Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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72. An End Brings a new Beginning

Valkyrie POV

Opening my eyes, I look around the bed. I was all alone. Feeling too exhausted even to get up, I sighed and stayed in bed. Dimitri was nowhere to be seen.

It’s been two days since everything happened. Finally, after killing Gabriel and destroying its castle, we returned home. But, unfortunately, Dimitri didn’t have time to rest. Instead, the other dragon hordes started sending their people to investigate if King Gabriel was dead.

Just thinking about it made me feel empty. He was indeed my father. But the word father never existed in my language. And getting to know him a little made me realize I would never dare call him father. I know Zar was feeling bad for what happened. That day I could see he was in pain. And I understood him. After all, he grew up with the others. But, at the same time, they abandoned me to be a slave.

Turning my head to the side, I find that it’s snowing hard. All the balcony was covered in snow. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath and relax. After the battle, my body started feeling exhausted and needed urgent rest. So spending the next two days in bed was helping me. Calandra and Michael did a thorough check-up on me. After losing the twins, I didn’t get proper rest, and my body couldn’t afford more exhaustion. So I decided to stay alone. I just wanted time to think and decide what was next. Alarik’s words still played on my mind. The last descendant of dragons.

Those words worried me. I knew that this would mean something for all the dragons existing. But I still had questions. Was I going to have only one baby?

The thought brought tears to my eyes. Choking, I start to cry. The pain I had kept inside me because of the loss of the twins and knowing that my son would possibly stay alone in the future hurt me. Covering my face with the fur, I cry my eyes out. It pained me. All the things I had gone through, all the suffering, my life. Finding out things I never expected to be possible, I let everything out. Crying aloud, I didn’t care who heard me around the palace. Everyone still knew I was mourning the loss of my babies. And even if Dimitri didn’t show it, I knew he was sad. I remember a night ago when I told him.



A night ago…

“Valkyrie, you’ve been quiet since we came back,” Dimitri said as he stroked my hair.

“It’s nothing,” I whispered as tears sting my eyes, “You… don’t worry.”

“Tell me. I want to know,” Dimitri whispered.

I stared at the fire as he lay in bed. The chambers felt warm thanks to the chimney and Dimitri’s heat. Gulping, I keep my eyes forward.

“I’m sorry I lost them,” I mumble as he stays quiet, “I’m so sorry, Dimitri. But I honestly tried to keep them safe. I did,” I mutter with tears.

Dimitri didn’t utter a word.

“Say something,” I asked after a few moments of silence.

“There was nothing you could do. It was my fault since the beginning,” Dimitri said as he moved his hand away from my hair. I knew what he meant. He was referring to the fight we had in the bathroom. The day he hurt me accidentally. He was still blaming himself for what he did.

“It’s not your fault,” I mumbled. Then, letting go, he sits up and pushes me away. Dimitri stood up, and without looking back, he left the chambers, leaving me crying alone.

Flashback ends.


Cleaning my tears, I cough and sit up. Feeling depressed, I decided to give myself a warm bath. Taking my clothes off, I head to the tub. The steam covers the entire bath. Careful where I step, I get in. I winced, feeling the sore muscles relax.

Leaning against the rocks, I close my eyes and rest.

“Valkyrie?” I heard Mia say from afar.

“I’m in the bath,” I called. Mia walked in with a worried look on her face.

“Are you all right?” Mia asked, smiling wryly.

“Yes?” I frowned, “Is something wrong.

“We heard you crying. And well, we all got worried,” Mia explained as she took a seat near me. Smiling back at her, I just chuckled.

“I’m fine. You know I just needed to let it out,” I smiled.

Mia stared back at me. I could see she was worried.

Once I was done with my bath. I got changed. Mia had brought some warm tea and some food.

I thank her as I quietly eat. I could feel her gaze on me.

“Is there something you wish to say?” I asked her without looking.

“That dragon,” Mia mumbled.

“You mean Alarik?” I said, looking up. Mia nodded quietly, “What’s with him?”

“He doesn’t leave your side,” Mia whispered, “He has been on the other side of the chambers for a while. Every time someone approaches him, he would growl.”

I laughed as I listened to her. Her panicked face didn’t go unnoticed.

“I should go and check on him,” I said, putting my plate down and standing, “Thank you.”


Walking down the hallway to the next balcony, I smiled warmly at several guards. Since everything had ended. Things have gotten better. Everyone looks at ease and calm.

