Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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71. Your True Form

Valkyrie POV



Where was I?

I sat up and looked around. Why was everything so dark?

Confused, I stood up and started walking around. Did I die? Feeling fear crept up, I walked around, but everything was still dark and silent.

“Hello?” I said aloud, but no one answered.

Gulping, I continue moving around until I bump into someone. Confused, I move my hands around. There was something in front of me, but I couldn’t see it. Was it a wall or something?

“Hello?” I said again. This time I felt something move behind me. Scared, I turn around. “Who goes there?” I said, asking. Seeing the same shadow, I move. There it was again. The exact shadow figure moved around me. Panting, I moved in circles until a woman with red hair stood before me. I gasp and back away in fear. “Who are you?” I asked, moving away.

The woman disappeared before my eyes. Panicking, I look around me. My hair moves in a mess as I call for her. “Come out!”

Where did she go?

Trying to calm myself and think straight, I suddenly hear a growl. It was coming from somewhere in the darkness.

“What was that?” I asked myself.

I heard the same growl again as I looked behind me. But there was nothing. Feeling shivers running down, I yell and turn around when I see an enormous dragon hunched on the side. Falling on my buttocks, I stare at it. He was with his back to me. Eyes wide, I touch my surroundings. What was that?

Slowly, I backed away. I tried to be quiet as I moved away from it. Then, hearing a loud growl, I freeze on the spot. Did he see me?

Keeping my eyes on the hunch beast, he moves. I gulp as I prepare myself for a run. What was it?

Finally turning around, I stare at it in shock.

“Alarik?” I whispered, surprised. Why was he here? Turning entirely over, the beast moves. Finding a spot, he sits down and looks at me. His eyes were penetrating my own.

Unable to take my eyes away from him. I stare at him. There was something odd about his behavior.

It looked like a human.

“Why are you here?” I asked him. The beast just kept silent. “Alarik?” I mutter again. Was this the same dragon?

Standing up, I moved my hair away from my face and looked at him. His scales were red, and his eyes were like mine. So it was the same dragon, right? Suddenly something tapped lightly over my shoulder. Jumping, I turn and find the same woman from before standing behind me. This time a smile spread across her face.

“Hi Valkyrie,” she mutters. Her voice was so soft that it made me choke for a reason. There was a familiar feeling coming from her that made my eyes sting with tears.

“Who are you?” I finally utter. My lips tremble as I see a resemblance to myself. Her fiery red hair and pale skin like mine made me wonder who she was.

“Who am I? There’s no need for you to know,” she said, smiling. She had her hands behind her back. An innocent smile on her face. “The one you should wonder who he is. Is the dragon behind you,” she said, grabbing my shoulders and turning me around. “He is the one you should ask that question to.”

“But that’s Alarik, the dragon I found,” I said, keeping my eyes on him.

“Yes, but that’s not the correct answer,” she whispered near my ear.

“Then tell me!” I said as I turned around, but she was gone. Looking around, I find myself all alone except for the beast behind me. Giving up, I looked over my shoulder, and the beast was still looking at me. “Fine,” I whispered, “Tell me, Alarik, who are you?”

The beast stayed silent as he just glared at me. Chuckling, I pinched my nose and sighed.

“You are a beast. How could you talk?” I mutter under my breath.

“Who said I couldn’t?” a male voice suddenly said. Opening my eyes, I look up.

“Huh?” I said, sounding stupid. I kept looking at Alarik. “Did you just say something?”

“Yes,” Alarik said as he still looked at me. Was he speaking in my head? But it was different. It wasn’t the same when Damian’s or Dimitri’s minds linked me. “I’m not speaking on your mind,” he said. I snapped my head, baffled.

“Impossible,” I mutter in shock.

“Nothing is impossible, Valkyrie. So now you asked me who I am?” Alarik said. I nodded at him. “My actual name is Ragnar. But as time passed, they changed my name. So now I’m named Alarik, the noble ruler. A name you gave to me.”

“Yes…” I breathed.

“You are curious to know who I am, right?” Alarik asked.

“Yes, but that’s not what I’m curious about,” I said sighing, “Who was that woman?”

Alarik’s eyes move behind me.

“None of your concern,” Alarik said as he made a sound of scoffing with his snout.

“Tell me!” I said, annoyed, “Why does she look like me?”

Alarik stopped moving and looked sideways. Then, moving his tail, he reached for me and curled it around me.

“You don’t need to worry yourself about that. What you need to worry about is that your body is unconscious out there while a battle is happening.”

Realizing what he just said, I gasp.

