Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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7. Brothers Conflicts

Damian POV

My brother has always been one of the dragons who had dominion over others. His way of acting could be a pain in the ass. But that’s what made him an excellent king. As a horde of dragons, we all needed one to rule us, to maintain that balance. Without a king, we were just a horde, and as royal dragons, my brother became king for being the oldest one. I was thankful; I hated being king—too many responsibilities for me. I wasn’t the type to handle the stuff they required a king to do.

But as time started passing by, my brother started changing. Somehow his monster side started taking control over him, making it difficult for him to look less human. We dragons need a mate, and we lust for that companion like crazy monsters we are. Unfortunately, my brother has been neglecting that. He wouldn’t even fuck a woman because he just wanted his mate. Finally, as funny as it may sound, he found her. A human slave and with a curse.

My first impression of her was her determination. I know my brother had the same feeling. When he stood before her, and she raised her sword with the decision, I saw a woman determined to live. Shocking was when my brother said she was his mate.

Once we arrived home, she looked like a mouse getting scared for everything, but mostly it would be towards my brother. Dimitri was the type that didn’t know how to treat a woman, so that’s why I would intervene most of the time.

Days passed by, and I started noticing this human slave more. The more I watched her, the more intrigued I became, especially from her eyes. That peculiar eye on her made me think a lot. Why did she look like someone I knew? That familiarity made me desire to learn more about her.

Valkyrie was a slave, and by the looks, it’s been a while she’s been a slave. But, when I talked with her, I could see that behind that fragile body hid someone stronger.

“You sure about this?” I asked her as she headed towards one of the platforms with Leo.

“Yes, I would like to try,” Valkyrie said with a smile.

Something must have gotten to her when she asked if she could train as a warrior. For even a second, I thought she was crazy. A human training with a dragon never seen before. But still, I allowed her.

Leo gladly obliged and started teaching her; amazed by her, she could learn quickly. Valkyrie had known the fighting skills as no other could. She was quick and precise. Too excited for her skills, I asked Leo to take her to the fighting platforms with the new dragons. Eager, I pulled her and made her fight.

She was amazing. Now I could see what I saw the first night. That determination was once again on her. She was a fighter, and she was our queen. I knew some dragons were skeptical because she was a human, but they would have to obey; they had no other choice.

Now the problem would be Dimitri. Again, his anger and temperament were an issue.

Hearing that Dimitri was heading back, I excused myself and disappeared towards the cave entrance. As expected, Dimitri looked pissed. He had been out all night because of a fight he had with Valkyrie. Somehow I thought maybe telling him what Valkyrie was up to was a good idea. How wrong I was.

Dimitri exploded in anger and started yelling at Valkyrie. I slapped myself, knowing this beast had no remedy. I tried to stop him, but there was no way. I saw as Valkyrie yelled in Dimitri’s arms.

More days passed, and I knew things hadn’t progressed between Dimitri and Valkyrie. She looked scared of him. And how right I was when things got ugly between Valkyrie and Lilly; Dimitri snapped. Now Valkyrie was hurt, and Dimitri was fighting with Lilly.

I took Valkyrie away that day and asked her not to look because she would fear Dimitri forever if she had looked back. Then, leaving her with Michael and Leo, I headed back. The whole place trembles as those two fight to the death inside the palace.

“Someone needs to stop them!” someone yelled.

Running, I headed up the stairs. Stopping as the two bites each other.

“ENOUGH, DIMITRI!” I yelled. It was useless, but I needed to stop both of them, especially Dimitri. He would kill Lilly for defying him.

Almost everyone knew Lilly wished to be queen. She has always been trying to get on Dimitri’s pants, but that would only work occasionally. Dimitri didn’t like her, and Lilly knew. She so knew that Dimitri had found his mate angered her more.

Cursing, I move everyone with a growl, transforming into a dragon I get between Lilly and him.

“Enough, brother!” I said through the mind link, “Enough!”

“Get out of the way!” Dimitri growled.

“No, I won’t! Do you want to scare Valkyrie?” I snapped at him.

Dimitri growled lowly. He looked behind me. Lilly was bleeding a lot; a missing chunk near her neck bled awfully.

“Let her go. I will take her to the dungeons,” I said as I glared at Dimitri, who was huffing in full anger.

With a slow growl, he turns away, and I turn my attention back to Lilly. Once we had to turn back to our human form, I took her to get treated. But, of course, we were not expecting what was happening between Dimitri and Valkyrie.


Returning once, I locked Lilly. I bump into Leo.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, confused.

“Your brother took Valkyrie away. He looked furious,” Leo explained, making me growl in frustration.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“I heard him upstairs. Are you coming?” Leo asked as I nodded and followed behind him.

No one was in Dimitri’s hallway. It seems like everyone was avoiding this place.

Heading towards his bedroom, I open the double doors. Valkyrie was in the corner of the chambers. She cried silently.

“Valkyrie?” I whispered as I kneeled and checked on her.

“D-Damian?” Valkyrie stutter. She looked afraid. What did Dimitri do to her?

“Dimitri isn’t here!” Leo said as he looked outside, “Do you know where he is?” Leo asked Valkyrie. She shakes her head.

“Come, let me take you somewhere else,” I said, offering my hand.

“NO!” Valkyrie said, panicking. She pushed my hand away and back away more.

“Hey Valkyrie, listen,” I said as I moved her hair away from her face, “Come, Dimitri will not do you any harm.”

“I c-can’t! He s-said not t-t-to go. I have t-t-to stay,” Valkyrie stuttered nervously. The poor woman was scared. Sighing, I stand up and mind link, Leo.

