Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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47. Looking down on Them

Valkyrie POV

Something soft slides down my back as I moan and stretch. My body felt sore. But I felt good. Feeling a hand move and reach for my waist, I smile.

“Morning,” Dimitri whispered near my ear, kissing under my earlobe. I smiled as I hugged the pillows. “Someone doesn’t want to get up?”

Smiling brightly, I pull away from him. I was feeling him move. I open one of my eyes and peek at him. Frowning, I sit up. Where did he go?

A sudden yank has me yelping.

“Morning, my love,” Dimitri chuckled as he kissed me down my neck. Soft trails of kisses down my chest have me biting my lips.

“Morning,” I breathe.

Sucking on my nipple, I moan loud. Then, drifting his hand, he reaches for my pussy.

Grasping it, he pushes a finger in. I moan as he starts finger fucking me. Then, hearing him growl, I pant and beg him to fuck me.

With one thrust, he pushes himself in. Holding my waist, he pounds me. My breast bounced with every thrust making me moan more. I felt my orgasm building as he flicked my clit. Arching my back, I cover my mouth as a loud moan wants to escape my lips.

“No,” Dimitri growl as he puts my hands over my head. Hovering over me, I circle my legs around his waist and pull him, feeling him deeper as he thrusts. “Damn it!” he curses as his golden eyes look down at me—sweat forms on his forehead as I stare at him.

“Let go, please,” I whispered as my hands reached for his face. Caressing it, I smile. Dimitri stares back; an emotion I couldn’t understand played in his eyes. Leaning, he kisses me passionately. His kiss was tender but with need. He was putting his hand under my back.

He pulls me and quickens the pace. Our bodies move in sync as his hips move. Then, feeling my orgasm building up again, I feel him groan as he thrusts himself and cums inside me.

Panting, I close my eyes and enjoy our moment of silence. Opening my eyes lazily, I find Dimitri looking down at me with a conflicted look. Leaning, he softly kisses me. What was wrong with him?

“We should take a bath,” Dimitri whispered, kissing my mark and pulling away from me. Plopping my arms on the bed, I watch him walk away. I smiled as his hips moved. Dimitri had a nice buttock. Then, biting my lips, I decide to get up. But my back starters were aching. Cursing under my breath, I slowly stand up.

Feeling something slide down my thighs, I look down. Dimitri’s cum and my juices slid down.

“That’s a lot,” I mumble as I walk to the bath.

“You ok?” Dimitri asked, watching me.

“Yes,” I nod. Offering his hand, I reach for it. Smiling, he helps me get in. The warm water makes me flinch as my pussy pulses from too much friction.

“Come here,” Dimitri mumbled, kissing my shoulder. Sitting on his lap, I smiled. Dimitri was silent as he poured water down my back.

“Is everything all right?” I asked him. Something was bothering him.

“Yeah, don’t worry,” Dimitri sighed. Then, nodding silently, I lean against his chest and take a relaxing bath.

I parted ways with Dimitri after having our breakfast. My mind wanted to know what bothered him. But I gave him some space. Maybe he decides to open up.

“What are you planning on doing?” Mia asked, distracting me.

“Some training. I agree with Damian to do some exercise,” I said as I fixed my clothes.

“You sure?” Mia asked, smirking.

“Uh, yes?” I said, frowning. Mia just smiled and shook her head.

Shrugging my shoulders, I let her know we shall leave.

Walking out on the training ground, Damian calls my name. Waving my hand, I smile and run up to him.

“Ready, missy?” Damian said, smiling brightly.

“Of course!” I said, clapping my hands, “Whom am I beating this time?”

“Me?” a voice said as Damian, and I turned our heads. Jordan walked towards us with a smile. “Ready, my queen?”

“So it’s you?” I said, laughing.

“Yes, he will help you in training for now. Jordan is a defense expert. After that, I will teach you some new moves,” Damian said, grasping my shoulders and pushing me to one of the platforms.

“Prepare. We will start in a few,” Jordan said.

Stretching, I crack my neck and hands. My body was sore, but I needed to loosen up.

“Ready?” Jordan asked.

“Yes,” I mumble as I get in position.


“Fuck!” I cursed as I stood up.

“Stop!” Damian yelled as Leo laughed. Spitting blood, I curse again. Did he crack my nose?

“You ok?” Jordan asks as he grasps my shoulder. Kneeling, I take a deep breath.

“I will after I beat his ass,” I said, standing up and fixing my hair.

“Not enough for today. Michale should see that nose,” Damian ordered, offering some water.

“We only been training for two hours,” I complain, crossing my arms. “I still can.”

“No, you won’t. Dimitri will get mad.” Damian sighed.

“Yes, and you spend all night fucking the king. Your body must be sore,” Jordan spat, making Damian and Leo growl his way. I felt my face blush.

“I should go,” I whispered as I ran away back in. Damian called my name, but I ignored him. My face burns in embarrassment. Did everyone hear us?

Deciding to go back to my chambers, I run up the stairs when a pounding on my head has me stopping. Groaning, I hold my head. I close my eyes.

The pain was unbearable. Gritting my teeth, I kneel.

“H-Help…” I try to mumble out. Then, feeling a soft breeze on my neck. A voice whispers, “Follow it.”

Dropping my hands, I open my eyes slowly—numb body and mind. Standing up as nothing happened, I start going up the stairs. I felt everything in me shut.

Pushing the doors open, I find a servant on the throne room cleaning.

“Bow,” I murmur, making the boy kneel. Then, looking at the golden throne, I walk up the stairs with steady steps. A smirk played on my face as I slid my finger over the golden throne.

Hearing the doors open, I look over my shoulders.

“Why are you there?” Dimitri’s grandfather asked as he loos at me sternly.

“Me?” I smirked, “Can’t you see. I’m sitting in my rightful place.”

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