Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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64. A Desperate Escape

Valkyrie POV

What in the world was happening?

I sat on a chair while a maid did my hair. I stare at myself in the mirror. A long black dress with red jewels and long sleeves covers my body. I had makeup on and some red earrings that complimented my dress.

Since King Gabriel left me yesterday in the chambers locked. The only visitor I had was Devika and the maid who was tending my needs.

I asked Devika what was happening, but all she said was King Gabriel ordered it. I huff in anger as I keep staring at myself. Was he going to force me to stay here?

“Enough,” I snarled to the maid. She stares, surprised at me. Then, nodding, she leaves the chambers.

I felt disgusted by all this. Then, standing from the chair, I walk up to the window. The chain on my ankle rustled on the floor. I need to get out.

Keeping a look outside the window, I hear the doors open. Who is it now?

A woman in a green dress stood at the entrance. Her long hair is braided in a high bun.

She stared back at me with anger. Remembering who she was. I smiled.

“Need something?” I spat, turning away from her.

“You, you’re here,” she retorted. What was her problem?

Looking back at her, I frown. She looked flustered.

“You are supposed to be dead,” she said, making me raise an eyebrow.

“I think you have the wrong person, queen.” I spat back.

“No, no, no, it’s you,” she said, approaching me. Standing up, I look at her. She was panting desperately. Finding it odd, I instigated her.

“Why are you so flustered?” I asked, smiling. Eyes wide, she looked back at me. “Tell me your name.”

“Who do you think you are?” she said with annoyance. Walking up to her, I look down. She was a bit smaller than me in size.

“I’m Queen Valkyrie. Queen of the dragons,” I said, smirking, “Respect me.”

“Why should I?” she spat back.

Laughing, I cross my arms and walk back to the window.

“It seems your dear king is fond of me,” I said, annoying her.

I felt a hand on my arm. Turning me around, she slaps me.

“Gabriel isn’t fond of you! You’re just a fucking slave,” she yelled.

Rubbing my face, I glare at her. She looked taken aback by my glare.

“If he wasn’t fond of me. Don’t you think he would have killed me already,” I said, walking up to her? She started backing away, flustered. “If your king didn’t need me or wanted me. He would have let his son Eros do what he wanted. Don’t you think?”

“Y-you don’t know what you’re saying,” she stuttered.

Stopping, I watch her. Then, rubbing my chin, I cross my arm and think.

“Why were you so surprised when you saw me in the throne room?” I was curious. Something about her bothered me.

“I wasn’t surprised,” she said.

“Tell me, queen, what are you hiding?” I said, leaning closer. She started backing away but stopped when her body hit the table. “You seem to have seen a ghost. Did I remind you of someone?”

My mind started working. King Gabriel called me by name when he saw me. And then he said he was my father, making me his daughter. So it means my mother was with him.

I never knew my mother’s name, but if I had to use something against her, it would be the name King Gabriel mentioned.

“Did you do something to Kalliste?” I spat, making her turn pale. Her body started trembling. As her lips open and close.

So it was that? She did something.

“Tell me, queen,” I said, grabbing her arm. “What did you do to Kalliste?”

Scowling, she kicked me. I stumbled but could stay up.


“Dead?” I said, frowning. Realizing what all this was about, I looked up at her. “You killed Kalliste?”

Angrily she grabs a book and throws it to me. Blocking it, I walk up to her and hold her arm again.

“Tell me!” I barked, “You wouldn’t be like this if it weren’t something you did.”

“Let go!” she said, pushing. I gripped her arm tighter, not letting go. “Let me go, I said!”

She heard the door open. She pushes me away.

“HELEN!” King Gabriel said as he grabbed her, “Why the hell are you here?”

She looked flustered. Her eyes gave her away.

“Oh, don’t you know? She came to visit me and tell me how she killed Kalliste,” I said, crossing my arms and looking at King Gabriel sternly.

“Kill who?” King Gabriel asked, confused.

“Kalliste,” I spat, “Isn’t that the name of the woman you called me. She started spitting stuff like I was supposed to be dead.”

King Gabriel looked at the queen. She started struggling in his grasp.

“Care to explain?” King Gabriel asked her, making her tremble in fear.

“King Gabriel?” Devika said in shock as she saw the scene before her.

“Let me go!” the queen said as she pushed King Gabriel and ran. But he grabs her by the hair and pulls her. The queen yelled in pain as I stayed quiet and watched.

