Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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55. The Fragile Heart

Valkyrie POV

Groaning, I turn around in bed and curse. My stomach was doing flips as I asked Mia to take my food away. It’s been two days since my fight with Dimitri. I tried approaching him, but he would always say he was busy.

I was feeling bad for acting the way I did. I know it wasn’t his fault but mine. But how could I tell him I was pregnant?

“Need water?” Mia worried, “Have some, my queen.”

“No, Mia,” I retorted.

“Valkyrie, please have Michael check on you?” Mia insisted for the fourth time.

Hearing a knock, Mia asks who it was.

“It’s me, Prince Zar,” he said through the door.

“Let him in,” I said, covering my naked body with the fur.

Opening the door, Zar looked in. Then, excusing himself, he walked over to my bed.

“How are you?” Zar asked as I stared at him.

“I will be fine,” I mumble, closing my eyes.

“Would you mind bringing some soup for her?” Zar asked Mia.

“Sure,” Mia smiled and left. Then, hearing the doors shut, I sighed loudly.

Zar reached for my hand and started doing circles. Feeling a warmth, I open my eyes lazily. What was he doing?

“How do you feel right now?” Zar asked as he smiled.

Frowning, I realized my nauseous feeling was disappearing.

“What did you do?” I asked, confused.

“Use my healing powers on you. It’s like a comfortable feeling easing any sort of pain,” Zar explained. I stared at his hand in awe. “By the way, you mentioned before that Michael didn’t tell you, you were pregnant, right?”

“Yeah, now that you mentioned it. I’ve been thinking about that,” I said, “Why might that be?”

“Now that you ask, I don’t know. Maybe we have some sort of affinity. Especially since we know that we share the same tamer’s mark,” Zar explained. I nodded as I found it entirely accurate.

We both were confused why we shared the same mark. We both are indeed tamers, but we are not even related, even though I feel this warm feeling.

“Valkyrie? Are you listening?” Zar said, leaning to my face.

I jump in surprise as I find him way too close to me. Staring intently, I look into his eyes. Zar was quite handsome. Someone I would have taken a licking in other circumstances.

“May I ask you something?” Zar said, smiling at me.

Nodding, I wait for him to talk.

“Do you have feelings for the king?” Zar asked, crooking his head to the side.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Allow me to ask you again. Do you love Dimitri,” Zar said, smiling.

I stared at him, confused. Why was he asking me that?

“Love?” I mumble, frowning.

“Yes, love him like loving someone. The person you fall in love with and want to spend the rest of your life with,” Zar explained.

Frowning, I look at my hands. I never thought about love. But now that he asked me, did I even have feelings for him?

I’ve never seen Dimitri that way.

“Valkyrie, have you been with him but don’t love him?” Zar asked, frowning. His eyebrows furrow with worry.

“I… I have never thought about it,” I whispered.

Sighing, Zar pinches his nose. I stare at him. I am still trying to think about his question.

“Valkyrie,” Zar said, smiling sadly, “You got pregnant with a child, and you don’t even know your true feelings?”

My mouth opened and shut. It confused me. All this time, I was with Dimitri because he said I was his queen. But he never told me he had feelings or that we should have feelings for each other.

“I’m sorry….” I mutter, toying with my hands, “But I… I can’t. I don’t think I have feelings for him,” I said as the doors of the chambers opened, and Mia stood stunned.

“What did you just say?” Mia asked, dropping the glass of soup.

Zar stood up and walked over to her. Kneeling, Mia frantically tried to pick them up.

Standing up from bed, I walk over but stop when I see her glaring at me. Flinching, I took a step back.

“Mia, it’s not what you think so,” I tried to explain, but I didn’t even know what I felt.

“It’s not what? Explain to me, Valkyrie. Are you just playing with the king?” Mia asked furiously.

Gripping the fur that covers my body, I looked at the floor. I was trying to find anything in me that could tell me I had feelings for Dimitri. Anything that would confirm at least a bit, but I simply couldn’t see him that way.

“I’m not playing with him….” I whispered, “I… I don’t feel anything for Dimitri.”

Saying the last words barely above a whisper, I closed my eyes and waited for Mia to shout at me, but instead, I heard a shuffling.

“You…” Dimitri whispered. Snapping my eyes open, I find Dimitri standing behind Mia with a hurt look on his face. I gasped as I realized what I had just said.

“Dimitri…” I breathe.

“Repeat what you just said,” Dimitri whispered so low that I flinched. His voice was so cold that it could cut the air surrounding us.

“Dimitri… Let me explain,” I stutter.

“Leave us,” Dimitri suddenly ordered. I flinched as his angry voice resonated on the chamber walls. Then, looking at Mia and Zar, I nod.

Both left without a word. Hearing the doors shut, both Dimitri and I stayed in awkward silence. Finally, I lifted my eyes and looked at him. Dimitri had his head down. Half his long hair covered his face with a shadow.

“You… You have no feelings for me?” Dimitri whispered.

“I’m not sure….” I said, averting my eyes.

“So I’m the only stupid one who has feelings for you?” Dimitri suddenly said, making me look at him in surprise.

“What?” I asked.

“I have feelings for you, Valkyrie….” Dimitri said as his golden eyes met mine. But, unfortunately, his eyes were full of pain. “I…”

I stayed quiet, just listening to him.

“I… Now that I think about it,” Dimitri said as he laughed, “I was the only stupid one?”

I frowned at his behavior.

“I’m the only stupid one to have these feelings. Do you have any idea how much I love you?” Dimitri said, raising his voice, “DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU?”

Closing my eyes, I flinch at his words.

