Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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50. Behind Doors

You heard rustling and someone’s breath. The branches scratch the person.

He was dashing down the forest.

He trips and falls down face first. Cursing under his breath, he groans as a massive wound on his lower abdomen has him bleeding. Inhaling, he runs once again. He could hear voices behind him as he glanced behind him. He notices that the bastards are closer than he expected. As he reaches an opening, he tries to find somewhere where he may hide.

Seeing people far away, he runs in the opposite direction. He begged that someone may help him. But as he kept running, his sight started becoming hazy. With ragged breathing, he grips a branch making noise and alerting his chasers. Mustering all the strength he had, he ran again. It was his last chance.

Making a turn, he bumps into a broken log and falls. Groaning in pain, he tried to get up, but his wounded body was giving upon him. Then, hearing a rustling right in front of him. He lifts his head and smiles at the person in front of him before he whispers, “Help me,” and falls unconscious.


Valkyrie POV

Rows of different trees and vines adorned the small trial. I look around and notice some couples laughing or eating. I smiled as I watched them. Then, walking further in, I reach a beautiful opening.

My smile brightens as I see the large lake. The water was so clear that you could see the fish swimming. Walking up, I kneel and look at the water. Crystal clear. Giggling, I take a seat and pull out some fruit. I was getting hungry, and I still had like twenty minutes before I had to leave. Finding a perfect spot under a tree, I sit. This was relaxing. Perfect for what I needed.

Sighing, I pull a bag of water. I felt that my mind was still confused. I try to think of what to do. It seems my behavior was affecting the surrounding people. Thinking about an idea, I hear a ruckus behind some trees. Glancing, I see a shadow pass by. Frowning, I stand. Curiosity was getting the best of me. Pulling out a dagger, I hid it behind my back and started heading where the noise was coming from. Taking a turn, I suddenly hear a thud and then a loud groan.

Hiding behind a tree, I look over to find a man groaning in pain. He looked pale and hurt. As my instinct hit me, I walked up to him. From afar, I heard voices as they quickly headed our way.

“Help me…” the man whispered as he lost consciousness. Looking back up, I frown. The man on the ground looked hurt, but I didn’t even know who he was.

“Whatever,” I mumble as I throw his arm around my shoulders. “Help me, please,” I mumble as I try to lift his heavy body. Moving away from the place, I carry him back. He was the same size as Damian, so he was heavier than he looked. Groaning, I pull him, and I take him out of that place using what I learn from Jordan and Leo.

I was reaching the outer gates and the spot where Damian and I always landed. I found a place and laid him down. I tried looking around to see if anyone followed us, but thankfully no one did.

Taking his pulse, I notice he’s still breathing. My eyes drift down to his body-checking him. Furrowing my brows, I see a large cut on his lower abdomen. Blood oozed like a cascade. He was quickly ripping my dress, dressing his wound.

I pray that Damian comes back quickly.

I was giving him a last glance. I hear Damian calling me.

“Here!” I said, waving my hand frantically.

Damian ran up with a worried look.

“What’s this and who….” Damian asks but stops. “Zar?” he whispers.

“You know him?” I asked him, confused.

“Where did you find him?” Damian snapped.

“He was running away from some men. I was on the lake when he appeared wounded.” I explained. Damian growled.

“Let’s leave him,” Damian said, grabbing me and dragging me away from him.

“NO!” I snapped, running back to him, “I’m not leaving him, Damian!”

“Valkyrie! Don’t test my patience today!” Damian growled.

“Tell me why!” I said, pleading with him, “If you give me a good reason, I shall obey you. But if you don’t. Don’t even think I’m leaving him!”

“Damn it, Valkyrie!” Damian said, ruffling his hair, “He’s the son of King Gabriel. Our enemy!” Damian said, gritting his teeth, “No, come here!”

I stared at Damian as he offered me his hand. My eyes moved down to the man. For some reason, I couldn’t leave him. Something was telling me to bring him back.

“!” Damian growled with a dangerous voice.

“No! I’m sorry, but we are taking him back with us,” I said, “It’s an order.”

Damian frowned. His lips in a thin line.

Turning away from me, he undresses. Sighing back in relief, I caress the face of the man on the ground.

“Don’t worry, you will be fine,” I mutter as I hear wings flap.

“Get on!” Damian growled in my mind.

Helping me to Damian’s back, we set the body securely before leaving.


