Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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48. Taking the Trash Out

Dimitri POV

“I’ll see you later?” Valkyrie asked as I bid my farewell after breakfast. Nodding, I peek at her cheeks and turn to leave.

Frowning to my office, I mind linking Michael over.

My mind was feeling conflicted, and it was not very pleasant. But, unfortunately, I couldn’t point out if this was me feeling strange or having a mental problem.

Greeting the guards quickly, I walk into my office and close the doors. Not a while later, Michael walks in. He looked tired.

“You called my king?” Michael asked with a sigh.

I had my back to him as I stood and watched outside the window.

“Tell me. Is it normal to feel strange while having sex with someone?” I asked without looking at him.

“Depends? May I ask what you are even asking? Because I’m all confused,” Michael explains.

“I… I don’t know how to explain,” I said with a sigh.

Hearing Michael approach me. I tense up.

“Did you fall for Valkyrie already?” Michael suddenly spats.

Inhaling sharply, I tense up again. Then, with a frown, I shake my head.

“Look, it’s not that,” I quickly explained, “I don’t love her.”

“Yes, you do,” Michael whispered, “You had sex with her and wanted to tell her, right?”

Turning around, I look at him. Michael had a soft smile on his face. Then, patting my shoulders, he comes over and stands next to me.

“When I realized I was in love with Irene. It was the same for me. Not for Cian because he’s more the let’s fuck to create than let’s have sex for love,” Michael said, chuckling, “But it was the same feeling. I was having sex with her, and then the tugging feeling in your chest gets too unbearable to the point you want to cry. The feeling is warm, and your mouth just wants to say the words. Right?”

I stare at him back. He was right. My mind wanted to spit the words when I was with Valkyrie. At first, I ignored it, but when she stared back at me with care, love. I almost blurted it out. And it was confusing.

“Don’t fret, my king,” Michael said, patting my shoulders again, “When you feel it, just say it. Oh, and one more thing. If you feel it, it means your bond is getting stronger. But she will only say the words when she feels the same.” Michael explained, smiling.

“So we may not feel the same?” I asked, confused.

“No,” Michael mumbled with thin lips, “It may be just you.”

Nodding, I stay quiet and sit. All this was making me feel confused. It was new to me, and it was bothersome. I didn’t even know if she thought the same for me.


“Is she still in the dungeons?” I asked Damian as he walked next to me.

“No, they moved her to her chambers,” Damian explained.

Today was the day I would visit Lilly. With everything going on. It was hard even to remember her. But after my grandfather mentioned her again, I needed to make sure she was here. Lilly could be the granddaughter of one elder. But her mistakes were unforgivable. And after Valkyrie displayed power and made clear she was a hybrid, I had no more doubts she would be a great queen. Now all I had left was to get rid of her. Lily couldn’t stay here.

She was unlocking the doors. We step in to find Lilly on the bed sleeping.

“Wake her up,” I order Damian as Leo’s mind links me. “Is something the matter?”

“Where are you?” Leo asks with worry in his voice.

“Lilly’s chambers. Why?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

“I think you should come to the throne room,” Leo said, cutting the link. I shake my head in confusion.

“Is everything all right?” Damian asks as he walks back with Lilly in hand. I watch Lilly as she rubs her eyes and yawns sleepily.

“Let’s go to the throne room,” I mumble, turning around and leaving the chambers. I was not like this. Leo sounded distressed. What was happening?

Descending the stairs, we hear an explosion. Damian looked at me, confused.

“Stay,” I order him as I run-up to the room.

Dust and pieces of rocks were scattered around the room. As one of the golden doors barely hangs from its hinges.

“What is happening here?” I growl as I step in.

Noticing a hue from afar, I frown. What was that?

“Just on time!” Michael said, running towards me, “You have to stop her.”

“Stop who?” I asked, not understanding what was happening.

“Valkyrie!” Michael snapped, “Your grandfather provoked her!”

Turning my attention to the front, I see red hair.

