Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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44. A New Truth

Valkyrie POV

Sitting on the bed, I stare outside at the balcony. My body still ached, and I was feeling sick of my stomach. Michael asked me what had happened. But I didn’t know. What happened to me?

I swore when I was with Casen, someone whispered in my ear.

Just thinking about it gave me the shivers. Leaning my head on a pillow, I sigh. I just wanted to rest. Mia told me that Dimitri had been eagerly waiting outside the chambers. He wanted to see me, but I didn’t want to.

I was mad with him. He didn’t deserve my forgiveness that easily. Sighing again, I close my eyes and doze off.

Feeling a slight pounding in my head, I open my eyes and groan.

“Mia?” I called, but I was all alone. Then, looking for something to drink, I hear a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I asked, feeling bothered by the sound.

“It’s me, Cian,” he said, making me frown.

“Come in,” I said, walking towards a table to grab some water.

Seeing me standing up, Cian runs towards me and helps me.

“Don’t,” I snap at him.

Cian just flinched and bowed his head. The little bastard knows what he did.

“Why are you here?” I asked him, turning my back to him. I was in no mood to see him.

“I came to apologies,” Cian mumbled with a sigh, “Really Valkyrie, I’m sorry.”

I scoffed. What I least felt from him was an honest apology.

“Valkyrie?” Cian whispered, calling me. Humming, I kept my eyes outside. “Casen told you, right?”

With my glass of water halfway through, I turn and look at him.

“Told me what exactly?” I asked with annoyance.

Cian cleared his throat.

“That you are a princess, his daughter. And that you should come with us,” Cian said, taking a step closer to me, “King Casen told you, you should be with my ruling, right?”

Closing my eyes, I grit my teeth. Then, plastering a smile on my face, I look at him sweetly.

“Yes, he did,” I smiled, “But what makes you think I fucking agree?”

Cian looked confused.

“Because he’s your father?” Cian murmur. Raising my eyebrow, I look at him. Then, getting closer to him, I smiled. Was he serious?

“Tell me, Cian,” I spat angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me about what happened in the library?”

Cian’s eyes went wide as he looked down at me. Something in me had me speaking with anger. It was like my mouth moved on its own.

“I ask you a question, Cian,” I hissed, narrowing my eyes.

Cian stayed quiet. Pinching his nose, he sighed loudly. Like it frustrated him.

“I didn’t because you would be uncomfortable ok?” Cian said with annoyance, “You are a sensible little girl. You cry for everything and fear anything.”

Gripping the goblet, I nod.

“I see,” I mumble, “So this little girl is supposed to help you rule?”

“Well…” Cian stutter. Angrily, I throw my goblet to his face. Scratching the left side of his cheek, Cian looks at me, stunned.

“If this little girl can help you, please explain how she’s weak then? I’m sorry I’m not the perfect queen for you, Cian, but I have nothing to show you.” I spat, “you’re no one here, and I don’t have to hear your words, and for your information,” I said, pulling him from his shirt, “I have no shit to prove to you!”

Pushing him, Cian stumbles. His eyes wide looked at me. Confusion, anger, and was that pain that I could see on his face?

Wheezing, I glare at him. But Cian started laughing loud.

“Yes, you little bitch,” Cian mumbled, “Yes, you are supposed to be with me. You belong to the Kingdom of Fae. Not to this bastard of the king.”

Reaching for my arm, Cian yanks me forward. Face palming his chest, I groan.

“That fucking king doesn’t even care for you. Can’t you see he only wants you so he can fuck you all he wants? Give him an heir?” Cian said with hurtful words, “You’re just a fucking slave for him. Someone he has around his thick ass finger.”

I try to yank my arm away from him. Cian’s blue eyes glowed as his hands turned into claws piercing my skin.

“Let go!” I said, gritting my teeth. I couldn’t let him see me all weak.

“Hear me well, Valkyrie. I don’t care if you’re my mate or not, but you’re surely coming back with us. Especially someone like you who is a tamer,” Cian hissed with a smirk. Then, moving his eyes down my chest, he licks his lips.

I needed to get away from him.

“How about we make our kiss real?” Cian suddenly whispered as he leaned against my ear. His voice sounded dangerously low. “Let’s make that king hate you more. After all, he can’t touch me.”

“What do you mean?” I ask him a bit.

“Oh, don’t you know that as a prince, He can’t touch me? It is because he would cause a war between our hordes,” Cian explained.

Frowning, I stare at his blue eyes. Then, pulling me closer, Cian embraces me. His breath was near my neck. Feeling disgusted, I try to look around the room for something.

Feeling his lips down my neck, I try to push him away.

“Don’t you dare!” Cian growled, yanking my hair and making me yell.

Crushing me in his arms, Cian keeps me close. As I wiggle in his arms, I feel something cold on his lower back. What was that?

Frowning, I reach for it. A dagger?

