Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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3. The Dragons Curiosity

Dimitri POV

The night sky breeze grazes both our bodies as we head back to Mount Errigal. The woman in my arms grabbed my waist like it was her only way to survive. The smile on my face just spread more and more as I looked at her. I was ready to have her once we arrived, but she might be unaware of us by seeing her carefully. She looks scared, even confused.

“Dimitri, what are you going to do?” Damian asked. I could feel the other eyes on me.

“We will wait and see. I would need to know more about her,” I said, ending the conversation.

Growls started spreading across the night sky as the palace came into view.

“Here we are, my slave,” I said as I looked down at her.

Shyly, she turned her head and looked at the grand palace. We built my home on the highest mountain range, but with a cave on the bottom. Gold and white rocks make the structure of the place look confusing. From afar, it looks like an old destroyed palace. But it’s just a way to tend away intruders. Even though every human knows Mount Errigal belongs to us, the Dragons of Errigal. No one would dare come close unless we request them.

Our horde has lived in this mountain range since eight centuries ago. Generations of dragons had ruled and had fought endless battles. My reign has been one of the strongest and longest. The dragon horde of Errigal consists of 280 dragons. In addition, we have mages and sorcerers who live with us as humans, who help us get things we need. We respect humans, but if they are traded or used against us, we kill them. After all, we are heartless monsters in the eyes of humans.

Finally, seeing the cave’s entrance, we all land. Getting down from my brother’s body, I reach my hand to help the woman.

“Here, allow me,” I said as I extended my hand towards her.

Her hair tangled all over her face. She looks scared. I wished not to scare her, but my patience ran thin, and her not moving was getting on my nerves. My brother Damian looked inpatient, wiggling his body with a low growl. Valkyrie reaches for my arms and, with a yelp, gets down.

“There we go,” I said with a smile. Valkyrie looked at the dragon that was behind her. My brother, Damian’s dragon, had silver scales compared to mine, which was pitch black.

“Don’t be scared; my brother won’t do you anything,” I whisper, “Unless you want to.”

That made her jump and turn. The moment her eyes met mine, I inhaled deeply. I didn’t get to notice it before, but now that light revealed her face, I could see her eyes, I could see her eyes.

“Wow, your eyes. You have heterochromia,” Damian whispers in delight.

Indeed, her eyes were two different colors and unique ones. It entranced me. I could feel I saw into two other worlds. But, then, seeing that we were staring too much, she averted her gaze as a slight blush spread on her pale skin.

“Report what happened. I have other things to tend,” I order. Damian nodded and excused himself.

Grabbing hold of her hand, I turn right and head towards the palace. All the way, she looked around. Her eyes would sometimes go wide as she noticed the unique structures. Finally, reaching the palace’s first floor, I turn and call for a servant.

“Bring female clothes and food. Also, some medicine,” I said as I walked.

“W-wait!” I heard Valkyrie say, pulling me abruptly. Turning with a slight growl, I look at her. She fidgeted with her skirt.

“What?” I said between growls.

“W-Where are you taking me?” Valkyrie asked as her eyes met mine.

She had something. Her eyes would take my breath away when she looked at me, making my body shudder.

“I will help you tend your wounds,” I said as my eyes landed on her thighs, “that wound especially looks terrible. I don’t like it when my mate looks like this.”

Her eyes instantly go wide. I could feel her intertwined hand squeezing on mine.

“Let’s go,” I said once again.

I was reaching my chambers, the golden double doors open with a creak. Her eyes curiously wander around the place.

“Wow,” Valkyrie whispered.

An enormous dome-like cave with golden pillars gives a refreshing sight of the whole chamber. Furniture laid nicely all over the place, and a massive canopy bed with different furs lay in the middle of the room, near the open balcony. Long drapes were swiftly moving against the night wind, giving a serene scene of the mountains. My chambers were simple, like a dragon, I liked gold, but my chambers were the last ones with gold.

