Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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46. A Sensual Desire

Dimitri POV

Rubbing my eyes, I stare at the window. The sun was setting down, and I hadn’t slept for two days. I’ve spent my time working. As a king, I have a duty not only to take care of the needs of my horde but political affairs with other neighboring kingdoms.

Having a treaty with other kingdoms meant good for us. Not only because it stops any wars, but helps our living. So far, we have four peace treaties between four different kingdoms. And there’s one I always aim for, but how can I if it belongs to him.

Gabriel, that fucking bastard. He has been a problem for all of us, not only my horde but other dragons. He has been able to conquer two different dragon hordes. The Azura Horde on the east and King Casen kingdom which the survivors of that horde move to the Kingdom of Fae.

The reason we are unable to get our hands on Gabriel is that he’s a dragon tamer. The weapons and the way he controls our kind is one even I fear. Gabriel and his sons have been able to capture several dragons. The last time I heard of them was two years ago, and they already had ten dragons under their control. Now, what worried me the most was having Valkyrie with me here. If Gabriel finds out about her, she will be in danger. No one can know she’s a Tamer. A Tamer is stronger than an average dragon tamer.

“Dimitri?” a voice suddenly said on my mind.

“Damian? Is something the matter?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes again.

“Just to inform you, we are back,” Damian said.

“How is she?” I asked with a sigh, “Did she enjoy it?”

“Yes, she did. But, unfortunately, I have to go,” Damian said, cutting the mind link.

Resting my head in the armchair, I sigh.

I have been avoiding Valkyrie for the past few days. After she told me how she felt, I was left speechless. My mind wanders to all the times I insulted her and I mistreated her. I finally understood her, but something was troubling me. Valkyrie told me to let her be free. Let her do what she desires. But that was a big no for me. I couldn’t risk anything starting from her safety. As a dragon, my instinct was to be overprotective. If possible, have her between my arms all day. But after hearing her, it troubles me. My instinct was still in denial.

Even knowing that she went with Damian to the other kingdom bothered me. I’ve been impatient all day. Even though I know Damian wouldn’t let her be in danger. He would even risk his life for her.

Sighing again, I decided to take a rest. Nothing good would come out of stressing myself up, heading back to my chambers. Instead, I wander unconsciously until I notice I’m right in front of Valkyrie’s chambers. Sighing, I lean against the doors.

“Dimitri?” Valkyrie whispered behind me. Surprised, I turn.

She had her cloak over her head. Looking at her figure, I smile.

“Do you need anything?” Valkyrie asked, removing her cloak and meeting my eyes. “Are you all right?”

“Uh, yes,” I mutter, lowering my gaze, “I shall leave.”

Feeling a soft hand on my arm, I turn and look.

“Come in,” Valkyrie said, holding my hand and pulling me in.

Closing the doors, she walks in and starts undressing. I ruffle my hair feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t know if Valkyrie was still mad with me.

“Want something to eat? Mia left some food and wine,” Valkyrie offered.

“No, thank you,” I said, scratching my head. Then, moving my eyes toward her bed, I watch it. It looked comfortable, and I was sleepy.

“Do you mind?” I asked her, pointing towards her bed.

“No,” Valkyrie said as she drank some wine, “Go ahead. You look tired.”

Without a word, I drag my feet to her bed. Taking my shirt off and losing my trousers, I lay down. Feeling the soft fur under me, I squeeze a pillow and fall asleep.


Valkyrie POV

I was watching him all tired before my door bothered me. Dimitri was having a tough time, and I was the cause of it. I didn’t want to admit it. Dragging him in, I offered him food, but his eyes were on my bed. I smile as I watch him. Nodding and letting him know it was OK to lay down. I smile.

It didn’t even take three minutes, and he was snoring softly. I smiled as I approached him. Sitting next to him, I watch him breathe. Bernard’s words came back to my mind. Fate. Did fate exist?

Moving my hand towards his face, I move his hair behind his ear. Since I came, he hasn’t cut his hair. His black raven hair has been long since the first time we meet. I smile softly as I caress his face.

Feeling the tug on my chest, I gulp. It is not what I had in mind, but my body wanted it. Leaning down, I kiss his forehead. Dimitri didn’t move. Smiling more, I leave small kisses until I stop near his lips. His breath was fanning my lips as I moved closer and kissed him softly.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble as I back away and look at his sleeping face. I was no longer angry with him. It’s true his words hurt, but I couldn’t be mad with him, and I didn’t understand why. Giggling, I decided to let him rest when a hand circled my waist and pulled me. I look down at Dimitri’s face on my lap.

“I heard you….” Dimitri mumbled, half asleep.

Embarrassed, I chuckled.

“I thought you were sleeping,” I whispered as I caressed his face.

“Was,” Dimitri smiled with his eyes close.

“Sorry to wake you up. Go back to sleep now,” I order him as I try to get up.

Trying to make him let go, I stood, but he pulled me. Causing me to fall over his body.

“I can’t now,” Dimitri said, reaching for my hair, “I can’t not after what you told me.”

Smiling shyly, I look down at his chest. I felt his hand grip my chin, lifting it so I could see his face.

“But don’t say sorry again. Because I’m the one who should apologize,” Dimitri whispered as his hand grabbed my cheek. Leaning my head to his touch, I close my eyes in comfort.

“Valkyrie, please say you forgive me,” Dimitri whispered as I hum back.

“No,” I whispered with a smile, “I won’t.”

“Please?” Dimitri mumble as I feel him closer. Opening my eyes, I look at him. Locking our eyes in a trance, we stare at each other. I smiled at him.

