Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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43. A True Queen's Power

Dimitri POV

This was Cian’s fault. Everything was his fault—that goddamn dragon.

I kept banging on Valkyrie’s doors, but she completely ignored me. I know I let my mouth loose, but I just heard from Irene that Cian kissed her. It made me want to kill him.

I lean against her door as a roar erupts somewhere in the palace. I was in no mood to deal with whatever was happening.

“Dimitri! Damian is fighting with Cian,” Leo said through the mind link.

“Let them. For once, let Damian beat the hell out of him,” I said, sighing.

In all, I wouldn’t care if Damian kills Cian. He would deserve it. What I was worried about now was Valkyrie. I let my stupid mouth slip. It wasn’t my intention.

Hearing the roars made me sigh. It seems like Damian and Cian were really on it.

“There you are!” Mia said, running my way. She looked worried.

“Mia? What’s the matter?” I asked, standing straight—a slight headache making its way.

“It’s Valkyrie. She fainted,” Mia breathes as she puts her hand on her chest and calms down.

“Valkyrie? But she’s here in her chambers,” I said, confused.

“No,” Mia retorted, looking at the doors, “King Casen just brought her over to Michael.”

Casen? Why was Valkyrie with him?

Mind linking Damian, I let him know what happened. The fight subsided instantly.

“Let’s go,” I ordered Mia as we headed to Michael’s chambers.

Damian, Leo, and a bloody Cian met us right in front of Michael’s chambers. Opening the doors, Michael calls for Mia and asks everyone else to stay out. Casen walked out afterward. He had a worried expression.

“What happened?” I asked angrily.

Casen jolted as he met me. He looks conflicted.

“I don’t know,” Casen said with a sigh, “We were talking, and she started acting up.”

“What do you mean?” Cian asked as he held his chest. Blood dripped down his head, face, and arm. It seems Damian broke a rib because he was holding his chest with a painful look.

“She started acting as if someone was with us. It’s like she was looking for someone who wasn’t there.” Casen explained. “She started panicking and holding her head. Then she fainted.”

“Looking for someone?” Cian whispered as he started thinking. I could see the wheels in his head moving.

“Yes, it was strange,” Casen sighed, “Michael said not to worry, but she was pale. Hope she’s okay.”

Some time has passed since Casen brought Valkyrie in. So far, Mia came out and told us everything was under control. Yet, my body yearned to see her. I needed to be sure she was okay.

Pacing the hallway, we wait for Michael to come out.

“Calm down, Dimitri,” Damian said as he grasps my shoulder, “Valkyrie is strong.”

Pinching my nose, I nod. Damian was right; she would be fine. As we all wait silently, the door suddenly opens. Michael peeks outside, looking for someone.

“How is she?” I asked him.

“Not in the mood to see you. It would be best if you don’t show your face right now,” Michael said sternly.

I gulped as I registered his words. Then, feeling dejected, I nod. He was right; Valkyrie would be in no mood to see me.

“Casen, please come in,” Michael suddenly said as he signaled Casen to come in.

“Why Casen?” I asked, confused.

“Queen’s order,” was all Michael said before closing the door.

Stunned, I stayed looking at the doors.

“Dimitri…” Damian whispered in a comforting way.

Fisting my hand, I turn and walk away.

“Dimitri!” I heard Cian call me over. I took a glance over my shoulder. “Hey, King Dimitri, please stop!”

Grabbing him by the neck, I slam him against the wall.

“Why are you even speaking to me?” I growled furiously. Cian struggled as my grip got tighter. “I should just kill you!”

Squeezing harder, I watch as he starts turning paler and his lips purple. His hand claws my arms as I grip harder.

“ENOUGH!” Damian yelled, getting between us, “Enough, Dimitri!”

Snapping at him, I let Cian go. Cian started coughing and cursing.

“W-What I want t-t-to say is for you to please listen to me,” Cian coughed, “Just hear me!”

“Fuck I don’t want to hear from you!” I snapped, pushing him, “Get your things.”

“What?” Cian asked, perplexed.

“Yes,” I hissed, “Get your fucking things and leave. I’m banning you from entering my kingdom. Now get out before I throw you myself.”

Eyes wide, Cian grasps my arm.

“Please just hear me!” Cian pleaded.

Growling loud to make myself clear, Cian flinches.

“Last warning,” I mutter, walking away from him.

It’s been a day since everything happened.

Valkyrie went back to her chambers. Mia came and told me how she was. I haven’t dared to visit her. I know this time I fucked it.

