Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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35. An Unknown Fear

Valkyrie POV

Closed eyes and a blank mind, I try to concentrate on my beating heart. Earlier I took a nap and woke up scared. I had a dream again. It’s more of a voice than a dream because I can’t see anything. Just hear the voice, but it is not very clear. I can’t distinguish the voice. Sighing, I relax my body. I had asked Dimitri if we could cancel the meeting with Prince Cian’s people. I wasn’t feeling well, and all I wanted was to be alone.

Hearing a slight knock, turning and looking at the doors, I wonder how it was?

“Come in,” I mumble, fixing my coat.

Slowly one of the doors opened, and Dimitri peeked in.

“May I?” Dimitri asked as he waited for my answer.

“Yes,” I said, smiling.

I had returned to my chambers because I was feeling uncomfortable being in Dimitri’s room. Smiling at him, Dimitri comes over and sits next to me. I was on the bed, staring outside. My mind was in chaos right now.

“You ok?” Dimitri asked as he grasped my hand.

“Yes, just thinking,” I mumble, looking at our intertwined hands. My slim hands looked delicate against Dimitri’s rough ones.

“I talked with Irene, and she said it was fine. We could talk tomorrow.” Dimitri explained. Nodding, I sigh. “It’s late; why don’t you sleep?”

“I’m not sleepy,” I said, lying. Right now, I wasn’t asleep. What I needed was a distraction.

“I can help you with that,” Dimitri mumbled, making me look at him. A small smile played on his handsome face.

I giggled as I looked at him. I bet where this is going. Meeting my eyes, Dimitri leans over and kisses my forehead.

“Thanks,” Dimitri mumbled.

“For what?” I asked with curiosity.

“Because you finally laughed,” Dimitri said, smiling back.

I remember he asked me why I never smiled or laughed with him, and right now, I did. I was always afraid to even smile at him. Maybe the timing was just there?

Laughing again, I look at him. He was smiling warmly at me, shining down brightly at him. The moonlight shadowed half of his face, making his golden eyes gleam. Those golden eyes met my blue and yellow. Unconsciously, I lifted my hand and caressed his face. Drifting my eyes down to his hands still on mine, I feel him move closer. Lifting my gaze, I look at him through my lashes. Dimitri had leaned closer until his breath tickled my cheeks.

Softly, his lips caress my left cheek. I close my eyes, leaning my face to his touch, leaving featherlike kisses on my face. He lowered down to my neck. I shiver as he moves closer. His hand slipped around my waist and lifted me carefully, setting me down on his lap. I smiled as I circled my arms around his neck. We stayed still, staring at each other.

Finally, lowering his eyes to my lips, he drifted his hand and reached for my thighs. Squeezing, I moan against his lips. He was pushing me closer until his shaft started poking my pussy entrance. A trembling moan left my lips as I felt him against my undergarments. Slowly with his expert hands, he undoes my dress. I observe as the dress slides down my shoulder until my breast is bared. His warm hands were making my entire body shiver under his touch.

Biting my lips down, I wait with anticipation. Dimitri leaned over and crunched under my chin. Lowering my dress more, he leaves half my body exposed. Then, with tender kisses, he stops, reaching for the small cross on my left breast. Sucking, he uses his other hand to nibble my other nipple. I dig my nails in his skin as his lips kiss and suck hard.

I wanted to feel him also, touching him. I move my nervous hands. Reaching for his shirt, I undo it. But he flipped me over, hovering over my body.

Straddling me, Dimitri looks down at me. His eyes were full of lust. Gulping, I watch as he seductively lifts his shirt up. He was revealing his toned chest and abs. My gaze lingers down as it’s met with the perfect V line. I could feel myself panting. He was making me drool for him.

Lowering suddenly down into my ear, he blows and sucks my earlobe, making me arch my back and moan. My chest touched his warm body. It felt good that I wanted more. Stirring under him, he stops me.

“No, my love, where do you think you’re going?” Dimitri whispered seductively as he grasped my arms and put them over my head. My breast lifted as he kept my hands over my head. Then, lowering his eyes to my perky nipples. He sucked on one of them; I bit my lip.

“No,” Dimitri growled this time as he let go and held me with one hand still. Then, using his other hand, he slides a finger down until he reaches my pussy.

“W-wait…” I breathe.

Sliding a finger in, I arch my back and gasp. That felt good.

“P-please, Dimitri…” I whispered breathily.

“Please, what?” Dimitri whispers near my ear as he pushes deeper.

