Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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39. Conquering the Queen

Dimitri POV

I groan as I watch Valkyrie walk away from me. Why did I open my mouth and say that? It wasn’t my intention. What I intended to say was not to trust Cian. That little rascal has been getting on my nerves lately. The way he looked at Valkyrie was the same way Damian looked at her with lust. I had warned Damian to stay away from her. This is not what I wanted from my brother. What I needed from him was his support.

Sighing, I walk back to the palace. This was a terrible day.

Nothing was going according to what I planned for today. Everything was supposed to be good—my meeting with the elders, my talk with Damian and Valkyrie. But nothing worked. So what should I do?

Heading to the throne room, I see Leo pacing outside in the hallway.

“Leo?” I called, making him sigh. What was wrong with him?

“Dimitri, we have an issue,” Leo said as he bowed, “King Gabriel’s men are roaming the zone again. It seems he has people scouting the area.”

“How many?” I asked.

“At least eight, and we have two dragon tamers with them,” Leo said, cursing.

Massaging my temple, I asked him to please gather the men and start scouting the area.

“And have the guards secure the borders,” I informed him as I walked into the throne room.

Thinking about what to do now, I lift my gaze and find my grandfather seated as he looks at his goblet of wine.

“About time,” my grandfather said, growling.

“I’m busy,” I snapped, walking up the stairs to my throne.

“Busy doing what?” my grandfather asked, rolling his eyes, “The only thing you would do would be dealing with that human mate.”

“ENOUGH! I didn’t come all the way here to hear your opinion about Valkyrie,” I snap as I pinch my nose, “Tell me, why did you call me over?”

“Let Lilly go,” my grandfather said, making me look at him.

“Excuse me?” I asked angrily, “You want me to let Lilly go? May I know the reason for that?”

“She’s Elder Morrison’s granddaughter and your supposed queen,” my grandfather hissed, “Or what you forgot that she was in line to be your queen?”

“I never agreed to that stupid offer. You and the elders decided for me!” I snap back, “Let me remind you you’re just from the council. If I give an order out, you follow it.”

Huffing angrily, I stare at the old dragon. A small crease formed in his forehead as he scoffed and looked away.

“Lilly is a pure dragon. Not that stupid human you have,” Slamming my hand, I growl loud. Making the entire room shake.

“Could you repeat that?” I said, standing up from the throne.

My grandfather leaned against his armchair. The surrounding air turned stuffy as I walked down the stairs. “Stupid human? Do I need to remind you that your mate and my father were humans?”

By now, I was fisting my hands. My entire body shakes as my beast tries to take over and devour him.

“Let me inform you something,” I whispered as I stood before him, “Valkyrie is no human but a hybrid.”

Eyes wide, my grandfather drops his goblet.

“Hybrid?” he repeats.

“Yes, and she’s Prince Cian’s family. I think you know that an envoy from the Kingdom of Fae is here, right? And the old king is here,” I said as my grandfather looked surprised.

“King? Who?” my grandfather asked as he realized what I was saying.

“King Casen,” I spat as my grandfather’s body swayed.

“Why is he here?” my grandfather asked as I started walking away.

Stopping in my tracks, I look behind me.

“To confirm if Valkyrie is his daughter,” I said as the guards opened the doors and I walked out.


Heading down the cave, I stop when I hear someone call my name. I glance over my shoulder and find Damian heading my way.

“Heading for a scout?” Damian asked as I kept walking.

“No, just to check,” I said, ignoring him.

Damian and I fought earlier. It had to do with Valkyrie. Damian was my brother, and I cared for him, but knowing that it infatuated him, bothered me that I had to tell him. Damian argued that he wasn’t. He only cared for her as someone special, but that memorable for me was love. How many times didn’t he challenge me in taking Valkyrie away?

He even dared go against me in front of everyone for her. So how could I not be bothered?

Damian was a good brother. A skilled warrior and an excellent strategist. But he had balls that would make everyone angry. He didn’t have a filter on his mouth and would be bold. But, he was not caring who heard him.

“Oh, I just remember we have a new group of humans living over here,” Damian explained as he ruffled his hair, “Some of the ones we had left, and we needed people. So we offered them to live here,”

“From where are they from?” I asked curiously.

“The neighboring kingdom. They are a group of farmers. They were recommended by one of our suppliers,” Damian said smiling, “They would be of great help.”

Giving him a firm nod, I mind-linked Leo.

“Anything?” I asked.

“No, so far nothing. We have some dragons walking down,” Leo said, huffing on my mind, “I will keep you informed.”

Turning around, I decided to head up. Damian was talking with some guards. Ignoring them, I head up. I wonder where Valkyrie was?

Knocking on her chambers, I hear a cheerful Mia answer. Opening the doors wide, Mia stops, and smiling greets me.

“If you’re looking for the queen, she’s not here,” Mia explained.

“Where is she?” I asked, frowning. Where was Valkyrie?

