Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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62. Hunting Memories

Gabriel POV

Thirty Years Ago.

“Did you get her?” Gabriel asked, passing by the throne room.

“Yes, but where are you heading?” the man asked.

“To see her. Can’t I see her?” Gabriel asked as he beams happily. He was heading towards the queen’s chambers.

He runs happily. Since two years ago he’s been expecting to meet her. The person who would be his queen.

He was asking the guards to open the doors to the room. Gabriel fixes his cloak. Smiling, he walks in and greets everyone. His father, his brother, his concubine, and some servants were standing in a circle. He ignores them as he makes his way towards the bed. The joy he felt at that moment was one he couldn’t simply describe with words. His heart, his mind, and his body have been yearning for this moment.

Stopping, he looks at the group of four standing in front of him. His eyes started scanning the room. “Where was she?” he thought as his eyes noticed the woman standing behind two of the men.

“You’re Gabriel?” one of the men asked. Then, clearing his throat, he bowed.

“Yes, I’m Gabriel,” he said, bowing. Both men stare at him with a frown. One of the men was King Casen, a dragon. Not only was he king of one of the strongest hordes. But one of the most respected ones. “I welcome you all. May I meet her?” Gabriel asked, smiling.

Everyone waited patiently for the men to move from where the woman stood. Her red hair was the only thing Gabriel could see. Gulping, he kept smiling. He could see that King Casen didn’t want to move, but unexpectedly he sighed. Moving to the side, the woman with red hair looked up. She was surprised to see King Casen moving first.

“Casen?” she murmured, surprised.

“Don’t worry,” King Casen said, smiling at her. Then, grabbing her hand, he asked her to stand on the front. Gabriel’s eyes immediately move to her face. Her red curly hair and pale skin captivated him. But what he was most intrigued about was the woman’s eyes. Both her eyes were of different colors. A blue one like the morning sky and a hazel one with strikes of orange. “Why don’t you introduce yourself?” King Casen said encouragingly.

With a sigh, she looked at Gabriel. The moment she looked at him, that moment her fate was sealed.

“Hi, I’m Princess Kalliste,” she said nervously, looking away. Gabriel smiled at her, but when he approached her, King Casen stopped him. Then, holding his arm King Casen glared at him.

“Sorry,” Gabriel said.

Kalliste looked at Casen. He was bothered by the fact that he was giving his mate away. There was no choice, but both of them had agreed to. Worried, Kalliste intervened and smiled at Gabriel.

“Nice to meet you,” Kalliste smiled., “If you don’t mind, I would like to have a word with you, Casen, in private.”

Everyone looked at each other. Gabriel was the first to nod and turn. Then, asking everyone else to leave, they close the chamber doors.

“Casen, please,” Kalliste begged as she tried to sympathize with her mate. “You know this is the only way.”

“The only fucking way?” King Casen said, cursing. He was gritting his teeth to the point that a small vein was popping on his forehead. Frowning, Kalliste back away.

“Yes, and you know it. If we don’t, the entire horde will be in danger,” Kalliste argued. “You know we agreed to this two years ago, and now it’s time.”

“But how can I give you away? Don’t you understand my feelings?” King Casen said, hurt, “I love you too much to let you go. There has to be another way.”

“No,” Kalliste said, holding his hands. Sadly she smiled, and lifting her head; she looked into his eyes. “This is what we have to do.”

Cursing, King Casen let go of her hands. He turned away from her, unable to hide his anger anymore.

“Fuck this!” King Casen growled, “I will go to war!”

“No, you won’t!” Kalliste said, caressing his face as tears brim her face. But then, she shakes her head, “Don’t for me, don’t destroy the others.”

“But Kalliste!” King Casen said, grabbing her hands.

“Enough,” Kalliste said, “I’m your mate and your equal. And it’s my decision. Please call Gabriel back,” she ordered. Excusing himself, the man walked outside, shutting the doors quietly. “Please, just let it go,” Kalliste begged, “Once he dies, I go back.”

Without another word, he walked away from her, leaving her with tears on her face. Then, as Gabriel walks in, he passes by, leaving them alone.

Months passed by, and Gabriel made Kalliste his queen. His concubine, who had given birth, recently greeted him. Her envy was evident as she looked towards the unfaced queen.

Kalliste looked unbothered by the interaction Gabriel and his concubine shared. She didn’t love Gabriel after all. She only agreed to marry him for the protection and safety of her horde. But, like a queen with a mate, she had to make sacrifices, even if it meant leaving the love of her life.

