Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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32. Difficult Decisions

Prince Cian POV

I’ve been keeping my eye on Valkyrie since she woke up. I’ve been checking her behavior and how she’s feeling. It still surprised me when she woke up. But I knew that something happened earlier when Lilly had her. I didn’t know what, but somehow Valkyrie looked conflicted.

When I pried on Valkyrie’s memories, I saw a man and a woman. Those memories she had didn’t belong to her but to someone that might look like her. If my guess was correct, that was Valkyrie’s mom. But why plant those memories on her?

I know that Dimitri doesn’t trust me. Stupid bastard pretending to be friendly, what he didn’t realize was that I had my eyes on Valkyrie for several reasons. First, I was still waiting for the message to come back. A few days back I sent a letter explaining about Valkyrie. My father would immediately send people over. And my uncle would be one of them.

Deciding to keep my distance for some days before everyone arrives, I observe Valkyrie from afar. Occasionally I would approach her, but for now, it was best to stay away, especially since Dimitri was around her.

I needed to talk with Valkyrie, and for that, I needed her to be alone.

Wandering around the palace, I stop by the library. Michael mentioned that Valkyrie knew the dragons’ dialect. However, few knew about it since it was an old way of talking. Only the elders knew about it. So I needed to know about it, and Michael mentioned books about it in the library.

Michael mentioned that Valkyrie most likely would develop her powers. I know he was right. I could feel it. I still was waiting for Valkyrie’s approval.

I offered to help her. But she looked skeptical. She would probably ask Dimitri, and shit would go to hell if she did. I couldn’t allow that to happen.

Opening the library doors, I step in. It was early morning, and hopefully, no one would be around. Unexpectedly Valkyrie was here.

She laid asleep on the rugs. Did she spend the night here? As I inspect. I noticed she had dried tears. She looked like she cried. Did something happen?

Curious to know more. I flicked my finger and pried her mind. I concentrated as images passed by.

“She fought with Dimitri earlier and,” I said aloud but stopped and opened my eyes. “What the fuck?” I whispered.

Moving my hand away, I scowl. What did I see?

Groaning, I ruffled my hair and sat down. Valkyrie took a deep breath and moved while she slept. I watch her with awe as my discovery makes me want to possess her more. I couldn’t allow her to stay here. Not with Dimitri. Moving around the pillows. Valkyrie throws her arm over her face. Her dress moved, and her voluptuous breast lifted. The knot on the dress was loose, and it revealed more of her breast. Raising my eyebrow, I stare down at her. Gulping, I pinch my nose and sigh.

“What are you even thinking?” I mumble while cursing.

Taking a peek, I look at her. She was a sin right in front of me. I felt my resolve fall as I felt the need to touch her. Biting my lip, I curse, knowing I might regret what I’m about to do. Leaning down to her face, I stop and lick my lips. I slightly opened Valkyrie’s mouth. Her pink, plump lips tempted me more now that I was close. But as I got closer, Valkyrie threw her arm and pulled me. I quickly put my hands next to her. I didn’t want to wake her up. I was so holding myself steadily. I stayed still. Rearranging herself, Valkyrie pulled me, making my headland on her chest.

It felt I was drowning as she squeezed me to them. Closing my eyes, I try to calm my heart down. This was crazy and a huge mistake. If someone walked in, I might be in trouble. Deciding to wait for her to let go. I rest my head on her chest. Accidentally my lips touch her breast. I gulp. This was a bad idea.

Finally, feeling her arms loosen up, I gasp and move away.

“Shit!” I said as I should fix my hair. Then, deciding I had enough, I started waking her up. Valkyrie looked at me with those captivating eyes. Her blue and yellow eyes make me stare at her. Shaking my head, I ask her if she’s ok. As she hugged me, I stayed with her still. She looked sad, and it bothered me.

Out of the blue, she jumps and runs out. I called for her, but she looked like she needed to know about Lilly. Gritting my teeth, I stand up and fix my clothes. That bitch needed to die. After what she did, I thought she would die, but Dimitri hasn’t killed her. I needed to kill her, and I would do it even if Dimitri got mad.

Closing the library door, I head down to Michael’s chambers.

The guards and some other dragons greet me. Smiling back, I welcome them as I knock on Michael’s door. I lean on the wall and wait. Michael opened the door and rolled his eyes as he looked at me.

“Need something?” Michael asked as I closed the doors.

“Yes, your help,” I said as I took a seat on a chair near the bed, “I need you to help me convince Valkyrie to let me pry on her mind.”

“Again?” Michael asked, annoyed, “That’s dangerous.”

“I can control my powers, Michael. So what do you take me for?” I snapped, crossing my arms.

“Look, the one you should convince is Dimitri, not her,” Michael said.

“Wrong, my brother,” I hissed, “It’s Valkyrie; she is the owner of her mind. Dimitri has nothing to do here.”

Michael glared at me. His lips in a thin line.

“May I ask you why you want to pry on her?” Michael asked. Smirking back at him, I raise my head and start laughing.

“Oh, brother, if you knew. Even you would want to pry on her.”

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