Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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70. Things are never Simple

Valkyrie POV

Reaching the castle. Damian’s mind links to me.

“There are a bow and some arrows,” Damian said. I started checking on the weapon bag. There were several bows and arrows, as well as my sword and some daggers. Pulling everything out, I hide some daggers in my body and fix my sword. Preparing to approach the castle, Damian’s mind links me again.

“Gabriel is ahead,” Damian said, growling. I look to the front. Without waiting, I let go of the reins and stood on the dragon. Grabbing a bow and arrow, I point towards him. His eyes were wide as he looked at us in disbelief.

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes, and then, letting go of the string, I look his way. He tried to dodge it, but the arrow pierced his shoulder. Smiling his way, I yell for orders.

“I don’t see Dimitri, Damian,” I yelled.

“I will search for him,” Michael suddenly said. “You guys go ahead. We will meet soon.” nodding we continue forward as he takes a detour.

“Be careful once we reach the castle Valkyrie,” Damian said through the mind link. I could feel I worried him.

“No need to worry,” I said, smirking, “I think after all I’ve learned and have been through, it’s time to show everyone what I’m made of.”

Damian just stared at me. Then, hearing sudden roars, we look to the front. Ten dragons headed our way.

“I need a group to head and attack with Alarik. I will get down and deal with Gabriel. The others destroy his castle. No one stays alive. And remember to stay close and safe,” I yelled as everyone roared.

Kneeling, I caress Alarik’s head.

“Be safe and stay close to me, all right?” I said, smiling. I could feel the dragon’s gaze on me. Letting him know to drop me close to the walls. We descend, and Damian’s men cover us. Alarik headed where Gabriel was. “This is it, Valkyrie,” I mutter to myself. Jumping off the red dragon, I land close to Gabriel.

He looked at me sternly as yells and roars were all we could hear behind us.

“Nice to see you again, Father,” I said, smiling. Gabriel just glared at me. With a sword in hand, he looks to the sides and smirks.

“You are just like your mother,” Gabriel says. Frowning, I decide to stay quiet. “But there’s one thing your mother didn’t have, but you have.”

“And what is that?” I asked as I gripped the sword.

“Determination,” Gabriel said as he looked at me. His eyes looked at me, and for a second, I saw a smile and pain in his eyes. But it immediately disappeared.

We just stared at each other. The surrounding chaos didn’t bother us at all. Scoffing, I pull out my sword. Rolling my hand, I grip the sword and stand in position.

“Well, it seems at least I got something out of you then,” I said, smirking, “But too bad, you won’t get to see more of it.”

The smile disappeared on him.

“You sound like me,” Gabriel said.

“Do I? Because I think differently,” that I attack him. Gabriel dodged my attack. Pulling his sword, he brings it down and clashes swords with me. I smiled as I looked at him from above. Pushing through him, he backs away, and I find my chance to attack again.

“Not bad,” Gabriel said as he stared at me. A smile played on his lips. Grunting, I push back using my feet.

Swords clashed as we fought our hearts out. Finally, finding an opening, I make a turn and kick him in his gut.

Gabriel groaned as I brought my sword down and slashed his leg. Hearing a roar, I look to the other side. Alarik was biting the neck of one dragon. Distracted for a second, I feel Gabriel move, tackling me down with his weight. I groan as I fall.

“Eyes on me, my dear,” Gabriel hissed. I tried to turn myself over and use that to my advantage, but he used all his strength.

“Fuck off, Gabriel!” I said, pushing him. Letting go of the sword, I fist my hand and punch him. Gabriel fell backward as I stood. Kicking him again in the face, I bring my sword down and stab him on his thigh. “Don’t think I will kill you this easily,” I mutter. Gabriel started laughing as he looked at me.

“You should keep your guard up,” Gabriel said as I frowned. Then, not understanding, I see something shining. Eyes wide, I tried to move, but the arrow graced my stomach. Covering the cut with my hand, I notice blood.

Gabriel stood up, pulling my sword out of his thigh.

“You know you would be a marvelous warrior,” Gabriel smirked, “If I had known I had a daughter like you, I would have made you queen instead of Eros.”

