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7: Gbemiga


In the early 90s i lived with my aunt; pamella in ikoyi. Despite she was meant to be my guardian, she was mean and horrible as the devil could ever be.

My mum, who unfortunately became a single mother (because popsi walked out on us unceremoniously) decided to go back to school in the UK.

She usually sends me money through my aunt and occasionally, my aunty will send my mum photos of me looking well dressed and crossing my legs in her sitting room with her smiling happily with me; when in reality, I was miserable and wasn’t allowed to even sit on her sofa or eat from her China wares (most of which belonged to my mum).

In the street where we lived, my aunt was the big deal . She was a society lady and was what you could describe as “yellow sisi” (all from bleaching). She had 4 cars. A Mercedes benz, Daewoo racer, santana and 504. All of which were high profile cars in the early 90’s.

She had shops and a Boutiques scattered all around Lagos but the flamboyant lifestyle she lived was definitely not just from her businesses.

Aunty Pamela had a husband (uncle Gbemiga) who was constantly fighting with her. He was Tall, good looking and slim. His look reminded me of men in the 70s you see in black and white photos.

Afro hair, athletic build and a thick side burns that led to an equally thick moustache. Uncle Gbemiga was younger than my aunt and like me, was equally treated as a slave. Every time he argued with aunty Pamela, she never failed to remind him who “gave him a life”.

He was well spoken, educated and very intelligent. Sometimes i wondered why he indeed didn’t have a life of his own. He managed her business and was constantly accused of being a thief. My aunt had 2 children and rumour had it that they were not Gbemiga’s . I first thought it was just nature’s error that the kids turned out ugly until i saw aunty Pamela’s sugar daddy. He was the spit copy of the kids. He was fat and beyond ugly. He looked like your typical wizard in Nollywood movies.

Obviously, he was the major butter on aunty Pamela’s bread and anytime he came around the house, myself and Gbemiga became practically invisible. If he was to spend the night, Gbemiga will join me in the boys quarter until he left. The only time he (Gbemiga) had a life or was allowed in the picture was when aunty Pamela had an event to attend and needed a human accessory to flaunt for society.

One good thing was that aunty Pamela was hardly in town so we (myself and Gbemiga) had the house to ourselves. We were smart not to take too much advantage of the situation because on several occasions, she had shown up unexpectedly at odd hours. Obviously hoping to catch us using her house for something dreadful.

I finished my final exams and my results was fantastic. Gbemiga was over the moon because he had always been encouraging, tutoring and motivating me to be the best. He was the father and brother i never had.

When aunty Pamela returned from wherever she went to, Gbemiga told her of my results and all she could say was ...”so?...after all... other kids are doing better. ”

“what sort of statement is that madam? What the hell do you mean?”

Gbemiga asked with irritation.

“meaning he will not become anything in life. He’s going to be as useless as his father....or should I say mother. Between both Of them sef i don’t know who is leading” she said while laughing at her joke.

I didn’t know when tears began falling from my eyes. Now; i have seen Gbemiga angry but never have i seen him loose his cool the way he did when he looked at me. Even aunty Pamela was surprised. He spoke to aunty Pamela in a manner that it took her minutes to reply. He called her a soulless Harlot and cursed the day he met her. She was about making her statement of “i gave you life” and before the words left her mouth, Gbemiga fired at her. He told her he worked for his money and was no husband of hers. “really!!!!!! so what are you doing under my roof?” aunty Pamela raged in defence as she was red and sweating out of devilish anger.

“I will move out of your roof and go to the boys quarter if that will make you respect yourself . The agreement we had on my contract stated that an accommodation was the bonus”.

He began packing his things. Aunty Pamela began clapping her hands over his head and kept raining insults. Telling him a woman is feeding him and he was no man.

Witnessing all the drama was so Embarrassing that i wished I wasn’t in the house. Both of them really exposed themselves and i heard alot.

