Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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33. Mates?

Prince Cian POV

We sat at the table eating. Dimitri came earlier but left. Valkyrie wasn’t here still, and I wondered if she would come. After the slight incident, I felt more tempted to spend time with her. Valkyrie resembled the late queen. Every day she looked more and more. I was still waiting for the response of my people. Valkyrie was leaving with me. She wouldn’t be staying here longer.

“We should scout the area,” Leo said, making Damian look at him.

“Scout the area? For?” Damian asked.

“We’ve been having humans roaming the territory. So we have to keep an eye. But, remember that still, we had to keep investigating those men that attacked you,” Leo explained.

“Would you like to join us?” Damian asked me. Looking up, I nod. I wasn’t in the mood to join them, but it seems it would be an excellent distraction.

Hearing the double doors open, we all turn and look at Dimitri walking in with Valkyrie. The three of us stopped and looked at her. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at her. They dressed her like a queen. Gulping my food down, I turn my gaze away and keep eating.

Leo coughed as Damian kept his eyes on her. Scoffing lightly, I continue eating. I knew well that Damian was in love with Valkyrie. Even though he hid it well, I was aware of how he looked at her. That longing look he gave her was one that any lover would provide to the person they yearn off. It bothered me when I looked at him, and Dimitri was aware of it too. I couldn’t understand how he allowed it.

Looking back at them, I stop halfway through. My spoon fell as I stood up in shock. What the hell was I seeing?

With long strides, I reached Valkyrie, but Dimitri got in between. Pushing him away, I look down at Valkyrie. My eyes moved down at her breast. Did he find it? I frown at that.

Dimitri couldn’t have found it. It was impossible. Fisting my hands, I asked her again, but Dimitri looked confused.

Turning around, Valkyrie pulled her dress lower and showed it to Dimitri. The excitement on his face was one I hated. My anger started boiling, and I just hit him. Punching him square on the face.

How could he?

Angry, I transform without caring who is inside and attack him. Damian took Valkyrie away, and I had only one thing in mind: kill him. I had to kill Dimitri. Following him outside, I attack him. He didn’t wait long and transformed into his black onyx dragon. Scratching and biting ourselves, we fight.

Everything was going well until he scratched my face. My eye hurt as his nails dug a deep wound. Then, preparing to chomp his paw, I hear a woman yell. Recognizing the voice, I stop.

My eyes snapped to the entrance. Cursing in my mind, I watch the petite woman walk my way. She was huffing and looking at me with a threatening look. Smacking me with her tiny hand, I look down and roll my eyes. Irene. What the hell was she doing here?

I watch in awe as she snaps at Dimitri. He looked offended for a second but left us all alone. I growled at Irene.

“Dare to fucking growl at me?” Irene yelled as they left us alone in the garden. “Transform back, you piece of shit!”

Huffing, I do so. As I lift my head, Irene slaps me on the face. Shocked, I hold my now burning cheek.

“Why? Give me a reason I shouldn’t shop your balls right now? Irene hissed as her blue eyes met mine.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I hissed back angrily.

“Shut your mouth, and let’s go in. And put some pants on your piece of shit,” Irene said as she walked away, cursing me.


Changed and grumpy, I hear Irene introduce herself. Dimitri and everyone else looked at us. I stayed quiet as I heard Irene explain why she was here. When she mentioned that uncle was here. I looked at her in shock. So he came. Smiling, I watch Valkyrie’s reaction. She looked nervous. But why? Didn’t she want to know more about her family?

Once Dimitri allowed everyone to come into the palace. They left.

“Follow me,” I said as Irene cursed under her breath.

Knocking on Michael’s door, I wait for him to open them. Finally, hearing a ruckus, Michael opens his doors and looks behind me.

“Irene?” Michael breathed.

“Hi Mics,” Irene said, waving a hi.

“Are you going to let us in?” I asked, annoyed. Michael nodded and opened the doors wide.