Now that he mentioned it. I couldn’t see the little rascal anywhere. Was he somewhere fighting? Nor was Dimitri with him.

“Don’t worry,” I said, looking his way, “That dear son of yours will be chopped into pieces by me,” Gabriel growled.

Backing away from him, I find a set of stairs. My eyes drifted towards the long wooden spikes.

“VALKYRIE!” a familiar voice said as I moved on time to dodge Gabriel’s sword. Dodging his attacks, I see him frustrated. As he brings the blade down again, I crouch and kick him, making him lose balance. Then, hitting his back, I kick my sword off his grip and pull a dagger and try to stab him in the head. But Gabriel grabbed my wrists as I used my force.

“You won’t be able to attack me!” Gabriel said, laughing.

“Who said I won’t?” I smiled, letting go of the dagger. Then, using one of my hands on top, I reached for the dagger that was falling and stabbed him on his shoulder. Gabriel screamed. Pulling it out, I stab him again in his chest—blood splat on my hand. Feeling the pain, he pushes me over.

Eyes wide, I fall back, rolling down the stairs. Groaning, my back hurts. Opening my eyes, I tried to move, but a stabbing pain made me his. I had stabbed myself with one spike near the stairs. Pulling the wooden stick out, I yell. Panting, I tried to get up again, but Gabriel kicked me on the stomach, making me roll the other set of stairs.

Falling with my head up, I look towards the stairs. Gabriel smirked as he took off his chest armor. The heavy metal falls with a thud as he reaches for me. Grabbing a sword, he stands before me.

“I don’t wish to kill you,” Gabriel said with thin lips, “but I can’t let someone like you live.”

I crawled backward as he moved closer to me. Then, bringing his sword down, he catches a piece of cloth that hangs from the armor—making me stay in place.

Gabriel scoffed as he pulled from behind him a liquid.

“What’s that?” I whispered, eyes wide.

“This is something you would enjoy,” Gabriel said as he straddled me. I reached for his face with my fists, but he punched me faster. Grabbing his arm, I tried to find a chance.

Using his mouth, he pulls the cap off the black liquid. Then, grabbing my neck, he slams me against the floor.

“You bastard!” I yelled as I kicked him.

My efforts were in vain. He was using all his strength. Feeling his hand gripped me tighter. I panic. I couldn’t let that touch me. Then, as he leans over, I risk myself, and using the palm of my hand, I slam him under his chin. It was making him stumble. But the liquid fell over my chest. Screaming, I panic. It was melting the armor-like acid.

Suddenly out of nowhere, someone tackled Gabriel. Finding my chance, I get up and remove the armor. Throwing it, I check my chest. The armor had a hole where the liquid fell. As I listen to groans and a yell, I find Dimitri straddling Gabriel. They threw punches and groans as they both fought each other.

“DIMITRI!” I yelled as some guards pointed their bows our way. Moving quickly to push him away from Gabriel. A red wing protects us. I snapped my head and found Alarik shielding the arrows. Roaring, he eats the guards. I heard screams of fear as the dragon used his tail and destroyed the castle wall.

Hearing a clunking sound, I look to the side. My sword fell some feet away. As I stand up, I feel someone grab my arm.

“You’re here!” Dimitri said, hugging me. Surprised, I smile and hug him back.

“It is not the right time,” I mutter, kissing his head, “We have something to finish first.”

“But you need to go back. I can’t let you be here fighting Valkyrie,” Dimitri said as he helped me up. I frown but then remember why he was saying it.

“Dimitri,” I sighed. I didn’t want to make him feel pain, but I needed him to know.

“Let me send you back,” Dimitri insisted.

Yanking my arm away, I averted my eyes. The fight was still going on around us. Fisting my hands, I hear Dimitri call my name. Turning around, I walk up to my sword and pick it up. My top was ripped as the wind blew.

“Nothing will happen to me,” I said, looking over my shoulder.

“What do you mean?” Dimitri asked, frowning. He looked worried.

“The babies are gone,” I said, walking away. Hearing a loud crash, I look to the side. Damian was fighting with a silver dragon. “ALARIK!” I yelled. The dragon was chewing on another one of his kind. Blood drops from his snout. Making a hand signal, the beast moves towards Damian, helping him get the other dragon off him.

