Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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34. Embarrassing Moments

Dimitri POV

A few hours before dinner.

I went, and out of impulse brought Valkyrie back to my chambers. Then, after she left me hanging, all hard, I went to get her back. I could see she was afraid. She has never had sex, and that was a reason I respected her.

When I found out she was a virgin. I got mad, even scared, because I am a beast. I didn’t wish to hurt her. A girl like her with no experience doesn’t know what a beast-like us can do. We can be aggressive, sadistic lovers. But I was holding back far too much, and I was barely hanging.

Sighing, I calm down and get my clothes. Changing, I calmly clear my mind. I wanted to fuck her so badly that it was a pain not doing it earlier without her consent. My body ached for her, and it was getting annoying. But I realized that maybe I was falling for her, which was why I could control myself.

My father used to tell me that if we fell really in love, we could do things we had never done. That we would learn but was I learning?

Clearing my mind, I walk over and stop at the doors. Was I going to get her back?

With a determined mind, I head to her chambers. I would not wait for her to permit me. I was barging in, and so I did. Valkyrie looked in shock as she watched me walk in and grab her. Her screaming made me smile. It was a fantastic choice. Deciding to bring her back to my chambers, I carry her back. Her small hands hit my back with all her might.

Kicking the doors open, I walk over and throw her over the bed. A small yelp left her lips, and a frown creased on her forehead.

Sighing, I smiled at her, but Valkyrie was staring back. Dividing what I would say, I look down at her.

“I will only say this once, so listen carefully,” I said as an order. “I want you. I know it’s new for both of us, but Valkyrie, I can’t hold myself anymore. I’ve been holding far too long. And more for respect. Which I shouldn’t? But I realized something; I don’t want to lose you.” I said, pleading with her.

Maybe it was too much to ask, but I wanted her after all she’s been through. I can feel attached to her, and perhaps she doesn’t even feel the same way. But I hoped that maybe she would give me a chance.

I heard Valkyrie sigh. Not daring to listen to her, I kiss her. Our lips intertwined as one. Lips were moving together. She tried to push me, but I didn’t want to stop. Wanting to feel her more, my hand slid down her waist and pulled her. She moaned as my touch affected her. Sliding my tongue in, I explore her delicious mouth. I was getting hard just by kissing her. Her warm breath made me want to consume her. Deepening the kiss, I move my hand up and down. Her body shivered. With the last sucking on her lips, I stop. Blue and yellow eyes look at me. Panting, Valkyrie stares deeply into my eyes.

Begging her the last time, I wait for her reaction. Then, I didn’t know if this was working, but now I was worried.

Raising her hand, Valkyrie caresses my face.

That got me off guard. Her warm hand moved across my face.

She was making my chest feel that tug. Finally, after a while, Valkyrie whispered a fine. Smiling, I nod obediently and lean my head on the crook of her neck. I was so happy that I just wanted to kiss her again but held myself.

Relaxing my body, I feel Valkyrie calm as well. Once her breathing even, I knew she had fallen asleep.

I raised my head and plopped my arm on the side. I stared at her. Red lips half opened as she slept soundlessly.

Her fiery red hair was all over the bedsheets. She looked like a beautiful mess.

Watching her, my eyes wander up and down. I was curious to explore her body. So making sure not to wake her up, I started kissing her cheek and then her neck, leaving a trail of feathers like kisses. Valkyrie stirred a bit of me. Stopping, I wait.

She didn’t open her eyes. So continuing, I kiss her again, following a pattern. I was kissing and sucking on specific spots. Valkyrie moaned as she moved slightly off positions. Reaching for her leg, I get under her dress and caress her thigh. Her soft pale skin is warming up. This was something I liked about being dragons. When in heat, our skin would get warmer than usual? It was a comfortable feeling.

Smiling, I look up at her face. I was close to her chest. Untying her front part, I lower my lips and kiss her. First her left chest and then her right. Sucking on her hardened nipple, I kiss around it. A moan escaped Valkyrie’s lips as I continued torturing her in her sleep.

Flicking her left nipple, I kiss and suck a bit harder. Then, lowering my mouth, I sucked on the side but stopped when I felt a hand on my hair. Was Valkyrie awake?

Lifting my gaze, I saw she was still asleep. It seems I was making her have a wet dream. Smirking, I breathe softly over her nipple, giving her tiny goosebumps. Lowering myself, I continue. Maybe I was going over the line by doing this, but I wanted to see more of her reactions. Her small and pale face contorted as my lips sucked near her stomach. I didn’t take her dress off, but my lips still wandered there. Chuckling softly, I decided it was best to stop. Hovering her body, I kiss her breast one last time and tie her dress back. Just as I finish, Valkyrie stretches and opens her eyes. Clear blue eyes and a golden one met mine. She was half blushed.

Lowering my head, I turn around, smiling.

“Did I fall asleep?” Valkyrie asked me as she stretched again.

“Yes, please stay resting.” I grabbed a shirt. “I’ll come and get you for dinner.”

I needed to get out of there. I was holding my daughter back and a boner I had. Closing the double doors, I leaned over and sighed loudly.

“Need a hand with that?” Leo’s voice came up as I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“What?” I asked.

“That,” Leo pointed out at my pants, “It’s uncomfortable, right?”

“Shut up,” I said, turning away from him.

“Wait, wait,” Leo said, holding my shoulders, “You have to tell me why you haven’t fucked Valkyrie. I would have bedded her already.” Leo said, making me growl at him.

“Mind your words! You’re talking about your queen,” I hissed his way angrily.

Leo lifted his hands and backed away a little.

“Apologies, my king,” Leo said, sighing. “But really, why have you been holding back?”

“Because she’s a virgin,” I spat as I greeted an elder who passed by.

Stopping in his tracks, Leo looks at me in shock. His mouth was wide open.

“Wait!” Leo hissed, getting closer. “You say she’s a virgin?”

“What part didn’t you understand?” I asked, tugging at his shirt, “Can you let go?”

“Hell no, explain this. Does Damian know?” Leo asked me. I was grabbing him by his shirt and throwing him against a wall.

“What does Damian have to do here?” I growled.

“He’s your brother?” Leo said, shrugging his shoulders. Then, looking to the sides, Leo eyes me back. “You know Virgins are our strength. And well, we can share, mates.”

He was right, we can share mates, but I wasn’t planning to even if she had another mate. I would preferably kill that person than have another one touch her.

“You don’t open your mouth. Are we clear? If Damian finds out, I will fucking slit your throat,” I said, warning Leo, “I respect her. I’ve never been with a virgin.” I said, walking away from Leo.

“But you have bedded many women, humans, elves, she-dragons, anything that walks and has boobs and ass,” Leo said, “So why not Valkyrie? What’s the difference?”

“That I’m respecting her, ok? She never had experience with this. And you are aware we can be beasts in bed. And I don’t want that with her,” I explained, annoyed, “Just stop asking.”

“Never thought to hear the king say that,” Leo spat as he patted my back, “I should give you gold when you and Valkyrie finally have sex.”

Growling his way, Leo laughs and runs away.

I cursed under my breath. I respected Valkyrie, but what could he understand?

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