Pushing both golden doors open, I step into the chambers. Alarik had decided to rest on the balcony of my rooms. No one questioned him.

“Alarik?” I called. The red dragon was hunched on the side—his back to me.

Approaching him, I caress his scales. Alarik just glanced sideways and continued looking to the white forest.

“Are you all right?” I asked. I needed to make a special place for him. He couldn’t continue staying out on the balcony. “Alarik?” I said again.

“It seems you have rested,” Alarik said, speaking. I looked up at his golden eye that swirled with orange, just like mine.

“Yes, I needed to rest,” I mumble, looking at the floor. My feet were covered in snow.

“It’s the perfect time for us,” Alarik said, making me curious.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It’s time for us to leave,” Alarik said, this time moving his head, “We shall depart soon.”

Confused, I furrowed my brows. What was he talking about?

The dragon just stared at me. He knew I was feeling confused.

He was lowering his head. He leans closer. I didn’t move and just kept my eyes on him. Then, pushing me slightly with his snout, I reach for his face and caress it.

“We both need to go,” Alarik repeated.

“Where?” I asked, frowning.

“You shall leave and go with me to the other hordes. I should explain a word about the last descendant. Remember, you will carry the last dragon ever born on this planet,” Alarik said with a growl.

“We need to go?” I asked back, barely a whisper, “Dimitri is coming?”

“No,” Alarik said, backing away, “It’s just the two of us.”

“But, how long are we going to be gone?” I asked as worry filled my heart. All this was confusing me. My mind felt a mess as Alarik just stared at me.

“How long? It might be two to four years or more that I don’t know. But we need to spread the word. It’s your and my role in doing. No one else can come with us,” Alarik said, huffing, “You will leave this place and come back once we have told every horde. King Dimitri shall understand, and for him to understand, it’s our duty to tell him and the council. So I advise you to do it today.”

I stared at him in shock.

“Today?” I mumble back, “Why?”

“Because we can’t wait long,” Alarik said, looking away, “We can’t waste time.”

Nodding quietly, I turn to leave.

“Call me when you are ready. I shall see you in the throne room,” Alarik said growling. Nodding, I leave.

Heading back in, I look for something to wear. Hearing a knock, I find Mia on the door.

“Perfect timing Mia,” I said, smiling sadly, “Please tell Dimitri to gather everyone in the throne room, and the council has to be there. It’s something urgent.”

Mia frowned but didn’t ask. Closing the door, I look over the balcony. Alarik looked like he was lost in his thoughts. Sighing, I get change.

Braiding my hair, I stare at my pale face. Then, deciding it’s best to wear some makeup, I look inside a drawer.

Twenty minutes later, I was ready. Deciding what to wear for the occasion, I put a top on a fur coat and some boots, my black cloak, and some warm gloves. Letting Alarik I was ready, he flew off the balcony, lifting snow all around me. I sniffed as I looked around one last time. Then, grabbing a small bag that I had on the bed, I left the chambers.

Standing before the throne room, I hear the ruckus and commotion inside. The red dragon growled, making everyone go silent. I smiled at the thought of everyone fearing him. Then, taking a deep breath, I look up and let the guards open the door.

Everyone looked my way. Keeping my head high, I walked until I was in the center. Alarik was near Dimitri, but he was being ignored.

Stopping, I glance at Dimitri. I smiled sadly as I looked around me. All the familiar faces looked curious.

Others are confused.

“Thank you for coming on short notice,” I shouted, “I… no, we have gathered you because we have something important to tell you.”

Damian and some others frowned, confused at what I was about to say.

“You all know that King Gabriel is gone and with him his people. But not only did we kill him, but we had a new and rare dragon with us. Alarik,” I said, pointing at him with a smile. Alarik growled softly. “The reason I had gathered you all is because Alarik and I shall depart soon from this place.”

“WHAT?” Dimitri said, standing up. Whispers started spreading across the room.

I just looked at him—thin lips on my face.

“The last dragon will be born from this place,” I explained, “After this new dragon is born. After that, no other horde will be able to have more dragons. So he shall be the last descendant of all the dragons.”

“What do you mean by that?” Dimitri’s grandfather asked with a frown. I turned and looked at Alarik.

