Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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4. The Slaves shuddering Heart

Valkyrie POV

The moment he brought me to his palace, I knew I had sealed my fate. It scared me, knowing that this beast could kill me at any moment. Looking at them, anyone would think they are normal humans except for the god-like physique they had. They were tall and broad, eyes with unique colors.

Everyone looked at me with curiosity as I sat at the dining table in the palace. The dragon called Damian came to look for me early in the morning, as the servants helped me change. The other person whose name I didn’t recall was nowhere around. Finally, I woke up alone in a bed, just covered by fur.

I played with the fork in my hands as I felt everyone’s gaze on me. I wanted to shrink and disappear.

“Stop staring at her!” Damian said with a growl, making everyone look away instantly. “Apologies, they are just curious. Even I am.” Damian said, leaning on the table and taking a bite of his apple.

“W-what do you want to know?” I asked.

“Well, it’s about your eyes,” Damian said with a smile. His white teeth glimmer under the sun.

“They’re nothing special,” I mumble.

“What? How can that be? You have two different eyes. One is blue like the morning sky after a rain, and the other is hazel with a glint of gold. It even looks alive.” Damian said with excitement.

I had never heard someone mention my eyes with so much detail. Blushing lightly, I avert my eyes and whisper a thank you.

“Now, tell me, whom did you get those eyes?” Damian asked, making the others look at me with curious eyes.

Damian was seated at the head of the table. No one seemed to care, but it made me intrigued, knowing the other dragon was the king.

“I… I…” I tried to answer, but the dining room doors suddenly opened, and he walked in. He was wearing black combat boots and black pants that hang low on his waist, showing that perfect v line and bare chest. His eyes immediately met mine.

I inhaled when he looked at me. I could see the same reaction in him. Then, moving his eyes away, he walks over, and Damian stands up with a bow.

“Everyone stay seated,” the king said as he took a seat. “How’s everything?” he asked, looking my way.

“G-Good,” I mutter as I look at my half touched plate.

It made me uncomfortable being with strangers. The only thing I knew about them was that they were dragons. Beast that could crush me in mere seconds. Biting my lip, I looked out the open windows that showed you the mountains and forests. The dining room, or the feast hall, was an enormous dome-like structure similar to the king’s chambers but vaster. Massive golden pillars with swirls over the walls. At the very top, a gigantic chandelier hangs, glowing slightly as the sun hits directly on its prism rocks. The floor was pure volcanic rocks, and the table we sat on was of pure gold.

I noticed that they used much gold in this place. I knew little about dragons, so all this was new for me.

“I shall show you around the palace, dear mate,” the king said, making me turn my face and look at him.

Nodding, I continue eating.


Once done, the dragon king grabbed my hand and guided me to different parts of the palace. It still shocked me, knowing that he didn’t get hurt by my touch. It was the first time I felt relief.

“This place is enormous, so make sure you memorize it,” the king said.

“May I ask something?” I said, sounding nervous.

The king stopped and turned around slightly. His eyes were glimmering with curiosity.

“Go ahead,” the king said.

“Your name,” I mumble as I bit my lip, “What is your name?”

The king stood quietly for some minutes. A small crease on his forehead as he studies me.

“Dimitri,” the king whispered. Raising my head, I repeat his name. He was rolling perfectly on my tongue.

“Say it!” Dimitri ordered as he pulled me closer to him.

“W-What?” I stutter.

“Repeat my name,” Dimitri said eagerly.

“Dimitri?” I said as we locked eyes.

There it was again. That pull. Why was it so strange?

The slight pull that I felt for this man was something I was craving. My body desires it, like a ray of hope. Reaching for my chest, I try to breathe.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri mumbles.

Looking at him through my lashes, I see he is way too close to my face. Gulping, I push him away. Dimitri’s face turned serious. Then, without a word, he turned and asked me to follow him.

A couple of hours later, he finally showed me the palace. My feet hurt for all the walking, and my thigh was throbbing slightly.

“Come,” Dimitri said as he suddenly lifted me.

“Put me down!” I said, struggling in his arms.

“Stay still, or I will drop you,” Dimitri said, making me stay still, “Your thigh needs rest so that I will take you back.”

Obediently, I nod and let him do as he pleased. Then, reaching his chambers, he lays me on the bed and turns to leave but stops before closing the door.

“Don’t go anywhere; I will come and get you for dinner,” Dimitri said and closed the doors.

They left me all alone. The enormous chamber makes me feel small. Finally, deciding to rest, I laid down and looked at the open balcony. The drapes sway as the cool breeze comes into the chambers. Slowly I doze off, finally feeling the tiredness and stress take over.

