Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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36. The Tamers Mark

Dimitri POV

I panicked as I looked between Valkyrie’s legs. Why was there so much blood?

The bedsheets and my shirt were covered in blood like she had a wound open. Red blood oozes. Looking at it, Valkyrie panicked and screamed. I immediately mind linking Damian and Michael.

“Calm down, Valkyrie!” I said, grabbing her and moving her to the other side of the bed.

Valkyrie was crying, and her entire body trembled in fear. This must have been a shock to her, even for me. I’ve never seen this. Then, hearing the doors bang, I turn and look at Mia and Damian standing on the doors.

Looking at a crying Valkyrie, Mia hurries to her side. Her eyes immediately stop as she notices the blood.

“What happened?” Mia asked, baffled as she looked between Valkyrie’s legs.

I had covered Valkyrie’s body with the bedsheets, but she was still bleeding.

“Help me. I don’t know what happened,” I said desperately. “I… I don’t know….”

It confused me so much that I didn’t even know how to explain. Finally, I tried looking up at my brother, but he was shocked looking at the blood.

“Damian snapped out of it!” I roared. Damian’s gaze landed on Valkyrie’s.

Glaring at me, Damian frowns with a confused look. As he tries to say something, Michael rushes in and bumps into Damian.

“The hell?” Michael curses as he covers his face. Not waiting for him, Damian grabs him and drags him, stopping before the bed. Confused, Michael looked and eyes wide, snapped his head up to me.

“What did you do?” Michael asked as he looked at Valkyrie, “You laid a hand on her?”

“No!” I said frantically as I tried to explain.

“Michael, that’s not it, look,” Mia retorted as she showed him where the blood was coming from.

Immediately Michael kneeled next to Valkyrie.

“What happened? Why are you bleeding?” Michael asked.

“I… I don’t know theirs….” Valkyrie said but flinched, grabbing her lower abdomen.

Michael frowned.

“Damian out, I just need Mia with me,” Michael said, making Damian scoff.

“No,” Damian said, “I don’t know what this jerk did to her!”

“Leave Damian,” I order, annoyed, “This is no time for joking.”

Damian glared at me and turned to leave. He was slamming the two doors on the way.

“Valkyrie, I need you to tell me what you feel,” Michael asked her.

Mia was doing small circles on her back. She was holding her lower abdomen and crying. Puffy eyes and runny nose, I was worried for her.

“We… I don’t know. We were…” Valkyrie stutter.

“Did you guys have sex?” Michael asked her. Valkyrie nodded, embarrassed. Mia frowned.

“You guys had sex. But, wait, were you a virgin?” Mia asked, shocked. Her eyes looked up and down at Valkyrie’s body.

“Yes…” Valkyrie said shyly, looking at me. I smiled softly at her.

“Virgin?” Michael mutters as he rubs his chin. “What did you feel? I mean, when you were having sex? Anything in particular?”

Valkyrie lifted her gaze and looked at me instead. She stared at me and then started crying. I frowned, not understanding. Did I do something?

“I need you to tell me,” Michael said as he lifted her chin, “What did you feel?”

“I…” Valkyrie stuttered nervously. She looked my way again, and I frowned. Why did she keep looking at me? “Well, when we were… uh for some reason, his body felt like on fire. He was too hot, and it started hurting,” Valkyrie explained, “it started hurting and throbbing. I couldn’t handle it, and then this happened.”

“You sure nothing else?” Michael asked.

“Just a burning sensation and the throbbing pain. His body was too hot,” Valkyrie said, covering her face.

Hot? But I didn’t feel a thing.

Standing up, Michael orders Mia to get a clean cloth and cool water to clean her. Then, turning, he grabs my arm and pulls me away. I was confused about what was happening. Michael hasn’t said a word.

Dragging me out to the balcony, he sighs.

“Valkyrie was a virgin?” Michael asks again.

“Yes,” I frown.

“So that’s why you were holding back?” Michael asked.

“Yes…” I mutter, looking away. The night was incredible, and it made my worried mind ease a bit. “What did I do to her? Did I hurt her, Michael?”

“MICHAEL!” Mia yelled suddenly, making Michael and me rush back in. “You need to come and see this.”

Walking to the bed where Valkyrie was, I looked down at her body and stopped when I saw her chest. What was that thing?

Michael hurriedly crawled the bed and lowered the bedsheets. But, unfortunately, it was revealing most of Valkyrie’s breasts.

“What happened to her mark?” I whispered as my eyes kept looking at the now bigger mark.

Where Valkyrie had her cross mark now had another mark next to it. An upside-down cross was right under the other one. The same style. Same size.

“Michael?” I said. Michael’s eyes glued on Valkyrie’s breast. His finger side over the mark.

“Do you feel anything?” Michael asked her.

“Feel?” Valkyrie asked, crooking her head to the side.

“Yes, did you feel anything here?” Michael repeated in a trance. He wasn’t looking at Valkyrie. Instead, his eyes widened as he studied the new mark.

“No,” Valkyrie said, looking at Mia, confused. She had stopped crying and looked a bit more relaxed.

Closing his eyes, Michael sighs.

“I’m calling Cian over,” Michael said as he looked at me, “I need his help here.”

And like on queue, the doors open, and Prince Cian looks in.

“Come in,” Michael said as Prince Cian looked at Valkyrie.

Snapping his head, he stares at me angrily.

“You bastard! What did you do to her?” Prince Cian growled my way.

“Fuck off, Cian,” I snapped.

“Enough, come over here,” Michael said. She throws glares at Cian.

Cian smiles at Valkyrie while walking over to the bed, but he stops and tenses up when he sees the marks. Michael and I noticed it. Aware of his behavior. Michael grasps his wrist.

“Cian?” Michael inquiries.

Prince Cian looked at Valkyrie. His face turned pale as he backed away from Michaels’s grasp.

“What’s wrong, Cian?” Michael panics, standing up and looking at his brother.

“Tamer,” Prince Cian mutters, “Valkyrie is a tamer.”

Gasping, Mia covers her mouth, and Michael looks at Valkyrie. I stood in complete shock as my mind registered what Prince Cian said.

“What do you mean, brother?” Michael whispers nervously.

“Mean?” Prince Cian hissed angrily at Michael, “Can’t you see! That’s a tamers mark. Valkyrie has dragon blood running on her!”

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