Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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2. A Trapped Soul

Valkyrie POV

The sound of groans, screams, and cries. Where the only thing I had heard since the moment I was born. Every night I heard a yell for help somewhere around the place I was, the cries of children calling for their parents. I sat with my eyes closed, listening to their prayers, asking for someone to help them, begging for hope.

Hope the one word I had always kept close to my heart. It may sound stupid to even think about that, but I did have it on me, a small hope on my beating heart.

With a sigh, I move back until I feel the cold concrete wall. Another sleepless night, another torturous night where every human that got locked between these walls begged for more, prayed for that peace.

My memory doesn’t recall how long I’ve been locked in here. The only memories I have are of my miserable life as a cursed slave. No one approached me, and no one helped me. Beatings and yells for mercy had left my lips multiple times. But no one came. Being a slave was not something I had wished for, cursed, not even in my dreams.

Some say I’m a witch, but that’s not true. My curse resides in something else. When I was twelve, I started having these weird and strange powers. Not only healing, but I can cause pain by my touch. A simple touch of my hand can make anyone bend in pain. I can burn the person, making them die miserably, just as poured acid into them.

When they found out about my curse, they tied my hands. They hurt them. They torture me for anything, even if I move. All this had me losing hope, that will to live. But something in my heart tells me not to give up that tiny hope.

I can hear the shuffling of keys. Seating up, I look over towards the entrance.

“Let’s go bitch!” a man with crooked teeth said as he opened up and pulled my chains, “time for some fun.” He smirked.

I retracted from his closeness. Pulling hard from the chains, I stumble, falling flat on the floor. I try not to groan as I feel my body get dragged. The rough floor hurts my body. Every time I tried to stand up, he would pull, making me bleed on every fall.

“C’mon pretty, it’s time to see how your face contorts,” the man said, laughing loudly.

I tried looking around but nothing. All I saw were cages full of people with fear. I was forcing myself not to cry because I was not a weak woman. I keep my mouth shut, letting the pain set on my scarred body.

Another shuffling of keys was heard when the bright sun warmed my fragile skin. Falling on my knees, I cough as dust penetrates my nose. Where was I?

Several screams had me looking around, a slight panic drilling my heart. I tried adjusting my sight, but all came in vain as a bag covered my face. Then, finally, a small yell left my lips as I felt it tight around my neck.

Pushing me abruptly, I walk until they grab me and make a sudden stop, making me start getting nervous. Was I going to die? I tried to concentrate on my surroundings, but all I could hear were screams and cries. I gripped my own hands, expecting the worst to come. But, nothing, nothing ever came.

A smacking sound cracking in the air had me cringing.

“MOVE!” someone yells from afar. Feeling the tug of my chains, I start to walk. What was happening? More chains joined the surrounding. I was not alone. I wasn’t alone for the first time in a while; even if this was my bed death, I wasn’t alone.


We had been walking for long that my body could barely hold. The heat is suffocating me. The bag that covered my face was removed only once during the cold nights we rested. During that time, I noticed more slaves with me. At least twenty unfamiliar faces surrounded me. All chained children, women, men, and older men walked with me, not knowing where. It scared me.

No one said a word, not even a whisper. They were afraid, afraid of the outcome. Mustering strength, I walk. I couldn’t give up.

I simply couldn’t.

Night came, and we sat in a row in the middle of nowhere. Looking up at the night sky, I watched as the moon gleamed down at us. Closing my eyes, I pray. I was asking for someone to come and save me. Sighing, I look at my bruised hands, scars, my body full of them. I was so skinny I could count my tiny bones. Did I deserve this? Why was I being punished like this?

The men that were with us started throwing things at us. It was a small bag.

“KEEP IT, AND DON’T LOSE IT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOUR HEAD THEN DO AS WE ORDER!” the man that stood on the chariot yelled. My eyes looked at what was in my hands. Opening it, I looked inside; it was clothes. But for what?

The clothes didn’t look ordinary. They look delicate. A firm tug has me raising my head and looking to the front. Orders started to get shouted as they shouted at us to stand up and start walking.

We walked in a desert heading towards the mountains. My eyes looked at the view in awe. It was my first time seeing something like this. All I ever knew were walls. I barely even managed to see the sun. The man on the chariot pressured us to move faster; something on him felt off. I didn’t like it.

