Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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56. I bow for Forgiveness

Valkyrie POV

I was grabbing my belly. Then, I hear the chamber door barge loudly.

I was crying hard as Zar hugged me.

“What happened?” Michael asked, stunned as he noticed the blood between my thighs.

“Valkyrie is pregnant. Check on her!” Zar implored.

“What?” Michael mumbled but stopped. The baby was a priority. “Let me check on you, Valkyrie,” he said as he moved the bedsheets from my body.

When Zar brought me to bed, he grabbed the bedsheets and covered me.

I cringe as Michael moves his hand to my abdomen and starts making pressure. Sweat dripped from my face as I pant.

“Fuck!” Michael cursed loudly. Calling Mia over, I hear him whisper something. But I couldn’t pay attention. The pain was too much, so I started feeling weak.

“You’re a healer, right?” Michael asked Zar.

“Yes?” Zar frowned, “Need a hand?”

Nodding, Zar lets go of me and lays me down. I groaned softly as I kept my eyes closed.

Michael and Zar exchanged some words. But I ignored them. Opening my eyes slowly, I see a shadowy figure in the corner of the room. Adjusting my head to the side, I see Dimitri. He looked confused, shocked, even pale.

Panting, I see black dots.

“Valkyrie?” I heard Zar call. He softly caressed my cheek as my eyes drooped, “Valkyrie listened to me,” he said, calling my name.

“Yes?” I mumble softly.

“I need you to bend your knees. I need to check on you,” Zar said as I nodded softly.

Feeling him hold my legs, I close my eyes. My breathing became shallow.

Hearing some rattling, I open my eyes. Mia was carrying some stuff with another woman. I tried to ask who it was, but I had no strength. All I saw afterward was Michael dragging Dimitri out of the room.

Moving my hands, I feel my surroundings. Softly, I open my eyes. I had to wait for my eyes to adjust. As I look to the side, I find Zar sleeping next to me. His hand was on my belly. I smiled as I tried to move. But stayed that way and did not wake him up.

Moving my eyes towards the balcony, I notice it’s morning.

“You awake?” I heard Zar say as he cleared his throat.

“Hm,” I hum, feeling my throat dry. Then, moving slightly, I feel a slight pressure on my belly.

“Don’t move,” Zar ordered. I looked up at him. He had a smile on his face. Why did he look so tired?

Not saying anything, we stayed quiet. Finally, I closed my eyes again and leaned my head on his chest.

“What happened?” I asked after some seconds. Zar stayed quiet. Gulping, I bit my lip. My hands started trembling as I reached for his. Zar just gripped my hand and, with his finger, started making small circles.

“Zar?” I called. “Did…”

I choked as I tried to finish the question.

“The three of you are fine,” Zar mumbled. I look up at him.

“Why are you so quiet then?” I asked worriedly. Zar’s eyes went wide, and then he started chuckling.

“It seems you didn’t hear me, did you?” Zar said, chuckling.

“Hear what?” I asked, confused.

“Relax, you can’t get stressed,” Zar said, leaning and kissing my forehead, “You and the twins are safe. It’s just that you can’t move for now.”

What did he just say?

I looked at Zar, stunned. My beating heart started pumping blood like crazy as my mind repeated the word. Twins?

“Yes, Valkyrie, you are having twins,” Zar said laughing, “It seems that both babies are strong.”

“But… the blood, what happened then?” It confused me. Moving a bit, I felt a pain in my lower abdomen.

“Don’t!” Zar retorted, “You can’t move. When I say don’t move, I mean it.”

I nodded and obediently stayed still.

“Because of the incident with Dimitri. You got hurt. There’s an enormous bruise on your back, and you almost miscarriage. Thankfully, the midwife that lives here in the palace, who is also a witch, helped. Both babies are strong, so that also helped. After all, you are carrying royal blood in you,” Zar explained, “But you will need to rest and stay in bed for at least two weeks.”

“What?” I said, surprised, “T-Two weeks?”

“Yes, you need to, and,” Zar said as his eyes drifted to our hands, “I need to stay with you.”

I frowned as I gave him a questioning look.

Sighing, Zar smiles. He looked tired. His hair was in a mess, and he had bags under his eyes.

