Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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6. Strong or Weak you Choose

Valkyrie POV

“Punch harder!” Damian yelled from the fence.

It’s been a week since I’ve recovered. Dimitri made sure all this time I spent it resting. His obsessive behavior made me feel stressed. It still scared me, knowing I was in a dragon’s den. But I got to know them more, and I noticed they weren’t that bad. But, of course, there were things where I felt scared, and being a slave didn’t help much. Some didn’t like me, but others, especially the fighters, even though I was a human.

“Harder!” Damian yelled again.

I started training today. Dimitri had agreed that Damian would teach me to be stronger. It didn’t sit well in me, but I would do anything if this were my chance to survive.

My life has always been a misery. I had been tortured, treated like a pest, and slaved between four walls without the light of the sun.

Dimitri told me I was free to do as I pleased, but still, it scared me. All I ever knew in my life was how to be a slave. I had no reason; all I ever dreamed of was to have hope that someday someone would save me. I haven’t thanked Dimitri for saving me. But he didn’t give me a chance, he was always mad, and even if I tried to approach him, he would get angry.

“BE CAREFUL, VALKYRIE!” Damian yelled as I got knocked out. Black dots appear in my eyes as I fall backward.

“WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE!” Damian yelled, “Valkyrie, are you ok?”

Groaning in pain, I hold my face—that hurt. I had been punished many times but never gotten hit in the face.

Feeling the metallic taste in my mouth, I spit.

“Get the mage!” Damian growled.

“N-No… I’m fine,” I stutter.

“No way you’re bleeding. And if Dimitri sees you, it will piss him,” Damian said worriedly, “Please.”

“Fine,” I said with a sigh.

Helping me up, Damian moves me near a small bench. My face ached. He was right; if Dimitri saw my face, he would be angry. But if I wanted to learn how to fight, I would need to get hurt.

After some time, Michael arrived.

“It’s not bad. It was just a punch. Your nose will be fine.” Michael said, smiling.

Giving him a quick thanks, I stand up.

“Where are you going?” Damian asked, stopping me.

“Uh, training,” I said, pointing to the training ground.

“No way. That would be all for today,” Damian retorted.

“But…” I stutter.

“No buts, rest. That’s an order,” Damian said, making everyone look back at me.

Nodding, I excuse myself and head back in.

So far, I have memorized the important places in the enormous palace. The library, the dining hall, the chambers, and the kitchen as well.

Deciding to bathe, I head back to Dimitri’s chambers. Opening the door, I walk in but stop as I see Dimitri walking out of the bath naked.

“Oh, my god!” I said, covering my face.

“Valkyrie?” Dimitri said.

“P-Put something on!” I stutter nervously.

Dimitri didn’t answer back. Gulping, I peek through my fingers.

“Shit!” I curse when I see him standing in front of me. “Getaway!” I said.

“What are you shy about?” Dimitri asked with a smirk.

Turning my head away, I give a glance and turn away again. His complete body dripped in water. A slight scent lingers, making my legs tremble.

“Valkyrie turned around,” Dimitri whispered.

I could feel him standing way too close. His body heat made me nervously aware that his shaft was near my butt. Then, feeling his hand reach for my waist. I try to back away, but Dimitri pulls me until my back is against his chest.

“What’s wrong?” Dimitri asked as he leaned near my ear, “I can smell your arousal, woman.”

Feeling my legs quiver, I grab him from the arm. He was right; I was getting aroused.

“Tell me, Valkyrie, is there something you want?” Dimitri asked seductively. His lips reached for my earlobe.

Biting slowly, he licks. A soft moan escapes my lips as I give him access to my neck. Panting, I hold his arm tighter. What was this man doing to me?

Suddenly he turns me around. Opening my eyes, surprised, I look up at him. His golden eyes had a glimmer that hypnotized me.

“Do you have any idea what you are doing?” Dimitri whispered close to my face.

His body is way overbearing but in a good way. Slowly, I reach for his chest and move my hands. His muscles were flexing under my touch.

“I… I don’t know,” I mumble.

Leaning closer, I could feel his warm breath. A slight tingling sensation was spreading on my stomach as he pulled me closer.

“Do you know how you’re making me feel?” Dimitri asked, barely a whisper.

Grabbing my hand, he brings it up to his lips and kisses it. I watch as he kisses my fingers and then down my wrist and up my arm. His soft kisses make my skin crawl deliciously. Then, closing my eyes, I surrender to his touch.