“Do it, Devika!” King Gabriel ordered. Devika looked confused but then nodded. What was she going to do?

“W-What are you doing?” the queen cried, scared.

“Since Valkyrie came, you’ve been acting strange,” King Gabriel said, pulling her closer, “I’ve been thinking, what are you hiding from me?”

“I-I’m not hiding anything!” the queen said, hitting King Gabriel.

“So why be so afraid?” King Gabriel growled, “Tell me, Helen!”

“I’m not, I promise you, husband. I’m not lying,” the queen said, crying. She reached for the king’s face and started caressing it. “How could I have done something?”

He just stared at her blankly.

“Guards!” King Gabriel called. Three guards walk in. “Grab the queen and hold her.”

“No, Gabriel!” the queen yelled.

“All yours, Devika,” King Gabriel said, backing away. The queen was yelling like a madwoman. She struggled against the man as Devika approached her. What was she going to do to her?

Quietly, I started backing away. Reaching for her head, Devika’s eyes began glowing. She mumbled something I couldn’t understand, and pressing her hand; she closed her eyes.

I watched in awe as Devika’s hand glowed. Her forehead creased as she suddenly gasps and backs away. The queen was crying and yelling hard.

“Witch?” King Gabriel said. Devika turned around, scared. Her eyes were wide, and she was sweating. “What did you see, Devika?”

“I…” Devika stuttered as she stared back at the queen and then at me. I frowned for a second. Why was she staring at me?

“You’re her daughter,” Devika whispered after a moment of silence. I frown. What was she talking about?

“Speak, witch!” King Gabriel retorted.

“Queen Valkyrie is her daughter,” Devika repeated in a trance.

“DEVIKA!” King Gabriel said, yanking her arm. “What did you see?”

This time he sounded angrier. Devika just moves her eyes and stares at him.

“Queen Helen killed Kalliste. She,” Devika muttered as her eyes met mine, “She left Valkyrie all alone.”

“Left me alone?” I said, confused, “what are you talking about?”

“You Queen Valkyrie are his daughter,” Devika said, pushing King Gabriel’s hand away and walking up to me, “You and your brother are a creation of him and your mother.”

Devika was caressing my face. She had this distant look on her.

“She felt sad leaving you,” Devika murmured as tears slid down her face. I slap her hand away.

“Who is she?” I asked nervously. I was feeling sick.

“Your mother, my dear,” Devika murmur, “Your daughter of Queen Kalliste.”

Covering my mouth, I step away from her. I started panting as my stomach made turns.

“DEVIKA!” King Gabriel yelled, “Did she murder Kalliste?”

Devika just stared at him and smiled sadly. King Gabriel moved his head slowly towards the desperate queen.

“Why?” King Gabriel asked with his head lowered. The queen desperately crawled to him.

“I-I didn’t, Gabriel!” she said, grabbing his pants, “S-she just, you know s-she ran away. Yes, ran away.”

“Stop lying!” King Gabriel said, grabbing her by the neck. “I made you my concubine. Wasn’t that enough?”

The queen just slouched her shoulders and, out of nowhere, started laughing.

“Enough?” she said, looking at him, “That was never enough for me, Gabriel. Didn’t you know I always wanted to be your queen?”

“Queen?” King Gabriel spat, “You were never meant to be queen!”

“I was!” she yelled back, “I became queen after killing her!”

Gabriel looked stunned as he let go of her. Then, laughing hysterically, she looks at me.

“I killed your fucking mother! All this time, I thought the only thing she left was Zar. That you died with her the day I sold her away. But no, you little bitch,” the queen said, standing up, “You had to appear and ruin everything I have done all these years!”

I stare at her in shock. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Then, approaching me with tears on her face and a creepy smirk, she said.

“Your mother never loved Gabriel. Did you know that? She only stayed because they forced her. Gabriel,” the queen said, pointing at him, ’’Gabriel forced her. She suffered, so I did her a favor. I took her out of here and took her to one of the neighboring kingdoms. I made her suffer until the day she gave birth to you and your brother. But I only took your brother, lied to him, and then sold her! All this was a well-made plan. He believes she left, but what I did was fucking kidnap her and send her away against her will.”

“You bitch!” I yelled at her.

Laughing, she moved her hand. Then, as something glimmers, I look at her in shock. She had a dagger and was aiming at me.