“Wasn’t the queen with you earlier?” Mias asked, intrigued.

“Yes… but we fought,” I said, looking somewhere else but her.

Hearing a soft giggle, I look at her.

“If you continue fighting, both of you won’t be able to make progress,” Mia said as she asked me to come in, “Valkyrie is new to this and afraid. What she needs is our trust, King Dimitri.”

Rolling my eyes, I lay in Valkyrie’s bed. I was feeling tired.

“And what should I do then?” I asked, not knowing what else to ask.

“Say yes to anything she wants. Show her you agree with her and trust her words. She’s just a girl Dimitri,” Mia said, taking a seat next to me, “How Old Are You? One hundred and something? You have more experience and can see what we can’t see in others. And Valkyrie is trying to adjust. You simply don’t give her a chance. That chance to show you she can.”

Groaning, I put my arms over my face.

“It’s not that, Mia. It’s just that I’m afraid,” I mumble, pouting.

“Afraid of what?” Mia asked, laughing, “She needs to learn Dimitri, and making mistakes will help her. If you’re afraid of her making the right choice, why does she have you then?”

Liking what I hear, I peek at Mia’s face. She was smiling brightly at me.

“You’re right,” I said, sitting up.

“But?” Mia asked, raising an eyebrow, “Gosh, Dimitri, what is the problem?”

“It’s Cian,” I said, putting my head between my legs, “That bastard is my problem.”

“Cian?” Mia said, standing up and patting her skirt, “Don’t mind him.”

“Huh?” I said, confused.

“I said don’t mind him. Cian is kind of a pervert, but he won’t do her harm. Trust me,” Mia said as she walked over to the bath.

Confused, I shrug my shoulders and lay back down. Then, grabbing the sheets, I cover myself and decide to take a nap.


Soft hands caress my forehead as I open my eyes. Looking to the side, I find a smiling Valkyrie.

“You snore a lot,” Valkyrie whispered, making me laugh. “Sorry if I woke you up. But it’s kind of late.”

“Late?” I said, stretching.

Sitting up in bed, I look outside the balcony. The night was starry, and by the looks, it seemed late.

“How long did I sleep?” I asked as I sat up. Valkyrie moved to the side and crossed her arms.

“At least twelve hours,” Valkyrie said, rubbing her chin, “You were exhausted.”

“Wait, what? I’ve been sleeping that much?” It shocked me. It seems I was exhausted.

“Yes, Mia called me, telling me you were sleeping here. Damian and Leo came looking for you, but I told them not to bother you. You looked quite tired,” Valkyrie smiled.

Frowning, I wonder what Damian and Leo had to say. Cracking my neck, I stretch again and yawn.

Valkyrie stood up and walked over to grab some clothes. Watching her every movement, I notice a book on the table. I’ve seen that Valkyrie liked to read a lot. It surprised me that a girl who was a slave knew how to read. Even Michael and Damian were surprised. Not only was she good at fighting, but learning. She could make a good queen.

Seeing her walk back in, I gaze at her, exposing a breast. A thin dress molded Valkyrie’s body. I gulp as I feel suddenly horny. Averting my eyes, I tried to mind link Damian, but he was blocking me out. Was he asleep already?

“Here,” Valkyrie said as she handed me some food, “I asked Mia to bring some a while ago.”

Valkyrie’s hair fell all over her shoulders and breast. Red fiery hair that reminded me of the night we met.

“Is something the matter?” Valkyrie asked, “You keep staring at me.”

“Nothing,” I said smiling, “Care to join me?”

“This is my room, isn’t it?” Valkyrie mumbled, sitting on the other side of the bed.

Leaning on a pillow, she opened the book that was earlier on the table.

“Dimitri, eat,” Valkyrie said, making me snap out of my trance. “If you want to say something, just say it and stop staring at me like that.”

“There’s nothing,” I lied. I wanted to apologize earlier, but I didn’t find the words. Valkyrie didn’t look my way. Instead, she kept her eyes on the book. Why did she remind me of Michael?

“By the way,” Valkyrie said, closing her book suddenly. “I met someone earlier. His name was Casen. Do you know who he is?”

“Casen?” I asked her. When did they meet?

“Yes, I accidentally bump into him.” Valkyrie said, shrugging her shoulders, “Any clue?”

“Yes…” I said, glancing at her worriedly.

Valkyrie stared at me. Clearing my throat, I set the tray down and turn over. Grasping her hand, I bring it over to my lips and kiss them.

“Dimitri?” Valkyrie called. Humming at her, I keep staring at her hands.

“Have you used your powers again?” I asked about changing the topic.

“No, and I don’t touch no one. But, I still don’t know whom I can hurt or not,” Valkyrie explained—nodding at her answer. I frown, wondering something.

I recalled that Michael and Cian held her, and nothing happened.