Reaching for my neck, he kisses and sucks.

“Do you think I won’t control myself?” Dimitri said again.

Planting a soft kiss under my ear, I let a moan out. My legs were about to give out, so I held myself from his muscular arms. Growling, he reaches and lifts my right leg. A gasp leaves my mouth, and I open my eyes. I could feel his shaft hard against my wet entrance. It was hot, and it was throbbing. Feeling my face burning, I turn away.

“C-Can you please l-let go?” I mutter, embarrassed.

Growling softly, he bits me softly on my jaw. The sensation made me gasp. I was dying to feel him.

Lifting me suddenly, I yelp and put my legs around him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

His eyes were full of lust. I even saw them slit like a snake.

“I’m…” Dimitri said but stayed quiet.

Stopping halfway, he stares at my face.

Crap, I thought. I had forgotten about the wound, the smell of blood still lingering on my face.

“What happen to your face?” Dimitri asked with a soft growl.

“It’s nothing,” I lied, “I fell in training and got hurt, but Michael treated it.”

“Are you lying?” Dimitri asked.

My heart started beating nervously. I needed to get down and away from him.

“Tell me, what happened?” Dimitri asked with a tone in his voice that felt like a warning.

“Nothing. You can ask Damian.” I said, panicking.

Putting me down, Dimitri pulls me over and throws me on the bed.

“Fucking lies!” Dimitri growled loudly.

Everyone on the floor must have heard him. I cringe at how close he was. His face looked contorted. Getting scared, I back away. He looked like a monster.

“I-I’m not lying!” I said, scared. His eyes looked at me with anger.

“DAMIAN!” Dimitri yelled loudly, making the whole room shake.

My eyes started brimming with tears.

“Don’t you dare cry!” Dimitri said as he held my arm, “Stop being a baby.”

Barging through the doors, Damian stands confused and worried as he sees Dimitri angrily holding me.

“Is everything all right with your majesty?” Damian asked as he looked between us.

“What happened to Valkyrie?” Dimitri asked as he gripped my arm.

“You’re hurting me!” I said as I tried to lose my arm from his grip.

“I ask, what happened to her face!” Dimitri yelled, making me cry in pain.

“You’re hurting her, Dimitri!” Damian said, glaring at his brother.

“Answer, Damian!” Dimitri said.

I looked at Damian. I was begging for him to make up a lie. To tell him I fell, anything. Dimitri was furious.

“She fell,” Damian said with a frown, “Let her go.”

Dimitri growled and let go of my arm. A slight bruise started to form as he gripped it firmly. I was backing away. I get off the bed and run out of the chambers.

How could he treat me like that? Would his temper always affect me? It felt like I was going to suffer if I stayed closer to him. But then, running down the grand stairs and turning, I bump into someone. I was falling flat on my butt.

“Ow,” I said, grabbing my back.

“Fucking watch where you are going?” a female voice retorted.

Opening my eyes, I look at the woman standing before me, her silver eyes glaring at me furiously.

“Fucking pest, apologize!” the woman retorted.

Standing up, I scoff and walk past her.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” the woman said, pulling my arm. Her nails dig into my skin.

“Please let go,” I said calmly.

“Ha, until you apologies, bitch. Now kneel and say sorry.” The woman said.

“Enough, Lilly!” a voice said from behind.

Looking over at her, who it was. I saw Leo looking at her with a frown.

“Don’t forget who she is,” Leo said, “Let her go.”

Scoffing, the woman yanks me over and growls. She turns me, pulling a dagger and pressing it on my neck.

“Who?” This slave, you mean?” the woman’s name Lilly said furiously. “She’s just a slave!

“Lilly!” Leo said, growling. “Fucking let her go!”

“If I don’t want to? What will you do?” Lilly said as I felt the dagger pierce my skin.

“If you don’t let her go, I will kill you!” A voice said with a deadly aura.

Dimitri and Damian were coming down the stairs. It pissed Dimitri, a small vein popping on his forehead.

“She’s just a fucking slave, Dimitri,” Lilly said with a smile, “Let’s just kill her, or what you’re keeping her as a pet?”

Snapping furiously, Dimitri walks over and hits her in the face. Falling backward, Damian runs towards me and lifts me. Unfortunately, the movement caused her dagger to cut me more. I was bleeding.

“Fuck,” cursed Leo, “I’ll call Michael.

