Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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45. The Suspicious Shadow

Valkyrie POV

“Could you please let go?” I order Damian.

Damian frowned my way. Since we left, he hasn’t said a word.

“Damian?” I mumble again, feeling tired, “Please.”

“What was that?” Damian asked as he gripped my hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what happens. You were like a different person.” Damian said, narrowing his eyes, “Valkyrie….”

I hear a bang on the door. Damian and I snap our heads. Dimitri walked into the chambers. His golden eyes stared directly at my own.

“Out, Damian,” Dimitri ordered without taking his eyes away from me.

Rolling my eyes, I grasp Damian’s hand.

“He stays,” I snarled.

“Valkyrie, please,” Dimitri begged.

Raising my eyebrow, I stare at him. His body looked tense.

“It’s ok,” Damian whispered, “I will give you guys some space.”

Pulling his hand away, Damian stands up and takes it to leave. I stayed seated in bed as I watched the doors close. Then, turning my attention back at Dimitri, I notice he has a grin on his face.

“You know you looked sexy right now,” Dimitri mumbled as he started crawling on the bed.

Watching him sternly, I scoff. I didn’t move from my place.

“Valkyrie, I know you are made with me,” Dimitri utter as he finally kneels close to me. Arms crossed, I look out the balcony, ignoring him.

Dimitri understood that I was angry this time. He was trying to find a way for me to look at him. But I didn’t want him here.

“Valkyrie…” Dimitri whispered as he reached for my hand. Pulling away from his touch. I groan.

“Just stay away!” I snap at him, “Just stay away….”

Shaking his head, Dimitri reaches for me again. I slap his hand away.

“I told you to stay away!” I hissed, fisting my hands.

“I won’t!” Dimitri mumbled as his hand grasped my thigh and pulled me. Dragging me until I’m under him, Dimitri sighs. Exhaustion on his handsome face. “Please listen.”

“You don’t deserve my time,” I said, struggling under him, “Just let me go! I’m not in the mood to talk to you.”

“But we have to… I have to,” Dimitri said with his head bowed. Then, leaning down, he places his head on my chest. I tense up as I feel his body on me. Warmth spread down to my legs.

Slowly his hands move up and down my waist, reaching my leg.

“Dimitri!” I warn him.

“It wasn’t my intention,” Dimitri mumbles, squeezing my waist, “But he did that.”

“What happened between Cian and me? It’s my business, not yours,” I spat, “Theirs no use in trying to explain because you always head for unnecessary conclusions.”

“But he touches you!” Dimitri hissed, “He kisses you.”

Kicking him, I push him and scramble off the bed.

“REALLY?” I snap, annoyed, “Did you even know what happened?”

Dimitri stays silent as he shakes his head dejectedly. Groaning, I pinch my nose. Why was this man so stupid?

“Do you even know why I stab him?” I asked as my eyes moved to the pool of blood that they hadn’t cleaned yet.

Frowning confused, Dimitri follows my gaze and sees the pool of blood.

“Why did you do it?” Dimitri asked, “Tell me. Then, I won’t judge you.”

“Judge me?” I sarcastically say, laughing, “Really? I think you already did that, didn’t you?”

Flinching, Dimitri gets off the bed.

“I don’t care anymore,” I said laughing, “I do not forgive you.”

Snapping his head, he looks at me in shock.

“No, you can’t do this, you….” Dimitri stutters, but I hush him.

“I don’t fucking care what you think! I don’t even care if you feel mad or sad. Since the moment I came, you always judged me. So take me for something else. Do you even care how I feel?” I said as tears threatened to escape down my face, “Do you even think before speaking?”

By now, I was ranting, anger making my head pound again.

Turning away from him, I breathe hard and fist my hands. I needed to calm down.

“I stab Cian because he finally showed his colors. I trusted him because he was my cousin. But knowing what his intentions were….” I trailed tiredly, “Cian put his hands on me and because he said you couldn’t touch him. I just did it. He won’t be able to do anything to me.”

Huffing, I feel a tear slide down. And then another and another until my face was all wet from crying. Dimitri didn’t utter a word.

“I still thought about you. And I didn’t care if I killed him. Even though I knew I didn’t, I had to show him I wasn’t an easy target. I have my determination, Dimitri. My dreams. But sometimes, I think it’s useless to even dream of them.” I mumble as I walk and lean on the door frame. “Cian didn’t kiss me, you know. It was my fault. And Irene just misunderstood.”

I was tired of this sliding down the wall. I sigh. I heard Dimitri get closer.

I was giving him a glare over my shoulders. Dimitri stays still.