Without thinking twice, I pulled it as I pushed him. Hitting him with my arm on the face, Cian cursed. When he looked up again, I raised my arm and stabbed him in the stomach. Cian didn’t move. He just gasped. Pulling the dagger out, I stab him again, but this time near his heart.

“Y-You…” Cian stutters as he pulls himself away from me.

My hands shake as I grip the dagger’s handle with force. Then, lowering the weapon, I move back. Again, fear crept up my body. But it was gone when Cian lashed himself at me again.

“Follow it…” a voice suddenly whispered.

Feeling my mind go numb, I move my arm and slit his throat. Blood splatter all over me as I watch Cian groan and fall on his knees. Coughing, I back away.

I just stared at him. Then, stepping forward, I look down at his bloody face.

“I should just kill you,” I mumble as I raise my leg and kick him in his face, making him unconscious.

I was walking down the hallway. I feel my mind numb. No emotions. My own feet moved me. Where I was going, I didn’t know.

Noticing the guards on the golden doors, look at me surprised. Then, waving my hand, they open the doors without asking or saying a word.

With my dress full of blood and face grim, I step into the throne room. Everyone looked my way. Whispers and mumbles started erupting as everyone looked at me in shock.

“Valkyrie?” I heard Leo say somewhere.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, WOMAN?” a voice yelled my way, making me stop in my tracks. Moving my head sideways, I glare at the older man.

I scoff. Taking another step, he asks me again what I have done.

Sighing, I turn at him.

“Nothing for you to care,” I said, smiling.

Growling my way, he stands up.

“Enough,” Damian said as he walked into the room. His eyes scanned my body. I could see Damian with a conflicted look.

“Damian, son, please tell us what this woman did?” the old dragon asked Damian. I just rolled my eyes.

Closing my eyes, I listen as Damian argues with the older man. I was feeling my mind relax. I sigh and open my eyes again.

This time I could feel myself. But I still felt no fear. Instead, I felt anger.

Taking a seat, the older man growls. Damian approached me.

“Valkyrie, what did you do? Are you hurt?” Damian whispered worriedly. Shaking my head, I sigh.

“It’s not me,” I said.

“Who?” Damian asked.

“Cian…” I mumbled as my eyes returned to the throne on the front. Nodding, Damian squeezes my hand.

I watch him take a seat. Then, deciding to stay put, I wait for something to happen. If my guess were correct, Dimitri would be here any second.

Just as expected, not even ten minutes have passed when the double doors open, and he walks. Annoyance and anger immediately filled my mind.

Dimitri glanced at me and then everyone. It seems he hasn’t noticed my bloody hands as he ignores his grandfather, which I didn’t know until now. He turns and sits.

Shaking his head, he asks me what happened. Then, using sweet words, he looks down at me. I felt an eyebrow twitch.

Noticing my discomfort, Dimitri smiles.

Dimitri’s grandfather wasted no time in taking out conclusions as he explained what I did. I roll my eyes. So he heard me mention Cian’s name.

Dimitri immediately hushed him. Leo intervenes, and Damian watches. I frown as I see him with his eyes close. What was he doing?

Suddenly a word pulled me away from my thoughts. Snapping my head, I glare at the old dragon. What did he call me?

Hearing Dimitri growl. I lift my arm and punch him on his nose. I heard a cracking sound as my fist landed nicely on his face. It hurt, but I didn’t care.

“You bitch,” the old dragon hissed as his hand lifted.

I stood in front of him, watching him with hate. I swear I wanted to punch him. It felt good.

“Enough!” Dimitri said as he asked me again to explain. I snap back, making him smile.

Seeing him like that made me feel angrier. Fisting my hands, I snap back at him. My anger was pulling me away from a slight burning sensation in my chest.

Opening my mouth, I give out an order, which Dimitri takes lightly—repeating myself once more. I see Dimitri tense up. My words left my mouth as if I knew them well. There was this feeling. A command that made me say the right words. Feeling the atmosphere change. I glare back at Dimitri’s grandfather.

I heard Leo say something to Dimitri. My attention was on him for a second before returning to the old dragon as I opened my mouth again. I give him an order.

Everyone mumbled as the old dragon fell on his knees and looked at me in utter shock.

“Valkyrie?” Damian said with trembling lips. By now, Damian was by my side. He reached for my hand and squeezed it lightly. “Valkyrie, what are you doing?”

Damian kept a hold of my hand. As I angrily look down at the old dragon.

“Let’s make something simple right now,” I said aloud, getting everyone’s attention, “From now on, I’m your queen. Like it or not, I am, and I will be. I know I have to be approved by your people. But I think this is enough evidence,” I mutter as I look around. Dimitri met my gaze. He looked conflicted.

Returning my gaze to the dragon before me, I said, “I don’t need your approval to be queen. All I need to do is to rule. And I’m capable of that and more. I’m not human like you said,” I snap, “I’m a hybrid. And if you don’t believe me, ask King Casen.” I said, turning away. Damian followed me, not letting go. As the doors open, I stop and look over my shoulder, “I’m the princess from the Kingdom of Fae.”

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