Four years passed, and Gabriel started changing. His behavior and greed were making everyone in the castle feel bothered. His greed has become so big that he has killed his father and his brother. She was leaving him the only rightful ruler. Kalliste just observed as his desire became more than just riches.

One day as she passed by his office. Kalliste heard a conversation between Gabriel and one of his closest friends.

“You still haven’t gotten the queen pregnant?” the man asked him. Hiding behind the wooden doors, Kalliste heard them talk.

“No, she’s rejecting me,” Gabriel said with pain in his voice. Kalliste knew that if she didn’t give him an heir, things could go wrong, and all the years of sacrifice would be in vain.

“What about your concubine?” the man asked Gabriel. Hearing him sigh, Kalliste knew he was bored of the topic. Years together, and she got to see the man well. He was obsessed with her the more time they spent together.

“You know she already gave me two sons and a daughter. What else could I ask of her?” Gabriel said, annoyed, “I won’t make her queen if you are thinking that. My queen is only Kalliste and no one else.”

“But my sister has been with you longer!” the man retorted. Kalliste knew who he was. Frowning, she decides to intervene. Knocking, she called for Gabriel.

Pushing the doors, she walked in. Scoffing as she sees the other men.

“My queen, why are you here?” Gabriel asked, kissing her knuckles, “Is something the matter?”

Kalliste turned her head towards Gabriel. Then, smiling, she approached him.

“I was just wondering what you will be doing tonight, my king,” Kalliste said. Even with disgust towards him, she had to do it.

The man who was rolling his eyes walked out of the office. Once the doors closed, Kalliste sighed.

“Is something wrong?” Gabriel asked, frowning. She looked at him and smiled.

“No, why would there be a problem? I was just feeling sad because you haven’t answered,” Kalliste said, lowering her head. Smiling, Gabriel hugged her. Kalliste hated his touch. The disgust she felt for him was beyond anything. If she could, she would kill him. “So?” she repeated.

“Want to do something?” Gabriel asked. Shyly Kalliste nodded. She had a role to play, and she needed to play it well. If not, things would go wrong.

Letting him know what she wanted, she kissed his cheek and left his office. Kalliste headed back to her chambers as she crossed paths with the concubine.

“Queen Kalliste,” the woman said smiling.

“Helen,” Kalliste said with a serious tone. She knew that Gabriel’s concubine hated her. The way that she always looked at her made her too obvious for Kalliste not to notice.

Moving her eyes, Kalliste noticed that the concubine was holding the tiny princess in her arms. Looking at her, Kalliste knew of her destiny. The one killed by her father.

Kalliste was not only a dragon princess. She had powers that no one should know off, not even mentioned. The only ones who knew about her powers were her family. And for that, she already knew the destiny of that child. Her own father’s greed would kill the princess.

Smiling back, she walked away. Leaving the concubine confused. Kalliste pities her, but that didn’t make her give in.

The night time came, and her meeting with Gabriel was coming. Changing into her nightgown, she sighed. Her long red hair was tangled in a mess. Fixing it, she hears the doors of the chambers open.

Glancing through the mirror, she notices a tired Gabriel stepping in. smiling, Gabriel approaches her.

“Tired?” Kalliste asked.

“Yes, but for you, my queen, I could never be,” Gabriel said, pecking her cheeks. Kalliste gulped the nauseous feeling down. “Do you need help?” he asked, looking at her hair. Smiling, Kalliste nodded.

When Gabriel married her, he wouldn’t leave her side. Every little detail and help, he would be the one to do it. He was obsessed with her to the point where he would tie her wrist, even at night.

Slowly Gabriel started kissing her shoulder, moving her head to the side to give him more access. Gabriel continues his slow but yet delicate featherlike kisses. Down her body. Kalliste closed her eyes to imagine it was her mate Casen. Like every time he would kiss her, she would guess it was him.

Grabbing her hand Gabriel makes him stand up. Kalliste put her most seductive face to work as Gabriel kissed her. Then, with trembling hands, she reached for him. She hated him with all her heart.

“Kalliste?” Gabriel whispered as she hummed, “Do you want to?”

She could hear his worried voice. Not opening her eyes, she continued hugging him. Finally, with a sigh, she nodded. Gabriel hugged her tighter as he grabbed her face and looked at her closely. Kalliste just smiled at him knowing it was the night. The one she has been preventing all this time.

Biting her lips, she made the first move and kissed him. But, then, let him know she was all his to do as he pleased.

