Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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60. Back Home

*WARNING* Abuse is present in this chapter. Read at your own discretion.

Valkyrie POV

I groan as I feel something down my neck. Was it Dimitri?

Smiling, I move my arm to push him away.

“Stop it,” I mumble sleepily. Feeling his lips down my neck and stopped on my chest. I laugh. It was ticklish. Opening my eyes lazily, I look down. Dimitri? I thought. Frowning, I sit up abruptly. Gasping, I back away. Who was he?

A man with green eyes like emeralds and long curly brown hair with streaks of red smirked at me.

“I was enjoying it,” he said, licking his lips. Looking around, I notice I’m in a strange place. What was happening?

Closing my eyes hard, I tried to recall, but nothing came to mind.

“Don’t force yourself,” the man said, chuckling. I open my eyes to find him kissing a hair strand. “You’re quite the beauty.”

“W-who are you?” I said, kicking him with my feet. He grabbed my ankle, stopping my movements—a frown falling on his chiseled jaw.

“I’m your new mate,” he said, smiling. He was looking at me like I was food. Nervously, I started backing away, but my back hit against the bedpost. “Careful,” he said, grabbing my arm, “Come here.”

“LET GO!” I said, scurrying off the enormous bed. I looked around frantically. Where was I?

The man kneels in bed. His eyes slanted as he just scoffs.

“If I were you, I would be careful,” he mumbled.

“Who are you? And where am I?” I asked, confused. I pinched my nose as I felt dizzy.

As my body sways, I feel an arm around me. I tried to push him away, but I couldn’t. I was feeling weak.

“My name,” I heard him whisper, “It’s Eros, and you are my new mate. Welcome home,” he said before my eyes closed.

Opening my eyes suddenly, I sit up. I was confused again. Where was I?

Feeling my body ache, I groan. What did he do to me?

“You’re finally awake,” the man said.

“Who are you?” I asked again.

“I’m Prince Eros,” he said, gripping my chin, “Now we have something to talk about.”

Slapping his hand away, I observe him.

“You don’t recall anything, right?” Eros asked, taking a seat on a chair, “Well, don’t fret; I shall explain. Let’s say I had my men kidnap you. It’s been what, four days already?”

“What did you just say?” I mutter. I felt nauseous as I started understanding my position.

“I have kidnapped you. I brought you over,” Eros said, taking a sip of his wine, “I couldn’t wait to meet the dragon king mate.”

Breathing nervously, I move my hand unconsciously towards my belly. I couldn’t let him know I was pregnant.

“And, well, you will be now my queen,” Eros said, standing up. Then, moving his goblet, he smiles and gives it a sip. “You know, I have to say you’re quite the beauty.”

Caressing my face, he smiles. I push his hand away. His touch was making me sick.

“Why did you bring me here?” I asked calmly. I needed to remain calm so that I could protect the babies.

“Why?” Eros said, standing straight, “I told you to be my queen. In other words, you are to marry me!”

“You crazy!” I yelled, standing up. Moving towards him, I feel something tug on my leg. Looking down, I find a chain around my ankle.

“Love your new gift?” Eros said, laughing aloud, “I can’t afford you escaping.”

“Let me go, Eros!” I retorted.

“No,” Eros said, standing in front of me, “like it or not, you will marry me. Now how about we have a good time?”

Touching my neck, Eros leans. I pushed him away, but he grabbed my arms. Then, pulling me towards the bed, he throws me. I scream as he hovers over my body.

Eyes wide, I stare at him. Something dark lurks in his face.

“If you keep struggling, you will make me excited,” Eros said, leaning his face close to mine, “I like when women struggle.”

Licking my cheek, Eros smiles.

Lifting my hand, I slap him. I hated his touch. Eros just grabbed his face. Groaning aloud, he hits me back. I yell as I feel my cheek burn. Pulling my hair, he lifts my head.

“Very well, if you want me to use force, I will,” Eros said as he licks his lips. Then, ripping my nightgown, he grabs both my hands and puts them over my head. I struggled against him, but he was heavy. Then, pulling a rope from the pillow, he ties my hands. I started panicking as the realization hit me. Was he going to abuse me?

“Please don’t!” I begged with tears.

Eros squeezed my face.

“I will enjoy torturing you,” Eros smiled, “Now it’s time for a taste. But, don’t worry, I won’t fuck you still.”

Covering my mouth with his hands, I struggle against him. I cried as he started licking my body. Eros’ breath tickled my skin as he lowered himself to my breast. Feeling his lips on my nipple, he bites. I arch my back as I feel the pain. I tried to move my leg, but the chain didn’t allow it. Why was this happening? Calling Dimitri’s name, I cry louder.

Licking and sucking on my body, I felt sick. He needed to stop. Reaching for my nightgown, Eros slips his hand under it. I started throwing kicks to stop him. But Eros’ strength was too much. Feeling him smile against my belly, I panic. He wasn’t going to do what I thought he was, right?

Moving like crazy, I try to find a chance—anything to stop him. Suddenly someone knocks on the door. Eros groaned as he stopped.

