Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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37. Good News for the King

Dimitri POV


“This is the tamer mark!” Prince Cian said as he pointed to an image on a totem.

The earliest revelation had left everyone shaken. Especially me. Sitting with Valkyrie on my lap, I stared at the image Prince Cian was pointing. The old totem showed a double-cross, just like the one Valkyrie had on her breast.

“This can’t be right?” Damian asked as he massaged his temple, “I mean Valkyrie, a tamer? Wasn’t she a slave?”

“Yes, and for that reason, it’s more than possible,” Prince Cian explained, “This mark only appears to tamers who are hybrids... So all this is real.”

“What about her bleeding?” Mia asked, making Valkyrie blush slightly.

“That, I want to have a word with her alone,” Michael said, standing, “Care to join me?”

Offering his hand, Valkyrie looks at me nervously. I nodded as I encouraged her to take it. Then, walking away quietly, Mia, Damian, and I stay with Cian.

“Now what?” I asked Cian. His eyes were still on Michael and Valkyrie.

“I need your permission to pry on her mind,” Prince Cian said without taking his eyes off them.

“You still on that?” I asked, annoyed.

“Yes,” Prince Cian said, shrugging his shoulders, “You want answers? They’re there,” he said, pointing at Valkyrie.

Sighing, I pinch my nose.

“I think he is right, brother,” Damian said in my mind.

I raised my eyes and glanced at him.

“I don’t trust him, Damian,” I said, mind linking him.

“Neither do I,” Prince Cian said, loud and looking at me. How did he hear me? Arms crossed, he shrugs.

Closing the totem, Prince Cian walks away. Michael and Valkyrie walked towards us. My eyes moved to a red Valkyrie.

“Is everything all right?” I asked, standing, leaning on my chest and hiding her face. I glared at Michael, who was chuckling.

“Yes,” Michael said, patting my shoulders, “Mia ought to help on this.”

Raising my eyebrow, I stare at Michael. Smiling, he leans down and whispers something in Mia’s ear. Smiling brightly and shaking her hand, Mia stands and calls Valkyrie over.

I frowned at Valkyrie, whose head was still lowered.

“Don’t worry, it was her first time,” Michael said, patting my shoulders.

“I know that?” I spat, confused.

Laughing, Michael sighs.

“I mean her first time her period comes. So just be sure next time you’re not that rough with her.” Michael said, waving a goodbye.

Realization hitting me, I gasp loudly. Valkyrie looked at me with eyes wide. Then, blushing, she averts her eyes.

I slapped my face as I realized that we had panicked for anything. How on earth was I supposed to know she was on her period?


Valkyrie POV

After minor healing, I started feeling better. The pain I was feeling in my lower abdomen was subsiding. We still didn’t know what had happened, but suddenly Michael called me over.

I felt so stressed out with everything that now I didn’t know what Michael would tell me.

Holding my hand, Michael guides me to a corner of the room. Squeezing lightly, I look up at him. A smile on his face made me relax.

“I wished to ask you something. Don’t be shy because it’s normal ok?” Michael whispered. Nodding quickly, I bit my lip. “Valkyrie, have you ever had your period?”

“Sorry? My what?” I was confused by his question.

“Your period, something every woman experiences. You’re what? Twenty-one?” Michael asked. Nodding, I started searching on my mind about what he asked. “By the look you’re having, you have never experienced it, right?”

I blushed at his question.

“Don’t worry; Mia will explain more. Just now that you had a bit of sex with Dimitri, be sure to be careful. Dimitri is rough, and I mean it because we are dragons. That burning sensation you felt was his body temperature. Once you adjust to it and his size, you should be good.” Michael explained, making me blush hard. Laughing, he squeezes my hand. “He’s a dragon king. They can be rough and hurt you if you’re not careful. Dimitri will not hurt you though, that I’m sure, ok? So right now, you will experience some pain and maybe even feel sick. I will give you some tea and medicine to help. Mia shall assist you with the rest,” Michael explained.

“Thank you,” I mumble shyly. Then, smiling, he guides me back to the others. This was embarrassing. How couldn’t I know about my period?

Noticing us, Dimitri holds me in his arms. Burying my face on his chest, embarrassed, I waited for Michael to tell Mia. Once Mia stands up and calls me. I excuse myself.


