Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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53. A mother's Secret

Valkyrie POV

Once everything was settled, Damian, Leo, and Michael left. Mia and I stayed behind to help Zar.

“You may use this room. Mia, please get him clothes and food,” I order. Mia excused herself and left Zar and me alone.

“Didn’t know the queen was a hybrid,” Zar said, smiling. I watch him. Brown chocolate hair with streaks of red hair in between and eyes as red as blood look warmly back at me. I smiled.

“Yes, I am, but don’t mention it again,” I said, taking a seat.

“Tell me, what is your power?” Zar asked as he sat on the floor.

“My power? Just healing and fire,” I explained, “Nothing special.”

“Care to show me?” Zar asked. I looked at him wryly. “Don’t worry; you won’t hurt me.”

I chuckled, looking at my hands. But, of course, I still wore gloves for the protection of others. I just didn’t know how much I could hurt someone.

“Are you afraid?” Zar asked curiously.

“Yes,” I said.

“Don’t be. I will be fine,” Zar said, smiling brightly. Removing my glove, I stared at my hand, and worry flooded my body as I reached Zar’s arm.

Stopping halfway through, I look at him.

“Valkyrie trusts me,” Zar whispered, making me look at him in the eyes. Something told me it was going to be all right. Laying my hand over his arm, I freeze. Waiting for some reaction, I see Zar looking at it unfazed.

“Huh?” I mutter.

“Nothing happened?” Zar said, crooking his head to the side.

“I don’t get it. You’re not a dragon. So why didn’t you get hurt in any way?” It confused me as I lifted my hand and stared at it.

“Have you tried to see whom you can hurt?” Zar asked.

“Well, I can’t hurt Damian or Dimitri,” I explained, fisting my hand, “But I can hurt everyone else.”

“Hm, I see,” Zar mumbled, rubbing his chin. “Care to hold my hand?”

I stare at him. A blush spread on my face as he looked at me. Why was there a warm feeling towards him?

“Come, give me your hand!” Zar grabbed my hand. I tried to yank it away, but as he squeezed in reassurance, I calmed down. “Nothing to worry about. You can’t hurt me.”

“This… it’s amazing,” I mutter in shock.

“Yes, it is Queen Valkyrie,” Zar said smiling, “Have you been crowned queen?”

“No?” I said.

“No? Why not?” Zar asked, frowning, “You’re King Dimitri’s mate, right?”

“Yes,” I nodded as I moved my hand away from his grasp, “I am. It’s just that Dimitri hasn’t mentioned it. And many things have been happening.”

“Well,” Zar said, standing up and patting his pants, “Get him to crown you. I would like to see that.”

Zar smiled as I stood up. Opening the door, Mia walks in with some stuff. I excused myself and left Zar and Mia alone. Deciding to check on Dimitri, I walk up to his chambers. Knocking on his doors, I wait for him to answer. A few seconds in, and no one answered back. Knocking again, I waited, but he never opened the door.

“Is he somewhere else?” I said, looking down the hallway. Then, shrugging my shoulders, I head down to his office. I had never been there, but once Damian told me that I could visit if I wanted to visit.

Smiling to some people around, I finally reached Dimitri’s office. I looked in awe at the double doors.

They carved a beautiful design into them. Then, reaching for the doors, I jump in fright as they suddenly open wide. Dimitri looked down at me.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri said, surprised.

“H-Hi,” I stutter. Then, looking down at the floor, I toyed with my skirt. I didn’t know I would get nervous seeing him right now.

“Come in,” Dimitri whispered as I lifted my eyes. Nodding, I walk in. I was waiting in the middle of the room.

I looked around. This place was enormous. Shelves of books and some pillows were laid in a corner while they lighted a fireplace on the front.

“Is something the matter?” Dimitri asked as I felt him behind me. Turning, I shake my head.

“I just came to talk with you,” I said, smiling.

Dimitri eyed me from head to toe. Getting nervous, I smile.

“Come, let’s sit down first,” Dimitri said, guiding me towards the pillows near the fireplace. Sitting down carefully, I feel his eyes on me.

“Are you here to talk about what happened with Zar?” Dimitri asked. I nodded quickly.

“Look, I know you are mad, but listen, Dimitri,” I started but felt a finger on my lips. Surprised, I look at him.

“Don’t I understand,” Dimitri mutters, “Damian also explained to me, so don’t worry.”

“Really?” I said, surprised.

“Yes,” Dimitri mutters. Smiling, I hug him. I was expecting an argument, but instead, he understood me.

“Thank you,” I said as I hugged him, “But one thing. I know you might be against it, but Dimitri, can Zar stay?”

“Isn’t he staying already?” Dimitri frowned, “Zar is staying even if he doesn’t want to. He knows a lot, and you,” he said, pointing at my forehead, “Have to learn to be careful.”

“I am,” I hissed as I rubbed my forehead.

“Sure,” Dimitri said, leaning, “Now, how about a kiss?”

“A kiss?” I stutter as he leans closer.

“Yes, you know I’m agreeing, but I still want an exchange for this, and I haven’t kissed you for a while,” Dimitri whispered as his breath caressed my cheeks.

Softly, his lips kiss my cheek. Blushing, I tried to clear my throat.

“Uh, Dimitri,” I said as I reached for his shoulders.

