Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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49. Taking Care of Needs

Valkyrie POV

Banging the doors, I left his room. I was angry he left me hanging. But, on the other hand, I was horny and needed release. Reaching my chambers, I find Mia picking some of my clothes. Her eyes are wide as she scans my naked body.

“Out!” I snapped at her. Mia tried to say something back, but I pointed towards the door and asked her to leave me.

I know Dimitri was angry about what I did. But if I had to be honest, I recall nothing. Just remember him kissing me and taking me to his chambers. Somehow I notice blood on my hands, but I ignore it. What did I do?

Sighing, I turn and head to bed. My body was warm, and I was feeling restless. Reaching for my pussy, I touch myself. Closing my eyes, I imagine Dimitri licking me. His tongue touched me everywhere. It was so erotic that it turned me on more.

Arching my back, I felt the tingles. The same pressure as my orgasm builds. Moaning, I tighten my legs around my hands. My juice flowed as I inserted a finger and flicked my clit. Groaning, I hear a sudden knock. I snap my eyes open and look towards the double doors. Staying quietly, I wait for the person to leave.

Seeing that, the intruder didn’t knock again. I continue masturbating myself. Quickening my pace, I moan louder. I started quivering when the door to the chambers opened. Moaning, I snap my head. Standing on the door, Damian gulps as he stares at me. His eyes darkened as they lowered all over my body. I smirked, moving my hand back again, drifting my eyes. I notice a bulge in his pants. Biting my lips, I continue. Throwing my head, I feel my orgasm building up. Cumming on my hands. I pant breathlessly. Damian growled as he closed the door.

Bringing my hand to my lips, I suck my fingers—salty aftermath.

Damian growled as he pinched his nose. Sitting up, I turned over and reached for a bedsheet.

“Need anything?” I asked him innocently.

“Put some clothes on,” Damian hissed.

“I’m covered, Damian. Now, what do you need?” I asked again, sitting up.

“I’m heading to the neighboring kingdom. I was going to ask if you want to tag along,” Damian sighed.

My eyes lowered. Damian’s pants hold an enormous bulge.

I was still horny. Looking down at his pants, I lick my lips.

“Fuck,” I cursed. “Go take a bath, Damian.”

He was looking up. He scoffed.

“I’m fine,” Damian growled, “Get ready. I will see you downstairs.”

Nodding, Damian leaves. Sighing, I look towards the bath. Getting up, I head in and decide to take a cold bath.

Putting my gloves on, I see Damian and two other dragons with him.

“Ready?” Damian asked as he frowned.

“Yes,” I said as I greeted everyone, “They’re joining us?”

“Yes, we are going to buy some stuff and to get some medicine,” Damian explained.

Nodding, I wait for them to undress after picking the things up and transforming. Finally, I get on Damian’s back, and we leave the palace. The sky was gloomy. Dark clouds approached as we headed in the opposite direction. Taking a last glance, I shrug and grip Damia’s scales.

Ten minutes later, we reached the kingdom’s gates. Like the first time, we had to make a line and wait for everyone to be checked.

“Are you joining us? Or want to go somewhere else?” Damian asked me.

“I will take a stroll around and visit your friend,” I said, grabbing a bag, “Shall we meet here in two hours?”

“Yes, just be careful, Valkyrie,” Damian said, gripping my hand. Then, smiling, I put my cloak on and walk away.

Looking around, I find several exotic fruits I decide to buy. The market was bustling as I strolled around and noticed some lovely gems. Approaching a stall, I asked the seller what it was.

“It’s an onyx rock,” the man said smiling, “It’s one of a kind.”

“Stop lying to the girl,” a voice said, standing next to me. I looked at the men. It was Damian’s friend.

“My lady!” Bernard chirped as I smiled back at him. “Come with me.”

Following him, he guides me around the market.

“Be careful when you see some type of gem,” Bernard said smiling, “These leeches tend to lie.”

Chuckling, I look at the stalls.

“Damian mentioned that you would come to visit me. Is there anything you need?” Bernard asked with curiosity.

“Yes,” I said, stopping, “I need you to help me with something.”

We explained briefly what I needed help with. Finally, Bernard turns serious and asks me to follow him. We had walked for at least twenty minutes before we stopped at a wooden house.

“Are you sure about this?” Bernard frowned.

“Yes,” nodding with confidence, I grip my cloak and wait for the doors to open.

Just as Bernard asks me if I’m sure again, a woman with black hair and red eyes looks at us. She smirked but stopped as her eyes met mine.

“Ness,” Bernard said, greeting her.

The woman kept her eyes on me as she stared directly at my eyes. Then, without saying anything, she moves to the side and asks us to walk in.

I was looking around the house. Then, finally, a foul smell reaches my nose.

I scowl, covering my face.

“Couldn’t you clean your home?” Bernard spits as Ness scoff.

“Tell me why are you here and with this,” Ness says as she looks down at me with disgust.

“Hey, more respect,” Bernard scolded.

“Oh, why should I?” Ness said, plopping her curvy body on a red armchair. “She’s just a disgusting tamer.

Sighing aloud, Bernard asks me to take a seat.

“So, what do you need?” Ness asked as her fingers reached for her hair.

“It’s her, not me,” Bernard explained, pointing towards me.

I stare at Ness. Her eyes glared back at me. Why was she looking at me like that?

“Say, girl, what do you need?” Ness asked.

“I need you to check my memories,” I mumble, earning a frown from her.

“Memories?” Ness hissed, “What can a girl like you have on her memories that may be important?”

“Just check on me,” I pleaded.

Ness sighed and leaned on her legs.

“Let me see your hand,” Ness ordered as I offered my left hand to her. With a frown, she grasps my hand. Looking at my palm, she stops and frowns. Feeling a sudden tightness, I lift my gaze and look at her. Eyes wide, I see her eyes change color. Yanking my hand from her grasp, Bernard stands between us.

“Easy, Ness,” Bernard whispers.

She was shaking her head. She takes a deep breath.

“This is not something easy. You can come back in three days,” Ness said, opening the door to her home, “You need to go now.”

I was stepping out. Bernard whispers something to her. Ness looks at me as I fix my cloak. Then, hearing the doors close, Bernard approaches me and pats my back.

“Do you want me to join you?” Bernard asks.

“No, I shall go back. I still have time, but I will look for more food. No need to join me,” I smiled. Thanking him, I bid him farewell.

Running back to the market, I headed out to an open area where kids and some women were playing. The place was like a garden. Bushes of roses and peonies laid nicely around the place. I watch in awe as I explore around. Then, seeing a trail between some trees, I stop and look at it.

“That leads to the lake,” a woman with two kids said as she smiled at me, “There’s a lake.”

“A lake?” I mumble at her.

“Yes,” she whispered, cooing at one of the kids. “Many girls go there. You should check it out.”

Smiling, she waves goodbye. I stare back at the trail. Smiling, I shrug my shoulders and decide to take a stroll. I was curious to know what lay behind that place.

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