“Valkyrie?” I mumble to myself.

Walking down the stairs, I see Valkyrie eyeing my grandfather, who was a few feet away from her. My grandfather groans as he tries to stand up.

“Valkyrie!” I called, making her snap her head towards me.

“Make that woman stop!” My grandfather suddenly says, making me growl his way.

“No,” I hissed, “I think you need a lesson.”

Walking up to him, I look down at his body. He had a wound on his chest, but it was already healing. Looking back to the front, I see Valkyrie standing. Her hands down and smiling back at me. I raised my eyebrow as I stared at her. The evil grin she was giving me gave me the chills. What was wrong with her?

Taking a step forward, I see a shadow pass by. Everything happened in a blur that all we saw was blood splattering everywhere. I heard some gasps as I tried to understand what had just happened.

“Useless,” Valkyrie mutters as she wipes her hand.

“Fuck!” I hear Damian curse behind me. Following his gaze. I notice a body next to Valkyrie. Was that Lilly?

“Eyes here,” Valkyrie ordered as I lifted my eyes and met hers. “Let her be. She’s dead already.”

Dead? But who was killed?

Finally, noticing who it was, I growled.

Lilly lay on the floor with lifeless eyes. A pool of blood lay next to her as her chest lay open wide. Her heart was missing.

Snapping my head, I stare at Valkyrie. She smirked and then started giggling.

“The job here is completed. Now everyone may go,” Valkyrie said, waving her hand. “I want to stay alone with the king.”

“Leave us,” I ordered as I noticed that no one wanted to move. “I said to leave us.”

“But Dimitri!” Damian insisted.

“Go,” was all I said as everyone started leaving.

Once, we were all alone. I looked at the woman who was smiling at me.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked carefully.

“Me? Nothing,” Valkyrie sighs, “Your grandfather provoked me, and then Lilly appeared. I just…” Valkyrie said as her eyes drifted to the floor. “I had to get rid of her. You didn’t have the balls after all to do it.”

Growling furiously at her, I walk up and grab her arm, yanking her. Valkyrie flinched as I gripped her arm.

“I know what I was doing!” I snap, “You didn’t need to intervene!”

Valkyrie eyed me without a word. She was scoffing suddenly.

She yanks her arm from my grip.

“King Dimitri had it under control,” Valkyrie mumbled as she leaned closer to me, “Yes, you did.”

Slapping my face softly, she smiles and turns. She was grabbing her arm back. I stop her. She needed to explain what was happening.

“You are not leaving!” I ordered her.

Valkyrie looked over her shoulder.

“Or what?” Valkyrie asked. Sighing, she turns around. “Dimitri, let go. You will understand.”

“Understand?” I said with desperation, “Then explain to me. Where is the Valkyrie, I know? Because I don’t see her.”

Yanking her arm, Valkyrie grits her teeth.

“Let go, Dimitri!” Valkyrie orders as she struggles under my hold. I grabbed her arm tighter. I didn’t care if I left a bruise, but I needed answers. She was acting strange.

“Dimitri!” Valkyrie yelled.

Pulling her, Valkyrie slams against my chest. I look down at her as she groans.

“Let go!” she repeated.

Lifting her chin, I make her look at me. Her eyes waver with fear as she looks at me. Then, stopping her struggling and staring back at me, I see Valkyrie flinch for a moment.

I looked down at her with warning eyes. I wasn’t in the mood.

“D-Dimitri?” Valkyrie stuttered.

I tried to see if I could understand what was happening—studying her face. I tried to find anything, but all I could see was her looking back at me with fear. Leaning down, I kiss her softly. I was tired; I didn’t want to fight with her.

Losing my hold on her, I deepen the kiss. Valkyrie reached for my hair and kissed me back the same way I was kissing her.

Drifting my hand down her waist, I pull her close to me. Her body was cold.

“Let’s go,” I whispered between kisses.

Valkyrie opened her eyes slowly. A slight blush on her face as she nodded. Noticing her more calmed. I smiled at her.

