh, my!” I spat as I got nervous.

Pushing himself, I bite my lip hard. Making blood ooze from a minor wound. Dimitri was looking at my reactions. His eyes full of lust make me desire him. I wanted him. My body was calling for him. As our eyes met, Dimitri squeezed my leg. I could see he was holding himself back.

“Tell me you want it,” Dimitri mumbled so softly that I was unsure if I heard him. I kept my eyes on his. A small vein twitched on his forehead. “Tell me, Valkyrie!” Dimitri said louder this time.

Why was I feeling so unsure? All this was making me afraid.

“I… I’m sorry….” I said, touching him. Then, grabbing a bedsheet, I got off the bed and left him hanging. Something was telling me not to. I felt terrible doing this, but I simply couldn’t.

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