Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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57. A Sad Heart & Mind

Dimitri POV

Finding out that Valkyrie felt nothing at all for me hurt like nothing else I have felt before. Her words pierced my heart, making my mind go numb. I just couldn’t believe her. Her venomous words cut through my heart as she repeated.

But I know I should have never touched her. I know my temper was a problem. This anger that I have accumulated in my heart all these years was becoming harder to control.

Anything will make me mad, and anything will make me react. And hearing her made me raise a hand to her.

Never did I expect that she was in danger. All I wanted was to teach her a lesson. I showed her how much it hurts. But now, seeing the blood between her legs has my heart beating like crazy.

Zar glared at me angrily. It infuriated me seeing him like that.

He didn’t have the right to touch her. But once the word baby left his mouth, my anger disappeared, and fear crept instead.

Following him back to the room, I stayed stunned. Valkyrie was screaming as she grabbed her belly.

In a split second, Michael and everyone else arrived. I stayed frozen in a corner. Valkyrie turned and looked at me. Seeing her pale face made me cringe in guilt.

Watching Mia leave again and return with a midwife in five minutes, I knew all this was real. I wanted to help, to say something, but I couldn’t move. Feeling someone next to me, I glance at him. Michael was frowning and mumbling something that I couldn’t hear. Feeling him dragged me out, I turned around to look one last time before the doors closed.

I sat in the corner of the hallway. Leo, Michael, were talking near a window. Hanging my head between my legs, I pull my hair in desperation. Neither the midwife nor Mia had come out. Instead, I could hear Zar’s voice as time passed by.

How long I have been on the floor, I don’t know. Michael would sometimes walk into her chambers and then come out sighing loudly. I tried several times to ask him, but all he did was glare at me angrily. Damian was nowhere around. And I wonder why he wasn’t here.

He must know what happened.

Another hour passed by, and I had my head leaned against the wall. Hearing footsteps, I open my eyes. It was Damian, and he was with Jordan and two other men. Standing up, I dust my pants. As I take a step, a punch meets my face. I stumble backward, falling to the ground. Taken by surprise, I try to react but then another punch meets my face again.

“You fucking bastard!” Damian growled as he punched me. After four more punches, he stopped. Wheezing angrily, he stood up and kicked my legs. “You don’t deserve her!”

I flinched at his words. Then, having no strength to fight back, I just spit to the side.

“Enough, Damian,” Michael said, intervening. I lifted my head to find a hand.

Grabbing it, Michael pulls me up.

“I do not hear that,” Michael said, turning around.

“How could you?” Damian growled as his nostrils flared, “She’s a woman, your fucking mate Dimitri!”

“Damian,” Leo said this time.

I know what he was saying was true. Valkyrie was my mate, not some other woman I have fuck. Spitting again, I move to the window. Sighing, I cleaned the blood that dripped from my nose.

Deciding to sit, the door to the chambers suddenly opened. Everyone turns their heads and watches the midwife come out. At first, I didn’t notice it, but now that I saw the woman, I realized who it was.

“Calandra?” I murmur.

“Shut up, Dimitri!” Calandra hissed as her eyes glowed. “You know what you could have caused?”

I lowered my head in embarrassment.

“You are lucky the three of them are fine. Even though she was hurt badly, the babies are fine.” Calandra explained.

“Babies?” I said, shocked, “What babies?”

“You didn’t know the queen was pregnant with twins?” Calandra said, scowling.

“I…” I stayed quiet, realizing that Valkyrie kept it from me.

Hearing Calandra sigh, she turns to Michael and lets him know that Zar is with her.

“Why is Zar with her?” Damian asked curiously.

“Believe it or not, it’s thanks to him that the queen didn’t lose the babies. He has healing powers, and he has an affinity with Valkyrie,” Calandra explained.

“Affinity?” I said, confused.

“Yes, you know they share the same tamer’s mark, right?” Calandra said.

Feeling shocked, I laugh.

“What are you even talking about?” I asked, chuckling.

Calandra furrowed her eyebrows. Her face said she was serious.

“I knew they share the same mark,” Damian suddenly said. I look at him.

“You what?” I mumble.

“I knew about it. Remember when I interrogated Zar? Well, I knew Michael and Leo too,” Damian said.

How was it they knew more about what was happening around Valkyrie than what I knew of her?