Once again, I looked down at the bag in my hands. Why did they give us clothes? Were we being sold? I wouldn’t lie, I felt scared, but I once again felt a slight tug of hope filling my heart as I looked up front. What awaited us?

Another day of walking, and once again, our faces were covered. The weather had changed. A slight calm breeze graces my skin as we walk.

I could feel the deserted land under our feet become a more nature-like feeling. It seems we finally were in the mountains.

A sudden yell from the same man had us stopping. We were resting, finally. My feet couldn’t hold longer. I was thirsty and hungry. The roughness the man used to remove our bags from our heads had me scrunching my face awfully as the brightness of the sun greeted me. My eyes adjust to the surroundings. I started seeing that our group got divided into smaller ones, but why?

I looked at the persons that sat in the same row I was; two other women and two men. They looked way more tortured than I looked. One of the women’s eyes met mine; she stared at me like I was a freak. Averting my eyes, I looked at the man behind her. It was the same as he was looking at me but with wonder. Finally, I lower my gaze. They were looking at my strange eyes.

Long ago, I got a peek of myself on broken glass. I noticed that my eyes were different. One was blue and the other hazel with golden strikes, which was unusual. That time I saw my reflection, and I felt beautiful. I don’t know why but I liked my eyes. But everyone else who looked at them thought otherwise.

Lifting my gaze, I saw that the eight men that were with us were talking. However, they had a worried look, was something up? I have always been sensitive to my surroundings. Something in the natural elements called for me, like if the same being was trying to communicate with me. Although it sounded strange even to me, that didn’t stop me from being curious.

“EVERYONE, GET UP!” the man yelled. Following his orders, I stand up. My legs wobbled, but I put all the strength I could muster in them and made them move. Unexpectedly the men started dividing and started taking different roads. I looked around frantically. Everyone was wondering what was happening. As our eyes looked around once more, we continued walking.

The silence was getting uncomfortable—the men on the front on high alert. Noticing a small house at the end of the road, I started wondering what that place was. The wooden two-story house looked in ruins. Broken windows and crooked doors hang barely from its hinges. No one lived there. The other slaves started shivering in fear. None of us had our heads covered, so everyone was able to see what was happening. Getting closer to the place, I noticed a shadow pass by. What was that? Frowning, I look around just to notice two strange men walking out from some bushes.

They started talking with the other two men that were with us. We stood in line with our heads bowed. Another shuffling on my side has me slapping my head in fear. Something was lurking near us.

My breathing started becoming erratic. I grip my shaky hands on my rag dress. It was a nerve-racking feeling, one that crept slowly up on your back.

Snapping my head up, I see one of the strangers glaring at me. His chocolate eyes and thin lips study me.

“She is dangerous,” one of the men said, approaching us. He had a stern look on his face, “You sure you wished to take her?” he asked.

My eyes moved back at the stranger before me.

“We will take the three women. They will be perfect for what we have,” the stranger said, smirking, “Here’s the money.”

I heard a jingling sound as the man caught a pouch with coins. I was getting sold, and I didn’t know what or who. The fear I was trying to push away finally covered my heart as the stranger pulled our chain away from the rest. It was useless trying to go against them, but I had to stop. I couldn’t move forward. Noticing that, the stranger pulled hard and made me stumble. A sharp rock pierces my left thigh. I groaned as I felt the stranger pull me up.

“Don’t try it again. If you don’t want to get beaten up,” the man said low, so only I could hear. His threat was evident as the water.

I nodded with small tears in my eyes. The man scoffed and pulled once again.

The warm blood was sliding down my leg.


Three days, that’s how long we have been walking with no food, just water. My consciousness is coming and going as my body sways from side to side. I had lost blood with my injury. My thigh ached, I needed to treat it, but I tried asking for their help just to get slapped on the face.

Looking behind me, I noticed the other two females tired. One of them looked pale, like she could faint any moment.

“S-She needs h-help…” the other slave whispered. She made the man stop and looked behind. She was right that a poor woman was about to die if he didn’t feed her. The man just scoffed and continued pulling.

“We are close,” the stranger mumbled.

