Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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66. A New Battle

Dimitri POV

We headed towards the castle. Flying quickly, we passed through the dense forest.

Mist and snow were covering its last leaves. I was concentrated on my flight. I passed by near the river that flowed to the lake Valkyrie loves.

A sudden muffled noise had me looking around, but I could see nothing in between the mist.

“You heard that?” Zar said.

“Yes,” I said, linking him, “Is it, somebody?”

“Why don’t we check?” Zar said. I looked around, but I felt nothing. So, growling softly, I make a turn and descend into the mist. The mist surrounding the trees had become thicker, and it was hard to see anything.

“There’s nothing,” I said to Zar.

“I sure heard a noise. Like a cry for help,” Zar mumbled.

I agreed with him, but there was no one, and in this freezing weather, it was impossible for someone to roam the place.

“We should leave,” I said, flying up. Zar nodded, and we continued our flight.

Rushing ahead, we notice Gabriel’s castle. I could see the golden peak of his highest tower afar. That was one way to recognize the palace of the infamous king.

“Are you doing what you mentioned?” Zar asked.

“Yes, I will drop you somewhere no one sees you, and then I will distract them. You do your part and look for her,” I said, using my eyesight. I needed to find a spot where none of the guards in the castle could see him.

Approaching the castle, I let Zar know where I would drop him. Without being noticed, Zar jumped off me as I rushed to the other side of the castle.

“Be safe,” I growl at him. Zar disappeared in the opposite direction. Roaring loud, I let the guards know I was approaching. The time for me to face Gabriel was near. Hopefully, everything would work as planned, and Valkyrie would be safe.


Damian POV

We started going down the trail in the forest. Leo and I had taken our separate ways an hour ago. I was the last to leave the palace with my group. Taking cover in the forest mist, we head down the trail that took us to a secluded forest area. Few would dare to venture it, for it was full of traps we had set.

Remembering Dimitri’s last words, I cover my face with the cloak and concentrate. Of course, nothing could happen to Dimitri. But knowing him, and as my brother, he would risk anything.

“Damian, let’s take this turn,” one of my men said. I nodded and quietly disappeared into the mist.

“It’s been three hours since we started heading down. Anything on Leo’s side?” I asked one of the men.

“No, they are doing fine. No signs of intruders,” one of my men said.

Making sure no one noticed us, we headed down. Hopefully, we will reach Gabriel’s castle on time.


Walking for a while more, we decide to stop. Take a ten-minute rest before continuing.

“I will look around,” I said, walking away from the group. I sniffed in the air to smell anything out of place, but not a single smell reached my nostrils.

Going down a small hill, I walk near the river. Standing on a rock, I scout the area.

Sighing, I crouch and drink some water. The temperature was descending. Soon this place will be under zero degrees.

Jumping off the rocks, I headed up but stopped as I noticed something afar. A hunched figure walked my way. I growl softly as a warning, but nothing. The other person didn’t utter a word. I tried picking up a smell, but I couldn’t. Until I finally smelled blood. Now the person was closer.

“Who walks there?” I growl as I hide a dagger.

Hearing a thud, a voice calls my name. I frowned.

“Help,” a woman’s voice said. Was someone in trouble?

I didn’t recognize the voice. Taking slow steps, I approach the person.

I saw the person stand up again.

“Can you help, please?” the woman’s voice said as I finally got to see her. Eyes wide, I let go of the dagger and run up to them.

“VALKYRIE!” I yelled as I rushed towards her. A woman was carrying her. “Valkyrie, can you hear me?”

I tried calling her, but Valkyrie was all pale and hurt. It covered her entire body in blood, scratches, and dirt.

“What did you do to her?” I asked, slamming the person on the ground.

“Fucking let go,” the woman simply said. She didn’t flinch at all, just stared at me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Are you letting go?” the woman said, pushing my hand away. She had strength. Backing away, I looked at her. She wore a long white robe. Her eyes looked strange. Who was she?

“Name!” I asked angrily.

