Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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51. A Pleasant Surprise

Valkyrie POV

Two days later

For the fifth time, in two days. I’ve been rushing back and forth from the bed to the bath. Since helping Zar, my stomach has been feeling awful. I’ve been having slight fevers and headaches and feeling nauseous.

“It’s ok, Valkyrie,” Mia says for the second time.

“Enough, Mia,” I snap at her, tired of hearing her repeat herself.

Yesterday Michael checked on me and found out that Zar’s poison on his body is affecting me. Nothing dangerous but will bother for a few days before it disappears.

Washing my face, I headed back to the chamber Zar was. Yesterday Michal suggested for him to be moved. Dimitri didn’t want to agree, but I had authority as well as any decision I made.

Dimitri didn’t agree to it. And he left once again feeling disrespected. It made me feel bad when I saw him glaring at me with hate. But he wouldn’t listen.

“He looks better,” Mia whispers.

“I know, we have to wait till he wakes up,” I said, reaching for a wet cloth. “We have to clean him.”

Nodding, Mia turns and starts gathering clean clothes.

“Hm, I’m missing some things. I shall be back, ok?” Mia said, excusing herself.

Sighing, I grab the clothes and start cleaning his arms, dropping one of the pieces of cloth. I bend, but when I get up, a hand reaches for my mouth and covers it. Scare, I try to scream. But when I realized who it was, I calmed down.

With ragged breathing, Zar hovers over my body. He looked scared.

I raised my hand and tried to wriggle his grip from my mouth. Then, noticing that I was calm. Zar let go softly.

“You all right?” I ask. Zar just looked down at me. His eyes widen as he studies me. Then, waiting patiently, I notice him reach a hand to my face and caress it.

I stayed still. Careful not to alert him or anyone around.

“Zar?” I called his name.

Gasping, he lets go and sits back. Plopping my arms, I observe him.

“Sorry,” Zar muttered with a rough voice.

Smiling at him, I reach for the water jug and goblet. Zar just looked at my movements.

“Here,” I offered. Grabbing the goblet, he stares at it. “Not poisonous.”

He was taking a big gulp. Finally, he closes his eyes and then sighs.

“How am I alive?” Zar asks, opening his eyes. Crooking my head, I watch him curiously.

“I save you,” I explained.

Zar eyed me. He looked at me from head to toe and then stopped.

“Tamer?” Zar mutters. I looked at my mark.

“Yes?” I mumble, confused, “How do you know?”

Zar met my eyes. A conflicted look crossed his face.

“It’s ok,” I reassure him.

Smiling warmly, he stood up and turned his back. Removing some skin from his left shoulder blade, I gasp. He had the same mark I had—both sides with the new rune next to them.

“They’re the same?” I said, baffled.

“It seems like,” Zar said, turning back again, “May I ask where am I?”

“You’re in the dragon’s horde,” I mutter, making him flinch. Trembling hands reach for his lap. He was forcing himself to be brave.

“D-Dragon’s hoard? Which one?” Zar asked nervously.

“On Mount Errigal,” I said.

“What?” Zar stumbles back, hitting his head on the wall behind.

“Calm down!” I said, reaching for him. “Listen, nothing will happen to you. I won’t allow it!”

“How can you be sure? The king of dragons will kill me,” Zar panicked.

“He won’t! Dimitri won’t lay a hand on you!” I snap.

Zar frowned at me.

“What do you mean? Who are you?”Zar asked me. His eyes waver with hope as he grasps my hand between his.

“My name is Valkyrie. I’m the one who saved you and brought you here,” I smiled at him. Relief washed over his face.

“But who are you exactly?” Zar asked again.

“I’m… Dimitri’s mate,” I mutter.

“A tamer? Are you sure you’re his mate?” Zar asked.

What was wrong with being a tamer?

“Is something the matter? You’re asking me things that I don’t understand,” I said, frowning—pinching my nose. I start feeling the slight headache again.

“Yes, what I mean is that. A dragon can’t have a tamer as a mate,” Zar explained with a sigh, “It’s hard to explain, sorry.”

“Can’t?” I asked, shaking my head. The pounding was starting again.

“Yes… You will need someone. A fairy or mage can tell you,” Zar said. “I’m amazed you haven’t put this place upside down.”

“What?” I snap as I hold my head. Then, feeling nausea again, I covered my mouth and ran to the bath.

Throwing up, I grip the bucket firmly.

“Hey, you ok?” I heard Zar ask as a handmade circle behind me.

“Yes…” I breathe, “Just aftermath for the healing I did on you. The poison on your body was strong.”

“Now that you mention that I was wondering who healed me,” Zar groans, “may I?”

I look at him over my shoulder. Then, offering a hand, I look at it skeptically.

“I can heal too,” Zar smiled, “I’m a tamer but with two abilities.”

“Oh,” I mutter as I reach for his calloused hand.

I noticed some small scars on his pale hand. They were pretty thick marks.

“What happened to you?” I asked as I moved my hands up his bare torso.

“These?” Zar whispered as he smiled wryly. “My father.”

“Your what?” It shocked me, “He did this to you?”

Nodding sadly, I stare at his body. How could a father do this to his son?

“Well, never mind me,” Zar said, making me look at him. He beamed happily. Confused, I stare at his eyes.

“Why are you smiling like that?” I asked him.

Laughing softly, Zar brings his lips to my hand and gives it a soft kiss, and he lifts his head.

“Well, I have to congratulate you. After all, you’re expecting!” Zar smiled.

“Huh?” I spat, “Expecting what?”

“The next dragon king. Your pregnant with King Dimitri’s heir.”

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