Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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41. A Strict & Calculated Plan

Gabriel POV

I smiled as I watched my son beat the crap out of a captor we had. A smirk played on my lips as blood spilled on the floor.

“Just kill him,” I ordered him. I was watching him. He pulls a dagger and slits his throat. Hands covered in blood, my son smiles.

“How are things going?” Prince Eros asked as he cleaned his dagger.

A few days ago, we sent spies to the dragon’s horde. Successfully they could get in. Now, all we had to do was wait for an answer. An answer I was eagerly waiting for.

Standing up, I walk down the stairs.

“Get your brother and some men and head to the dragon’s horde. Anything Valuable you can get, you bring it back,” I said, patting his shoulders. Eros smiled back and bowed, taking his leave.

“Lord…” the woman screamed.

Thrusting her, I fuck her hard. Her tits bounce up and down as I fuck her from behind. Slamming my shaft deep into her wet cunt, I groan and grip her waist harder.

“Fuck,” I curse as I feel my orgasm building.

Quickening my pace, I yank her hair. Pulling her to my chest.

“Say my name!” I hissed near her ear. Quivering legs, she convulses as my shaft hits her spot. With a hard thrust, I cum inside her. My seed spilled on her wet and juicy cunt. Pulling out of her, I back away and take a deep breath.

“Get out!” I order her as she looks at me tiredly.

“You’re making me go away?” the woman asked, offended.

“Yes, get out!” I mumble, pinching my nose. I was in no mood to cuddle around right now.

“Gabriel!” the woman retorted, “Don’t you dare!”

“I’m giving you an order, my queen!” I snap furiously,” Now get out. Or I will throw you out myself!”

Huffing, the woman stood up, and with a loud thud, closed the chamber’s doors. I groan in frustration as I walk back to bed and lay down.

Hearing someone knock at my door, I asked who it was. Letting the person in, Eros excuses himself.

“Father…” Eros said, rolling his eyes and turning around. “Now I see why mother was furious right now.”

Sitting up in bed, I grab a blanket and cover my body.

“Let her be.” I said, smiling, “No, tell me how come your back so fast.”

“Didn’t you request of me that any important information I should bring it back soon?” Eros said, smirking.

“Yes, but it’s been two days,” I said frowning, “You went on your dragon?”

“Yes,” Eros nodded, “But I think you should listen to what I have to report you.”

Raising my eyebrow, I stand up and serve myself some wine.

“Go ahead,” I said, turning my back to Eros.

“The king finally has a mate,” Eros said, making me tense up.

“What?” I mumble, turning around and gulping down some wine.

“Yes, dear father. King Dimitri, the king of dragons, found his mate, and according to words, she’s a human.” Eros said, grabbing the goblet and serving himself some wine.

Laughing out loud, I took a swing of my wine and walked towards the large window.

“Perfect, now this is perfect!” I said, laughing. “Tell them to monitor her. I need to know who this woman is.”

Nodding, Eros gulped his wine down and turned to leave.

“Wait, Eros,” I said, calling him over.

Eros looked over his shoulder.

“Yes, my king?” Eros said, smiling.

“Keep an eye on Zar. I need to know his every little movement,” I said, gripping my goblet.

“No problem,” Eros said, waving a goodbye.


It’s been a day since Eros left to check on Zar. I freed Zar from his punishment and sent him back to his place. But, according to my spies, Zar hasn’t left his home.

That little piece of shit has been keeping himself low. So I wonder what he was up to.

Walking down the hallway, I reach the dining room. My sons and my queen waited for me to eat.

“You may start,” I said, taking a seat.

“My king, do I need to remind you we need to get our son Eros a wife. He already has two concubines, but he needs a queen,” my queen said as she picked some fruits with her fork.

“Eros, what do you think?” I asked him. He just chuckled.

“No need,” Eros said, “Don’t worry, the queen mother. I don’t need one.”

I raised my eyebrow as I watched him. Then, scoffing, I stare at him. He was keeping something from his mother. And I was going to figure out what it was.

As I shook my head, I heard a roar.

“Is that your dragon Eros?” I asked as I stared out the window.

“It seems. He must be angry,” Eros explained.

A dragon tamer could control any dragon. It was making him lose his sanity and lose his human form. Anyone capable of achieving that was called a Tamer. Each Tamer has a mark that represents them as a Tamer. Anyone able to control both the mind and body of the beast. It would be known around the kingdoms. So far, only my son Eros and myself have been able to become Tamer. He was not only my oldest son but my favorite. If I had to treasure someone, he would be one. I couldn’t care less for Zar or my queen. Just Eros and Seth were important.

“I should see what’s happening,” Eros said, standing.

“I’ll join you,” I said as I grabbed some water and followed Eros.

Walking down the stairs, Eros stops and turns to the side. Following his gaze, I move next to him and lookout. Eros’ dragon roared as the guards pulled his chains.

“It seems he’s furious because of the chains. I thought your dragon didn’t need them any longer?” I said with thin lips, “Are you having problems taming him?”

“No…” Eros said, frowning, “He’s been acting up since two nights ago.”

“Wasn’t that when you went to the dragon’s horde?” I asked him as I started descending the stairs.

“Yes, and now that you mentioned it. He started behaving strangely,” Eros said, rubbing his chin.

I just frowned and shrugged my shoulder.

“Have it under control. I don’t need you to fuck things up!” I hissed as the guards opened the doors to the training grounds.

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