“I’m Devika; I just found your queen a few miles from here. Unfortunately, she is hurt badly,” Devika explained, “I’m a witch, and I live in King Gabriel’s castle. However, your queen was able to escape.”

“Escape?” I asked, confused, “How come? And what happened to her?”

“It’s a long story. What I can only tell you is that she fought and could escape. But Prince Seth seemed to follow her. So I left King Gabriel’s castle following her,” Devika explained.

“Seth did this?” I growl at her.

“Yes, but he’s dead,” Devika said, lowering her gaze to Valkyrie, “She killed him. He’s a few miles from here. Also, there’s a dragon.”

“What?” I said, confused with all this.

“Just send men. Now is no time to be wasting. Your queen is in dire need of help. She is losing the babies,” Devika explained.

“Aren’t you a witch?” I said, annoyed as I picked Valkyrie up.

“I am, but there’s not much I can do. My powers are limited,” Devika sighed, “Go on, take her back.”

Nodding at her, I walk away with Valkyrie in my arms.

“Wait,” Devika called. I looked at her over my shoulders. “This is for her.”

I frowned at the object that was wrapped in a piece of cloth.

“What’s this diamond for?” I asked.

“That is not for you to know. Now go,” Devika said, pushing me away. I started walking away. Retaking a glance, I noticed she was gone. I stood stunned. Where did she go?

Shaking my head, I start running, mind linking Leo and the rest.

“Where is she?” Calandra yelled as I got down from one of the dragons. Valkyrie was unconscious.

“Let’s take her up. Where’s Michael?” I asked as I hurried to one of the chambers.

“Call Michael,” Calandra said to one man.

Kicking the doors, I laid her down in bed. Her state was awful.

“Move,” Calandra said, pushing me, “MIA!” she yelled as she started removing Valkyrie’s clothes.

I sighed and backed away. Miah and Michael rushed in with two other women.

“Damian!” Leo said as he ran inside. I looked over to the bed.

“Let’s go outside,” I said, dragging Leo. “Did the man’s head scout the entire forest?”

“Yes, so far, there are traces of a dragon nearby,” Leo explained, “I shall see.”

“Wait!” I said, “I need my group to fly quickly to Dimitri. We need to get in touch with him and let him know what happened.”

“Yes, on it. I will go personally,” Leo said, patting my shoulder, “Safe brother!”

Turning, I walk back in. Looking towards the bed, I find a Valkyrie struggling.

“Valkyrie?” I said, rushing to her. Her trembling lips and puffy eyes looked at me.

“Calm down!” Michael said, but she slapped him away. I stopped and looked at her. What was wrong?

“LET GO!” Valkyrie yelled angrily as tears fell on her face.

“Calm down!” Calandra tried to say, “You are bleeding too much!”

“I need to find Dimitri!” Valkyrie said, trying to stand up.

“Hey! Calm down!” I ordered her. Valkyrie just glared at me. Then, getting on the bed, I kneel and hug her. She was cold, like snow. Hugging her, I rock back and forth.

Once calmed down. Valkyrie allowed Calandra and Michael to treat her. She looked paler and in pain as Calandra’s face turned paler.

Holding her in my arms, I whispered soothing words. But Valkyrie would cry in pain as Michael and Calandra checked on her.

“Goddess,” Calandra said, shaking her head.

Eyes wide, I look at them. Michael glanced at her and closed his eyes.

Valkyrie was panting and sweating. Her body trembled the more I hugged her. Without saying a word, I mind linking Michael.

“Please don’t tell me,” I said. Michael just looked at me, and with thin lips, he closed his eyes.

“Valkyrie,” Calandra said, approaching her. Her slender hand reached for her face. “I’m sorry.”

Valkyrie choked as she let out a loud wailing cry. I hugged her as I closed my eyes.

I know that everyone in the palace could hear her. So then, hitting me, I hug her hard.

“WHY?” Valkyrie cried as I grit my teeth in anger. I could feel my eyes sting with tears. Then, taking a deep breath, I kiss her forehead.

