Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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31. A Dream & Desire

Dimitri POV

Looking down at Valkyrie’s breast, I try to confirm that what I’m looking at is real. Then, as realization finally hits me, I smile brightly. Unable to control me, I grab Valkyrie and give her a spin. I was so happy that I wondered what else I could feel. It was the first time I felt comfortable. I haven’t smiled like this in so long.

But my happiness didn’t last long. Cian had other plans, and that was getting into a fight with me.

Growling, Prince Cian grabs me by the shirt and punches me in the face. Making me land on the table. Barking back, I spit blood. What was his problem?

Without waiting, Prince Cian transforms into his dragon. And attacks me. The entire room started shaking as his dragon covered up most of the place. I watched as Damian grabbed Valkyrie and rushed out of the room. Growling back, I hold myself. I know that if I transformed, I would destroy this whole place. Having one dragon was enough, but two would bring chaos.

Dodging his claws, I move around the room. I needed to get him out of here. Noticing the balcony, I ran out. He would follow me, and so he did. He was destroying half the wall on its path.

Cursing under my breath, I ran up until I was finally able to reach the garden.

Prince Cian was out of control, his rage one I have never seen. Jumping to the side, Cian wags his tail and hits me. Making me crash against some pillars, I groaned as I stood up. Not waiting longer, I start ripping my clothes off, transforming into my black dragon. Gowling loud, I go for his neck. Stumbling, we bite each other.

Bringing down my claws, I scratch his face. Scales start covering up the bleeding wound as Cian growls back. Then, a loud voice of a woman is heard, making Cian reptile eyes wide.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, CIAN?” a woman yelled. Her skinny body moved as she paced quickly over us. Her long raven hair and blue eyes met Prince Cian’s.

Growling softly, Prince Cian stares at the woman. Then, hands-on her hips, she looks up at Cian.

“I SAID WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” she said, slapping Cian with her hand. I heard a slight smacking sound as she huffed angrily.

Hearing someone giggle, I look up to the palace entrance. Valkyrie was laughing as Damian bit his lips. I could see they were holding their laughter back.

“HEY, YOU! SNAP OUT OF IT AND TRANSFORM YOUR GECKO ASS BACK DOWN!” the woman yelled, making everyone finally laugh.

Prince Cian looked offended as he huffed with his snout. Shaking my head, I decided to stop this. Transforming back, I watch the woman. She was quite petite.

“Lost something here?” the woman said, snapping her fingers my way. She wasn’t even looking at me, “Get lost now.”

She said, snapping my way.

Frowning at her, I tried to ask her if she knew whom she was talking to. But felt someone on my side. Finding Damian was smiling. I grab the clothes and decide to leave them alone. Who was she?


“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Irene, this asshole’s mate,” the petite woman named Irene said as she glared at Cian.

“Welcome,” Damian said on my behalf.

I was still processing everything. I looked between Prince Cian and her.

“May I ask why you are here?” I asked as I kept my eyes on them. Prince Cian was looking down at the ground. His head lowered and arms crossed. He looked pissed.

“We came because Cian told us, someone. A hybrid is here,” Irene said as her eyes moved to Valkyrie.

“We?” I asked, confused-looking around.

“Yes, six of my men, my uncle, and myself came all the way here,” Irene said, “We’ve come to meet the queen.”

Valkyrie, who has been quiet, looked at her, surprised.

“You said, uncle?” I asked, looking at her eyes.

“Yes, in other words, her possible father,” Irene said as she pointed at Valkyrie, “According to what Cian mentioned. Valkyrie is our cousin. Meaning that she is our uncle’s daughter. Princess of the Kingdom of Faye.”

We all look down at Valkyrie. She was nervously playing with her hands.

“Where is your uncle?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Down near the lake. I was the only one who came up. They decided to wait for your permission.” Irene explained, bowing, “Sorry I intruded like this, but when I saw this BEAST, ANGRY. I knew I had to intervene.” Irene said as she threw death glares at Cian.

“Very well then. You may call your people up,” I said as I mind linked Damian and asked him to check on them, “I think we all need to talk.”


Heading back to my chambers, I glance sideways at Valkyrie. We had agreed to meet for dinner time. Sighing, I hold her hand. I could see how conflicted she was. Then, without saying anything, we walk back quietly.

Opening the double doors, I let Valkyrie walk in first. Her face was full of worry. It was not very enjoyable. Closing them, I lean my back against the doors and watch her back. Sitting on the bed, she sighs loudly.

“This…” Valkyrie mumble, “Is this for real?”

Her voice was barely a whisper. So I stayed quiet, just observing her.

“What if it’s true?” Valkyrie asked, “What if I finally meet someone who might be family? Should I go with them?”

Hearing her mention that, I walked to her and kneeled right in front. Grabbing her hands between mine, I look up at her. Her two different eyes glisten with tears that threaten to come out.

“If there’s something like that….” I said stop, “Do… what you have to do.” I said, not even believing in myself.

Suppose I told her to do what she wanted. It meant she might leave me, and that worried me. She wouldn’t, right?

Feeling a soft, thin hand on my face, I look up. Valkyrie smiled sadly at me. Moving her hand around my jawline, I close my eyes and relax to her touch. It was the second time she had done that, and it was soothing. Leaning my head against her lap, I close my eyes and relax. Valkyrie didn’t push me away.

“Can I nap for a while?” Valkyrie suddenly asks, making me hum. “Dimitri?” Valkyrie whispered as her warm breath graced my ear.

“Yes?” I said lazily.

“I need to lay down,” Valkyrie said.

Humming, I get up. Watching Valkyrie turn her back to me, I ruffle my hair. Valkyrie didn’t mention another word. Sighing, I see her finally relax, her breathing even.

Mind linking Damian, I asked him how’s everything.

“Just like she said. Six men and her uncle,” Damian explained, “What will you do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I walked out to the balcony. The sun was setting down.

“Valkyrie Dimitri. You’re not planning on letting them take her away, right?” Damian asked.

Smirking, I look at the setting sun, “Of course not. How could they take the queen of the Onyx Dragon?”

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