“I need to go back!” I said, struggling against his hold. Alarik moved his tail with me on it, lifting me.

“No, it’s not your time,” Alarik said as he growled.

“So, what do you want from me?” I retorted, “Dimitri is out there fighting alone! I can’t let Gabriel do anything to him.”

“Easy queen. A wise woman thinks carefully before doing something reckless.” Alarik said, looking away. Suddenly our surroundings changed. Everything turned blue like we were in the sky. A serene feeling falls into my heart and mind. “I know you are suffering because you lost your babies.” Alarik suddenly whispered. I stared at him from behind as he moved and stopped. Lowering me, he lets go, “But losing them was for a reason.”

“What do you mean?” I barked, “I didn’t lose them because I wanted to!”

“I know,” Alarik said, looking to the side, “But they were the reason I am here.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You have the blood of the last queen—the only queen who has tamed everyone around her, under her will. I was born from her as the last dragon beast with no humanity on him—a monster with a sole role. To be the dragon of the one who would tame the last species of dragons,” Alarik said.

“The last?” I repeated, “What do you mean by that?” My heart started beating against my chest. I had an ominous feeling.

Alarik looked at me and then lowered his gaze.

“You shall carry the last descendant of dragons. The last heir will be born from the Onyx Dragon, from King Dimitri. After that, no more dragons should be born,” Alarik explained.

My hair stood up as I heard his words.

“I would get pregnant again?” I asked him.

“Yes, a boy and a strong one,” Alarik said and then closed his eyes. He looked like he was thinking something, “He shall have a hard life. Struggles will come his way, and….” Alarik said, stopping. Waiting for him, he turned his head away.

“And what?” I asked him again.

Alarik just growled.

“Don’t worry,” Alarik said, leaving me confused.

“Now, you have something you haven’t used,” Alarik said, making me frown. “The mark, I mean.”

Looking down at my chest, I find the big black rune glowing.

“That’s not only your mark but a tamers mark. And now that’s complete; you can use its power,” Alarik explained.

“What power?” I asked as I got closer to him.

Wrapping its tail, he lifts me and brings me closer.

“You have the power to control everything around you,” Alarik said, looking into my eyes. I rested my arms on his tail, “But the only one you cannot tame will be me.”

“Why?” I asked, “You are a dragon.”

“But I was born from your blood. I have your blood running in me. No one else could open that egg if it weren’t you,” Alarik explained, “Not even King Dimitri. Now the only thing you need to do to stop this mess is using the command.”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” I said, feeling annoyed, “I don’t have that sort of power!”

“Believe, my queen. But, think carefully because you have the power to do anything you want. Now, go back,” Alarik said.

“What?” I frowned at him, “Go back?”

“Yes, go back to your king, and everyone else is waiting for you,” Alarik said, “Go back.”

Frowning at him, Alarik suddenly let go. I yelled as I opened my eyes again and found myself on the ground. We heard roars and screams of fear. I sat up and winced as a slight pain spread across my head. Checking myself, I find blood.

Hearing a familiar voice, I look to the side. Gabriel and Dimitri were still clashing swords. Blood dripped from a massive cut Dimitri had on his back. Worried, I tried to get up but felt sudden dizziness.

A roar has me covering my ears. Alarik’s body stumbles backward. He was crashing against one tower. Eyes wide, I see a gray dragon attacking him. Alarik used his claws and tail to move him away, but the beast had him cornered. He was almost the same size as Alarik.

“ALARIK!” I yelled as I ran up to him. Seeing a bow and some arrows from afar, I grab them and start running up. I needed a top spot to attack the dragon. Hearing someone call my name, I looked behind me. Zar stood some feet away.

“Here!” Zar yelled. I hurried up the stairs. Then, reaching for an arm, I grab it and climb the wall. “You all right?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling at him, “I need you to cover for me.”

Zar nodded, smiling. Pulling his sword out, I stand over the castle wall. I saw the dragon still on Alarik.

Lifting the bow, I pull. I needed to hit him in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, I calm down. Finally letting go, the arrow flies and hits directly in his eye. He growled furiously, looking my way.

I smirked at him.

Hearing a groan, I move my eyes to the side. Dimitri was trying to hold Gabriel’s sword down.

Moving my body, I point towards Gabriel. Not waiting, I let go and hit him on his shoulder. Gabriel yelled as he pulled the arrow.

“Bitch!” Gabriel yelled. I just smiled at him as Dimitri tackled him down.

“This needs to end, Valkyrie!” Zar said as he looked at me. I just nodded his way. Dropping the bow, I looked at Alarik, and his blue eye looked my way. I nodded, understanding what needed to be done. Closing my eyes, I relax my body. He said I had the power, but I needed to search in me to find it. Feeling a throbbing pain, I reach for my head.