Sitting on a wooden chair in the bath, I toy with my hands nervously. Mia asked me to wait for her because she would get some stuff. It still confused me how did Michael know that this was my period?

He was right though, in all my life, I’ve experienced nothing like that. But why now?

“Here,” Mia said, walking in and taking a seat next to me, “I will explain to you but listen, Valkyrie, this is normal, so stop worrying.”

“But… How can he be so sure?” I mutter as I look at my hands.

“He specializes in any kind of sickness, injury, and wounds. Michael is a healer; he knows the best. But I’m surprised. You never had your period?” Mia asked, pulling out a small bag.

“No,” I mutter as I watch her.

“Very well, then. Here’s this,” Mia said, handing me the bag, “use this down there,” Mia pointed out, “To prevent the blood. These are the pills you will take. Because it’s your first time, it will be painful. You may get even nauseous. It depends on the person.”

“What are the exact symptoms?” I asked shyly.

“Hmm, pain on your lower abdomen, back, sore breast, nauseous. Some get a fever or headaches. It all depends on the woman,” Mia explained as she pulled some herbs out, “I bet you got terrified, right? Because Dimitri was.”

“How did you know we needed help?” I asked as I grabbed the herbs.

“The king mind linked Damian. I was with him when he called. Damian panicked as he told me that something happened to you,” Mia said smiling, “Those two care for you. I’m a bit jealous.”

“Why?” I asked, crooking my head. Mia blushed at my question.

Staying silent, I watch her as she smiles nervously.

“Forget it!” Mia said, standing, “Come here. I will help you bathe and then explain how to wear that.” she said, changing the topic.

Shrugging my shoulders, I stand up.

Mia helped me with a warm bath. She was right when she mentioned the pain in my lower abdomen and breast. I held myself from the wall as a cramped form. It was my first time was hard enough as I walked like a toddler to bed. Dimitri walks in with a small tray.

“How are you feeling?” Dimitri asked as Mia covered my body up.

“I… “ stopped and gripped the bedsheets.

“Don’t worry, as she has her periods; she will get used to it. Now have this warmer on your abdomen, ok? I will give you some alone time and then come back. Try to sleep.” Mia said as she smiled at me and bowed to Dimitri.

“Michael said he will come later. I brought you some food as well. Still don’t know if you’re up for something light?” Dimitri said, setting the tray down. I stared at the fruits.

I was hungry.

Reaching for a grape, I plop it into my mouth, but Dimitri grabbed my wrist, stopping me.

“Let me,” Dimitri said as he sat next to me in bed. His body was warm, and I reached for his chest.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri muttered as I laid my head on his chest. He was so warm that I started feeling my eyes droop. Then, without another word, Dimitri sighed and pulled me closer. Finally, feeling his chest rising and falling and his beating heart against my face, I fell asleep.

Feeling a hand on my forehead, I groan and stretch.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” Michael’s voice came into my ears. Humming, I stayed curled up. “How do you feel?”

“Better?” I said, feeling the pain in my abdomen gone.

“Good. I did some magic so you will feel better,” Michael mumbled, “Valkyrie, may I ask you something?”

“Yes?” I mumble, half asleep.

“Would you allow Cian to pry on your mind?” Michael asked, making me open my eyes and look at him with a frown.

“Why do you ask?” I said, sitting up carefully.

Clearing his throat, Michael stares at me.

“Because there are some things we need to know. And I’m sure you are curious to know, right?” Michael said, grinning, “Your powers, your mark. Who are you? Cian can help?”

I knew Cian could help me. But I was afraid to see the truth.

I was just a slave. What could someone like me hide in her mind?

I was curious about those voices—the voice of someone who tells me to follow it. But follow what?

“Valkyrie? What’s on your mind?” Michael asked.

Biting my lip, I think if I should tell him or not. But I needed at least an opinion.

“I… if you had a dream, with someone telling you to follow something. What would you think?” I asked without looking at him.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, sounding confused.

“I… what I mean is, that I’ve had these dreams where a voice calls me telling me to follow something. It’s confusing,” I explained. Then, standing up, I pace the room. Michael was quietly staring at me.

“Voice?” Michael asked, “What kind of voice?”

“I don’t know. They’re like several voices. I don’t see anything. It’s just like whispers,” I said, biting my nail and pacing up and down. I was getting desperate for an answer.

