Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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54. Captives

Gabriel POV

“What did you say?” I asked as I threw my son Eros my wine goblet. “You lost him?”

“I’m sorry, father!” Eros said, bowing his head.

“SORRY?” I yelled angrily, “I order you to capture him and, if possible, kill him, not let him go!”

“Father is not that. It’s that he disappeared,” Eros explained as he fists his hands, “We looked for him!”

“And where did you lose him?” I asked, annoyed.

“Near the kingdom of the south. Somewhere around their forest,” Eros explains, “The strange thing is that we saw him heading there, and then he disappeared.”

“Maybe someone helped him?” Seth said, intervening.

“Possibly,” I murmur, “What about the spy? I heard he sent a letter.”

“Yes,” Seth said as he stood up and offered me a piece of paper.

Opening it, I read the contents.

“Ha,” I said smiling, “At least this is good news.”

“What did the spy say?” Seth asked curiously.

“He said that Dimitri’s mate has been visiting the neighboring kingdom. And she’s been there twice with Damian,” I said, smirking.

“Did he describe her?” Eros asked, “Any more details?”

“I got one from the spies on Dimitri’s palace,” Seth said smiling, “Here, look.”

Eros grabbed the piece of paper that Seth offered him. Then, laughing, Eros handed me the paper.

I was reading the contents. I frown.

“Is the spy sure about this?” I asked, frowning.

“Yes,” Seth confirmed, “He has been sending information about her.”

“Good, monitor her,” I said, standing. “And make sure to find Zar and kill him.”

Walking out of the throne room, I head to the South-East side of the castle. Then, dismissing everyone from the hallways, I walk straight to the specific room.

I was nodding at the guards. They both open the enormous wooden doors. Staring at the doors, I scowl. This place was something I had locked away as the chains that blocked the entrances fell on the ground. I ask the guards to keep anyone away from this hallway. Nodding, they head down to the hallway. I looked around, stopping where the enormous crystal windows with an angel design stood. The sky was gloomy, just like my mood. Scoffing, I head in.

Lighting up some candles, I cough as dust, and the moistness around the room becomes unbearable. Then, waving my hand, I remove the cobwebs that disrupted my way.

Looking around the room, I find the place we left it years ago. The bed was untouched, the bookshelves full of dust—the vanity table with old jewelry and a broken mirror on the corner. Glancing towards the windows, I find some old drapes barely hanging. Time stopped here a long time ago.

Walking over to a bookshelf, I look over at it. Finding the book, I pulled it, and I heard a slight creaking sound behind it as the bookshelf moved to the side, revealing a hidden passageway.

Stepping in, I turn a torch on. I was descending the stairs carefully. I look around.

This place was eerie, just as I remember.

Underground water dripped down the walls. As a result, Moss grows on the walls and the stairs full of water that run down to the last floor.

Reaching the last stairs, I look around. Again, everything laid precisely as I remember.

“Where was it?” I murmur as I scan the room.

Moving the torch near a wall, I lit the small trail that was around the vast chambers. Then, Liting up, I look around.

Putting the torch down, I walk over to a wall. An enormous painting hangs from its walls, covered with a large cloth. Pulling the dusty cover off, I look at the image.

“It’s been a while,” I retorted.

Staring at the painting, I fist my hands in anger.

“You know your son has been a pain in the ass. If only he wouldn’t have been born,” I spat angrily, “Now, don’t worry, he shall join you soon. Too bad you won’t be around to see him dead.”

The woman in the painting looked down at me—a sad smile on her beautiful pale face. Grabbing a small statue near the image, I throw it. She was bouncing back down and breaking.

“It’s all your fucking fault,” I said, smirking, “But don’t worry, I will be the winner. All those beasts shall die soon.”

Noticing some old papers on the ground, I kneel and read them. They were forgotten letters.

“I should have never let you go,” I whispered.

“Where’s my queen?” I asked one of my servants.

“The queen is taking a bath, your highness,” the servant said. Nodding, I ask her to leave.

After coming back from that place, I headed to the queen’s chambers. Then, moving a drape away, I step into her bathhouse.

Steam covered the view of the vast bath.

Undressing, I head her way.