Waving my hand, I blow some dust away. Debris flew all around me. Noticing a figure, I jumped out from its way as he yelled. The sword in his hand screeched on the floor.

“Hello, dear sister,” Eros said as he moved to attack me. I block his attacks as I try to move away from him. Dimitri called for my name, but I stopped him.

“I got this!” I said as I smiled at Eros. Pushing him, I kicked him in the chest and made a turn slashing him with my sword. His chest dripped from the blood. Smiling, I ran up and attacked him. He barely found a chance to block my attack. Using my other hand, I pull a dagger and crouching stab his thigh. Eros screamed as I quickly moved again and kicked him square in the face, falling backward; Eros groans.

“So, how do you wish to die?” I asked him, cracking my neck from side to side. I was feeling excited. “Should I castrate you on the way?”

Eros growled as he pulled his whip. Then, standing, he spits blood.

“I should fucking teach you a lesson,” Eros said. I smiled as I saw him bring his whip down. Lifting my arm, I grab the whip, stopping his attack. Eros’s eyes went wide as he saw my face. Blood was dripping down my arm, but I didn’t care. Tightening my grip, I yank the whip.

“I’m tired of this shit,” I said, approaching him. Eros pulled, but I drew harder. I wrapped my hand around the whip as I felt it cut through my palm, but without waiting anymore. I pull him, and using the sword handle; I punch him on his jaw. I heard a cracking sound as Eros fell. He was crying in pain as I walked and stood looking down at him. Smiling, I lift my sword and stab him on his dick. He yelled his throat out as I laughed at him.

Pulling my other hand, I lifted the whip that was still wrapped around my hand. Grabbing it, I shake it. Showing him what I had.

“You know your dear brother used this one to whip my back a few days ago. How about we tried it on you?” I said, smiling. Eros’ face was contorted. Then, lifting the whip, I bring it down and start lashing at him, with no stop, hitting his face, hands, arms, every part. All that pent-up pain I had from long ago, I let it out by beating him. Eros tried to scurry away. “Come back here bitch. Your dear sister isn’t done. Aren’t you the sadistic fucker?” I said, smirking at him. Fear crept all over his bloody face.

Lashing at him continually, I felt tears slide down my face. Eros wasn’t moving much as I suddenly felt something wrapped around me. Gasping, I find Alarik pulling me away from Eros. Feeling drained, I drop the whip as I cover my face and cry. Alarik moved me to the side, and he approached Eros. Falling on my buttocks, I watch him. The red dragon growled at him as he suddenly grabbed him with his snout. Half of Eros’ body was inside his mouth. Glancing my way, Alarik bites down. He was crunching Eros in half. I gulp as I watch the scene.

“Valkyrie!” Damian said, making me turn around.

“Why are you here?” I asked as I blushed. Damian was butt naked.

“Dimitri, he needs help!” Damian said, distracting me.

Searching for him, I stop when I see him and Gabriel clashing swords. Quickly got up and started running up the set of stairs. Whistling, Alarik looks my way. Knocking a guard out of the way, I waved at Alarik. He was fighting with a dragon.

Gabriel and Dimitri were on the other side of the wall. Moving fast, I hurried but got surrounded by men. From afar, I saw Alarik move my way. I only had one way from here, and it was jumping off the wall. Gripping my hands, I run off and stand over one of the edges. Smiling at the guards, I jump off. Alarik moved and, with his tail, caught me. I laughed as he put me over his back.

“Take me to the other side,” I ordered him. Searching for a bow and arrow, I found one on the dragon’s harness. Pulling it and two arrows out, I stand and point towards Gabriel. Unfortunately, he was distracted by Dimitri. Staying steady, I pull the string. “Breathe and let go,” I said as my fingers moved on their own, and the arrows flew directly to Gabriel. Noticing the arrows, he uses his sword to block them. I curse as I pull another one out.

Pointing at him, I don’t see another dragon coming our way. Crashing against us, I yell and fall off the dragon. Alarik turned his head and looked my way as I screamed.

“VALKYRIE!” Dimitri yelled as my head hit the ground, losing consciousness instantly.

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