“Valkyrie…” Michael sighed, “You will need to explain more.”

“There’s nothing more!” I snapped, covering my mouth. “It’s just that….”

Averting my face, I sigh. Why was I getting angry?

Hearing the chair scratch the floor, Michael turns and leaves. I stayed looking at the double doors as they closed. Was I too much with him? Michael left without a word. Gripping my head, I throw myself on the bed.

“Dimitri…” I whispered.

“How long are you planning on staying there?” Mia said, calling me from across the table in the library. After my small morning chatter with Michael. I came over to the library to read something. I needed a distraction. I went to look for Dimitri, but he was angry and was discussing something with Damian.

Wishing not to disturb him, I came over here. Mia came a while ago asking how I was. She insisted that I should be in a bed. But I was tired of being there. My meeting with Prince Cian’s people was pushed back also by Dimitri’s orders.

Honestly, I was thankful for everything going on. But, I wasn’t ready to meet new people. Especially if they had something to do with my past, it was kind of absurd because I would have to face it soon, but I would keep pushing it back if possible.

“Valkyrie, please go back to your chambers,” Mia insisted.

Rolling my eyes, I continued reading my book.

Hearing a loud sigh, Mia stands up and goes over to a shelf. I smiled as I knew she wouldn’t leave me alone. I liked Mia a lot. She was my first friend, after all. Her company has been of much help, and she would be someone who will guide me. So I was thankful for it.

Looking at the forest outside the window, I smile. It was a beautiful day, perfect for some training. I was distracted looking outside. Finally, the doors to the library opened.

I looked over to see who it was.

“Leave us,” Dimitri ordered Mia as he walked over me. An imposing aura made me gulp. What did I do now?

Putting his arms on each side of my body, Dimitri leans over and kisses me. I welcomed his rough kiss. Feeling his tongue slide in, I moan. Letting go of the book in my hand, I circle my arms around his neck. Pulling him closer, Dimitri growled, moving his hand under my leg. His hand was feverish but in a good way. It cooled my body down.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri mutters between kisses.

“Hmm,” I muttered, playing with his hair.

“If you continue, I won’t be able to hold myself,” Dimitri mumbled as he stopped kissing me. Breathless, I stare into his golden eyes. I licked his lower lip, hearing him groan. He circles my waist and lifts me. He was bringing me to the pillows on the floor. Then, softly, he lays me down and gets between my legs.

“I won’t mind fucking you with your period,” Dimitri mumbles while kissing my neck. I snapped my eyes open. Gone was the horny me.

“Oh,” I said, pushing him up.

“Oh, no, you won’t,” Dimitri grumbled against my chest, “Last night, I didn’t get to fuck you good. So don’t dare stop me.”

“But you wouldn’t dare to, right? I mean, you won’t fuck me like this…, bloody?” I said, smiling innocently.

Raising his eyebrow, Dimitri laughs. Then, shaking his head, he kisses my cheek.

“I mean it when I say I don’t mind having sex and making a bloody mess,” Dimitri said, laughing.

I blushed, feeling embarrassed.

“Hey, you’re mine, so there’s nothing to be shy of,” Dimitri reassured me.

“Sure, says the man who panicked at a period last night,” I said, pouting.

Hovering over my body, Dimitri stops and stares at me, offended.

“Did… I say something?” I asked, worried. Did I cross the line right now? Feeling my heart beating fast, I avert my gaze. Dimitri wasn’t saying a word, and I was worried that maybe I was disrespectful.

Standing up abruptly, Dimitri leaves. Panicking, I stood and grabbed his arm. Stopping, he looked over his shoulders; I flinched and let go.

“S-Sorry…” I whispered as I embraced myself. But then, I felt afraid of his reaction. So, I stayed on the spot without moving.

Feeling a hand on my wrist, I look up, surprised. Dimitri pulled me to his chest and kissed me. Circling my waist, he draws me closer until I can’t breathe. Sucking on my lower lip, I moan—my body shivers.

Leaving me breathless, Dimitri leans his forehead to mine.

“Next time, I will tie you up and fuck you hard,” Dimitri said breathless, “But for now, I will just let it go.”

I smiled, kissing him back again. Then, caressing his face, I feel him suddenly lift me.

Yelping, I grab his shoulders.

“Let’s go; it’s time to have lunch.”

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