“Who is it?” Eros groans angrily.

“It’s me,” a man said. I thank him internally.

“Come in,” Eros suddenly said. Then, opening the doors, a man who looked like Eros except for his gray eyes. Scoffing, he walked closer.

“You are enjoying yourself,” the man said as he leaned against the bedpost.

“Care to share?” Eros asked, making my eyes go wide.

“No, I would prefer her for something else,” the man said. Stopping, Eros lifts his head and looks at him silently.

“You want to do that?” Eros asks, sighing, “Can you be like me?”

“No,” the man said sternly.

“Well, wait. At least let me fuck her before you do your thing,” Eros said, standing up. Grabbing his erected shaft, Eros fixes it. He seems uncomfortable.

“No, let me do her first, and then you do what you want,” the man insisted. Eros glanced his way.

“You want to ruin it?” Eros asked, annoyed.

“She was a slave, right?” the man asked, “So what is their left? Now that I notice it, she’s wearing gloves.”

I fist my hands, realizing that I was. I started using gloves during sleep in case something came up. I didn’t wish to hurt anyone, so I started having the habit of sleeping with them. These were less thick than the ones I used during the days.

“Hmm, you are right,” Eros said, approaching me. I struggle. I didn’t know if it would work on him if he touched me, but I feared it because of the babies.

“No,” the man suddenly said, “Leave it. I bet she’s scared.”

Eros stopped. Looking at the men, he shrugs his shoulders.

“Fine, then take her,” Eros said, pulling me up. My nightgown fell to the ground. I was only in undergarments. “Hmm, you sure you don’t want to join me before doing your thing?”

The man looked at me from head to toe. He gulped down.

“No,” he whispered, “ I have my way.”

“You sick bastard,” Eros said, punching him, “Very well, brother, she’s all yours. Be sure to heal her once done.” Eros murmurs as he glances my way. Then, confused, Eros leaves the chambers.

“My brother seems quite fond of you,” the man said as he approached me. Unlocking the chains, I tried to move, but he reached for my arm. “Let’s go.”

Dragging me naked, he takes me out of the chambers. At first, it looked like he was taking me out, but then he stopped and pushed a book. The concrete wall made a sound, and then a passage opened.

“W-What’s this?” I asked, looking at the dark passageway.

“Somewhere you will enjoy,” the man said as he pulled me against his chest. Then, lowering his eyes, he frowns. Did he see my mark?

Frowning harder, he looks away and starts dragging me. We walk for ten minutes before reaching a room. Scared, I look around. Was he planning to lock me?

As my eyes move from side to side, I see cages, weapons on the walls, a fireplace, chairs, a table with some ropes, and chains hanging from the ceiling. Finally, realizing what he was going to do, I fell to my knees.

“Please don’t,” I beg. The man let go. He was staring at me strangely.

He grabbed a chain and started pulling me.

“No, please!” I cried.

Grabbing my neck, he says, “Don’t make me mad!”

“Please don’t!” I whispered.

The man scoffed and started dragging me. Then, grabbing my tied hands, he chains them.

Cutting the rope, my arms hang from the ceiling.

My entire body trembled as I waited for him. I needed to escape. Closing my eyes, I give a small prayer.

He was going to hurt the babies.

Hearing a rustling sound, I look over my shoulders. The man was naked; he only had his trousers on. Walking seductively towards me, he raises his hand. A long metal whip screeched against the floor. I started crying as he smiled and lifted the whip. He was bringing it down.

Feeling my skin break, I scream.

Every slash has me screaming. My back burns as the metal whip pull my skin. I bit my lips, trying to prevent the yells. I couldn’t let this break me. I needed to stay strong for the babies.

After five more slashes, he stops. I was panting as I tried to stay strong.

My trembling body dripped in blood.

Feeling him behind me, he grips my face. Then, leaning over, he says, “How about we try a different one?”

Shaking my head, I cry.

“Shh, don’t worry,” he smirked, “It won’t take long.”

Letting go of my face, he moves to the wall. I cried, begging him to stop. Then, hearing something fall on the ground, I turn my head.

“NO, PLEASE!” I yelled as he picked a whip with spikes.

He just laughed as he lifted it.

“Let’s see how strong you are,” the man said as he dropped his hand down. Then, screaming loud, I call for Dimitri.

The man kept slashing my back until I started losing consciousness. Then, calling for Dimitri one last time, I faint.


“Prince Seth, the king, is calling for you,” a voice said afar. My head wobbles from side to side. I could barely breathe as blood dripped down my forehead. Then, finally, I heard his answer back. I close my eyes.

Feeling something, I pry. The man was unlocking the chains.

Falling in his arms, I cry—my body stung with every touch. Carrying me, he takes me back to the chambers. Silent tears fell down my cheeks as my body could not move.

Laying me down, I curse. My back throbbed.

“Call the witch here. Tell her to treat her and to monitor her,” the man said. I state with my eyes closed as doors shut.

“D-Dimitri…” I mumble as my hand moves to my belly. A slight pain crossed my entire lower abdomen. Crying, I whisper a sorry.

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