I try to protect myself from her attack.

I close my eyes.

Nothing happened. I heard just the sound of something dropping. Opening my eyes slowly, I find her eyes wide and a mouth full of blood. I stumble in shock as Devika grabs me.

King Gabriel stabbed his sword through her chest. A deadly look on his face as she pulls the sword out. Falling on her knees, the queen gags. She was drowning in her blood.

“S-She w-was never y-your Gabriel,” the queen said, laughing. She coughed blood. “I was the o-only one… who loved… you.”

Falling on the ground with eyes rolled back was the now-dead queen.

“MOTHER!” a voice yelled from the door. Running in, Eros kneels and starts picking her up. Confused, he looks at everyone and stops when he sees King Gabriel and his sword in hand. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!”

“Shut up!” King Gabriel said as he pointed the sword towards the queen.

“Father, don’t!” Eros retorted, “Just let her.”

“Let her?” King Gabriel growled, “Your fucking mother killed the person I love! Don’t you understand?”

“Love?” Eros repeated with pain, “Mother loves you too!”

“NO! She never did,” King Gabriel said, laughing, “This crazy bitch. Now I understand.”

Looking at me, he walks and grabs me by the arm.

“You’re coming with me,” King Gabriel said, pointing his sword at me. Nodding, I walk away.

“FATHER!” Eros called angrily, but King Gabriel didn’t look at him.

He was bringing me out to the open field. He throws me, making me fall to my knees. I carefully stood up and looked at him.

Whistling, I hear a roar over the side. I glanced and saw the same silver dragon from before approaching us. Why did he look so similar?

Distracted by the beast, he yanks my hair and makes me look at the animal.

“Happy to meet with your family member?” King Gabriel whispered near my ear.

“Family?” I frown.

“Yes,” King Gabriel said laughing, “Don’t you recognize it? Prince Cian was it?”

Gasping, I look at the dragon. So that was why I felt familiar with it.

“What did you do?” I said, kicking him.

King Gabriel groaned as he lifted his sword and attacked me. I dodge it and move closer to the dragon.

“Get back here!” King Gabriel growled. A small vein was pulsing on his forehead.

Glancing over at the dragon, I see him just staring at me. It was my chance to escape, but would I make it. Smiling at King Gabriel, I crack my fingers.

“Make me!” I smirked. King Gabriel growled as I moved my hand and used my powers. Making a ring of fire around me, I whistle towards the dragon. “Come on, Cian, recognize me!” I said as I tried to get on. Pulling the reins, I struggle. “Get down, Cian!” I order in a command.

Lowering, I get on the dragon. Gabriel yelled something, but I ignored it. Pulling on the reins, Cian’s beast lifts. I heard King Gabriel curse.

“How the fuck did she do it?” King Gabriel said. I just smirked. It seems he still was unaware of me being a tamer.

As we fly away, I hear another growl behind. Seth was on a brown dragon. My hair started ruffling around as I looked to the front. I needed to get farther away.

“COME ON, CIAN!” I yelled through the wind. Moving fast through the sky, I pull the reins. There was some mist around one mountain. Deciding it’s best to take cover there. I order the dragon to go down.

Taking cover, I look everywhere. I didn’t know if he could appear out of the blue, but I needed to find at least some time. Skipping trees, I make a turn and make him fly fast. I remember all my teaching and how to handle a flying dragon, but I had no weapon to protect myself.

Seeing it was quiet, I flew north.

“Take me home, Cian,” I said as I looked to the front. Thinking I had made it out. Cian’s beast suddenly roared. I looked behind and found Seth with a weapon in hand. What did he do?

Wrapping the rein on my ankle, I stood up and tried to find the source. It seems Seth hit one of his wings with some arrows. The dragon started growling softly. Did it have something on them?

Worried started taking over as Seth and his dragon approached us.

“YOU’RE COMING BACK WITH ME!” Seth yelled as he approached me. Kneeling on a leg, I caress the dragon’s back.

“Help me, please,” I begged as I glared at Seth. Then, undoing the rein around my ankle, I ran up and jumped when Seth approached me—holding myself from one of the brown dragon scales. I pulled myself, but Seth grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

“Crazy bitch!” Seth smirked. Laughing, I reach for one of his arrows and pull it. I punch him with my arm. Seth groans as I turn and stab him in the back with the arrow. Groaning in pain, Seth stumbles, “YOU BITCH!” he said, grumbling angrily. Reaching for the arrow, he pulls it out. A small scream left his lips as I ran and kicked him. Grabbing the arrows, I jump back to the silver dragon. Pulling the reins, we lowered back into the mist.