“I don’t have to prove to you what I’m capable of. Not to you or anyone. You just have to give me a chance. But all you want is to have me locked. And I’m tired of being locked, tired of being looked down on. Being robbed of my freedom. From my life.” I whispered.

A silence fell between us. Neither Dimitri nor I spoke a word. Then, as a sob escapes my lips, I start crying loud. I felt Dimitri’s arms around me as he picked me up. Hugging me against his chest, he carries me back to the bed. Pushing him, I make some space between us.

Grabbing the fur throw, I cover myself. Sniffing, I feel Dimitri’s eyes on me. He wasn’t saying anything, and I just wanted him to go. I was feeling movement. Dimitri hugs me from behind.

“Please forgive me,” Dimitri whispered as he kissed my shoulder, “I’m sorry. Really.”

Wiggling, I try to put some space again. But he grasped me and pulled me closer.

“I… what do I have to do for you to forgive me?” Dimitri asked as he leaned his head on my shoulder, “Tell me I will do anything.”

“I don’t need anything from you,” I mumble, “All I ever wanted was your trust.”

Grabbing his hands, I remove them from their grip. I turn over and look down at him.

“When you learn how to trust me, I will forgive you. And more things, I will do as I please. I’m your queen, not your slave.” Standing up, I walk away, leaving him in bed.

It’s been two days since my small argument with Dimitri.

So far, Cian has been taken away by Irene. King Casen took care of it, and after explaining to him what happened. He decided to part ways for now. He would come and visit back again once they settled things down. For Michael, he said he wasn’t going back, but I advised him to. I even told him I would go with him, which wasn’t a lie. I needed to go out. Being locked inside this palace was driving me crazy.

Dimitri hasn’t said a word or even talked to me. He doesn’t look angry but instead lost. His mind has been absent-minded since we talk. Damian came over to check on me. He let me know how Dimitri was even if I didn’t ask him.

Sighing, I grab my cloak and head down to the cave entrance.

“You ready?” Damian said as he undressed. Nodding, I turn around and wait for him to transform. Then, hearing bone cracks and a slight growl, I turn and look at him. Then, as he lowers himself, I get on and steady myself.

“You ok?” Damian asked through the mind link.

“Yes, let’s go,” I mumble as we fly out of the cave.

Today I decided to head to the neighboring kingdom. Mia had explained that Dimitri had an agreement with them. Protection in exchange for food and other needs. They provided to the horde. It seems that most of the humans that lived in the palace were from this kingdom.

Looking down, I notice the entrance. Two huge wooden doors opened wide to the entrance of the kingdom. Along the sides, an enormous stone wall covers the kingdom’s surroundings.

“We shall lower here so we can go in,” Damian said on my mind.

I nodded and kept looking around. You could see that this place was enormous. Vast lands of trees cover miles and miles in.

Landing with a thud, I get off Damian. We were a few steps away from the gates. I watch in awe as merchants pass by security.

“Are you sure we won’t have a problem?” I asked as Damian walked from behind a tree.

“No, we won’t. You will see, let’s go,” Damian smiled, grabbing my hand.

We were walking together. We stop waiting for the merchants in front of us to move, feeling my hands sweaty. Damian squeezes it, reassuring me.

I smiled at him as we approached two guards.

“Welcome, what’s your business?” one guard asks as he eyes us from head to toe. Damian and I covered ourselves with two black cloaks.

“Visit,” Damian said, removing his cloak and smiling.

“Oh, Prince Damian!” one of the guards said, smiling, “Welcome, please go ahead.”

Thanking both of them, we walk in. I glance at Damian as he smiles down at me.

“They know you?” I asked, confused.

“They know us,” Damian whispered, “The guards and royal family know Dimitri and me.”

Nodding quietly, I move my gaze to the front. Rows of different stalls stand at the entrance as merchants sell other products. Glancing here and there, I notice some kids running around. I’ve never been outside or visited a city. So everything I was seeing was new to me.

“Where should we go first?” Damian asked as he pulled me.

“I don’t know,” I mumble, looking around, “What do you recommend?”

“Food stalls!” Damian said excitedly, “Follow me!”


It’s been an hour since we arrived. Damian has shown me different food stalls. But, all we have been doing is buying food.

“That was good,” Damian said, chewing a chicken bone. Chuckling, I offer him some water.

“Is there any book store?” I asked.

“Yes,” Damian nodded, pointing towards the center of the city. “Let’s go this way.”

I am knocking on a red double door. Damian beams happily at me.

“You will find anything here,” Damian said with a wink.

Hearing something unlock. The doors open and a tall man with a white beard peered at us.

“Damian?” the tall man said, surprised.

“Bernard!” Damian said as they hugged, “Can we come in?”