The big news came as a bucket of water. Kalliste threw up, knowing that she was pregnant. Not of one but two babies. Hearing the news took a toll on her and her body. She hated the fact that she was expecting from him, the man who ruined her life. Even though it took years for her to get pregnant, she finally let it happen.

Hearing a knock at the door, Kalliste turned her nervous body. She didn’t know what to do. After all, she had just found out she was pregnant. Fixing her hair and dress, she opened the doors. Concubine Helen looked at her, a frown full of anger displayed on her beautiful face.

“Is something the matter concubine?” Kalliste asked, frowning as well.

“I heard you’re expecting congratulations,” the concubine said. But all she could hear was her anger. Kalliste just smiled at her.

“Yes, news travels fast, I see,” Kalliste said, smirking, “I hope it’s a boy.”

Biting her lips, the concubine smiled at her. A smile that didn’t reach her face. Kalliste knew this was a disadvantage for her.

“You should get pregnant again,” Kalliste spat. She knew her words were like cuts for the concubine. After all, not long ago, Gabriel sacrificed his daughter for dragon eggs. So the concubine was still mourning the loss of her dear daughter. But did that stop her from loving Gabriel? No? She was greedy like him.

Kalliste couldn’t still believe that Gabriel killed her daughter. His flesh and blood. Smiling back, she let the concubine know she was heading to the king’s office.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t,” the concubine said, making her stop. Kalliste just glanced at her with a frown. What was she even talking about? Thought Kalliste. “The king is in a foul mood.”

“Is he?” Kalliste barked back, “maybe for you but for me never.”

“Oh yes,” the concubine said, “Didn’t you hear your highness? The king just went to war with your so loved kingdom.” the concubine said, leaning to Kalliste. “If you’re wondering, yes, most of the horde of dragons was killed, but don’t fret, my queen. Your beloved was the only survivor,” she said, laughing. Kallista grabbed her by the neck, slamming her against the wall.

“Repeat that, please,” Kalliste said, smirking.

The concubine nervously and in surprise looked at the queen. She didn’t expect her to react like that. Not even raise a hand against her.

“So, what are you waiting for?” Kalliste insisted. Laughing the concubine, crook her head.

“Yes, my queen. What didn’t our husband tell you? He attacked your kingdom of monsters. He ordered his general a few weeks ago. Thought he had informed you,” the concubine spat venomously.

“Lies!” Kalliste yelled.

“Oh no. If you don’t believe me, then ask your king,” she said, laughing. Then, letting go, Kalliste ran down the stairs. Her body felt weak and her heart heavy as she ran to Gabriel’s office.

Throwing the doors open, she ordered everyone to leave.

“NOW!” she yelled as Gabriel looked at her sternly. Then, breathing hard, she looked over her shoulder. The last man shut the doors as her eyes returned to her husband. “Is it true?” she asked, fisting her hands.

Gabriel just shrugged his shoulders and took a seat.

“TELL ME!” she yelled at him. Ruffling his hair, Gabriel looked at her. A wicked smiling spread on his face.

“Yes,” he breathed, “Is there a problem, my queen?”

“Don’t fucking call me that!” Kalliste snarled, “How could you?”

“How could I?” Gabriel said, standing up. His smile was gone. Approaching her, he leaned and kissed her cheek. Angrily Kalliste slapped him.

“We had a deal! So why the hell did I marry you?” Kalliste said almost in tears, “All these years were for what? For nothing? For you to destroy my kingdom? My family?”

Gabriel lowered his head. Out of nowhere, he started laughing loudly.

“How naive are you?” Gabriel said, pulling her arm. Falling against his chest, Kalliste looked at him. His green emerald eyes were lifeless. “You think that a simple treaty would stop me? I’m a king, and no one will stop me, not even you. You’re mine, and I would have done that in any way. Treaty or not.”

“You monster!” Kalliste yelled as she hit Gabriel’s chest. Cursing him, she lifted her hand and slapped him again. Gabriel looked stunned as she reached for his chest and used her powers, burning his skin. Gabriel, unaware of what she would do, yelled in pain. Kicking him on the face, Kalliste ran out of the office.

Her hair moves from side to side as she dashes up to her chambers. She needed to get her weapon before Gabriel got back to her. She needed to escape, but before doing so, she would take Gabriel to hell. Searching on her chest, she finds her clothing and her weapons. Filling a small bag, she hid her weapons under her dress and started leaving. There was a passageway she had discovered that took her out of the castle. Making way to the hallway where the passage was, she encountered the concubine.

Standing in the middle of the hallway, the concubine just stared at her. Arms crossed and with a smirk.