“Come here,” I said as I lifted her. Then, putting her legs around my waist, I carry her back to my chambers. Her body was warming up as I kissed her.

Kicking the doors, I walked in and laid her down in bed. Valkyrie was panting as I started undressing. Reaching for her skirt, I pull it down and then remove her top.

She laid naked on my bed. Her red hair is a complete mess all over my bed. I smiled as I looked down at her. I was reaching for her leg. I lift it and start kissing her, reaching for her inner thigh. Valkyrie moaned as I left soft feather-like kisses up to her pussy. Arching her back, I lick her clit softly, earning a moan from her.

Licking her pussy, I make her quiver. I wanted her orgasm. Flicking my tongue and pushing on her walls, I lick her up. Tasting her juices as she moans louder. Inserting three fingers, I fuck her. She gripped my hair as I quickened my pace. Sucking on her clit I thrust my fingers. Valkyrie’s legs started quivering as she convulsed on my face. Calling my name with a moan, I feel her juices slide down. Cleaning her with my tongue, I lift my head and find her with her eyes closed. Panting and with her chest heaving.

Crawling over her, I reach for her left breast and start sucking. She gasped as my lips met her hardened nipple. Lowering my eyes, I look at her mark. I frowned as I noticed the spot had a new design on it. Stopping, I lift myself and stare at it. Why did it change?

“D-Dimitri?” Valkyrie whispered between ragged breaths.

Shaking my head, I smiled at her. I didn’t say a word. My eyes kept looking at it. Then, feeling a hand on my face, I lift my golden eyes and meet Valkyrie. She was frowning as she looked back at me.

“No, you’re not,” Valkyrie said, plopping her arms and sitting up. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” I whispered, kissing her forehead, “Where are we?”

Crooking her head innocently, I yank her legs and flip her over. Pulling my shaft, I jerk myself. Reaching for her pussy, I slid my fingers in. Her pussy was still wet. Perfect, like I love it. With one thrust, I push myself in. She moaned as I slapped her ass and thrust harder. I groan as I feel she squeezes me. Pounding her hard from behind, I reach for her hair and yank it hard. She gasped as I fuck her hard and with no mercy.

I felt my orgasm reach its peak. With three more thrusts, I cum inside her. I didn’t let her cum this time.

Letting go of her hair, Valkyrie plops on the bed. Panting loud, she cursed softly. I thrust myself one more time before pulling away.

“I didn’t come….” Valkyrie said breathlessly.

“I know. Let that be a lesson for what you did today,” I said, walking away from her.


Valkyrie never came for a bath. When I came back out, she was gone. Was she mad with me? I didn’t care. I don’t know what happened to her, but she had me furious.

Fixing my trousers, I hear the chamber doors open. Looking over my shoulders, I find Damian leaning against the wall.

“How’s everything?” I asked without looking at him.

“I should ask you that?” Damian said, crossing his arms, “What happened to Valkyrie?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed, turning around, “She… I still don’t know.”

I didn’t know what had happened to her. She was acting strangely for a moment, and then she looked normal again. I noticed that change when I kissed her in the throne room. Her character changed. When I fuck her earlier, she was the Valkyrie I knew. Not the one who looked down at us or gave us orders to kneel before her. The first time was a turn-on, but now it wasn’t. She was out of control.

“Is grandfather ok?” I asked Damian.

“Yes, he will survive,” Damian smiled, “That old dragon won’t die easily.”

Nodding, I grab a shirt and ask Damian to follow me.

“Where’s Lilly’s body?” I asked.

“Michael is checking on it. They pulled her heart out. And it pisses her grandfather.” Damian explained as he greeted one of the guards.

“Did he ask to see me?” I asked Damian, reaching for his shirt and pulling him, “Stop talking with the others and answer me.”

“Yes, well, not you but Valkyrie. He wants to speak with her,” Damian said laughing, “Are you going to call her over?”

“No, I will deal with this alone,” I said as we opened the doors to Michael’s room.

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