“Of course!” Bernard said, smiling. Opening the doors wide, he asks us to come in. carefully following Damian, I walk in.

“Wow…” I mutter under my breath as my eyes lookup. What was this place?

“Amazing, right?” Damian said as he leaned closer to me. Then, pushing me forwards, I walk and stop as we reach an area with seats.

“Who might this be?” Bernard asked, smiling at me.

“Nice to meet you,” I said as I bowed.

“This is Valkyrie,” Damian said, introducing me, “She’s Dimitri’s mate.”

“Oh, so you’re the one?” Bernard said, shaking my hand excitedly, “I’ve heard a lot from Dimitri.”

Crooking my head, I stare at him.

“Come, let me see you!” Bernard said impatiently. I was smiling at his enthusiasm.

I remove my cloak. My fiery red hair fell above my waist.

“Oh,” Bernard said, surprised, “You’re… beautiful.”

Blushing slightly, I thank him.

“May I?” Bernard suddenly said. I stare at him, confused. Then, nodding quickly, Bernard reaches for my chin. I was lifting my head to look at him. But, instead, I see him narrow his eyes. “Interesting, is she a tamer?” he asked Damian.

Nodding, Damian smiles and crosses his arms.

“You always know how to guess,” Damian said proudly.

“How could I not?” Bernard said as he looked back at me. “Interesting.”

Narrowing my eyes, I look at him.

I didn’t notice it at first, but he had exciting eyes. Green eyes with a swirl of orange look down at me beautifully. Define jaw and sleek hair, with his white bear and wrinkles of all ages. It made this enormous man look ethereal.

“You’re not human, right?” I slipped in surprise. Covering my mouth, I stare at him and apologies.

Bernard chuckled.

“No, I’m not. I’m a fairy,” Bernard said, smiling.

A fairy?

Moving my gaze towards Damian, I see him nod in confirmation. Then, as surprise hits me, I beam.

“Really?” I asked as I looked at his body. He was taller than Damian and slim. But he had no pointy ears. So how come he was a fairy?

“An illusion,” Bernard explains as he tapped his temple and his ears appear. Gasping, I look with curiosity. “I hide my identity. Only Michael, Dimitri, and Damian know of me.”

“Wow,” I mumble as my eyes stay focused on his ears.

“But let’ stop talking about me. Let’s talk about you,” Bernard said as he guided us towards some pillow seats.

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes, you chooser of the slain,” Bernard said as he waved his hand, and a giant totem flew our way.

“What do you know?” Damian asked as he puts his arms around me.

Confused, I stare at both of them. What was happening?

“What I know? Easy. She is not only a tamer, but she’s a queen. And she knows the dragon language. Right, Valkyrie?” Bernard asked, making me look at him confused.

“Dragon, what?” I asked, shaking my head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yes, you do,” Bernard smirked as the giant totem opened and revealed a rune, “This is your mark. The mark of a true dragon tamer. The one who can control any dragon of any kind. A queen with the voice of a lost dragon. You Valkyrie are a descendant of the first queen dragon. And you’re mated to the only Onyx dragon.”

“Onyx Dragon?” I asked as my head started pounding. “Who is an Onyx Dragon?”

“King Dimitri, my dear,” Bernard said as he lifted his finger, “Did you know King Dimitri holds the only existent Onyx rock? A gem of a kind? That not only makes him strong but possesses the power to rule over anyone?”

Shaking my head, I keep listening to him.

“Oh!” Bernard said, laughing as he rubs his white beard, “You and he were fated since the start. A slave and a dragon. And…” he trailed, “You may discover something you didn’t expect. So be prepared, my dear, be prepared.”

Taking our leave, we bid our goodbyes to Bernard. All our chatting left me confused. Damian as well looked lost. He kept frowning until we reached the gates. Bernard spoke in riddles, making us more confused. I wanted to ask him more, but he spoke so diligently that I kept my mouth shut.

“Already leaving?” the same guard whom we saw in the morning asked.

“Yes,” Damian smiled, “See you around.”

Reaching an open area, Damian lets go of my hand and starts undressing. But, again, my mind drifted back to Bernard’s voice.

“Valkyrie!” Damian called, almost yelling. Jerking my head, I gasp. “Are you ok? I’ve been calling you.”

“Yes,” I breathed as I laid my hand on my chest.

“Let’s go,” Damian said, moving his head. Getting up, I grab his scales and let him know I’m ready we take our leave.


Third Person POV

Watching them from afar, a shadow of a person hid behind some trees. His brown cloak covers his face as he watches both of them take their leave. Then, whistling, a bird descends on his left arm. Pulling something, he ties it around the bird’s feet and then lets him go.

Making sure no one is around, he turns away. Disappearing between the trees.

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