Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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59. Royals Under Threat

Rustling sounds as the couple runs away. Their footsteps are heavy as they hurry.

Hearing voices behind, they decide to separate. They had a plan to lure them and then kill them. She was moving along the sides, hiding from view. She crouches down and waits for them to appear. But suddenly, we heard a roar. Panicking, she stands abruptly. She knew her lover was in problems, and the cries became desperate. Rushing towards the noise, she makes a turn and tries to hide around a tree. But a sword graces her neck as she jumps backward.

“Fucker!” she cursed, grabbing her neck. Blood dripped from the small yet deadly cut.

“It’s so nice to see you, Irene,” the man said as he stepped out from behind the thick tree.

“Eros!” Irene hissed.

“Now, now dear. I think you and I have something pending, right?” Eros said, smirking. Irene spit and attacked him. Throwing a kick, she reaches for his face, but Eros stops it with his sword. “Not so fast,” he said, smiling and landing a punch on her gut.

Coughing blood, she pants. As she stood up, something reached for her neck, burning her skin.

Screaming in pain, she turns and pulls the whip.

“Don’t!” Eros said, gripping the whip, “Do it, and you lose your head.”

Irene looked everywhere. She was looking for him.

“If you’re looking for your prince, he’s already knocked off,” Eros said, walking seductively. Then, squeezing the whip around her neck, he leans over, “He’s under my control.”

Eyes wide, Irene hissed. Struggling against the pain she was feeling. Trying to get the whip off her neck, another soldier grabbed her arms.

She looked at Eros with fear.

“It won’t hurt,” Eros said, laughing, pulling the lid off a bottle. He approached her. He grabbed her chin and lifted it, and he smiled. “Now, time for you to forget,” he said as he forced the black poison into her mouth. Spitting it back, Irene tried to hit Eros. But her body had a taste of the poison.

“Sleep precious can’t wait to tame you,” Eros whispered.


Damian POV

Grabbing some fruit, I decided it was best to visit Valkyrie. I knew she was craving grapes since finding out she was expecting. Running up the stairs, I greet some friends.

Making a turn towards the hall, I find Michael rushing over me.

“Damian!” Michael said with his eyes wide.

“Something the matter?” I asked, frowning.

“Valkyrie,” Michael breathed.

“What?” I said, confused.

“Valkyrie is fucking gone!” Michael exclaimed. Panicking, I rush towards her chambers.

I am throwing the doors open. I rush in.

I was looking around, sniffing the air. I could faintly smell her.

“What do you mean she’s gone? Maybe she’s outside?” I said, turning around. Michael shook his head.

“No, Damian, the bed was cold, and I found this outside the balcony,” Michael said, lifting a cloak.

“Impossible,” I whispered, thinking. No one could step foot here without knowing. The guards and everyone else would find out.

Mind linking Leo, I asked him to investigate if everyone was there.

Walking into the chambers, Mia stops and stares at us.

“Morning, is something the matter?” Mia asked, looking between Michael and me.

“Have you seen Valkyrie?” I asked worriedly.

“The queen? She’s supposed to be here,” Mia explained as worry filled her face. “Wait, something happened, right?”

Cursing under my breath, I mind linking Leo again.

“Anything?” I asked.

“We got a problem,” Leo said, “I need you here.”

Pinching my nose, I head down. I needed to be sure before letting Dimitri know.

Quickly I head towards the entrance of the cave. I gathered Leo and some others, including Jordan.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as I looked to the ground. Two bodies laid with their eyes rolled back. They pierced their chests. It’s like something sharp passed through their chest. It was killing them instantly.

“Tamers,” Leo mutters. I snap my head towards him.

“You sure?” I asked, frowning.

“Yes, traces of poison are left,” Leo explained. Rubbing my face, I turn away from them.

There was only one person who could have done it, Zar.

Heading towards the stairs, I stop when I see him. He was with Mia. Walking up to him as I yell his name. Zar looked at me with a frown. Then, lifting my arm, I punch him in the face.

“Fucker, what have you done!” I snap angrily. Leo and Michael intervene. I was trying to stop myself. Kicking Leo, I throw myself again and punch him hard. “Tell me where Valkyrie is!”

Everyone in the hallway looked at me, shocked. Zar growl as he stands up and pushes me away.

“What are you talking about?” Zar asked as he cleaned his bloody mouth.

“What do I mean? Two of my men were found dead on the cave entrance, and Valkyrie is gone!” I yelled as my breathing became erratic. I could feel my beast trying to take over. My claws pierced my hands.