“I love you… and you don’t….” Dimitri whispered, laughing. “How stupid am I?”

I had no words. My chest hurt as I watched him.

“Tell me, have I been so bad that you have not even a bit of feeling for me? Have I been a toy for you?” Dimitri asks.

“A toy?” I repeat, “Wasn’t I just a toy for you?”

Dimitri scoffed and shook his head in disbelief.

“I know I wasn’t the best Valkyrie. I know I have a fucking issue with my temper, and I sometimes get angry easily. But I never thought of you as a toy,” Dimitri said, chuckling, “I’ve never even thought of you as something else. All I ever thought was making you my queen.”

There it was again, queen. The exact phrase he always tells me.

“You only see me as your queen,” I utter, “So what about me? Have you thought about how I felt? Did you even think for a second that maybe I was afraid of certain things?”

I don’t know what got into me, but I snapped at him.

“Did you even ask me if it was all right we had a relationship? But, because you know I feared you and me, I still do,” I mumble the last words.

“Feared me? What are you even talking about?” Dimitri asked, “Is it because of how I acted towards you? Was it that?”

I lowered my head and thought about his question. Is that? Or was it that I was afraid of my feelings?

“Answer me, Valkyrie!” Dimitri snapped, grabbing my arm. “Have you always feared me because I’m a monster?”

I glare at him. He was no monster. For me, he never was a monster.

“No,” I said, staring intently at him, “I’ve never seen you like that.”

“Then why? Tell me, Valkyrie, why can’t you love me as I do?” Dimitri said dejectedly.

I had no answer to his question.

“ANSWER ME DAMN IT!” Dimitri growled as he yanked my arms. I yelped as he pulled me. “I want to hear a fucking answer now!”

“I have none!” I said honestly, “I have none….”

Pushing me away from him, I trip on the fur and fall, hitting my back on the ground. I groan and glare at him.

“Why did you do that?” I snap angrily.

“Because it seems you want me to treat you like this,” Dimitri spit, “You have no feelings. So why care than about how I treat you? Just let me give you a real answer to your unanswered questions.”

I stared in shock at Dimitri.

His face contorted as his beast appeared. Scales moved across his body. What was happening to him?

Feeling a dangerous aura coming from him, I started backing away. Then, holding the fur to cover my body, I backed away.

“D-Dimitri?” I utter nervously. Taking long steps, Dimitri reaches for my hair and pulls it. I try to suppress a scream.

“How about we play? Like you play with my feelings?” Dimitri spat. I flinched as he gripped my hair harder. Then, pulling me, I stand up, groaning in pain.

“Let go!” I snap at him.

Dimitri started dragging me towards the bath. I struggle as I try to lose his grip. I needed something to defend myself.

“Dimitri, listen to me,” I begged, but it was in vain. He just growled back at me.

Stepping into the bath, I wave my hand. The steam of the hot spring was bothersome. I couldn’t see clearly where he was taking me.

“DIMITRI!” I snap as I grab a goblet that was on the side and hit him with it.

The goblet scratches his face as he groans and loses his grip. I backed away and tried to run, but Dimitri grabbed my arm and pulled me.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Dimitri hissed as I watched his wound heal.

Pulling me hard, Dimitri suddenly throws me against the wall of rocks. I felt a sharp pain in my back. Grabbing me from the face, he lifts my chin. I started feeling the pain move to my lower abdomen.

My mind tried to ignore the sharp pain.

“I should treat you like what you are!” Dimitri said, leaning to my face.

Feeling the sharp pain again, I cry out. My mind finally realized what was happening—the baby.

“Dimitri, let go, please,” I said, reaching my hand and grabbing his arm. The pain in my lower abdomen was becoming unbearable.

“Stop struggling!” Dimitri said, smirking.

“Please let go!” I said, begging him as tears started sliding down my face. “I’m begging you, just let me go right now.”

Feeling my heart race. I cry louder. Something started sliding down my legs as I dug my nails into Dimitri’s arm.

“I said stop moving!” Dimitri growled.

My instincts and fear started striking me. Unable to hold in pain, I scream. I was calling for the first name that came to mind, Zar.

I screamed his name as I yelled. Then, hearing Zar’s worried voice and Mia was running behind him. I ask Dimitri to let go.

“B-Baby, b-baby… p-please,” I mumble between sobs.

A confused look passed over Dimitri’s face.

“Fucking let her go!” Zar said, pushing him hard.

I slid down the wall. I was grabbing my belly. Zar crouched down and started checking on me.

“You fucker, what have you done!” Zar snapped at him furiously.

Dimitri looked at us, confused.

“Zar, the b-baby!” I stutter nervously.

“You will be ok,” Zar said.

“Let her go, you bastard!” Dimitri snapped angrily.

“What’s wrong with you?” Zar said, punching him hard. “Can’t you see what you did?”

Dimitri looked at my trembling body. I cried as I felt a pain in my back.

“Oh, my goddess!” Mia said as she kneeled by my side and gasped.

Lifting my hands, I look down and find blood. I gasp loudly as I cover my mouth.

“Valkyrie!” Mia said, shocked, “This….”

“Called Michael,” Zar ordered her, “Now.”

Nodding quickly, Mia rushed out of the bath. Carrying me in his arms, Zar takes me back to the room.

“You better pray that both of them are fine,” Zar said, gritting his teeth.

“Both?” Dimitri said, stopping Zar, “What are you talking about?”

I had my eyes closed. My body is in a fetal position as I concentrate on the pain.

“Yes, Valkyrie and your baby,” Zar said as he walked out of the bath.

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