I felt so out of her life that it pained me. Was I neglecting her so much, or was I not paying her too much attention.

“I can’t believe you call yourself her mate,” Calandra said, shaking her head, “Could you guys leave us, please?” she said. Michael excused himself and walked into Valkyrie’s chambers. Damian and Leo left with everyone else.

I stayed near the window. The sun has already set down.

“Tell me, why do you think she didn’t tell you?” Calandra asked. I had no answers to her question. “Did you know Prince Zar found out she was pregnant? Not even Michael knew. Which is strange because he’s a healer? He should know. But somehow, only Prince Zar could know.”

I looked at her. Calandra had her arms crossed.

“Valkyrie has a month of pregnancy. Because she’s carrying dragon blood, her pregnancy will be well developed. Not only because she is a hybrid, but because your blood is one of a kind. So her belly should be visible in two to three months,” Calandra explained, “Now she would need to rest for at least two weeks, and Prince Zar will be the one next to her, not you.”

“What? why?” I retorted.

“Because Dimitri, his healing powers ease her pain and help her,” Calandra said, frowning, “There’s something more to it.”

“More about Zar?” I asked.

“Not only him, but the queen. But that’s not our priority. What we need to be checking is her. And you asshole need to change,” Calandra said, slapping my head, “If you love her, then tell her and stop getting angry. You won’t last long.”

“But… but she doesn’t love me,” I whispered dejectedly.

Calandra looked over her shoulder. Her hair covered her face.

“How do you know?” Calandra asked.

“Because that was the reason the fight started,” I mumble, “She said she didn’t feel anything for me.”

Feeling a hand on my shoulder, I raise my head.

“Maybe she isn’t aware of her feelings. I heard she was a slave, right?” Calandra asked. Nodding, I sigh. “Well, why don’t you confess to her? Tell her how you feel, Dimitri. Someone like you who has yearned for a mate should be honest. And change that stupid attitude on the way.”

I smiled as I thanked her. Then, smiling back, Calandra excuses herself. I stayed on the same spot, watching outside the forest. Winter was coming, and the trees would soon be covered in snow.

Feeling a light push on my head, I groan and lookup. Finally, rubbing my eyes, I find Mia with a fur coat.

“Here, my king,” Mia said, helping me.

“Thank you,” I mumble, “What time is it?”

“It’s dawn,” Mia said, “Valkyrie is still unconscious.”

I tense at her words. So far, Valkyrie was still unconscious. Zar hadn’t moved more than twenty minutes from her side. I went into the chambers twice, and the second time, Calandra asked me to leave. I know I couldn’t do anything, but I at least wished to be by her side.

Sitting on the wooden chair, Mia offers me some soup. Thanking her, I stayed watching the sunrise.

The second and third days were the same. Valkyrie didn’t wake up, and I didn’t move. I stayed outside her doors. I was waiting for her to wake up.

Damian and Michael came several times to ask me to go and have some rest, but I didn’t want to. All I wanted was to stay by her doors.

On the fourth day, Zar walked out. He looked tired. Noticing me, he looked down and scoffed.

“I don’t intend to disrespect you, but you don’t deserve her,” Zar spit, “You should have never met her.”

“And who would be best, you?” I snap at him.

“No,” Zar answered, “Your brother.”

I looked at him with a scowl forming on my face.

“Damian doesn’t know a shit,” I said, annoyed.

“He may not, but his feelings and love towards Valkyrie are real,” Zar said, walking away, “At least he wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her.”

Growling, I threw the armchair that was next to me. Breaking into pieces as it bounced off the wall.

As nighttime came, I sat on the window ledge, looking outside. Then, finally, Calandra walked towards me with something.

“Here, have this,” Calandra said as she handed me some cookies.

“You baked them?” I asked tiredly.

“Who else then?” Calandra answered as she ate one of the cookies, “Go have a rest, Dimitri. You will get old and wrinkly.”

I rolled my eyes and just watched her disappear back into Valkyrie’s chambers.

By the fifth day, I had my eyes closed. I was trying to get my mind to rest. But I started hearing some noise. As I lift my head, I listen to a voice I had been yearning to hear. Getting up, I ran into the room. Valkyrie and Zar looked my way. Feeling relief all over my body, I dropped to my knees. Michael crouched next to me and asked me to take it easy. Damian and everyone else walked in and headed towards her.