“Valkyrie is gone?” I heard a voice behind me. Mia gasps as I snap my head around. Dimitri stood at the edge of the stairs.

His body swayed as he asked the same question again.

“W-What do you mean?” Dimitri asked, looking at me.

Sighing, I shake my head.

“What you heard, brother Valkyrie is gone,” I whisper. Dimitri swayed like he was about to faint. Then, holding him, Michael looks at me. I shook my head as I understood what he wanted to do.

“How?” Dimitri asked softly. His voice sounded way too dangerous. “Tell me, how?”

I looked at Zar. He was glaring at me.

“If you think I have something to do, you are wrong!” Zar spat.

“Wrong?” I growl, “You came, and this happened? Who could kill my men inside?”

“Back off!” Zar pushed me, “If one thing I would never do is hurt Valkyrie!”

“How can we be sure?” Michael suddenly said, “You are our enemy.”

“I’m not! And I wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her!” Zar argued as he pant, “Valkyrie trusted me, and I trusted her.”

“And there’s where you are wrong!” I said, grabbing him by the neck, “We don’t trust you!”

“ENOUGH!” Dimitri yelled with his head low. “Leo search for the queen. I need men to look everywhere. Scout the entire place, turn it upside down if you have to but find me, my queen!”

Nodding, Leo turns around and leaves. I growled at Zar, who was glaring back at me.

“I would never. Believe me,” Zar hissed. Letting go of him, I turn around walking away. Feeling a hand on my arm, I look over my shoulder.

“Find her, Damian,” Dimitri said with pain in his voice. I could see he was controlling himself. Nodding, I walk away.


It’s been two fucking days and no signs of Valkyrie. Calandra, the witch, has been helping us. But, as Zar said, he wasn’t the culprit. Instead, it seems it was one of the newcomers who had moved to the palace.

Calandra, Zar, and Michael found traces of dark magic and tamer poison around the palace. But, unfortunately, we still had no idea who took Valkyrie.

Opening the golden doors to the throne, Zar walks in with a man. I growl his way. Zar stopped and bowed.

“I have news,” Zar said as he looked at Dimitri. Looking sideways, I see Dimitri lifting his head. Since knowing Valkyrie had disappeared, Dimitri has been trying to control himself. But as the days passed by, his self-control was losing effect. If he snaps, anyone could be in danger.

“Speak,” Dimitri said with a growl.

“Your majesty, King Dimitri. I’m one of the spies working for Prince Zar. I’ve come with news of your queen,” the man with a white beard said as he bowed. “A few nights ago, Prince Eros arrived late to the castle. We have been keeping tabs on him. Unexpectedly, he arrived with one of King Gabriel’s men, who had disappeared from the castle. But what we saw and caught our attention was that he arrived with a woman with red hair. He was carrying her in his arms.”

Growling loud, Dimitri stood up. He was gripping the armrest of the throne so hard that the golden throne was cracking. I stood up quickly and headed up.

“Calm down, Dimitri!” I whispered to him as I squeezed his shoulder. His golden eyes met mine.

He was losing it.

“Continue,” Dimitri mumbled.

The man trembles as Dimitri glares at him. I could feel him as he was about to transform into his dragon.

“Brother, calm down. It would be best if you reasoned,” I said, mind linking him.

Dimitri bit his lip.

“Prince Eros had taken her to his chambers. It seems he had been monitoring the queen,” the man said. “And not only that.” the man said as his eyes moved towards Michael.

Michael frowned.

“He also has captured two dragons,” the man with a white beard said.

“Who?” I asked.

Nervously, he returned his eyes to the front. Why did I have a bad feeling?

“He captured Prince Cian and his mate, Princess Irene,” the man said.

“Excuse me?” Michael snapped at the man, “Could you repeat that?”

“What he said, Michael,” Zar said, putting his hand between the man and Michael, “Cian and Irene were captured by my brother a few days ago. It seems Eros and King Gabriel tamed Cian and Irene. And it seems Eros came with Cian to get Valkyrie.”

Grabbing the chair, Michael throws it across the room. Breaking into pieces.

“You have to be fucking kidding me!” Michael snaps, grabbing Zar by the neck.

“No,” Zar said with a serious face, “It’s true, and if you want to get everyone back, you need to make a plan.”

“A plan?” I asked, holding Dimitri down.

“Yes, and if you allow it, I could help,” Zar said as he looked directly at Dimitri, “I have a way to get into my father’s castle.”

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