“Hmm?” Dimitri hummed, kissing my neck. Then, inhaling, I cover my mouth.

Slowly, I closed my eyes as his lips trailed down to my chest. Then, feeling his arms circle around my waist. I gasp. He was hot.

“You smell good,” Dimitri whispered seductively.

I was feeling my face hot.

I look down at him. His face was near my left breast. Watching him, I see how my nipple erects over my dress. Then, smirking, he leans over and bites, making me moan.

Closing my eyes again, I throw my head back. His mouth sucked my nipple over my dress.

“Wait…” I breathe.

“No,” Dimitri growled.

Feeling his hand under my skirt, I spread my legs. I was letting him access me easier. My body burned in need as he pulled my undergarment and pushed a finger in. Moaning, I hug his shoulders.

“You’re so wet,” Dimitri whispered as he pulled out and sucked his fingers. I gulped, embarrassed. “This is bothersome,” Dimitri uttered as I looked where his hand was moving. Then, reaching for my top, he rips it.

“DIMITRI!” I cursed under my breath.

“Now that’s better,” Dimitri smirks, licking his lips. Reaching for my breast, he sucks hard. Panting, I try to hold myself from his shoulders, but he plops me down. Hovering over me, Dimitri looks at me warmly.

“You look beautiful, Valkyrie,” Dimitri mutters softly. I gasp while watching him.

Removing his shirt, he lowers himself between my legs. His bulge poked my wet pussy.

Moving his hand, he slowly drifts it over my body. Caressing it delicately, I shiver under his touch.

Reaching again for my neck, he licks and kisses. I arched my back as he started moving.

His bulge poked harder. Reaching for his pants, I nervously undo his fly. I needed him inside me.

“Someone is impatient,” Dimitri chuckled.

“Shut up!” I hissed back, panting.

Smirking back, he leans over and kisses my forehead. Finally, feeling his erect shaft plop over my pussy. I push his pants lower. I needed to touch him.

Dimitri growled as my hand reached his shaft. Slowly, I jerk him. I was nervous because it was my first time. But seeing his face, I knew he was feeling good. I was moving up and down and doing circles with my finger on his mushroom tip. Finally, I hear him groan near my ear.

“Enough Valkyrie…” Dimitri mutters breathlessly.

Reaching for my hands, he puts them over my head.

I looked at him. A slight sweat formed on his forehead and chest.

Our bodies felt warmer than usual.

Letting go with a hand, he reaches for my leg. Lifting it slowly, he pushes his shaft slowly. I moan as he fills me. With a slow pace, Dimitri thrust in and out. I moan as he hits my walls. Lifting my other leg, I circle his waist. I was pulling him until his shaft hit my spot.

Gasping loudly, I lock eyes with him. Then, for a second, I frown. Was it me, or did I see Dimitri with eyes like he was about to cry?

Shaking the thought away, Dimitri growls as he quickens the pace. I arched my back as he thrust deep into me. Our movement is in sync. Letting go of my hands. He leans down until our bodies are entirely together. I could hear the slapping of our bodies as he grabbed my waist and thrust his shaft into me.

My moans were louder as I felt my orgasm.

But suddenly I felt a slight pain in my neck. Snapping my eyes open, I find Dimitri biting me. What the hell was he doing?

“Don’t come, Valkyrie,” Dimitri growled as I felt nails digging in my waist. Surprised, I just nod. His thrust becomes erratic and rough. I pant with every thrust.

“D-Dimitri?” I stutter nervously.

“Come here,” Dimitri growled as he flipped me to the side. Getting behind me, he lifts my leg over his. Reaching for the rug below, I grip it as I feel him deeper inside. My toes curl as I feel my orgasm. Rocking me hard, I moan loud. Hair is scattered all over my sweaty body as I try to hold myself from the rug and pillows.

“Fuck,” Dimitri cursed.

Looking over my shoulder, I bit my lips. Dimitri pounded me like the beast he was.

“D-Di.mi.tri. I’m a-about to cum,” I said with every thrust.

“Don’t you dare!” Dimitri said, biting my ear. I couldn’t hold it longer. Why was he not letting me?

Grabbing my neck, he pulls my head back. Licking and sucking on my neck, I feel him fucking me harder. Squeezing my legs, I tried to prevent the quivering that was making me shake.

“P-Please,” I begged, but he just growled at me.

Growling again, he finally lets go of my neck and instead reaches for my pussy. Flicking my clit I convulse as he cums inside me. My eyes rolled back as I called his name.

Feeling something wet on my legs, I open my eyes lazily and look down. What was that?

“Don’t worry, you just squirt on my hand,” Dimitri growled softly. His chest heaved up and down as I nodded.

Letting my head fall, I tried to catch my breath, but suddenly a nauseous feeling made me rush away from him. Then, finding somewhere to throw up, I let all my contents out.

“Valkyrie?” I heard Dimitri call from behind. Worry clear in his voice. I spat and removed my sweaty hair from my face. Then, leaning my head on small bucket-like trash. I sob.

“Valkyrie, what’s wrong?” Dimitri asks as I feel his hand on my back.

“Nothing,” I said, moving away from his touch, “Just let me be.”

Dimitri frowned as he stood up and walked away, grabbing his clothes.

Sobbing quietly, I clean my mouth.

As the door slams, I turn and look at it.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I sat on the floor naked.

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