“How is she?” I asked, crossing my arms. It’s been two hours. Valkyrie cried her eyes out and fell asleep after a while.

“She bled too much. It seems an injury affected her,” Calandra sighed tiredly. “It will be troublesome when she wakes up.”

I looked back at the bed. It’s been hours since Leo left, and still no signs of them.

“Damian?” Jordan said through the mind link.

“Jordan? Is something the matter?” I asked.

“We found a silver dragon,” Jordan explained, “he is dead.”

“Bring him. We need to be sure he is dead. How far from the palace are you?” I asked, shaking my head.

“At least ten miles, we shall be there soon,” Jordan said and closed the mind link.

“Something happened?” Calandra asked.

“Yes,” I mumble tiredly.

Distracted thinking, I hear a sudden noise.

“Michael?” Calandra said worriedly. I looked over to the doors. Michael grabbed his chest as pain crossed his face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried. Helping him, I see tears on his face. “Michael?”

“Irene,” Michael whispered as he crouched, “Something happened.”

“Stay!” I order as I run down to the cave. Hearing a whining sound, I rushed. The men were trying to hold the brown dragon down. “What’s happening with it?”

“It’s been in pain for a while. But, unfortunately, in the last ten minutes, things have become worse.” one of the men said as we heard a loud whine.

“IRENE!” Michael yelled from the staircase.

“I said to stay, Michael!” I said, annoyed.

“I can’t!” Michael said, smiling sadly, “I can’t. Irene is suffering.”

“Of what?” I asked, confused by what was happening.

“Mate,” a rough voice said. Holding herself steady from the walls was Valkyrie. Her pale face and messy red hair looked at us. We were all surprised to see her.

“You should be in bed,” Calandra said, rushing to her. Valkyrie pushed her as she walked down the stairs. I tried getting near, but she raised her hand and stopped me.

“Look,” Valkyrie said, pointing, “That is Cian.”

Frowning, I see several dragons flying our way. They were carrying a silver dragon. Understanding the situation, I look at Michael. He was kneeling on the ground as Irene started roaring in pain. It broke the mate bond. Michael and Irene were feeling it. Irene because of her mate Cian and Michael because he could feel the pain Irene felt.

“Brother…” Michael whispered in pain as tears slid down his face. Reaching the entrance, everyone makes space for them to land. Dropping the dead body, Michael runs to his brother.

“What happened to him?” I asked.

“They poisoned him,” Valkyrie explained, plodding. Calandra was with her. “He helped me escape, and for my fault, they poisoned him. I was poisoned as well.”

“He helped you?” Calandra asked.

“Yes, he was in Gabriel castle. Somehow I could control him and use him to escape. Seth ambushed us. That bastard is already dead, though,” Valkyrie sighed, “It’s my fault.”

Cries of pain made me look at Michael. Irene was pushing Cian’s head. The dead body of the dragon remained unmovable. The more she pushed his head with her snout, the more she cried in pain.

When a dragon loses their mate, the bond or mark they share disappears. The pain is beyond anything anyone could feel. We don’t die, but we can if we decide to let the pain take over our minds and let our beast take over, making us lose our human side and turn us into animals. Allowing the pain to consume us and turn our bodies into stone.

“Go,” Valkyrie said sadly, “I… I will go back.”

Without another word, she left. She holds her body as she slowly walks.

I could see she wanted to cry. She must blame herself in many ways.

“Keep an eye on her, please,” I let Calandra know. Then, nodding, she followed Valkyrie.

“What are we going to do?” Jordan asked as he fixed his trousers.

“Let’s wait for Michael to decide. He might pull his heart when his body turns to stone,” I said, walking to the entrance, “Have man’s check for anyone else.”

Nodding, Jordan excuses himself. I lowered my head and sighed. The day was turning gloomy like the weather. What could other tragedy befall now?

“Hope you’re safe, brother,” I whispered as a cold wind passed by.

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