Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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69. The Queen will save her People

Dimitri POV

Fire erupted from the east side of the castle as I attacked them. So far, Gabriel has not shown himself. Deciding to attack them, I go with the easiest part. On the east side, there were buildings where they kept their weapons and supplies. Keeping my eyes open, I search around. No signs of Zar. Was he all right? It’s been over two hours since we arrived. So I needed to know if he found Valkyrie.

Hearing a roar, I look behind.

“Leo?” I said through the mind link.

“Dimitri! You need to stop!” Leo said.

“Why?” I growl.

“Valkyrie, she’s in the palace,” Leo explained. Then, flying high in the sky, I look down.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused. Wasn’t she here? As realization hits me, I roar loud. Was all this a trap?

“We found Valkyrie after you left. But she’s in awful shape,” Leo said, making me snap my head. I glare at him. Hearing another roar, we both look towards the castle.

“That’s Gabriel’s son,” Leo said in my mind.

“Go back and bring the dragons. I will stall for some time,” I ordered him.

“What about Zar?” Leo asked.

I knew he might be in trouble. But, hopefully, Gabriel hasn’t found out.

“Go, and don’t worry,” I said without looking. Eros was heading our way with a dragon. “Tell Valkyrie that I will be back safe.”

“No, you tell her personally once you’re back,” Leo said growling. Nodding, I head towards Eros. “One more thing,” he said, making me look back. “Tell Eros; his dear brother died by the hands of the queen.”

With that, he roared and flew back.

Flying towards them, I stop midair and growl at him. Clad in silver armor and with a grim face was Eros. The tamer.

“Welcome, King Dimitri,” Eros smirked.

I moved my eyes and looked at the green dragon. I tried to see if I could recognize him, but it was in vain. No traces of humans were left of him. Then, looking back at Eros, I open my mind.

“Your brother sends his hi from hell,” I said through the mind link. The smirk Eros had on his face disappeared.

“What did you do?” Eros hissed angrily.

“I did nothing, but my queen did. She had the pleasure of sending him to hell,” I said. Eros’ face contorted as he screamed in anger. Then, pulling the reins of the dragon, he flies my way. I prepare to attack the dragon. But before that, I needed to find a chance to make Eros leave his dragon. He was carrying a tamer sword. I couldn’t risk getting hurt by it.

Fighting head-on, I snap at the green dragon. Reaching for his neck, but he dodges my bite and instead bit my tail, pulling me. Growling, I turn and reach for his wing. Eros used his sword to attack, but I bumped hard into them, making him lose balance.

“I will kill you!” Eros hissed.

Ordering the dragon, they attack me between bites and scratches. I don’t notice another dragon behind me as I try to rip off one of his wings. A brown dragon appears, bumping hard into me and scratching my head. I roared as I snapped at him, biting his neck. Blood oozed as I dug my long teeth into it—the brown dragon struggles as he tries to scratch my eyes. But I turn and slap him on the face with my tail.

With little, I turn and bite him again. This time I was using my claws to rip his wings. With a loud screech, the dragon falls to the ground. And just in time, I turn to dodge an attack from Eros.

Noticing a familiar figure running down near one of the towers. I fly his way. Zar was making signals as I rushed up to him. Something must have happened.

Flying down quickly, I hear the dragon behind me. I glanced and made a spin as I took a turn. The dragon snapped his teeth, but I turned over and went for Eros. I needed to kill him fast.

“Be Careful, Dimitri!” Zar yells from the tower. Feeling a scratch, I look to the side. Eros smirked as he jumped from his dragon and scratched my side with his sword. I cursed in my mind as I felt a stinging sensation. Catching him, Eros lands on the dragon. Raising his head, he laughs.

Growling loud, I fastly descend towards them. I was getting tired of this. Roaring, I go directly for his back. Falling over the dragon, I reach for Eros. But he used his sword and attacked me. Grabbing the dragon’s neck, I move him. As my claws reach for Eros, he lifts the blade and stabs me.