Letting go of her hands, I point towards an opening to the left.

“Go, there’s a natural hot spring. Go wash,” I order.

Valkyrie stood in the middle of the chambers. She was nervously nodding at what I just asked her to do, watching her body disappear. I walked over to a table and opened a box. The small wooden box clicked as I unlocked it. Pulling the necklace out of it, I laid it down on the table.

Someone knocks at the door. Smelling the air, I recognize the food and the servant. I growl softly, letting him know that he may come in. Then, looking to the side, I see two servants, one with a tray of food and the other with several female clothes.

“Set that down, and where is the medicine?” I asked as the servants bow.

“Your majesty, the mage is on his way. He said he would come in person,” the servant said with his head down.

I was ordering them to take their leave. I smell a scent; cinnamon. Distracted by it, I hear a slight cough. I snapped my head behind me.

I see her, Valkyrie.

She had a cloth over her body. Water dripped along her face and onto her shoulders. The scent was coming from her and was making me crazy. Then, snapping out of it, I look at her. Her eyes met my golden ones.

“Um, I am ready….” Valkyrie mumble.

“Yes,” I said, clearing my throat. Then, moving to the table to grab Valkyrie some clothes, I feel the mage’s presence on the chamber’s door.

“You may come in,” I said with a frown.

The double door opened and in walked the mage. His long legs were giving a big step as he stood before me and bowed. His eyes immediately move to Valkyrie.

“Oh,” he said with wonder.

“Michael, this is Valkyrie,” I said, introducing them.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Michael said as he stood straight.

I watched how his eye moved from her face and landed on her thigh.

“That looks bad,” Michael said with a frown, “How long has it been?”

Valkyrie hides her wound with the cloth that covers her wet body.

“I lost track,” Valkyrie said after some seconds, “I already washed it.”

“No, that needs treatment, and now,” Michael said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the bed. Then, sitting her down, he bends and looks at it.

“You’re lucky it isn’t infected,” Michael said as his hands glow with a blue hue, “She will need to rest. Less walking for a few days at least.”

Grabbing a white dress, I walk over to her and hand them to her.

“Wear this for right now,” I ordered. Valkyries looked up and nodded quickly.

“Wait,” Michael said with his eyebrows furrowed, “What is all this?”

Following his gaze, I look at what he was referring to. Valkyrie had scars on her body, thin red lines. Some fresh, some old.

“She’s a slave,” I mumble. Michael looked at me and frowned.

Holding her arms, he inspects every scar until he reaches for her hands, and she removes them abruptly.

“Please don’t!” Valkyrie said, scared.

“I need to check those. Your hands got bruised,” Michael insisted.

“I said no! You can’t….” Valkyrie said between pants. Anger in her eyes.

Knowing that Michael was right, I moved and grabbed her hands. A gasp leaves her mouth, and with force, she tries to retract them.

“Calm down!” I said, holding her hand tighter, “Just let us check.”

Valkyrie’s eyes brim with tears.

“Please… P-Please, I’m begging you will get hurt,” Valkyrie said, making me confused at her statement.

“What do you mean? I’m fine, don’t you see?” I said, holding her hand in between mines.

“Wait!” Michael suddenly said as he clasped my arm, “You… what are you?”

Michael slowly turns his head towards her. Valkyrie tried to back away from my grip. She was pulling hard. Finally, letting go, I see her shield her own hands against her body.

“You are not a normal slave, right?” Michael asked again.

“What are you saying?” I snap, “She is a slave!”

“No, she isn’t,” Michael retorted, making me growl furiously, “She has powers. Valkyrie, what are your powers?” Michael suddenly asked.

Valkyrie averted her eyes and lowered her hands on her lap; she grimaced.

“I-I don’t know. But I can hurt someone by touching them, burn them,” Valkyrie explained.

“Were you a mage?” Michael asked.