“Follow it…” a voice whispered. Moving on the bed, I grab ahold of a soft pillow. “Follow it…” the voice repeated. Did I imagine things? Confused, I tried to wake up, but I couldn’t. My body didn’t move. “Valkyrie, follow it…” the voice repeated, but this time with anger. Feeling two icy hands on my neck, I suddenly open my eyes and sit up on the bed.

Looking frantically around, I notice I’m alone—the chamber in complete darkness. Reaching for my chest, I pant strongly. I had a nightmare, and it felt natural. I never had a nightmare, not even after all this time. All the torture and death none had given me a nightmare, so why now?

Moving to the edge of the bed, I sat. The floor was cold under my feet. Feeling the sweat on my forehead, I clean it and breathe some fresh air. Walking towards the balcony, I move the drape and notice someone standing with a goblet of wine in its hand. He sat on the rail of the balcony, staring into the sky. I didn’t dare to move. The feeling of intruding makes me restless.

Feeling me, he turns his head and looks back at me. I stood behind the white see-through drape. A silence that wasn’t uncomfortable. The moonlight was casting its light on his face. Dimitri looked sad, and somehow a slight tightness formed on my chest. Deciding to leave him alone, I turn but feel his grip on my wrist.

Surprised that he moved fast, I looked at him. His golden eyes glimmer under the moonlight. It was entrancing. Something got into me when I lifted my hand and caressed his face. I couldn’t control my urge and needed to be closer to him. Dimitri leans his face to my touch. Closing his eyes, he breathes in.

I wanted him.

I needed to have my arms around him, feel his warmth. So I moved and got closer until our bodies were touching.

He didn’t say a word, but his eyes had different emotions. He was struggling with himself. Feeling that I was crossing the line, I backed away, but Dimitri caught my hand in his.

“Please don’t,” Dimitri whispered.

Doing as he asked, I moved closer. His arm around my waist, pulling me closer than what we already were. Confused by this feeling, I look at his chest. A faint scar on his left pectoral caught my attention.

“A scar?” I whispered.

“That? Yes,” Dimitri said as he stared at my hand on his chest. “Valkyrie?” Dimitri mumbles.

“Yes?” I hummed as my eyes looked at his body.

“We need to talk,” Dimitri said, making me look at him, “There is something I need to make clear. And you need to know what we are because I can see you are unaware of everything,” Dimitri implied, making me blush.

He was right; I didn’t know about dragons. Never in my life, I expected to meet a dragon.

“Fine,” I said, letting go.

Turning, I walked back. I missed Dimitri’s touch already. Confused, I shake my head. What was wrong with me?

Turning the lights on, I sit on the bed, and Dimitri sits next to me. Unable to say something, I play with my fingers. A habit I got when I knew they would punish me.

“Do you know what we are?” Dimitri asked.

“Yes,” I mumble, “You are dragons?”

“Indeed, and do you know what this place is?” Dimitri asked again as he looked at me. His gaze made me uncomfortable.

“Hmm, your home?” I said nervously.

“This is my home but is also a dragon’s den. This is Mount Errigal, where the dragons of Errigal leave,” Dimitri explains, making me turn in shock.

“How many dragons live here?” I asked curiously.

“Hmm,” Dimitri said with his hand on his chin, “280?”

Eyes wide, I back away. Two hundred eighty dragons lived in this place, and I was all alone?

“But mages and sorcerers and some humans leave also,” Dimitri explained as he noticed my fear, “Look, now this is your home. You belong with us, with me. It may be too sudden and confusing for you, but I’ve been waiting for you.” Dimitri said as his hand reached for my face.

Moving away from his touch, I stand up and back away. My body shakes nervously.

“Y-You said I was your m-mate, right?” I asked as I grabbed the hem of my dress.

“Yes, my mate and my queen,” Dimitri said as his eyes looked at me. He had a frown, and he looked confused. “Not only that, but you are the person who will rule next to me. So don’t be afraid of me.”

How could I not be afraid of him? He was a monster, someone who could kill me at any moment. It confused me. Some moments I felt an attraction to him, others I feared him.

“Will you hurt me?” I snap, feeling a small anger building in me.

“Hurt you?” Dimitri asked, surprised, “Why would I?”

“Because you said you’re a dragon, and I’m a slave,” I said too quickly, my back against the wall. Then, looking at my hands, I notice my knuckles turning white.

“Valkyrie, I will never hurt you,” Dimitri whispered, taking me by surprise, “How can I when you are my mate?”

Raising my head, I stop breathing and look at him.

“What do you mean by mate? You’ve been mentioning that, and it’s confusing,” I said as I tried to think clearly, but my mind was a mess.

Dimitri slowly stood up and walked until he was in front of me. Lifting my chin, he looks down at me, his hair falling over like a cascade.

“It means you are my woman, the person whom I will fuck and create an heir,” Dimitri spat, making my cheeks burn in embarrassment.

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