Among the things I heard was that Gbemiga once lived in Akwa-ibom state and had excellent qualifications. His mother (who passed away) use to be aunty Pamela’s friend. Aunty Pamela had promised heaven and earth to Gbemiga only if he would move to Lagos and manage her businesses. As time went on, aunty Pamela made a bargain that they go into an arranged marriage because she was worried about what people will say if they discovered she was pregnant out of wedlock ( therefore making the rumours about my cousin's father true). She also never allowed Gbemiga keep any relationship with another woman even though they agreed he was free to do his thing. She began asking for conjugal rites from him which was breaking their agreement. Gbemiga accused her of using juju (voodoo) on him. During the course of the shouting and argument, Gbemiga told Pamela she was nothing without him; and this; i believed.

Pamela didn’t have the brains for doing business and Gbemiga ran everything for her.

I was still in tears when he came into my room and tried to console me. He hugged me and rubbed my back telling me to take it easy. Even though i was emotionally wrecked, i could not help but notice the feel his dick on my body as we stood in an embrace. I pretended to cry some more so that we could remain in that position for a little more longer. That night, i slept in his arms with my back to him with Our naked topless warm bodies embracing.

Uncle Gbemiga eventually moved into my room and that's how we became room mates.

One day, I woke up alone and it seemed Gbemiga was out. He returned shortly with breakfast which he ate. Aunty Pamela was out but returned shortly. She came to the boys quarter (something she doesn’t do) and asked Gbemiga about some supplies. She also asked him to go to one of her shops to deliver some items but Gbemiga told her that he had other plans and will do business later. Her eyes turned red with anger but she tried to manage herself. She asked where he was going to and he told her he was taking me out. “who is going to be in the house?” she asked. The look Gbemiga gave her was enough.

“Please try to come back on time” was all she said as she left. I told Gbemiga we should postpone the outing but he insisted we go. On our way to the beach, we stopped at an office complex and picked up a girl. She was pretty and young. I was so jealous that I refused to talk. Gbemiga introduced me as his immediate younger brother. He kept looking at me from the rear mirror and must have noticed my countenance.

When we got to the beach, Gbemiga was really flirting openly with this girl to the point he had a heavy erection which I noticed from under the table while we sat in a bar. His dick was extremely long. It looked like it was almost getting to his knees.

I was carried away by it as i just starred. I didn’t pay attention to whatever they were saying but it was the girls laugh that got my attention and made me look up. Although I didn’t know what the girl said, I could tell Gbemiga was really pissed off. She didn’t seem to care much. She kept sipping her fanta and nodding to the sound of shina Peters coming from the bar.

There was a long silence and she looked at my face as if doing an inspection. Looking at my nails, she then asked “what is on your nails?....are you a girl?” (referring to my well self manicured and polished nail).

As a troubled youth, i have developed metal skin and not only was i capable to see shade; i knew how to uproot any tree that provided it. Arching a brow, i replied “what is on my nails? You’re a woman. You should know what it is...”.

As i expected, she didn’t see it coming. Obviously she felt insulted and said “is like you lack home training”. As she spoke, she used her straw to splash the remenant drops of fanta on my face.

Gbemiga’s eyes and mouth opened wide with shock. So furious, i stood up and splashed what was left in my glass on her face. I was ready for a fight.

She tried reaching for her shoes (obviously to throw it on me). At this point, Gbemiga was trying his best to defuse the situation. She threw her shoes at me and i ducked. She reached for Gbemiga’s bottle and that was when i quickly used the table to shove her to the floor. As i advanced towards her, Gbemiga caught me and pulled ME away quickly. But he was a little too late. I kicked a large amount of sand towards her that landed on her head and face.

“are you mad?” Gbemiga hissed at me and suddenly white light flashed in my eye as my cheek stung. He slapped me. With my hand on my cheek, I froze. I could see a hint of panic cloaked in apology on his face.

His guest began to swear at me and Gbemiga warned her to shut her mouth. But she didn’t. “you started this mess....why did you splash a drink on his face?” Gbemiga asked her while trying to defend me.

“useless Man. Why won’t you side him? Come and fuck toto let God punish you” she yelled like a mad woman.