“Going somewhere, queen?” she spat with disgust. Kalliste scoffed as she walked by her. But the concubine pulled her hair, making Kalliste yell in pain. Then, bringing her arm to the side, she hit the concubine on the face. The concubine cursed and spit blood to the concrete floor. “You will pay for this,” she said, cleaning her mouth.

Frowning, she stared at the woman on the floor. But, distracted by her, she doesn’t see the two men behind her. Grabbing her by surprise, Kalliste tries to fight them, but it is in vain as one hits her hard on the head, leaving her unconscious.

Standing up, the concubine approached her. Lifting her head, she stared at the woman.

“You know what to do, right?” she whispered to the man. Both nodded. “Make sure to take her far away.” nodding, both men took the queen away. The concubine just laughed as she watched them leave.


As days passed by, Gabriel became desperate. He had searched everywhere for his queen. But no traces were found. So finally, having no other option and seeing that time passed by with no clue, he made his concubine his queen.

Some months later, the queen visited a place in the neighboring kingdom. She had lied about doing a visit to an old friend. King Gabriel, unaware of what had happened before, let her leave.

With her head high, she entered the house. It was a small house on the outskirts of the kingdom she was visiting.

“How is she?” the queen asked.

“She’s about to give birth,” the midwife explained, “We also have the buyer ready.”

“Good,” the queen answered. Kalliste was about to give birth. And for it, she had a plan to take away the baby. She would tell Gabriel she had found some clues of the old queen and that this kid was his. She was leaving a letter saying that she hated him and didn’t love him, that he could keep the baby for what she cared for.

Taking a seat on a chair, the queen looks at the skinny and weak woman. Her red hair stuck all over her naked body.

“Damn you, woman!” Kalliste yelled as tears slid down her face. Then, screaming, Kalliste starts pushing. The now queen just watched as the old queen gave birth to a baby boy.

“Bring him,” the queen ordered. The midwife handed her the baby but looked hesitant. “Is something the matter?” the queen asked.

“The queen is having another baby,” the midwife said, lowering her head. Then, he stared back at the tired woman. She scoffed.

“Hand her to the seller. She’s a slave, and I only need this boy.” the new queen said, laughing, “Let the man deal with her.”

“But my queen!” the midwife tried to argue but just earned the glares of the queen.

“Y-You bitch. Your day will come. You will pay for this,” Kalliste breathed tiredly, “I will meet you in hell.”

With those last words, Kalliste was lifted from the bed. She screamed in pain as the other baby made its way. Watching the concubine leave. Kalliste cursed her. She cried, watching her son be taken.

But there was nothing that she could do. She had been malnourished and beaten for months. She barely had the strength to push. Crying, she’s taken to a wagon. Chaining her, Kalliste grabs her belly. The woman chained on the wagon looked at her. Worried on their faces as Kalliste screams in pain.

Moving next to her, she feels arms surrounding her waist. Carefully the person helped lay down. Kalliste nervously looked at the person. It was a man. His long black hair covered his face as he kneeled before her.

“You are giving birth,” the man whispered. Nodding, Kalliste starts pushing. The man helped her as another woman approached him. Worried that something might happen, Kalliste began to push. She was losing much blood. Feeling her mind hazy, she starts using her strength. She couldn’t give up.

Giving the last push, a baby cried. Kalliste plops her weak body asking for the man to hand her the baby. With tears, she knew her time had come as she leaned her forehead with the tearful baby. She whispered the words as she transferred her powers to her child. The baby started calming down as a slight blue hue emitted from her forehead. Opening her eyes slowly, she kissed the baby’s forehead.

“She’s dying,” she heard a woman say. Then, smiling weakly, she looked at the man.

“You’re a mage, right?” Kalliste asked. The man with black hair looked at her with wide eyes. “Please, seal her memories.”

The mage looked conflicted. After some moments of hesitation, he nodded. Grabbing the baby, he stared at Kalliste.

“You sure about this?” he asked.

“Yes,” Kalliste nodded sadly, “Please and please take care of her,” she said as she started losing consciousness.

Using his magic, the mage sealed her memories. Leaving the teary baby asleep.

“You have a name?” he asked as he tried to hand the baby back, but Kalliste shook her head.

“Yes…” Kalliste mumbled as she laid down and stared at the baby. Her eyes drooped, “She shall carry the name of the chooser of the slain, Valkyrie.” she whispered as her eyes closed completely. She was leaving the child all alone with a stranger who she barely knew, bringing back to the time where Valkyrie knew of her powers.

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