Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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Author's Note

Author’s Note


Thank you so much for joining me in this long ride. Full of twists and turns. I want to thank everyone for the support and love on this book. It was my first time trying out a dragon book and have to say I’m proud of myself.

Hope you had all enjoyed it, and this is not the end. Join me on Cross to Bear book 1 of the Bloodstone trilogy. For the ones who are reading it or have read it already you know the book has Valkyries and Dimitri’s son Maximus. As the only and last dragon alive in the world. So hope on and join Maximus and Amari on Cross to Bear.

Once again thank you for reading and if you haven’t liked that heart or left a review I would be thankful if you could leave your support. That helps me a lot and if you wish to read more or know more for any new updates and recent stories, feel free to follow me.

Thanks again Dimitri and Valkyrie thank you all XX

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