Small crowds began to gather and Gbemiga ordered me to start going towards the car. I could hear her screaming as i walked to the car park. Few seconds later Gbemiga joined me and we drove home.

“am done with them. Worthless piece of shit.....All of them!!!!!” he cursed under his breath. I still pretended to be in pain as i bowed my head and held my cheek.

“sorry about that” he said as he reached for my thighs and squeezes them to aid his apology. I didn’t move nor say a word.

Once we got home, I went straight to bed and faced the wall. As i began to sob silently, i could feel pressure on the bed as if someone had sat down beside me. “chu chu”-( a pet name he'd given me) he called. I didn’t respond. I felt the warmth of his large palms on my back as he began to gently caress it. He apologised once again and joked that if I continue to cry, he too would join me. I smiled to myself but because my face was to the wall, he couldn’t see me. “chu-chu” he called again. “why are you doing this naw?” He asked with passion in his voice. His hand was still on my back. Gbemiga who was now laying beside me began mimicking an awful weeping howl that forced me to laugh.

I rolled over into his arms as cuddled me close to his chest. He apologised once more and we both began talking. I first of all teased him about the girl whom I had a brawl with. He tried defending himself saying she wasn’t his type and that all he needed was a shag. He asked me what sort of girl i fancied and if i had a girl friend. I told him i wasn't really into girls and he laughed saying “I know”. He told me it was for my own good and I should keep it that way for as long as I could. He said all women are wired the same and all it takes is for one incident to reveal their true nature. He made a reference to aunty Pamela and how he thought she was nice and trusted her. We also talked about the little we could remember about what it felt like having a mother which was quite emotional for both of us

What surprised me was that while We talked , I had my hands inside his shirt gently stroking his chest hair while he idly stroked my shoulder. I thought he was turned on but there was no sign of erection on the shorts he wore. As my hands travelled to his stomach and touched his belly button his breath changed. Before my very eyes I watched his dick rise like a beast stirring from its slumber.

Seemed he noticed he was getting turned on because he made an effort to tuck away his growing penis and dis-engage himself from our cuddling. I quickly reached for his dick before he succeeded in putting it away but he caught my hand and we both began a playful struggle. He needed both hands to hold his erection so it gave me the opportunity to start tickling him as well as touch his belly button more.

“chu-chu what Is it nah??....” He pleaded as he laughed hysterically.

“show me something jare” I demanded as I kept tickling and struggling for his belly button and dick.

“isn’t it the same thing you have?” He asked.

“says Who? ...How can you compare a tooth pick to a tuber of yam?” I responded.

Gbemiga laughed so hard at my statement that tears rolled down his eyes.

When he saw that trying to convince me to forget about his dick and stop tickling him wasn’t working, he had no choice but to surrender. His dick was now limp but still looked heavy with assuring promises. I looked at it, held it and as It began to rise as I fondled it, he stopped me saying....”That’s enough”.

From that day, myself and Gbemiga's bond cemented. We began showering together and cuddling every night to sleep. He now began letting me play with his belly button while we watched TV or just relaxed. Sometimes I will put my hand in his boxers and touch his dick and he won’t do or say anything. I guess he was completely naive about same sex indulgence cos anytime I get aroused when we shower , he will ask me why am being turned on and we will just laugh.

One night it rained heavily and aunty Pamela was out of town. Myself and Gbemiga laid in each other’s arms as we slept. One thing about Gbemiga is that he can be a very heavy sleeper. At this point i had reached my craving limit for his thick and long cock. I removed myself from his embrace and turned on the light. I gently rolled him over to his back and I could see the print of his heavy dick lying on laps. No wonder aunty Pamela was greedy.

I began stroking his dick and brought it out from the corner of his boxers. I stuffed my mouth with his 12+ inches black dick and each time I forced it deeper into my throat, his breathing became deeper and his cock throbbed vengefully in my mouth. I badly wanted to take his dick in my ass and I knew if I kept on sucking , he would definitely cum from my A1 sucking skills.