Arriving back at the palace, I hear voices and Dimitri’s growl from afar. I sighed as I prepared myself for Dimitri’s anger.

Helping me get the man down, I put his head on my lap. Damian turned back and glanced at me angrily.

“Where is he?” Dimitri asked as his loud footsteps resonated in the cave. “Care to explain?”

“What?” I asked, “I saved him, ok! Get mad with me later. I need Michael now!”

“Valkyrie!” Dimitri snaps at me. Everyone stared back at me. Their eyes judge me as I disobey him. “Do you even know who this man is?”

“No, and I don’t care. I couldn’t let him die there,” I retorted.

“How many times are you going to disobey me?” Dimitri hissed.

Closing my eyes, I grit my teeth. A slight headache was making it hard for me to even concentrate on his words.

“I ask you a question!” Dimitri said as he grabbed my arm.

“I’M THE QUEEN HERE! LIKE IT OR NOT, I HAVE A WORD IN ALL OF THIS!” I snap loudly. Everyone looked at me in shock as I yanked my arm from him. “If you don’t like it, then leave!”

Dimitri looked hurt. His face contorted in anger as he turned his back to me. Turning my attention back to him, I asked Leo to call Michael before he could even look for him. Michael ran up to us.

“What happened?” Michael asked as he kneels and frowns, “Zar?”

“You know him?” I asked him with curiosity.

“Yes… let’s take him to my room, and I will tell you who he is,” Michael said as he asked Leo to help him.

Following them, I feel someone grab my arm.

“I’m going!” Damian hissed.

Nodding at him, we follow Michael back to his room.

“He was lucky you found him. His wound is deep,” Michael explained, whipping his hands.

A pale Zar lay in bed as a fever struck his body. You could see he was in pain.

“Do something then,” I said as Michael frowned at me.

“No, I won’t,” Michael snaps, “I’m not using magic on him.”

“I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you,” I said, crossing my arms.

Michael looked at Damian. Ignoring him completely, Michael sighed.

I am taking a seat next to him.

He works his magic. But a conflicted look played on Michael’s face.

“Is something the matter?” I asked him. Michael shook his head.

“I can’t!” Michael mutters, standing up.

“What do you mean?” Leo asked him.

“He has poison. It’s dangerous to try to heal him,” Michael explained with a sigh, “It may be dangerous for me as a healer. I don’t know what type of poison is, but it’s quite strong.”

“Then let me,” I said, walking up to the bed.

“What no!” Damian intervenes, “What if something happens to you?”

“Nothing will happen,” I said, squeezing his hand and smiling.

Damian looked conflicted. Michael just sighed and went to bring some medicine.

Taking a seat next to him, I grab his hand. It was cold, and his fever was high. It worried me that maybe we wouldn’t save him. Taking a deep breath, I relax my body and clear my mind. I was concentrating on his body. I whisper the words.

I could feel a warmth radiating from my hands and transferring to him.

In less than ten minutes, I open my eyes. A nauseous feeling was making me run to the bath and throw up. I felt sick.

Michael ran up and started tending me. Sweat broke on my forehead as all my contents came out. Panting, I lean on Michael’s chest.

“Did you heal him?” Michael asked as Damian called him over. Nodding, Michael helps me up. My head was spinning, and I was still feeling sick, walking back to his room. I find Damian smiling.

“You did it!” Damian exclaims happily. I tiredly look towards the bed. Zar’s complexion was better. The fever disappeared, and his wound was healing.

“What poison was it?” Michael asks as I take a seat.

“I don’t know,” I mutter as I grab Zar’s hand and check him up. His body started getting warm.

“Did you notice who was following him?” Leo asked curiously.

“Yes,” I frowned, remembering, “I saw three men clad in black with a symbol,” I explained as I tried to recall anything else.

Leo and Damian exchange a look.

“Those symbols look like these?” Leo said, showing me the one that was on Zar’s discarded shirt.

“Yes…” I murmur.

Damian nodded towards Leo.

“Stay with him,” Damian said as he called Leo, and they walked out of the room.

My eyes moved back to Zar. He was pretty handsome. Pale skin that looked like porcelain and a chiseled jaw. With thick brows and plump lips. I move my hand and caress his red hair.

Lowering my eyes, I see that he has many scars on his body.

“These scars…” I murmur, making Michael stare at them.

“Torture scars,” Michael mutters, frowning, “What happen to him?”

I look at Michael. Frowning, I wonder what happened to someone like him. Someone who was a prince.

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