“It seems we have an affinity. I mean, both of us share a special bond,” Zar said. I frowned and crooked my head.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling frustrated.

“The witch whose name, by the way, is Calandra. Saw our marks. She immediately asked me what our relationship was. I explained what we were, but she looked skeptical of my answer. After that, she said that we shared a bond. As tamers, we could heal each other, and she said that somehow my healing powers helped you. So keeping the pain away and help the babies. I have to stay next to you like this.” Zar said, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

“Really?” I murmur, looking away.

What the witch said made a bit of sense. I felt this warmth coming from Zar, and it was comforting. But right now, something else was bothering me.

“D-Dimitri…” I utter as I move my hand away from Zar’s grip.

“He… has been outside Valkyrie,” Zar mumbled with a sigh, “The poor man has been outside of your door for the last five days.”

“Five days?” I exclaimed.

I looked at Zar in shock as I heard the chamber doors open.

“You’re finally awake!” Dimitri said as I turned and looked at him. Falling on his knees, he holds his face and sighs in relief. Michael crouched next to him and whispered something that I missed.

Mia, Damian, and Leo walked in. Damian practically ran up to me and kneeled beside the bed. Then, holding my hand, he brings it to his lips and kisses it. I smiled warmly.

“You had me worried,” Damian mumbled as he leaned his face in my hand.

“So sorry…” I mutter, smiling.

Taking a peek between his lashes, he smiles wryly.

“I already beat the hell out of him,” Damian grumbles as he glances toward Dimitri. Dimitri still was on his knees. Then, lifting his face, he smiles sadly.

Averting my eyes, I smiled wryly and looked at Leo, smiling with his arms crossed, and Mia, who just sighed.

“We should get her something to eat,” Zar said as he removed his hand, “You need to stay like this. Then, I will call the midwife.”

“I already did,” Damian said, standing up, “She’s on her way.”

Nodding, Zar looks at me one last time.

“You should be fine for an hour. After that, we will get you some food, and then I will come back, ok?” Zar said, smiling sweetly.

“Yes, and thank you,” I whispered as I watched him and Mia walks out.

Leo and Damian just stared at Dimitri.

“How do you feel?” Michael suddenly said as he took a seat near my feet.

“Sore and tired?” I said, coughing. My throat felt dry.

“I will get you some water,” Leo said.

“Listen, you were lucky nothing happened. Now that you know about the babies. Which I know Zar told you, you will need to be more careful than ever. Do you hear me?” Michael said, sounding more like a father than a healer.

“Yes,” I said, smiling.

“You better be my queen,” a sweet voice said. I turned slowly and found a woman with black raven hair and gray eyes walking into my room. She smiled kindly at me as she pushed Michael away.

Taking a seat, she moves her hand and puts it over my belly. I watched in awe as her eyes turned almost white and a small white light emitted from her hands after seconds of silence. Then, her eyes returned to normal, and she smiled at me.

“You will be fine, and the babies are good. It is because the blood was just a small warning and because this asshole here can’t treat a woman,” the witch Calandra hissed.

I looked at her in utter shock. So baffled by the way she talked to Dimitri.

“Don’t worry, she’s an old acquaintance,” Damian said in my mind. I nodded and turned my attention back to her.

“As you are aware. You will need to rest for at least two weeks,” Calandra said, “I noticed you guys share the same tamer’s mark. Have you any idea why?”

“No?” I said, frowning, “I don’t know. This is all new to me.”

“I see,” Calandra said as she frowned. Her eyes moved to my chest. “I will check on that and let you know.”

I smiled at her.

“Now,” Calandra suddenly said as she glared at Dimitri, “I think you both need to talk, but before I leave you two alone, I want to ask you something.”

“Yes?” I said. I had a feeling that I already knew what she was going to ask.

“Why did you hide it?” Calandra asked as I felt everyone’s eyes on me, “Tell me, child. Why hide this?”

Calandra moved her hand all over my belly as she looked at me worriedly.

I bit my lip and moved my hands to my belly. Covering it, I sigh.

“I… I was afraid,” I mutter softly, “I’m not ready.”

“I see,” Calandra said, humming. Her eyes looked directly into mine. “Despite that, why not tell him?”