I got my ass lubricated as well as his dick. Turning off the light, I stripped off my clothes and resumed my sleeping position but this time, with my bare bubble butt and his anaconda properly lubricated.

Raising one of my leg, i aimed his very big penis at my hungry hole and slowly guided him into me. Gently and patiently , I managed to squeeze his enormous snake into my oven. I began fucking his dick nice and easy when he grunted and cuddled me closer. He thrusted lazily. I paused. Few moments later I continued fucking his cock sideways style while I wanked myself.

“chu-chu what are you doing????” He asked me.

I was petrified as My heart thrashed wildly in my chest like a mad caged lion.

“oh my God!!!” he gasped as he broke away from me and quickly made for the light switch. Once the room was bright , he looked at his still erect moist dick and at me with complete grave unbelief.

“was I fucking you just now?” He asked ; hoping i would say no.

All I did was smile and roll my eyes like I usually do to him whenever he wasn’t making sense.

“Chuka!!! .....Am serious!!!! ......Answer me!!!!”

“okay yes...yes....i have answered you. Are you satisfied now?” I replied irritably as I made for my clothes. Gbemiga sank to the floor and kept muttering “I don’t believe it” as he closed his eyes and raised his head up.

“Am sorry” I said.

He didn’t reply me.

“I will start crying o” I teased as I sat on the floor beside him. I began to mimic his pattern of crying he did anytime I was upset. Gbemiga smiled and covered his face with his large palms.

“chu-chu it’s not funny....please don’t do it again”

“I can’t promise you that dear” I said as I leaned on him and stroked his head. I knew for certain he won’t push me away. Gbemiga loved me to a fault and I knew he was sex starved. Most of all, I knew he enjoyed my juicy hole and couldn’t believe my ass hole was capable of accommodating his big manhood.

“come back to the bed” I urged him as I held his hands and pulled him up to his feet. As he reluctantly stood up, I hugged him and pecked his cheeks. Gbemiga was the sort of man who had a tremendous weakness for simple display of affection and I gave him surplus of that.

I knew he was no longer upset with me

While we got back to bed, I snuggled up to him and began telling him How much he meant to me. He too, told me how I gave him purpose to impact a life. while we spoke, my hands never left his belly button and he didn’t obstruct me. His dick was still erect but we both paid no attention to it as we spoke.

“didn’t it pain you ?” He asked shyly.

“didn’t what pain me?” I asked teasingly. “say the name jor”

“you’re spoilt.” He laughed. “ Okay...fine...fine...its my dick. Didn't my dick pain you?” He asked shyly.

“isn't love pain?” I responded; as i reached for his stiff big cassava.

“chu-chu.....please nawwww....stop” he begged me. “ you’re not a girl now....this is somehow”

“There is no somehow jor. You’re talking as if you don’t love me if you didn’t enjoy chuking your big penis in my ass hole” I responded as I did away with my clothes and got ontop of him.

“ have started again o.....what are you doing?” He asked wearily.

“Am finishing what I started and besides this beast needs to feed”. I said as I massaged his now swollen prick.

Gbemiga just threw his head backwards and kept muttering “please stop this”. But it was too late. Too late. I had already brought out his cock, spat on my hand and re-moistened my yet to contrast hole as well as his fat prick.

I began pushing down myself down on him and as I sank down, he moaned so silently that it came out as an odd music note. I started riding him but he just laid still. Didn't touch nor thrust

“uncle Gbemiga please fuck me” I begged him earnestly. He just laid still and kept silent. He wasn’t responding and it felt like I was forcing him.

I got off him and faced the wall. “good night” I said sharply.

“what is it again now chu-chu?” He asked.

“it’s like am disturbing your life and forcing my love on I rather keep to myself”

“but I allowed you do what you want to do naw....Didn't I?” He sounded confused and a bit desperate.

I didn’t answer him. I just laid still.

“what do you want ?” he asked.

“You heard what I requested” I said.

“ you wish. But am doing this to make you happy” he said.

I turned around and met his handsome face looking down on me. I touched his beard, neck and his nipples. He knew I loved him and I was sure He was too.