I watch painfully as Damian runs to her and kisses her hand. The relief and smile he was giving her made me feel jealous. Zar’s words were correct. Damian loved Valkyrie, and she looked at him like she had feelings for him.

I barely get Valkyrie to smile at me.

Feeling dejected, I gave it a try to confess to her. As I stand, Calandra passes by. Taking a seat and checked on Valkyrie. I looked at her face; she looked tired, in pain. It was all my fault.

Calandra asked everyone to leave us. I thank her with a smile as everyone leaves. Walking up to her, I take a seat carefully. Valkyrie would look at me, but I couldn’t understand or read her face. My heart was beating so fast I could hear the pressure in my ears.

Taking a deep breath, I started telling her how I felt. Why it hurt, why I was mad, why didn’t she feel the same? All of it was something I wanted to know. But she didn’t have an answer, and it hurt.

As I kept talking, I finally decided to do what I had to do and kneeled to beg her to give me a chance. I was giving her everything so she could believe me.

Someone like me who was a king. A dragon felt fear. Fear to be left alone, be rejected. I let all my feelings out, and I told her I loved her. I wait for her to answer back. I kept my eyes on her, but Valkyrie just blinked.

Leaning my head carefully on her body, I reach for her belly. As a beast, I had a better hearing. So If I got closer, I could hear two faint hearts beating.

Smiling sadly, I slide my hand over and rub. Valkyrie still didn’t utter a single word, and it was worrying me. Finally, hearing a small sigh, I look at her eyes. She shakes her head and asks me to get up. Doing as she asks, I keep my hands in my pockets. I was nervous, and my hands trembled in fear.

“I’m sorry,” Valkyrie muttered. Hearing her say that made me grip the insides of my trousers. “I’m sorry, but I can’t….”

Feeling my breathing get caught in my throat, I nod. I was speechless.

“Just let me think about it; I feel confused,” Valkyrie continued. I felt my chest hurt,


Glancing at her, I saw her eyes go wide. I didn’t understand why, but I moved my hand to wipe it when I felt something slide down my face. Surprised, I stare at my hand. Was that a tear?

“Dimitri?” Valkyrie said as she got up. Scared, I move and stop her. She couldn’t move.

“No, Valkyrie,” I said, stopping her.

Valkyrie just stared at me. Her face was in pain as she looked at me. I could see she wanted to cry.

“Shh, it’s ok,” I said shockingly in my own words, “I-I understand.”

Trembling hands reached for my face. Valkyrie cleaned the tears that slid down my face. Why was I crying? What was wrong with me?

“Don’t Valkyrie,” I whispered, grabbing her hand and stopping her. I didn’t want her pity or her pain. Moving her hands away, I smiled back at her. I needed to leave.

Standing up, I turned my face away from her. I couldn’t continue looking at her as I started walking away. I hear movement. Something fell. Scared, I turn around. Valkyrie was on her knees next to bed.

“What are you doing?” I said, running up to her and grabbing her. Valkyrie was wincing in pain as her hand covered her belly.

“Please,” Valkyrie breathed. The chamber doors opened, and Calandra and Zar with Mia ran up to us.

“What are you doing?” Calandra retorted.

“It’s me. I got up,” Valkyrie said.

“My queen, you can’t get up,” Calandra said worriedly, her eyes drifting down to her legs.

Reaching for her, Zar puts his hands under her body and carefully lifts her.

Gasping in pain, Valkyrie grips Zar’s arm tightly. Her hands are making pressure as he lays her down. Then, carefully, Zar let go, making the bed sheets that cover her body slide down. My eyes almost fell from their sockets as I saw her back.

An enormous purple bruise spread across her lower back, up to her left shoulder blade. I wasn’t aware that the bruise was that serious.

“It was the rocks. A sharp rock hit her back,” Michael explained as he stood next to me. Calandra was cursing under her breath as Zar lay next to her. His hand immediately moved to her belly.

“I see,” I said, turning around. As I reached for the door, I heard Calandra arguing.

“Wait, Dimitri,” Valkyrie said as she crawled halfway on the bed. Zar had his hold on her. Slight sweat formed on her forehead. “Just let me, please let me understand my feelings for you, just that.”

Nodding, I turn away and close the door.

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