Holding the wound, I hear growls. The hall shook. Taking me in his arms, Damian runs the opposite way.

“Don’t look back,” Damian said.

I didn’t care what was happening back there. What worried me was that blood was oozing like a river down my neck.

Dashing, Damian runs down the set of stairs and turns left where Leo was with Michael.

“Fuck’s sake, what happened?” Michael asked as he looked at me.

“It was Lilly,” Damian spat.

Setting me down on a bed, Michael removes my hand.

I started coughing. I could feel the burning sensation on my neck. Watching Michael’s hands move, I see a slight blue hue appear.

“You will be fine. Don’t worry.” Michael said.


Ten minutes later, I laid down with a small cloth on my neck.

“Will she be fine?” Leo asked.

My eyes were closed. The trembling of the palace had seized a few minutes prior.

“Yes, the wound was superficial, but it touched important veins,” Michael explained.

“Damian hasn’t come back,” Leo whispered as he glared at the door.

“He must control Dimitri,” Michael said.

Sitting up, I hold my neck carefully.

“Careful, Valkyrie,” Michael said as he helped me up. “Just stay laid down for a while.”

“No…” I breathed.

“Stop being stubborn and listen to Michael,” Leo suddenly snapped.

“It’s just a cut, and you healed it,” I said.

“Yes, and you were lucky,” Michael said with a sigh, “What happened out there?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said, averting my eyes.

“Nothing?” Leo retorted, “Lilly disrespect you!”

Flinching at his words, I look away.

“No, she didn’t,” I accused, “It was my fault.”

“Was it?” Michael asked as he sat next to me on the bed, “Look, it seems you are still unaware of your position here.”

“Yes, Michael is right,” Leo said as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

“I’m just a slave,” I mumble, “This is the way they have always treated me.”

I heard Leo scoff. Michael just watched me, saying nothing.

I didn’t understand where they were getting the idea that I was more than a slave. Dimitri told me I was his mate, his woman, his.

Remembering what he told me. I curse.

“It seems you remember,” Leo said, smirking.

“N-No way!” I stutter confused, “I’m just a slave,” I repeat.

“No, you’re not just a slave,” an angry voice said.

Snapping my head to the chamber’s entrance, I saw Dimitri with a cut on his chest glaring at me. Small scales started covering the wound.

“It seems you have forgotten your place,” Dimitri said as he walked over but stopped when his eyes moved to my neck.

Frowning, he looks at Michael.

“The dagger cut her. But she shall be fine, your majesty,” Michael said with a bow.

Lowering my gaze, I play with my hands. I could feel the tension in the air. My hands started shaking.

“Go to the chambers, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said lowly, a slight chill crawling up my skin.

“Don’t!” Leo intervened as I stood up.

“Move, Leo,” Dimitri growled.

“No, listen up. Valkyrie did nothing wrong,” Leo said, defending me. “She is our queen, so there’s no need for her to get punished.” Leo spat, making Dimitri growl angrily.

“I-It’s ok,” I said, grabbing his raised arm and moving it with shaky fingers.

Bowing, I run out of the room. I ran up the stairs and headed back to Dimitri’s chambers. He looked pissed. Hearing a loud growl, I silently cry. I knew he wouldn’t let me go this time. Reaching for the rooms, I close the door and sit on a wooden chair. After some minutes, the door opened and shut with a bang. I didn’t dare move.

Then I felt it, the pain on my scalp.

“It seems I need to teach you a lesson!” Dimitri said as he pulled me from the hair and made me yelp in pain.

“I’m sorry….” I cried.

“Stop crying!” Dimitri hissed, “I hate seeing you cry. Is that all you can do?”

I tried to make him lose his grip on my hair, but he pulled harder.

“I’m so sorry,” I stutter as I hold my tears.

“Listen carefully, Valkyrie, let this be the last time you let someone do shit to you. I don’t want a mediocre queen. I need someone who knows what her place is, and you are my queen. That means this future den queen! We dragons hate weak people.” Dimitri spat angrily. “So stop being useless.” With that, Dimitri threw me to the floor.

Pulling my legs close to my chest, I stayed silent, watching him. He was furious. His face was a mix of monster and human. His chest was rising with every deep breath he took in.

“If I wanted a useless woman, I would have you tied as the slave you are,” Dimitri said as he threw the chamber’s doors loudly, leaving me all alone in a complete mess.

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