Pushing another finger in, I moan. He was finger fucking me. Eyes close, I pant. My back arched as I felt him stroking faster and deeper. Leaning closer to my ear, he growls. His chest vibrated as he continued his torture.

My legs started shaking as something started building up in me. The sensation was like peeing. Scared, I closed my legs.

“Let go, Valkyrie,” Dimitri growled.

Quivering legs started meeting his pace. I was about to succumb under his touch. Suddenly I felt it. Dimitri hit a spot that made me moan loud. Body convulsing and eyes rolled back; I shudder in his hand. Was that an orgasm?

I panted as he dragged his fingers out. Then, kissing me on the lips, Dimitri sits up.

“That’s my girl,” Dimitri whispered, smiling as he leaned again and kissed my cheek.

I close my eyes as the adrenaline slows down. Then, panting hard, I opened my eyes back again and looked at Dimitri, a smile on his face as he sat up. Dimitri lifted his hand and reached for his mouth. I gulp, watching him suck his fingers that had my juices. Why was that hot?

“You taste so fine. I can’t wait to taste you completely,” Dimitri growled.

Standing suddenly, Dimitri grabs his shafts.

“This is how you fucking have me,” Dimitri spats as he grabs it and shows me. My eyes widened at how big it was poking through his pants. Undoing his pants and letting them drop, Dimitri pulls his enormous shaft out. Stroking himself, he licks his lips—a small O forms on his mouth as he jerks himself.

His golden eyes looked full of lust, watching me as he continued stroking hard. His pre-cum started dripping down his hand. Inhaling, I close my legs involuntarily. I was wet; I feared him to see me.

Watching with awe, Dimitri stops and starts crawling over me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, panicking.

“What I’ve been holding up to do,” Dimitri mumbled as his face got closer. “Don’t tell me you don’t wish to taste it. Feel me,” Dimitri said as he kissed my lips. “I bet your juices are dripping.”

Straddling me again, Dimitri grabs the rest of my dress and removes it. He was leaving me naked. I was feeling embarrassed, so I covered myself up.

“No, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said, grasping my hands, “Let me see.”

“But...” I tried to say but couldn’t continue as his lips crashed with mine.

His tongue explored my mouth as our lips moved in sync. Deepening the kiss, Dimitri lowers himself, covering me completely. I gasp in his mouth as I feel him on me. Why was he so hot?

Ignoring it, I feel his hand slide down until he reaches for my leg. Lifting it, he rearranges himself between my legs. Feeling a bit scared, I held myself from his shoulders. My heartbeat was on my ears as he positioned himself. His shaft poked my wet pussy. Jumping, I grasp his neck. It scared me.

Finding an opening, Dimitri circled my waist and pulled me until our bodies molded.

“It will only hurt once. I promise,” Dimitri whispered near my ear.

Nodding, Dimitri stares deep into my eyes. He never moved his eyes away, and neither did I.

Feeling his hand higher on my thigh, I take a deep breath.

Thrusting his shaft deep, I scream, feeling him expand my walls. Then, gripping his shoulder tightly, I put my face in the crook of his neck. Why did it hurt so much?

“You ok?” Dimitri asked as he moved his face trying to look at me.

Feeling him deep inside, I bit my lip. A burning sensation started spreading in my inner thigh. It was making me cringe in pain. But the tugging feeling in my chest made me relax.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri said, calling my name.

I tried forming words, but the pain was there again. Dimitri was burning, and it was hurting me.

“Love, I need to move so you can get used to it,” Dimitri whispered as his hand made small circles on my back. I shake my head. I couldn’t because it was burning, and it hurt. Was this how it felt for the first time?

“What’s the matter? Am I hurting you?” Dimitri asked with worry in his voice.

Unable to handle the pain, I let go and fell on my back. Covering my face, I sob. It embarrassed me.

“Say something, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said as he moved.

Peeking through my fingers, I watched Dimitri’s eyes go wide as he looked between my legs.

“Shit!” Dimitri cursed as he crawled away. Feeling him pull away made me flinch in pain. Then, getting off in a hurry, he grabs his shirt and puts it on my pussy. I didn’t understand why he was panicking. All I had on my mind was the pain in my pussy as it throbbed. Sitting up, I flinch once my eyes look down.

Gasping in shock, I reach with shaking hands towards Dimitri’s. What was that?

Looking down at his shirt and the bed, I let a scream out. Why was there so much blood? What was happening?

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