“Something the matter?” Valkyrie asked as she leaned closer to my face. Her two different eyes gleamed with curiosity.

“Nothing, don’t worry,” I said, smiling.

“Fine,” Valkyrie mumbled. Did she just pout? Putting her book away, Valkyrie turns her back to me and lays down.

I watched as her nightgown slid down, slowly revealing her shoulder.

Licking my lips, I lean over and kiss her. Valkyrie flinched and looked over her shoulder.

Our eyes met for a second before she looked back away. Feeling the same tug on my chest, I lean my head on her shoulder and sigh.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I moved my hand and reached for her waist. Valkyrie went for it and grasped it between her hands. Then, kissing her shoulder again softly, I leave trails of kisses until I reach her face.

Slowly, moving across her face. Feeling her breath near my lips, I stop and look at her. Valkyrie still had her back to me. Panting softly, I lean over and kiss her, a long and deep kiss. She reached for my face and softly caressed it. I moved closer, feeling the need for body contact.

“Dimitri…” Valkyrie breathed as I sucked on her lower lip. Then, flipping her over, I reach for her leg and get between her.

Soft moans left Valkyrie’s lips as I pushed myself closer to her wet pussy. Then, finally, I could smell her arousal.

Lowering, I reach for her breast. Sucking and biting her nipples, I make her moan louder, grasping the bedsheets as I nibble each nipple.

“D-Dimitri… my period,” Valkyrie stuttered breathlessly.

“I don’t mind,” I whispered, sucking hard on her left breast. Then, arching her back, Valkyrie moans.

Reaching under her dress, I move to her undergarment.

“Wait, it’s embarrassing,” Valkyrie mumble, panting.

Grasping her undergarment, I pull it down. I looked at her with a serious face. I didn’t mind her being on her period. However, if possible, I would like to get her pregnant.

Feeling her hands on my arms, I lift my gaze. I growl as I move and grasp her hand. Then, putting it over her head, Valkyrie gasps, surprised.

Lips parted slightly, and eyes wide looked up at me. I hover over her body as my other hand moves and rips her nightdress.

“DIMITRI!” Valkyrie gasps aloud. I smirked down at her. Looking down at her pale body. I gulp.

My shaft twitched in anticipation. I was dying to fuck Valkyrie so badly. That I didn’t know how long I would hold it. Reaching for her other arm, I put it over her head.

Finding something to tie her hands, I straddle her and do a simple and loose knot around her wrists. Valkyrie stared at me, confused.

“W-Why are you tying me?” she asked as I let go.

“For you to stay still, so don’t struggle,” I said, smirking seductively at her.

Standing off her, I undo my pants and let them drop. Valkyrie’s eyes widen as I jerk myself. Licking my lips seductively, I walk over to her. Crawling as I was about to catch my prey, I hovered over her body.

“You don’t have any idea how delicious you look,” I said, leaning on her ear, “Can’t wait to fuck you.”

A sharp inhale reached my ears as my hand started wandering down her body. Arching her back, I reach under it and pull her body to mine. Her remarkable body calmed my burning one.

Feeling her wet entrance, I smirk. Then, adjusting myself, I lower my body. Valkyrie started panting as her eyes locked with mine.

In one thrust, I push myself in. Valkyrie’s eyes roll back as I pound into her. My body started burning as I began to quicken my pace. I remember Michael told me to be careful with her, but I couldn’t. Groaning and panting, I keep thrusting harder. The bed moves as our body syncs together and moves as one.

Pounding and thrusting into her harder, I let go of her body and grabbed her waist.

“Fuck,” I curse, quickening the pace. Hair tousled, and pink breasts bounce up and down as I move. Hitting every sensible spot possible, I feel her orgasm building up. Quivering legs make me smirk as I hit that spot and make her convulse.

Not stopping, I continue pounding her hard. My shaft felt her tight pussy sucking me in. Her walls tightened around me as I needed to find my release.

“D-Dimitri!” Valkyrie yelled as I kissed her and made her orgasm again. Her juices dripped as my shaft twitched.

She was digging her nails in my head, Valkyrie pants. Lifting my body, I looked down at her.

She was a sweaty but sexy mess.

Pussy pulsing, I push deep. Her voice trembled as I pulled out and thrust again. Picking my pace, I fuck her again. But this time, I untie her wrists. Hugging me, I pick her up and move her hips up and down. Her breast bounced on my face. Sucking, I push her down, making her throw her head back and scream my name, feeling my orgasm. I thrust deeper. Her pussy tightens around my mushroom tip as I find my release. Screaming loud, I kiss her. My hands squeezed her butt.

Releasing her lips, Valkyrie leans her head on my shoulder. I kissed her head and laid her down in bed.

Slowly I moved away. I heard a sucking sound as I pulled my shaft out. Our juices dripped down her leg. Panting, Valkyrie dozes off. Kissing her again, I smile down at her.

“Sleep,” I whispered, kissing her forehead.

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