“Try to see where Dimitri is,” I order.

Leo nodded and turned as he went out of the balcony again. Grabbing a goblet, I fill it with water. Offering it to Valkyrie, she calmly takes it and drinks it. Her hands tremble.

“He is in the throne room,” Leo said after a while.

“Very well, stay with Valkyrie for a while. I need to see Dimitri,” I said and walked out of the chamber.

Listening to a loud growl, I debate if I should even step inside the room. Pinching my nose, I heard another loud growl that made the whole place shake. The double doors opened, and out walked one of the elders, scared. Taking a deep breath, I walk in and slightly bow. Taking a seat, I watch everyone around me. They all had their eyes on me. Raising my eyebrow, I look at them. What were they expecting me to say?

“Anything else?” Dimitri asked as he gripped the golden throne.

His face looked contorted. He was seething in anger.

“Yes,” my grandfather suddenly said, making me snap my head his way.

Cursing under my breath, I close my eyes and wait for his comment. He would make Dimitri mad.

“It’s about that woman,” my grandfather said with distaste.

“What with her?” Dimitri asked calmly, making me open my eyes.

What was this? Dimitri looked calm; he even leaned back on his throne.

“We saw her training with other dragons. So it seems you are training her to be a queen?” my grandfather asked, making me look between him and Dimitri. Where the hell was he going with all these questions?

Dimitri stayed quiet. He just stared at him. Somehow he had calmed down.

“Continue,” Dimitri whispered.

“We all here expect her to be a rightful queen next to you, but we have a small doubt,” my grandfather hissed.

“Here we go,” I mumble, knowing some of them heard me.

“And what might that be, grandfather?” Dimitri asked, raising his eyebrow.

“That she’s a slave,” my grandfather splat.

I closed my eyes and waited for it. A growl that we could hear down the mountain made the whole palace tremble. Everyone flinched even though I did. Slamming his hand on the throne, Dimitri leans.

“Could you repeat that?” Dimitri growled.

My grandfather flinched. I knew he feared Dimitri, but that wouldn’t make him back away.

“I said that woman is a slave!” my grandfather said as he growled back to Dimitri.

“And here we have it,” I said aloud, making sure grandfather heard me.

“What?” grandfather snapped at me with confusion.

“Everyone out!” I ordered as I stood up and walked towards the front, “NOW!”

Every elder stood up and started leaving. Glaring at my grandfather, I throw him a warning. Dimitri was gripping the throne so hard he was about to snap. His long dragon nails make a screeching sound as he tries to dig them into it.

Hearing the doors close, I turn towards my grandfather.

“Could you please refrain from saying that she is a slave?” I snap at him.

“Why is that? She is a slave, isn’t she? How can someone like her be a queen?” my grandfather retorted with a scoff.

Looking at Dimitri, I see him panting.

“Grandfather, let me remind you that our past ancestors, including you, had a queen that was human,” I hissed.

“But not a slave,” my grandfather barked back.

“Enough!” Dimitri said as he looked at us.

His face was half-shifted. Scales spread across his body.

Rolling his shoulders, Dimitri takes a deep breath.

“I decide who my queen is. Now refrain from unnecessary comments,” Dimitri hissed.

Scoffing, my grandfather stands up. Then, without another word, he left.

Turning my attention back to Dimitri, I slump my shoulders.

“You know you have to learn to control that behavior,” I said as I sat back down, “You’ll make every fear you.”

“Is my brother worried?” Dimitri spat as he leaned back in his seat.

“Yes,” I said, glaring at him intently, “Especially when it’s about the queen.”

Raising his eyebrow, Dimitri glares at me. He may take it as an offense, but I had to be honest with him.

“What did you say?” Dimitri asked as he stood up and walked down the stairs.

“I said that you have to change,” I said as I stood up and walked to the front.

Facing Dimitri, I stop and look at him. We both were the same height, so we were equal. However, I could see Dimitri’s face contorting. His beast was taking the better of him.

“You think you may tell me how to treat a woman?” Dimitri growled.

“Yes!” I said, not backing up, “Valkyrie doesn’t deserve to get treated like that.”

Grabbing my shirt, Dimitri pulls me.

“And how am I supposed to behave then?” Dimitri hissed.

His hands were now claws. He gripped on my shirt, getting tighter. Showing him didn’t bother me. I grabbed his arm.

“Treat her like your queen. Don’t forget that mates are supposed to be our equals,” I said as I tightly forced his hand away from me, “She is our queen, and she is the one who will bear your child. What she least deserves here is for you to abuse her. I think she already had enough of that.”

Punching across my face, I fall.

I could feel blood on my mouth. Spitting, I turn and look up. Dimitri seethed in anger. What was Dimitri’s problem? This was not my brother.

“I do with her what I want!” Dimitri said.

He tried to punch me again, but I moved, and his hand hit the ground.

Standing up quickly, I stand in a defense position. Was Dimitri going to fight me?

“Yes, you do, but you do it correctly,” I spat as I rubbed my hand on the face. “So get on that little fucking head of yours that Valkyrie is your queen, not a pet to be treated however you want.”

Growing, Dimitri throws himself over me. Claws and growls were all you could hear outside the throne room.

Kicking him in his gut, I make a flip and stand up.

“If you continue like that, you will lose her,” I hissed furiously.

“Lose her?” Dimitri asked as he groaned and stood up.

“Yes, lose her. Someone else might steal her away!” I said through gritted teeth.

“NO ONE WOULD DARE!” Dimitri said as he threw a punch, but I grabbed it midair.

“Oh, brother, how wrong you are,” I said, smirking, “Because I would dare to!”

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