“Just like the queen said,” Alarik spoke. We heard gasps as everyone turned their heads to Alarik. “The last dragon will be born from King Dimitri and Queen Valkyrie. After that, no other Horde of dragons will be able to give birth to any kind of dragon. No royal families. No other normal dragon. No one.”

An eerie silence filled the room. It seems everyone was confused.

“May I ask why?” Michael suddenly asked. I saw Irene staring at me worriedly.

“The moment the queen was born. The destiny of the dragons was sealed. Our species shall stop growing at a certain time, right?” Alarik said, “And this is the time. But before the last dragon is born, a certain time will pass, giving a chance to any other dragon to give birth.”

“How long will it take?” Dimitri’s grandfather asked.

“Maybe two, maybe four years. It all depends on how long it takes the queen and me to let the other hordes know,” Alarik explained as Dimitri’s grandfather nodded.

“What about you?” Damian suddenly asked, “Can’t you change that?”

“No,” Alarik said, growling, “That’s our destiny. The queen with the power to tame is already here. And now that both she and the king are together, the last dragon descendant shall be borne by them. But it won’t be now.”

“So what about the ones who don’t have a mate?” Irene suddenly asked, making everyone whisper.

Alarik glared at her, huffing. He looked at me.

“If they find their mate after the dragon baby is born. They will not be able to give birth to anything. That’s why if you don’t have a mate, you shall start looking for it. Explore the other hordes and find the one for you before time is up,” Alarik said, making everyone silent.

“You said both you and the queen shall go and let the other hordes know?” Dimitri asked with his head bowed. I could see he was angry but more in pain.

“Yes, king. No one can go with us. We have to do so. The queen and I can be the only ones. So you will have to let go of your queen and wait for her return,” Alarik said. Dimitri growled furiously.

He was slamming his fist against the golden throne. A small crack was visible from afar.

“You are telling me to let Valkyrie go?” Dimitri said through gritted teeth, “You want ME to let her go after I just got her back?”

Alarik didn’t answer. His eyes stared down at Dimitri.

“ANSWER ME!” Dimitri yelled. I averted my eyes as a suffocating feeling built up in my chest.

“King Dimitri,” Alarik said, lowering his head, “A wise man once said there are difficulties that come up without reason. This is life.”

Dimitri looked up at him, his eyes full of surprise.

“Now,” Alarik said, lifting his head and looking at everyone. “We shall take our leave. We have no time to waste. Just remember, time is coming to an end. So hurry and find the one destiny has for you. Because our kind is coming to an end.”

With that said, Alarik started moving away to the massive opening on the throne room. I bowed and started heading in his direction when Dimitri called my name. I stopped in my tracks and gulped my nerves down. I didn’t dare look at him.

“You’re leaving like that?” Dimitri asked as he stood behind me. Then, I heard whispers as Damian ordered everyone to leave.

Looking behind him, Alarik stares at Dimitri and then me.

“I will give you a moment alone. Don’t take long,” Alarik said, growling towards Dimitri.

Watching his long tail grace my body. Finally, he walks out and flies off. I stared at the snow falling outside. A silence filled the throne room as Dimitri stood behind me.

I could feel his body heat near my back.

“You’re leaving me?” Dimitri whispered. I gripped the bag that hung on the side.

“I will be back,” I mutter as tears sting my eyes, “Remember, take care of the place and don’t overwork yourself. Now that my father is gone, you can be at ease.”

“Look at me, Valkyrie,” Dimitri mumbled.

I smiled and shook my head. Then, taking a deep breath, I start walking towards the balcony.

“Valkyrie…” Dimitri said, grabbing my arm. His fingers were trembling as his voice broke. “I-Is there no other way?”

Shaking my head, I glance over my shoulder.

“It’s my duty. This is what I should do, and you, my king,” I whisper, smiling, “You have to take care of yourself and our horde. Promise me that you will wait for me.”

His grip got tighter as I tried to move.

“Promise me you will come back?” Dimitri mutters as his voice breaks.

“I promise,” I said and pulled myself away from him.

I heard him call my name as I stepped outside. Pulling my cloak over, I cover my head. Alarik appeared as I stood over the rail. Waiting for him to get close, a gust of wind passed by, removing the cloak of my head.

Smiling sadly, I turn around and look at Dimitri, tears on his face as I whisper, I love you. Then, jumping on Alarik, I dry my tears and smile at him.

“See you soon, my king,” I said as we flew off and disappeared in the misty forest.

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