The sun started setting, and finally, a small village came to view. I breathe a sigh of relief. We haven’t rested at all, not even during the nights. Three other men approached us as we reached a small entrance.

“Take them and prepare them. They shall be ready, mates.” The stranger ordered and left. He didn’t look back. Each of the other three men grabbed one of us and took us separate ways. I glance once more at the other poor woman. What will happen to them?

Reaching a small hut, the man asks me to go in and wash. Nodding, I go in and hear the small door close. The small wooden place was smaller than my cage. It had a small stool and a bucket of water. I tried looking for something else but nothing, just those two things laid in the hut with no windows. Kneeling exhausted, I reach for water and drink. My dirty hands were letting me know I was a wreck.

Deciding to follow orders, I start to undress. My eyes went to the purple wound that had blood clotted all over it. It was disgusting. Grabbing water, I start to wash. Tiny droplets fell down my thin body. I cleaned the wound as much as I could. It hurt like hell. The bruises even looked infected. Ripping a piece of the dress, I tied it around my thigh once it looked clean.

“Change into the clothes in the bag,” the men yelled.

I stared at the brown bag. Opening it, I take out the contents. A small top that barely covered my breast greeted me. It was silver and had some silver chain-like armor around it. Next, I pulled on a skirt with undergarments. It was short, the same material as the top. Changing into them, I look at myself.

I looked like a prostitute. Was I going to serve someone as a slave?

Looking at what was left inside, I found a pair of Greek-style sandals. It was the third pair of sandals I had ever had. I admire them. They were brown leather high enough to reach my knee. Putting them on, I check myself. I felt different, deciding to fix my hair a bit more. I use my fingers to comb it. It was still wet, but it didn’t matter. Making some braids here and there, I notice something thin on the floor. Moving the dust off, I see it was a small silver rock. It shined like it’s made of pure silver. I take a closer look, but the yell from the men has me jumping in fear.

Putting it on my skirt, I walk and wait for the small door to open.

“Follow me,” the man said as he held my chain and made me follow him.

We walked to the entrance of the small village. The other two women were also there. Dress up just like I was. Nodding, the men ask us to get on a chariot. Nervously the three of us look at each other.

“GET IN!” the men yelled, making us cringe. Hurriedly we get in; as the man watches the chariot move away from the entrance, I turn and look ahead of us. Where are we going somewhere else? Maybe another village?

I had dozed off when an abrupt stop had me opening my eyes, scared.

“Get down!” the men ordered.

As we got down, I looked at the place we were in. Eyes wide, I start to shake. Many slaves got pushed into an open field. Huge rocks and trees surrounded the area as they lit the fire up on torches. There was this eerie feeling that crept up into my mind. Panting, I look at the others. Their fear is evident. As a hand pushes me, I fall on all four. Moving closer to the rest, we wait. Small whispers were spreading across the place. What was this place?

Suddenly a beastly roar thunder across the sky. Gasping, I look around. That was a monster? Everyone around the group started getting closer. I started moving my head, looking around it. As We heard another roar, I flinched. My breathing became quicker. I glanced everywhere, but why was there nothing?

A piercing scream has me snapping my head to the side. A gasp escaped my lips as I saw what stood before us. A massive beast with silver scales and red eyes looked at the men under his sharp claws. He was enormous.

Screams started filling the place, and slaves began running. Some didn’t make it far as more beasts roared and started attacking us. I started backing away. My body ached, but I had to find something to defend myself. I looked around as the air got filled with the smell of blood. The men that were with us were gone, all dead under the heavy teeth of the beasts. They left us to die miserably. How cruel of them. I start running as more beast land with a thud. Going back to where I came from, I noticed something glimmering under the flames that lightened up the way. It was a sword. Reaching for it, I grab hold of it and start running in the opposite direction.

The metal felt heavy and odd under my touch. But I needed this; I needed to survive somehow. I needed it, and taking a deep breath, I sprinted into the forest. My leg throb but I didn’t care. That was one of my most minor worries. The only thing on my mind was to survive. Then, taking a turn mistakenly, I end on a cliff. Some of the slaves had run the same way and gotten a dead end as well.

“No…” I whisper as tears start forming in my eyes. Was there no escape?

