Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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40. Putting the King in his Place

Valkyrie POV

“Follow it… just follow it, and you will see it.”

“Yes, follow it… there it is.”

“Let us guide you towards your destiny.”


Eyes wide, I sat up frantically. I shook my body from the dream. What was that?

Reaching for my chest, I try to calm my beating heart.

Closing my eyes again and opening them back, I squint as small light comes in from the windows. The sun was rising, and another day was starting. Looking around, I noticed I was all alone. As I lift the stuffy fur cover, I tense up. I covered myself back and frowned. Then, looking down, I move my hand and uncover my body again. Why was I naked?

I crook my head to the side as I try to remember what happened last night. Did I sleep butt naked?

I frowned harder. What happened?

For some reason, I couldn’t recall. My mind was still on those voices. This time the voices were more vivid. Sighing in defeat, I decide to get down and get ready. Throwing my legs over, I stand up but stop. Gripping my lower abdomen, I cried in pain. Blood dripped down my thighs as I worriedly looked down at myself. My period?

No, this was different. It hurt more, and there was this burning sensation. Holding myself steady from the things around the chamber, I walk until I reach the bath. Taking a deep breath, I make sure not to fall once I get the water.

Getting slowly in, I wince as the warm water hits my vagina. Releasing a breath I was holding; I relaxed against a rock. Closing my eyes, I take several deep breaths until I finally feel calm. But suddenly, I pop my eyes open and gasp.

“Dimitri…” I finally breathe, recalling what I did last night. Embarrassed, I blush. The steam from the water makes the entire place feels stuffy.

“Did we?” I ask myself.

Remembering his touch, his hand, how I screamed his name and how he made me feel was enough to want to drown. Then, covering myself, I squeal in disbelief.

“I’m no longer a virgin….” I mumble.

“That’s for sure!” a voice suddenly said, making me jump and scream.

Turning towards the voice, I find Mia thrilled. I cringe at her bright smile. This wasn’t what I needed right now.

“You both finally did it. It was about time,’’ Mia said, walking towards me and crouching down.

“What do you mean by time?” I asked shyly.

“Well, the king has been holding towards you for respect. And last night, he seemed like he got what he’s been desiring,” Mia said as she ruffled my hair.

“How do you know?” I asked her.

Mia smirked my way. Why did I have the feeling that her answer wouldn’t be one I would like?

“Mia?” I called again.

“Don’t worry your little head about it. Now get a nice bath, and then I will help you change,” Mia said, standing up and waving a small goodbye.

I watch her leave. What was Mia referring to when she said not to worry?

Just like I predicted, I didn’t like the answer. Nevertheless, everyone in the palace greeted me cheerfully. Some even handed me small gifts.

What was going on?

Mia kept that mischievous grin plastered on her face as she guided me to the hall for breakfast. I asked her twice what was going on, but she didn’t reply. She just smiled. I was getting frustrated by the lack of answers. The guards open the golden doors, and I stop in my tracks as I look towards the table.

Locking eyes with a specific person had me wondering why he was there. Irene and Cian sat across from each other as Michael sat next to Cian. Some other strangers sat scattered around the place. My eyes went back to the same person I had met before. The man was named Casen.

His red eyes locked with mine, again, sending that familiar feeling to my heart. Why was he here? Was he with Irene?

Feeling a sudden push on my lower back, I turned and looked who the person was.

“Morning, my queen,” Dimitri whispered seductively. She was making my body shiver deliciously.

Surprised by his presence, I pushed him away. Mia and everyone else stared at me in shock. Averting my gaze, I clear my throat. It wasn’t my intention, but I was feeling uncomfortable. His presence was making my body tingle, and that surprised me.

“Time to have breakfast!” Damian yelled while stretching. Leo was by his side.

Noticing the atmosphere, Damian looks at us. Then, raising an eyebrow, he walks by Dimitri and grabs my arm. “Let’s go,” he chirped.

Glancing at Dimitri, I walk away and sit with Damian.

Once Dimitri took a seat, everyone started eating. Sitting on his right side, I peek at my food. I wasn’t that hungry, but I could feel Dimitri boring a whole on my face. If I didn’t eat at least something, he would start ranting about my food.

Sighing, I eat my fruit. Damian’s hand moved to my arm, and squeezing lightly, I looked up at him. Winking, Damian smiles at me. I frown at him. Why was he smiling so happily?

Distracted, I hear someone clear her throat. I turn and look at the person. Irene was staring at me. Unspoken words hung in her mouth as her eyes moved down my chest. Then, feeling conscious, I pull my dress a bit higher to cover my mark.

“That mark,” Irene frowned as she looked at me with anger, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Irene!” Prince Cian growled.

“Haven’t you seen it?” Irene retorted, “That….”

Slamming his hand on the table, Prince Cian glares at her. Eyes wide, Irene bows her head.

“We all know,” Michael said, not bothered by Irene and Cian’s little show. “So calm down, mate.”

Shocked, I turned and looked at Dimitri. A smile played on his lips.

“Mate?” I whispered, looking at Michael.

“Yes, Irene is Cian’s and my mate. We share a mate,” Michael explained.

“Oh,” I mumble.

“Will you guys seriously not say anything about her mark?” Irene said, standing up. Her body shakes in anger. “Cian! Didn’t you say she could be your mate because you kissed her?”

Dropping my spoon, I stare at her in disbelief. What did she say?

“What the fuck did you just say?” a growl next to me rumbled. I snapped my head and looked at Dimitri. His face contorted in anger.

“IRENE!” Michael snapped this time.

Distracted looking at them, I suddenly feel someone yank my arm. I screamed as the person’s grip got tighter around my arm.

“D-Dimitri?” I stutter, scared.

“What the fuck is she talking about? Care to explain?” Dimitri hissed furiously.

“Calm down, Dimitri,” Damian said, standing up and grasping his hand, “We haven’t heard the whole thing. So don’t jump to conclusions easily.”

“Fuck off, Damian. This is between my mate and me!” Dimitri said, pulling me off the chair. I grabbed his hand. Wiggling, I try to lose his grip.

“What is the meaning of this?” Damian asked Prince Cian, who was quiet. His arms crossed over his chest as he just listened.

“Cian?” Leo called, but Cian just stayed quiet.

Feeling Dimitri’s grip tighter, I started panicking. If he continued, he could break my arm.

“Tell them, Cian!” Irene said, almost yelling.

Suddenly we heard a loud growl, but it wasn’t Dimitri’s. Everyone snapped their head towards the source. Casen was huffing in anger as his hand fisted.

“Enough!” Casen mumbled, making me shiver. What was that?

“Mind your business!” Damian spat towards him.

Standing up, he grips the table. Cracks started appearing as Casen growled.

Now Damian and Casen were throwing glares at each other.

“S-Stop it!” I said, mustering all the courage possible. Dimitri still held my arm. I tried to ignore the pain as I begged with my eyes.

“Don’t fucking try to beg me!” Dimitri growled, “It seems that fucker, and you have something going on.”

Moving his eyes up and down my body, I watch in horror. As he disgustedly looked at me.

“Slut!” Dimitri spat like venom. Feeling something snap in me, I slap him across the face. The echo resonated in the room as every looked at us in utter shock. Dimitri stood stunned.

“Don’t fucking call me slut. You ass hole. Because the one who has fucked more is you and not me. Or do I need to remind you how you fucked Lilly?” I snapped at him furiously.

Yanking my arm, I glare at him. Tears were threatening.

“I swear you disrespect me again. I’m leaving you!”

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