“I forgive you,” I whispered as he leaned and kissed me softly. The kiss was so tender that I felt I was melting in him. It was the first time he had kissed me like this.

“Thank you,” Dimitri mumbled between kisses, “And I’m sorry.”

I laughed as I heard him repeat himself.

“Enough,” I whispered, opening my eyes.

Dimitri licked his lips as his hand moved down and grabbed my butt. Squeezing, I inhale sharply. The same burning sensation spread down my leg as I waited for his next move.

His eyes turn dark as he looks at me with lust. I bit my lip down and averted my eyes. But then, I had to stop myself.

“Hey, look at me,” Dimitri whispered seductively, “Look at me, Valkyrie.”

Sounding like a command, I obey and turn my gaze to him. Dimitri locked his lips with mine, taking me by surprise. Deepening the kiss, I moan as his tongue explores my mouth. Sucking my lower lip, I moan loud.

Moving my hand, I reach for his face and kiss him harder. My pussy needed him inside me.

“D-Dimitri…” I whispered, feeling his bulge poking me.

Turning me over, Dimitri reaches under my dress and pulls my undergarment down. I gasp in surprise as his hands reach for my pussy. Sliding a finger in, I moan.

“God, you’re wet,” Dimitri growl as I move at his pace.

Moving my hips, I quickly try to find my release. Dimitri pushed another finger. He was making me spread my legs wider.

“Shit!” Dimitri cursed as he pulled away. Panting, I frown at him.

“Take that off,” Dimitri groaned as he ripped my dress.

“Not again,” I mumble, throwing my head back.

Moving his hand, he captures my left breast. Toying with it and pulling slowly.

A shiver runs down my spine as my pussy pulse for him.

“Please,” I utter breathlessly. Reaching again for my pussy, he puts his fingers and starts fucking me like that. My hips move in sync with his hands. Feeling my orgasm, I arch my back and grasp the sheets. I quicken the pace as pressure starts building. Moaning his name, I convulse and release. That felt good. As my breathing evens, I lift my head and find Dimitri smiling.

“Time for round two, my love,” Dimitri smirks as he pulls his pants down. Gulping, I start panting in anticipation. “Come here.” Dimitri groans as he pulls me lower and flips me over.

Slapping my ass, Dimitri starts thrusting his finger back in. I gasp as my fingers grip the bedsheets.

“Hold yourself. I’m about to fuck you good,” Dimitri whispered as he pulled my head back. Biting my earlobe, I chew a moan down.

With no more words, he thrust himself in, pounding hard, my breast started bouncing. I moan with every thrust and every touch. Then, moving my hands, I grab ahold of a pillow and muffle my moans on it.

Dimitri pounded me hard and rough, hitting my spot and making my legs quiver. I moan loud as I feel him hit my spot.

“Let me hear you, Valkyrie,” Dimitri growls as he yanks my hair and fucks me from behind. Reaching for my breast, he grasps them and starts pulling my pink nipples. A warm sensation started spreading as he thrusts harder. Dimitri’s body was burning, and that was making my pussy pulse as my orgasm started building up. Reaching for my clitoris, he flicks it and makes me convulse. Screaming loud, I feel his shaft expand inside my walls. His orgasm was close.

“Fuck Valkyrie,” Dimitri growls, “You’re squeezing me.”

Lifting myself, I reach for his chest. I was circling my arms around his neck. My back was against his as he continued fucking me non-stop. Fondling my breast, Dimitri bites on my earlobe. I could feel him deeper as he moved.

“D-Dimitri… P-Please,” I breathe, turning my head and kissing him. Then, with the last thrust, Dimitri cums, muffling my moan in his mouth.

My legs quiver as weakness starts taking over my body. Panting hard, I lean my head on his shoulders. I was beginning to feel tired.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri whispers as he trails kisses down my neck.

“Yes?” I hum.

“Lay down,” Dimitri orders. Doing so, I laid back down. Panting, I feel my throat dry. Sweat dripped on my body as I closed my eyes and caught my breath. Then, feeling Dimitri’s hands open my legs, I lazily open my eyes and gasp as he thrust himself on me.

“Come here. Put your arms around my neck,” Dimitri said, pulling me. Lifting myself, I circle my arms on his neck and stare at him. “Round three, love.” He mutters as he kisses me and starts walking with me in his arms.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I tried to look around.

Dimitri just smiled. As a cold breeze graces my back, I flinch and hug him more. Then, eyes wide, I see we are on the balcony.

“We are doing it here?” I asked, panicking.

“Oh yes,” Dimitri smirked as he thrust himself and took my words away.

Feeling something cold against my back, I see to find my back against one of the stone walls. Fucking me, I bounce in his arms. Bringing my arm over my mouth, I try to muffle my moans. Couldn’t I scream out here? Everyone would listen.

Grabbing my arm, Dimitri puts them over my head.

“Don’t cover your mouth,” Dimitri groaned.

Meeting his eyes, I start moaning louder and louder. Dimitri growl as he hits my walls.

Reaching for my breast, he sucks, making me throw my head back. The harder he fucks me, the more his body gets warmer. Feeling my insides burn in a deliciously good way. My eyes roll back. Dimitri lost his grip on my hands and started flicking my clit. Making me squirt on his hands. I moan as I see stars. God, that felt good. With two more thrusts, Dimitri tenses up and cums inside me. Slouching my body against his sweaty one, I feel my eyes drop.

“Go to sleep Valkyrie,” Dimitri breathes as he kisses my temple.

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