But as I smirk, I felt something stab me on my shoulder blade. I screamed in pain as I realized it was an arrow. How did he do it? I had all the arrows.

Noticing he used the one I stabbed him with. I bit my lip down. I didn’t know if this had poison or not.

The silver dragon started wobbling as we reached a river.

“No, please,” I begged in pain. Then, panting, I glanced back, but there were no signs of Seth and his dragon.

Lowering himself suddenly, I yell and grasp the reins. It seems the dragon was losing strength.

Hitting face front suddenly, I scream. I covered my belly as the dragon crashed against some trees. Losing the grip of the reins, I fall and stumble several times before I stop.

Dust and branches flew all over the place. Groaning in pain, I open my eyes and look around in fear. A slight pain crossed my belly as I screamed. Scared that something might have happened, I look down at my knees.

Distracted by the pain, I hear a sudden thud. The dust was covering the view of my surroundings. Snapping my head around, I stand up. Was it Seth?

Hearing a groan, I turn in time to dodge a punch. Rolling on the ground, I lift my body. My lower abdomen hurt.

“You bitch are lucky to still be awake,” Seth said, chuckling.

My clothes were all ragged, and my body had several cuts.

“You know there’s poison on those arrows?” Seth said, approaching me. “Better for me. It will be easy to take you back.”

Yelling angrily, he tries to grab my hair, but I lower my body and kick him in the stomach. Then, running up to him, I grab his arm and flip him over. I was slamming him against the ground. Seth groaned as he tried to lose my grip. Then, noticing a blade on his trousers. I pull it and stab him on his shoulder blade.

“No fucking bastard, today you die!” I spat. But he used his other hand and slapped me on the face. I stumble backward as I try to stay standing. Kicking my knee, he makes me fall, but I grab the chance and cut him with the blade. His chest oozes in blood as he looks at his cut. I cringe as another stabbing pain crosses my belly. I needed to end this quickly, but for it, I needed to get closer.

Getting in a defensive position, I wait for him to attack first. Instead, Seth ran up and tried to kick me in the face. Dodging it, I lift my leg and kick him in his gut. Seth coughed, making me kick him again in the face. Lifting my arm, I try to stab him, but he grabs my arm and throws me to the ground. I scream as my back hits on something sharp.

I tried to reach for his neck using my strength, but his grip was too firm for me. Using his other hand, he chokes me.

“I will fucking kill you!” Seth growled.

“Not today, fucker!” I said, smiling. A confused look crossed his face as I whispered a word, and my hands ignited, burning him. Seth yelled in pain. Pushing him down, I used the last strength I had, choking him.

“Bye, Seth!” I murmur as I burn his neck down. He struggled in my grip as the smell of burning skin reached my nose. I back away, falling on my buttocks. Panting, I watch as he finishes burning up. The stench made me sick.

Closing my eyes, I let tears down my face. I felt exhausted, and my belly hurt. Opening my eyes, I look around. An eerie silence covers the entire forest. Standing up with a shaking body, I look around. Where was his dragon?

Dust and mist covered the forest. It was hard for me to see around. Hearing some flapping sounds, I cry in fear. Was the dragon leaving?

Running up towards the sound, I look up. The brown dragon flew away. I tried calling it, but a sudden pain has me on my knees. I could barely form words as the pain became stronger. Crying, I move my hands to find them covered in blood.

“No, no, please!” I said, crying as I lifted my dress and found my inner thighs full of blood. Worried and in pain, I rip the clothing. It was bothering me.

Deciding to look for help, I grab the dagger and a thick stick. Then, standing up in pain, I walk. The silver dragon wasn’t breathing, and it worried me. What was I going to do now?

“HELP!” I yelled and cried. I didn’t know where I was. “Dimitri,” I said between tears, “Where are you?”

Ambling, I decide to leave the dragon and head down the river. With pain and worry that maybe I had lost the babies, I walked with wobbly steps down the long river. But, I would not give up. Lifting my head, I look up at the high mountains.

“Please, let’s make it home,” I mumbled as I held my painful belly.

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