Long black hair and curvy body greet me as my eyes scan her back. Then, moving gracefully around, I stare at her.

My lust craving for her. I smirked as she glanced over her shoulders.

“Why are you here?” my queen asked, turning around. Her long black hair covered her voluptuous breast as she walked my way. She was swaying her hips.

“Can’t I visit my queen?” I said, smiling at her.

She scoffed. I smiled, seeing her annoyed by my presence. Letting my pants drop down. I walk till I reach the edge of the bath. Stepping in, I walk up to her.

“Did I disturb you?” I whispered as my hand removed a hair strand that covered her porcelain face.

Slapping my hand away, she glares at me. My smile just grew as I grabbed her hair and pulled her over. Her wet body smacked against mine.

“Don’t,” I warned her as her hazel eyes looked back at me.

Letting go, I drifted my hand down until it reached her buttocks. Squeezing, I lean down to her ear and suck her earlobe. A small moan escaped her lips as I moved my other hand and yanked her face, crashing my lips against her. Lifting her leg, I get between her. My shaft tingles as I feel her kissing down her neck; I hear her moan.

I smirked as I felt her tremble under my touch. Sucking on her breast, I pull her closer. Feeling her entrance, I thrust deep into her. Lifting her, I carry her to the edge of the bath.

“W-Wait,” my queen pants.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” I murmur, kissing her neck.

Putting her down, I turn her around and bend her over. She gripped the edge with strength as I plunged myself back at her. Fucking her from behind. Her breast slapped as I thrust hard. Her pussy squeezes me. She was tight, even though she had given birth.

Pulling her hair, I fuck her rough. How she likes it. Our bodies are slapping.

“Good, you feel good,” my queen mumbled.

Smirking, I started slowing my pace, pulling away slowly and thrusting back hard. Valkyrie moaned as I slowly pulled my shaft from her pussy.

Teasing her, I find her glaring at me over her shoulder. Her hair was sticking on her body.

“Fuck me, Gabriel!” my queen ordered.

“As you wish,” I smirked, kissing her shoulder.

Laying her down in bed, I call a maid over.

“Give her some tonic and medicine when she wakes up,” I order as I kiss her temple.

Leaving them, I head back to my chambers.

“Father?” Eros called from behind. Turning around, I watch him walk over.

“Were you waiting?” I asked.

“I was,” Eros said, rolling his eyes. “ I just came to let you know we captured two dragons.”

Raising my eyebrow, I wait for him to continue.

“Don’t fret. They were from the Fae kingdom. I captured them in the forest,” Eros explained.

“Did you tame them already?” I asked as I headed to my chambers.

“One of them. I’m still dealing with the other,” Eros explained, “Would you like to see them?”

“Sure,” I said, grabbing my cloak and heading to the training ground.

Stepping out on the training ground, I hear loud growls and men shouting.

“It seems he’s quite the rebel,” I said, frowning.

Watching where the brown dragon was chained, I noticed the other silver one calmly staring at his friend.

“You did tame him quickly,” I said, patting Eros back, “Did you give him poison?”

“To whom? The new one?” Eros asked.

“Yes,” I said as my eyes moved back to the brown dragon. His red blood eyes glare furiously at me. I smirked his way devilishly. “Get me the poison,” I order Eros. Walking up the platform, I watch the brown dragon. Trying to reach me, he growls and snaps his snout my way. I stood straight, watching him.

Eros walked back with the bottle of black poison.

“Make him drink it so he can’t move,” I said.

Yanking the chains, the brown dragon falls face on. He was growling loud as he fought to stand back up. The tamer’s weapons injure his body as my men slash his back with the whips.

Making sure his head is on the ground. Eros opens the bottle and purrs the poison in his mouth. You just needed a bit of the poison, so his body starts losing movement.

Five minutes later, he started growling softly and swaying side to side. Finally, tripping on his feet, he falls. I walked up, looking straight into his eyes, and I waved my hand.

The dragon’s eyes started following my movements as I recited an order.

“Obliviscatur te hominem et jumentum factus,” I murmur. His red eyes became lifeless as another of my men purr more poison into his system.

“Put the chain around his neck,” I said, turning around, “He’s mine.”

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