“Don’t fucking think you can get me that easy. I’m not like my brother,” Eros hissed. Angry, I push my paw, making Eros fall off the dragon. Sadly, the bastard fell over a safety net. Finding my chance, I use my strength and bite a chunk of the neck of the dragon. He roared as he dug his claws but bit again. I finally reach for his neck and twist it. Hearing a snap, I let go. The dragon’s eyes went lifeless, and his body fell to the ground. Eros yelled as he saw his dead dragon fall. “YOU BASTARD!” he said. I turned away from him and looked towards Zar. He was fighting with some guards. Heading his way, I land over the tower. Roaring at the guards. Chopping them, I rip their bodies as Zar kills two of them.

“I need to take you out!” I said through the mind link.

“Why? I still haven’t found Valkyrie!” Zar said.

“She’s not here. She’s safe in the palace,” I explained as I saw several guards heading out the way. “Let’s go!”

I was moving to reach for my body, an arrow flew, hitting Zar on his leg. Yelling, he falls. I look up and find Gabriel with a smirk. Lifting his bow again. I use my wings to protect him.

“Let go!” I said as Zar pulled the arrow out. But as he gets on, I roar in pain. Arrows with poison land on my wings. I could feel the immediate effect of the venom. Growling, I tried to fly off, but the results were strong.

“DIMITRI!” Zar yelled. My eyes started becoming blurry as I lost balance and crashed against an enormous tree.

“Leave Zar,” I said, shaking my head. I needed to get a grip.

“No, what if something happens to you?” Zar said as he got down and pulled the long arrows, “Valkyrie will be dead worried. We have to go back. Come on, get back to your human form.” he said as I looked towards the castle wall. Men were heading our way. Could we escape? Panting, I transform back, falling naked on the ground. My body was getting heavy. “Help me up!” Zar said, throwing an arm over his shoulder. I stood up and started running towards the forest. This forest was dense, and with the snow and mist covering it. It would be difficult for them to see us.

“Let’s hide in the mist,” I said as we made a turn. Hopefully, the help will be here soon.


Gabriel POV

I watched them leave and disappear into the mist. Then, with thin lips, I watch the men follow them.

“You’re not going?” Eros said as he got up the wall. I glance his way. Slapping him in the face, I groaned.

“Can’t you do something good?” I retorted.

Eros glared back at me. He was still in pain after I killed his mother.

“Couldn’t you use the poison?” I said as I looked down at him. Eros stood up and spit.

“I wanted him alive!” Eros spat.

“And I want him fucking dead!” I retorted. “He can’t live! No, I won’t let him live.”

Walking with my bow in hand, I order men to surround the castle.


The night passed, and dawn arrived. I stood on the castle wall, staring intently at it.

“Nothing still?” I asked my general.

“They disappeared, my king,” he said, bowing after chasing them into the forest. A colossal snowstorm fell, making it hard to track them. Feeling annoyed, I scan the area. They couldn’t be far, right? “Head south, where the caves are,” I ordered.

“The caves?” my general asked, frowning, “but your highness, those caves are full of venomous snakes.”

“I order you to go,” I snap. My general just nodded and turned. His blue cloak swayed as I turned and looked ahead. Then, hearing a dragon, I look towards the forest: Eros and several men heading to the south of the woods.

Walking down the wall, I hear the horns blow. My head immediately to the side as a tower guardian yells; enemy. I frown as I see shadows between the mist.

Inspecting, my eyes go wide. A red dragon?

Yells from the guards around the castle have me snapping out of my trance. I looked back and couldn’t believe it. Red dragons shouldn’t exist. Feeling goosebumps up my back, I move back. Then, hearing a roar, I look at it. The beast roared as more dragons appeared. At least fifty dragons were heading our way. Fisting my hands, I run back up and start yelling orders.

Confused, I try to see if someone is guiding the dragon or someone I might recognize. But I never heard that Dimitri had a red dragon. So the more I think, the more I’m confused.

Grabbing one arrow with poison, I point it towards the beast. The animal stared at me. Then, distracted, I see something fly my way. Trying to dodge it, the arrow pierces my shoulder. I groaned as I looked at who it was. Standing over the dragon with black armor and a bow in hand was Valkyrie, Dimitri’s mate. Her fiery red hair moved against the air. How was she even alive?

Realizing that something must have happened to Seth, I yell. My anger started showing on my face as I yelled at the guards to prepare to shoot.

“Get my dragons ready,” I ordered one of my men.

“All of them?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, let them out and get my sword. I need to teach my dear daughter a lesson,” I smiled.

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