Hearing a knock, I let the person in.

“King?” Mia called from the door.

“I’m taking a bath,” I said over my shoulder. Hearing light footsteps. Mia excused herself with a bow.

“Is something the matter?” I asked, drinking my wine.

“Yes… well, not really. How do I explain this?” Mia said, confused.

“Spit it, Mia,” I order her.

Mia fidgeted with her feet as she looked down. Then, biting her lips, she looks up. Eyes full of fear.

“Mia?” I asked impatiently.

“The queen… she just stabs Prince Cian,” Mia mumbled.

Did I hear her wrong?

Standing up, I grab the cloth and cover myself.

“What did you just say?” I asked her as I got out.

“I-I said the queen just stab Prince Cian,” Mia’s voice trembles as I raise my eyebrows.

“Where is she?” I asked.

“Prince Damian has her. It’s best if you go,” Mia said, sighing, “please hurry.”

Why did I have the feeling that Valkyrie did it for a reason?

Heading down to the throne room, I ask Mia to look for my grandfather.

“The elders are with her,” Mia utter. Stopping, I turn to her.

“Since when?” I asked her angrily.

“Since she stabbed him. It’s a mess,” Mia explained.

Ruffling my hair, I ask her to leave us. Then, signaling the guards, they open the doors.

“Oh, there you are!” my grandfather said, rolling his eyes.

I walk over. Valkyrie stood in the middle with her face full of anger. As I looked at her, she scoffed my way and looked to the front. It pains me. But she had all the right to be mad with me.

“What happened?” I asked as I walked towards my throne. Taking a seat, I look down at Valkyrie. At first, I didn’t notice it, but now I do. Her hands and dress are covered in blood.

“Valkyrie?” I said as she looked my way, “Care to explain, my love?”

I was trailing dangerous waters by calling her that. I could see how angry she was. Her eyes are full of hate.

“What do you mean?” my grandfather asked as he stood up, “This… human. She stabs a prince!” he snapped with hate.

“Grandfather, I advice you to take your seat,” I order him.

“Seat?” my grandfather scoffed. Then, with hands-on his back, he approached Valkyrie. His eyes moved up and down as he looked at her with disgust. “Don’t you see what this slut did?”

Growling, I stand up furiously. I was about to open my mouth when a cracking sound made me look his way.

My grandfather stumbles backward. He was falling to the ground. Holding his nose, he looks at Valkyrie with shock. Blood started dripping. Did she punch my grandfather?

Valkyrie huffed as she walked over. Then, looking down at him, she spits.

“I dare you to call me that one more time, old man, and I swear I will punch you on your balls!” Valkyrie spat angrily.

I stayed stunned by her action and words. This was the second time she surprised me. What was happening to her?

“You don’t call me slut! And I did what I did because he deserved it!” Valkyrie yelled.

“You bitch!” my grandfather growled as he stood up and lifted his hand. Valkyrie didn’t flinch as she glared at him. Her eyes with a determination just like that night we met.

Trouble, my grandfather lowers his arm. He kept staring at Valkyrie.

“Enough,” I said, descending the stairs, “Explain to me what happens, Valkyrie.”

“None of your fucking business,” Valkyrie snapped as she kept her eyes on my grandfather, “I would advise you to stay where you are and not move.”

Smiling, I keep going down.

“I think I gave you an order, dragon,” Valkyrie whispered as my eyes met hers.

Shocked, I feel my body suddenly stop. What?

Looking down at my body, I tried to give a step forwards, but I couldn’t. What was happening?

“Dimitri?” Leo called as he stood up.

My mind wasn’t understanding what was happening. So why couldn’t I move?

“What did you do?” I ask Valkyrie. She glares back at me and returns her gaze to my grandfather. Then, walking up to him, she leans and says, “Listen carefully, you old man. I would advise you to back off. Because this has nothing to do with you.”

“With me?” my grandfather said laughing, “Who do you think you even are?”

“I’m your queen!” Valkyrie hissed angrily. My grandfather looked in utter shock as he couldn’t believe what Valkyrie had just told him.

“You!” my grandfather hissed as his hands fisted.

“I think you should be kneeling in my presence,” Valkyrie snapped, “Or what? Do I need to order your dragon? I said kneel!”

Falling with a thud, my grandfather kneels. His face in shocked as he lifted his head and looked at Valkyrie. Gasps and whispers started erupting all over the room.

Did my grandfather kneel to her?

Confused, I look at Valkyrie. What was happening to her?

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