Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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63. The Chance to Escape

Gabriel POV

My eyes were fixated on her. How could I not say this is my child when she’s her mother’s copy?

Moving my eyes to her body, I notice she is getting weak. I smirked, just looking at her.

“Father?” Eros said, but I shut him. Now that things have changed, I have a new plan.

“Bring her in. Make sure not to hurt her,” I said as I turned around. She was still in shock because of my sudden confession.

“LET ME GO!” I heard her yell, but I ignored her.

“My king, your face,” my queen said as she hurried over. Now that I see her, I wonder why didn’t she bring this child back home? When supposedly she found Zar? “My king, your face needs treatment.”

“Don’t touch me,” I retorted, “I think we need to talk, Helen.”

Eyes wide, she looked at me. I had never called her by her name unless she was in trouble. Since the day she came back with the letter and Zar in her arms. I found it strange. She knew my love for her would never be like the one I had for Kalliste, and now the more I think about it, the more I feel she lied to me.

“Gabriel?” she stuttered nervously.

“Go to your chambers, Helen,” I ordered her without glancing at her.

Stomping her feet, she walks away. As I glance over the field, I suddenly see the silver dragon Eros captured attacking the men.

“What?” I said, surprised.

The men shouted orders as Eros tried to control the dragon. But something was preventing it. As my eyes move to Valkyrie, I gasp in surprise. Somehow she had changed. She looked different.

Hearing more stumps, I look to the side and find two other dragons heading our way. I ran up to see, but my guards stopped me.

“Let Prince Eros, my king,” one of my men said.

“What is happening?” I asked furiously.

Hearing a scream, I turned towards Eros. He was bleeding from his chest. Valkyrie was approaching him, and fast.

“Move,” I ordered, pushing everyone. But as I get there, Seth appears and starts fighting with Valkyrie, blocking his sword with the blade. Finally, Valkyrie makes a turn and strikes Seth on the arm.

“Fuck!” Seth cursed.

“Eros, what’s wrong with the dragons?” I asked as he stood up.

“I don’t know. They started behaving strangely,” Eros explained with a hiss. He was bleeding a lot.

“Go, I will take care of this,” I ordered him. Eros tried to argue back, but I stopped him.

Hearing another scream, I find Valkyrie on the ground with her leg bleeding. Seth had cut her thigh. A deep wound from side to side.

“Enough, Seth,” I said, walking up to him. Valkyrie looked angry as she stared back at me.

“I will kill you!” Valkyrie spat angrily.

“I can’t wait to see you try!” I said, laughing, seeing that she was back to normal. Then, all the dragons started making a strange humming sound. They look like they were fighting against themselves. “Put those beasts to sleep,” I said as men targeted the dragons with arrows.

Grabbing Valkyrie by the hair, I pulled her up.

“You and I have something to talk about, dear daughter,” I said, dragging her.

Valkyrie struggled in until I brought her to some chambers.

“Call Devika and tell her I want her here now!” I said to one of the guards. “Now,” I said, pulling her hair, “Tell me where is your fucking mother. Like she disappeared when she’s still married to me.”

“Mother?” Valkyrie said as she scratched Gabriel’s arms. “Mother is fucking dead!”

“What are you saying?” I laughed, “Dead? Impossible.”

Valkyrie stared at me. Her eyes said she wasn’t lying.

“If she was alive, why would I have become a slave?” Valkyrie spat. “I never met my mother, you bastard!”

Valkyrie was in tears as she told me that. I frowned, thinking about what she said. Half of it made sense. Then, groaning, I chain her and walk away, leaving her alone.


“Father, why?” Eros asked for the fifth time. I tap the armrest of the throne.

“Shut up, Eros!” I retorted, “You touch her. I will lock you away.”

“But she’s mine!” Eros spat back.

“She’s your sister! You don’t touch her!” I ordered him. Eros angrily picked the chair and threw it against the window.

“She. Is. Mine!” Eros repeated, “If you want me to marry someone, she will be the one.”

“Eros, enough!” Seth intervened. “Father, you said she’s our sister? How sure are you?”

“She simply is,” I sighed, “Now leave, I have something to do.”

Grabbing Eros, Seth drags him out. Eros became obsessed with Valkyrie. But she was mine.

“Any orders, your majesty?” my servant asked.

“Yes, send a letter to Zar. According to the spy, he is in the dragon’s hoard. So send him a letter and let him know we have here, but if he speaks, she dies. So I want him back here. So go,” I said, waving my hand.

Hearing the doors close, I move my eyes outside. A war was about to break, and for that, I was planning to use her. Dimitri better hand me what I want if he wants his so-called mate to stay alive.

Distracted, someone walks into the throne room.

“Devika?” I said, surprised. The witch who lives in my castle, Devika. She was not only a witch but a rare jewel. “Is there a problem?”

“Giving me the jewel,” Devika reproached. I watch her with amusement.

“For what may I ask?” I said, smirking. She just put her thin lips in a line.

“None of your concern,” Devika hissed. I scoffed as I called a servant.

“I will hand you the jewel, but I need a favor,” I said sternly.

“What is it?” Devika frowns with her hands on her back.

“I need you to look into Helen’s memories,” I explained, “I feel she’s been hiding something.”

“The queen?” Devika frowned harder, “You’re asking me for something forbidden.”

“Is it?” I said, laughing, “You have your hands bloody and your heart full of sins. One more deed shall not harm.”

“What if I refuse?” Devika spat.

“I shall look for someone else,” I said, “How about Zar?”

“Gabriel!” Devika called me. The witch was the only one allowed apart from my family to call me by my name. So I couldn’t touch her after all. Frowning, I stare back at her angrily.

“Decide witch. I need an answer now,” I said, standing up, “And no tricks.” after thinking for a while, she sighed.

“Fine, but it’s the last time,” Devika said as I smiled. Grabbing the small chest box, I walk down the stairs. Devika moved her eyes to the small box in my hands.

“Remember to hand it back when finished,” I order her.

“It’s thanks to me you have this,” Devika said, grabbing the box, “I do what I want.”

Yanking her arm, I pull her.

“Yes, but remember you are in my domain, not yours,” I said through gritted teeth. Then, pulling her arm away, she glares at me and scoffs.

“I will let you know when I have things prepared. Will you be there,” Devika asked, stopping by the doors.

“No need,” I said, turning around, “Just get any useful information.”

“May I ask who is the information I must find?” Devika asked.

“Kalliste,” I murmured, taking a seat back on the throne, “Find me the answers I seek, witch.” nodding, she walks out. Staring at the doors as they close, I smile.

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