“What? No!” Valkyrie said, shaking her head, “I- I have always been a slave.”

Michael looked confused. A small, worried look spread on his face.

Michael repeated nothing. He orders Valkyrie to take some medicine, and he tends to some of her scars. Once done, he asked to speak with me alone. Leaving Valkyrie alone to change, we leave the chambers.

“What is it?” I asked Michael as we walked down the hallway.

“King Dimitri, may I ask who she is?” Michael asked with a frown.

“She’s my mate?” I said as we stopped.

“Your mate?” Michael said, astonished, “But she’s a slave.”

“And?” I inquire, “Is there a problem?”

“No, King Dimitri,” Michael said with a sigh, “The thing is… She isn’t normal. According to her, she can hurt someone, but you could not get hurt by her touch.”

He was right; I had touched her since the moment we met. Her hands have been on my body, and nothing has hurt me. But why?

“Allow me to investigate this,” Michael said with a bow. Agreeing to his request, I watch him take his leave. Sighing, I head back to my chambers.

Slowly, I open the doors and find that Valkyrie is standing out on the balcony. Her arms around her body.

“The night is cold,” I said as I approached her.

Turning her head, Valkyrie nods quietly. Her red hair is swinging side to side as the chill breeze passes by. Her cinnamon scent filled my nostrils. I stood there watching her, but she never met my eyes. Then, turning around, she passed by next to me; I snapped and growled as I held her arm.

“Where are you going?” I retorted.

Valkyrie flinched as she saw me growl at her. Her arm was shaking in fear. Noticing that, I let go, and she scrambled back inside. Taking a deep breath, I look at the view. Once I feel calm, I head back to find Valkyrie on one of the fur carpets sleeping.

“What are you doing?” I growl loud enough to wake her up.

Grabbing her from her arm, I pull her angrily. My grip was making her skin turn red. I like how it looks under my touch. Making dirty thoughts leave my mind. I return my gaze to her.

“Why are you on the floor?” I snap again.

“I-I’m sleeping,” Valkyrie stutters.

“Sleeping? You are my mate! You should be in bed!” I said furiously. Grabbing her from her waist, I throw her over my shoulders and walk towards the canopy bed.

A small scream left her throat.

“Put me down!” Valkyrie yells.

Ignoring her, I throw her over the bed. Scrambling backward, she looks up to meet my face close to her. Our lips are inches away from each other. Her smell intoxicated me. Gripping the bedsheets, I try to calm myself. My restrained barely hanging.

“Mate,” I mumble again, “Remember, you are my mate. Meaning my queen!”

“Your queen?” Valkyrie said, surprised, “You must be mistaken!”

“Am I?” I said as I hovered over her body. The white dress she wore didn’t do her justice. Crooking an eyebrow, I look at her chest. Her nipples stand tall. I could see the pink color under the white dress.

Licking my lips, I look up slowly. Memorizing her body.

“I’m just a slave,” Valkyrie repeated.

Calling herself a slave makes me snap. I didn’t like her calling herself a slave.

“Stop it!” I order as my eyes glow, “You are mine. Don’t call yourself a slave anymore.”

Her eyes glimmer with something I couldn’t put together; as I gaze into her eyes, I feel a sudden tug. Gulping, I reach for her wrist and pull it towards my lips; I kiss and then suck softly.

“S-Stop…” Valkyrie whispers as her face flush.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked as I licked and then sucked on her finger.

A moan left her plump red lips. Her arousal made me go hard. I needed her; I wanted to be inside her. Closing my eyes, I try to calm my monster and retract my lips from her wrist.

Turning around, I take a seat on the bed and take some deep breaths.

“Go to sleep,” I order as I stand up and walk into the bath.

Growling, I dive into the enormous hot spring.

“Fuck!” I said as I reached out under the water and leaned against one of the rocks.

I was stiff as fuck, and I needed release. So, undoing my pants, I start stroking myself, finding that release I much desire.

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