“I have not done this before chu-chu”...he tried to say I rolled my eyes and tried facing the wall again, he stopped me.

“don’t turn your back on me chu-chu” he pleaded but still made it sound like a warning.

He got on top of me, raised my both legs up and tried getting himself into me. It was painful cos my saliva had dried from his dick so I had to stop him and re-moistened both equipment. Once he got every centimetre of his palm tree into me, we both looked into each other’s eyes and simultaneously we smiled.

“what’s amusing you ?” we asked simultaneously. We both laughed and then he thrusted so strong into me that it made me jerk and gasp.

“you like it? this what you want?” He asked me as he thrust himself into me again. This time, harder than the first one.

I couldn't help but moan “oh yes” in sweet agony.

He positioned himself properly and started fucking the thunder off my ass. I threw caution to the wind as I screamed and clawed his back with my nails. He winced in pain from my nails tearing into the flesh on his back and reached for my both hands. His both hands held down both of my hands as he looked into my eyes with serious intensity; pounding and scattering my ass as he kept asking “is this what you want?”

Even though I felt my ass hole burn from his rigorous thrusting, I didn’t want him to stop. I could tell He was loving every moment of it from his facial expressions. He liked seeing he was scoring his points and that alone made my dick so rock hard that as he held me down and demolished my walls, hot sperm shot out of my dick and splashed on his stomach and chest. He slowed down and watched in wonder as my dick ejaculate thick white creamy sperm. As i looked into his eyes , I could tell He had found a new type sweetness and definitely, he was loving every single bit.

His thrusting increased furiously as his eyes kept darting between my sperm stained dick and face. The thrusting was so strong I felt my cum building up again. He started to moan and in no time I joined him. Sperm began shooting once again from my dick and I could feel a flow of warm water falls flood inside my hole. I could swear he came. My hole was pulsating along side his massive prick and we both were panting as if we had ran an Olympic marathon.

I rolled and arched my waist while squeezing his dick with my very soaked ass hole. He shuddered and slowly kept fucking me.

“you liked that don't you?” He asked.

“so much.....i need more” I moaned.

“That’s my chu-chu” he moaned.

“turn your back and bend not done yet” he whispered in my ears and to my suprise , he kissed me fully on the lips though brief, it was deep and sensual.

As he withdrew his dick from my battered hole , I gazed with wonder at the still erect dick that stood before me. It was so thick.....full of veins....from the cap of his dick to the base was very thick. He was a confirmed stallion with original horse power. I smiled with admiration and he smiled back at me.

Without wasting time, I laid flat on my tummy. As i put my ass high up in the air, i heard him moan “yes baby” and then I felt his serpent invade my Eden. Literally i was stomaching him and had to scream into the pillow because the sensation was unbearable for me. Another fucking session commenced. He was going for his second round without delay.

This time around he was gentle and took his time. I started stroking my dick so as to divert the sensational agony my cunt was suffering from the position.

“can you fuck me everyday ?” i asked.

“do you want me to?......i can ; if that is what you want”. He whispered in my ears.

“I want to be your girlfriend. I want you to fuck me....fuck me because am yours.” I just kept saying all sorts and he kept responding “uunnn hunnnnn”.

My hole was thoroughly worn out and began discharging ass juice that made very loud slurpy sounds as he rammed into me without mercy. I had become so loose and extra wet that Gbemiga's dick had absolutely no qualms to reach into any hidden chambers in my ass.

He began grunting and jerking as He discharged batch 2 cum in my already violated hole.

To say i was exhausted was a complete understatement. I came 3x in the second round and 2x in the first round making it a total of 5. Gbemiga shot 2x but had the impact of 10 rounds.

From that day onwards, Gbemiga religiously fucked me everyday for a very long time that stretched into years.

As for the witch Pamela , she became a shadow of her past before her demise after a mysterious illness. Rumour had it her sugar daddy used her for rituals.

I have since re-united with my father and work in his company. Also I now partly base in the UK where my mother had secured assets for me.
Who said life isn’t good?

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