“Say it!” a voice whispered near my ear. Opening my eyes, I look around me. Fire, dust, debris, roars, yells, and explosions were heard. Again, I looked around; before my eyes stopped on Alarik once again.

“Satis,” I whispered as my mark stings. Every dragon present, including Alarik, looked my way. Alarik’s eyes were wide as he stared at me.

A silence fell around us as every soldier and man present looked at the beasts. Then, turning my way, they all sat down like dogs. I frowned as I watched Damian’s dragon and Alarik sit.

“What did you do?” Zar asked from behind.

“I… I…” I stutter as I smile.

“You tamed the dragons,” Michael said as he walked our way. Turning around, I look at him.

“Michael!” I said, smiling and getting down, “You ok?”

“Always fine,” Michael smiled.

Hearing a screeching sound, we all turn and look at Gabriel and Dimitri. They were still fighting. Picking the bow, I lift it.

“Wait!” Zar said as he looked at me with pain in his eyes. I understood what he was feeling.

“I have to stop him, Zar,” I whispered. Zar gripped his hand on my shoulder. “There’s no other way,” but before I could look at Gabriel, a scream had my heart skipping a beat. I snapped my head and saw the sword pierce Dimitri’s chest.

“DIMITRI!” I yelled as I started running. Zar and Michael followed. Both of them were on the other side of the wall. Then, moving my eyes, I yell for Alarik. The dragon moved my way as I jumped over the wall. Quickly he moved, and I jumped on him, pulling a dagger from behind my back and stabbing Gabriel in his chest.

Screaming, he backs away. I protectively stood in front of Dimitri. Glancing behind, I noticed Dimitri’s wound was big.

“You fucker,” I said, standing straight.

“You’re a tamer?” Gabriel said as his eyes stayed on my mark.

“Found out kind of late, my dear father,” I said, smirking.

“Impossible!” Gabriel snarled. His face contorted.

“Nothing is impossible!” I said as I moved and attacked him. Gabriel blocked my attack with his arm. Cutting him on the way. Grabbing his arm, I yank him, making him stumble. Then, without too much, I hit him in the face. He groaned as blood dripped from his nose.

“Bitch!” Gabriel spat. Pulling another dagger out, I swing them in my fingers.

Attacking me, he brings his fist down, but I dodge it, stabbing him from behind. Yelling, I jump on his back and make a lock on his arm and neck. Twisting it in a weird position.

“This is your end,” I whispered as I brought the dagger down and stabbed him in the neck. Gabriel let go of me and started gagging. Blood oozed from the wound. Then, glaring at me furiously, he pulls the dagger out as the other hand covers the blood.

“Impossible!” Gabriel said, gritting his teeth. How could he be standing still?

Moving his hand, he whispers something that I barely can hear. Then, waiting for something to happen, he rolls his eyes to the side. Smirking, I see Alarik move. Stopping near the wall, Alarik growls. Gabriel’s smile was gone as he looked my way.

Moving back against the wall, I look behind him. It was the wall where the spikes were. Getting closer, he stops and looks at the dragon.

“You little monsters should obey me!” Gabriel said as more blood oozed from his mouth. Walking to him, I bend over and grab the sword he had used on Dimitri. Then, walking up, I stop and stare at him.

“If I’m supposed to feel something is hate. That’s all I can feel. Hate towards you,” I whispered, pointing the sword to his chest. Gabriel never moved his eyes from my face. “Do me a favor.”

Gabriel frowned.

“Say hi to my dear brothers in hell,” I said and stabbed him with the sword. Gabriel stared down at me with eyes full of fear. Then, spitting blood, I pull away.

His body stumbles over the wall, but Alarik catches him. Carrying him away, I frown. What was he going to do? Approaching the rest of the dragons, he looks at them. A silent conversation passed through all of them. Then, reaching for a part in his body, they all pull at the same time. Turning him into pieces. Shocked, we all stare at it. The head rolled off on the ground. Looking back at Alarik, I see him huff.

“Valkyrie?” a voice said. Dropping the sword, I turn and jump on Dimitri.

“Oh my, are you all right?” I said, hugging him. Dimitri silently hugged me back.

“Just a mere wound. But I need some healing,” Dimitri said, making me smile. Then, hearing a roar, we both look towards Alarik. The red dragon roared loud, making the rest of the joined dragons roar together. We watched in awe as we stood on the wall. Then, smiling at Dimitri, I kissed him, “Let’s go home.”

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