Deciding its best turn, I back away from the cliff and start running, but a loud thud and a roar have me falling backward. A small yelp left my lips. As I looked up, I saw the beast with black scales. Panting, I look at the sword in my hand. If this were how I would die, I would at least fight until I take my last breath.

Screams and bone-crushing have me flinching. The beast had his eyes on me. As he gives a step forward, I stand up. Torches and branches with a fire surrounded me. I was the only one left standing before this beast.

Taking another deep breath, I looked up at the beast. He growls at me, taking a step forward. Unconsciously my body moved back once again. This time the flames lit up my face. With a determined look on my face, I lift the sword.

Lifting my head high, I finally muster all the courage and look at the beast in the eyes. For a split second, I thought I noticed the beast’s eyes go wide. The enormous beast didn’t move; our eyes locked. There was something about him that was pulling me, a slight tug on my heart. Shaking my head, I lower my gaze and then look up again.

My body started shaking, but I wasn’t going to let a mere beast know I was weak. It didn’t even cross my mind that I would lower myself to him: a monster, an animal, a being that was not human. I was a slave, but I wasn’t going to bow to an animal. I was taking this down with a fight, no matter the outcome.

The wind blew as my hair ruffled around. The night was silent, with no more screams or yells of help. All that lingered was the smell of death.

“Who are you?” the beast said in my mind, “Tell me your name.”

Surprised, I looked around. Where did that voice come from? I stared at him. Did he just talk to me?

I did not know this kind of beast, decided to answer him. I breathed deeply and locked my eyes with him.

“My name? Valkyrie,” I said with confidence.

My voice didn’t quiver. That encourages me more.

“I see chooser of the slain,” the beast said.

The beast puffed fired from his nostrils. Lowering his head, he studies me. His golden eyes pierced at me, making my heart pound. But it wasn’t fear; it was like a pull. My eyes didn’t leave the beast that stood before me. I got hypnotized. This feeling was making me lower my sword, but I couldn’t fall for this trick.

What was he doing to me? I didn’t even know who these beasts were. He kept his eyes on me. My feet took a step, and I reacted to what I had just done. Why was I feeling so warm? Was this feeling of hope?

“Come,” the beast whispered seductively.

Was that a command?

I tried to think about what was happening when a slight movement made me lower my gaze. Ignoring it, I look back. Surprised, I gasped. A man was standing in front of me, and the beast was gone. Was this the best? As our eyes met, I knew it. His molten gold piercing eyes stared down at me. He was tall. I had to lift my head to meet his eyes. He had black hair like the night that reached his shoulders. His chest was broad and rough.

My eyes lowered.

He was the epitome of beauty. His muscle flex made me gulp with desire. I bit my lip as my eyes fell more and noticed the perfect abs making me want to slide my fingers up and down. Finally, an ideal v started forming when I saw it. Gasping, I back away.

He was completely naked. Feeling my face blush, I avert my gaze from him. I stutter, trying to say something about him being naked. It was the first time I’d seen a man naked.

Feeling a solid arm go around my waist and pull, I look up. He was holding me firmly close to his chest. Losing the grip on the sword, my hands move up to his arms. He felt good under my touch. Why was I having this reaction? I was feeling confused.

“Don’t look away, Valkyrie,” the beast whispered seductively near my face, “Just look at me and no one else.”

“Who are you?” I asked as I felt my face burn in embarrassment.

I could feel every inch of his body pressed against me. His eyes lowered to my breast. Then, licking his lips, he returned his gaze to me and said.

“Me? I’m the king of the dragons, and you are to be my one and only slave. Meaning you will be my mate and queen,” The beast said with a smirk as he lifted my wrist to his lips and kissed lightly, “Welcome to your new home, Slave of the Onyx Dragon.”

Dragon? He said he was a dragon? Not understanding, I stutter crazily. The fear finally took hold of me. I started seeing dots.

“Y-you… are you going to eat me?” I spat, sounding ridiculous.

“No… but there’s another way I can eat you up,” the dragon said as he chuckled, “Now shall we go?”

I heard a small whistle piercing the deadly night. I look around, noticing more dragons coming over. I cringe in fear.

“Come, let’s go,” the dragon said as he carried me in his arms, and we got on the silver dragon. What was going to happen now?

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