Closing the doors, Michael looks at Irene, surprised.

“Please tell me you didn’t come alone,” Michael said, pinching his nose.

“Of course not, dear mate,” Irene said as she kissed his lips.

Sighing, I sat down on his bed.

Irene was Michael’s and my mate. We shared the same mate. As brothers, no one knew that we both were twins. However, our similarities were different, and Michael left our kingdom long ago.

Irene was a petite dragon from a neighboring kingdom. She was a simple woman but with an attitude.

We have been mated for ten years. I have been with her more times than Michael has been. And like brothers, we didn’t care. Instead, we enjoyed sharing with her.

Irene loved when we both fucked her. After all, we were beasts, so having the same mate was regular. But, of course, not everyone knows, but dragons can share mates. It’s an unusual thing to see, but it didn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

“I’ve missed you, Michael,” Irene whispered.

Michael fisted his hands. Smirking, I laid down and started thinking about what I should do next.

Hearing some ruffling, I lower my gaze and find Irene undressing. Her mark was visible as she faced her back to me. Irene had two half-moons inverted on her back shoulder blade. It was mine and Michael’s mark. I remember when it appeared it was our second time fucking her. I was banging her from behind while Michael fuck her mouth. We both kissed her back at that time when it appeared the next day.

Recalling something about the mark, I sat up abruptly in bed. Then, hearing a moan, I look at Michael and Irene.

Michael had Irene cornered near the door. Rolling my eyes, I go back to what happened earlier. Valkyrie had a mark on her breast. The exact spot where my lips were earlier.

“Holy fuck,” I cursed loudly, making Irene and Michael stare at me confused.

Pacing the room, I see Michael turn around. They both stayed quiet.

“Cian?” Michael called.

Pinching my nose, I cursed again. I think I was going to die cursing.

“What’s the problem?” Michael asked again, fixing his shirt.

“What would his problem be?” Irene said, scoffing, “He hasn’t been doing shit correctly. Did you know he was fighting?” Irene said, making me glare at her angrily.

“What?” Michael asked, “With who?”

“Who else is King Dimitri,” Irene said, making Michael glare at me.

“Why now?” Michael asked as he ruffled his hair, “What is wrong with you?”

“Shut up! I did it because Valkyrie has her mark,” I explained, huffing, “And I think that’s not Dimitri’s mark.”

“Wait a minute, not his, her mark?” Michael mutters, confused.

“Yes, Valkyries mark appeared,” I said, sighing.

“So why do you say it’s not the kings?” Irene asked as she sat on the bed.

“Because…” I whispered, wondering if I should be honest or not.

“Because what? What did you do, you piece of shit,” Irene said, slapping my head.

Growling at her, I grab her hand and squeeze it.

“Stop it!” I growled.

“Cian!” Michael yelled, intervening, “Let her go!”

Letting go, I move away from the bed.

“Now, are you going to explain or not?” Michael asked as he stood next to me. I glanced at Irene, her eyes throwing a dagger at me.

“I accidentally… how do I explain this,” I said, ruffling my hair, “I found Valkyrie in the library asleep. And while sleeping, she hugged me. So my face ended on the same spot her mark is.”

The room fell silent. Irene and Michael looked at me like I had grown another head. Suddenly Irene laughs. Holding her stomach, her cheerful laughter fills the room. It’s been a while I heard her laugh like that. Glancing back at Michael, I watch his reaction. His lips were on a thin line. Walking past me, Irene looks at him and stops laughing. Her smile was gone. Freaking out, she stands up from the bed and runs towards Michael.

“Wait… you’re not implying that, right?” Irene said as she gripped Michael’s shirt. Michael looked at her and smiled sadly. “Michael?”

Irene’s voice trembles. She was now looking at me.

“It can’t be right?” Irene asked again. Reaching for her, I pulled her and kissed her head.

“It can be,” I whispered, “there is a possibility that Valkyrie is also my mate.”

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