I looked at Dimitri. He averted his eyes.

“I… this was too sudden. I’m not ready at all. I don’t even know what I feel for him,” I said, closing my eyes and gritting my teeth.

“Fine,” Calandra said, grabbing my hand that I was fisting unconsciously. “Just breathe. Try not to stress. We shall give you some space.”

With that said, Calandra let go and stood up. Taking Damian and dragging Leo away, I watch as the doors shut. Leaning my head, I close my eyes. This was uncomfortable.

Feeling the bed move. I open my eyes and find Dimitri all dejected, sitting next to me. I just stared at him, bags under his eyes. His hair was a complete mess, and he was shirtless. I could see he hadn’t been sleeping.

My eyes wander all over his body as I watch him quietly.

“I’m sorry,” Dimitri mumbled.

I just stared at him—thin lips and with no emotions.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Dimitri mumbled, reaching for my hand. His calloused fingers softly caress my thin hands. I watched his movements.

I let him do as he pleased. Then, looking away, I turn my head and look outside. A soft wind moved the drapes.

“Valkyrie, please say something,” Dimitri murmured. I just glance sideways. “I… why didn’t you tell me?”

I stared at him, moving my head toward him.

“Tell you?” I said, annoyed, “Didn’t you hear what I told the witch? I said I’m not ready, for fuck’s sake. I don’t even know what a mother’s love or care is, and you are expecting me; who is a slave taking care of a baby?”

I felt a slight pain as I almost shouted back at Dimitri.

“You think I’m not afraid?” Dimitri mumbled as his hand stopped moving, “You know I almost felt like dying when I realized I hurt you and that I could lose the babies? I have feelings, Valkyrie?”

I felt tears threatening as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“I’m afraid also….” Dimitri mumbled, “Afraid to lose you, afraid of the feelings I have for you, to lose our babies. I’m afraid of being a father, Valkyrie,” he said, laughing. Dimitri leaned his head between his legs. “I’m not perfect, but I am sure of something. And that is that I love you.”

His words made my heart skip a beat. The way he was looking at me as he said that made me feel that tug.

“You know when we had sex the last time and the time before that I wanted to confess to you?” Dimitri said, smiling sadly.” Every time I looked into your eyes and saw you looking at me warmly. I had this need to tell you that I love you, but now I’m even afraid to say to you. It’s stupid, right?”

I stayed quiet. We were listening to him.

“When I realized my feelings for you, I wanted to tell you so badly at the moment that it even troubled me because I felt confused. You remember when we had sex, and then I left for the bath? And you asked me what was wrong?” Dimitri asked. I nodded as I frowned.

So that was what was bothering him?

“That time, I felt conflicted. I was confused about what I felt, but I realized that those were my actual feelings for you after talking with Michael. But now I wonder,” Dimitri mumbled, “I wonder if my love would be enough to ask you to please Valkyrie, just please give me a chance. I won’t disappoint you, so I beg you.” Standing up, I see Dimitri walk all the way around and suddenly kneel. Surprised, I tried to sit up.

“What are you doing?” I said, plopping my body weight in my arms.

Dimitri had his hands to his side. His head bowed, and his shoulders slouched.

“I’m begging you today to please give me a chance. I don’t care if I have to bow, but all I’m asking is for you to let me love you. Just say what you think. If you don’t love me or want anything to do with me, at least let me be next to you for the babies,” Dimitri said, fisting his hands. His golden eyes gleamed with hope.

Inhaling sharply, I felt my chest constrict. Then, feeling something warm down my right cheek, I reach for it.

Dabbing my face, I feel tears. Why was I crying?

“I know you suffered, and I know you fear many things. Because you never had the best life. All you ever knew was how to suffer. Know pain. But allow me to be your strength, your hope. Let me take care of you, of our children. All I’m asking is for a chance,” Dimitri said as he leaned his head near my belly. Reaching for my body, he softly caresses near my lower abdomen. “Give me who has always yearned for you a bit of hope. Allow me to be the only one in your heart. Let me take off the crown. Just let me be the love of your life. Because my feelings for you are so strong that I would stop being king just to make you look at me and tell me you love me the same way I do.”

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