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2: Tales From Ghana


I got married recently and my wife and I are carrrer driven so we planned to put starting a family on hold for now. My wife and I attended te same alma mata and we are each other’s alter ego.Except for the fact that I am bisexual. This is a secret I must take too my grave because it is a taboo here in Ghana for a sam- sex sexual relationship. And being from a respected family, I must protect the name of my family.

To some in other climate, they may feel that being in the closet is an act of cowardice. Where I come from, we respect pour culture, religion and traditions. It is not about just a singular me, it is about the society and its dictates. In fact it suites me rather fine. The clandestine sexual encounters with equally closeted gay/bisexuals add spice to the pleasure. Anything forbidden is the sweetest. Otherwise why would Adam and Eve jeopardize an eternity of bliss fro a stupid forbidden fruit? I rest my case. Because of our busy schedule, we employed Sena, a boy form Cotonou to be our houseboy/cook. We normally leave home very early to beat the usual weed day traffic jam and come back around 9pm. By then we are too fagged out to cook. With Sena in the house, our house is usually well kept and a hot, sumptuous meal is always ready by the time we come home. My wife, Maggie usually go straight to bed after dinner. I take my time to leisurely eat, watch the news, have a glass of wine before joining her in bed. Whenever I was horny, she would complain and reluctantly give in to my sexual overtures. Even when she complained of headaches, I knew her g-spot and touching that place would do the trick and transform her from a wifely wifey to a bitch in heat. Our sex life is really at its peak. The early morning sex is my favourite. I like spooning her when we sleep but then I wake up with the early morning wood sticking insistently between her flimsily covered buttocks. Her full breasts and ample buttocks set me off whenever she juggled the tits or wriggle her Kim-Kardashianisque ass. So far, I had not cheated on her with another woman since we married. One lazy Saturday afternoon, we were invited to attend a wedding reception. I drove her there but I didn't like the setting. It was very boring and it did not take off in time. I gave and excuse that I had the runs and must run away. My Maggie, ever the understanding wife, did not press me to stay. I left her with her friends and headed home. When I reached home, the door was opened, the television set was on and Sena was nowhere to be found. I hollered his name but no answer.

Angrily I stormed the boy’s quarters (outhouse) and before opening the door I heard some moaning and grunting sounds coming from his room. I paused a bit and craned my neck to the door. It was an unmistakable sound of sexual activity, I was flabbergasted. This boy always looking innocent albeit in his early twenties, never missing church services I actually thought he was one of the Born Again Christians.

“Fuck me harder! Give it to me Greg. Yeah,” Sena’s voice. “You like it, bitch? You like this big black dick? You love the way am drilling your pussy?” A husky voice demanded. “Yes, yes. Give it to me nigga!”

Surreptitiously, I extricated myself from the scene and went inside the house and brought out a plastic chair and sat on the balcony facing the gate. I was engrossed in reading Ebony from my iPad when the duo finally emerged from the room about an hour later. Sena was shocked to see me but quickly mask his shock wit quick composure.

“Welcome sir. I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I just stepped out to show my friend some materials,” he said quickly. His friend was looking a bit sheepish. Materials, huh? “Don’t bother. I just came in but seeing the door open I knew you were within the vicinity, possibly taking a bath or something,” I said with veiled innuendo. “This is Greg sir. We attended school together. He works with some Lebanese nearby. Greg this is my boss,” he introduced us in a high octave voice. "Nice meeting you Greg. Hope Sena has entertained you well? I asked a bit cheekily, enjoying their discomfiture. “Yes sir. He did. In fact I would mind coming again,” he countered. Touché. If I didn't now better I would have sworn that he was deliberately being mischievous and playing with my sense of humour.

I peered at his expression but it looked all whitey and innocent. The boy was stocky and about 5’5 in height. He had a very dark complexioned skin but with the sweetest smile. His narrow hip accentuated that broad shoulder and I sneaked a peek at his bulge. He obviously packed a sizable cock. I thought I saw it twitched as I looked at that area briefly.

“I was about seeing him off, sir,” Sena said. “Don’t worry Sena, take your time,” I said waving my hand. “Nice meeting you sir. Hope to be of service anytime,” Greg said politely but I felt as if that boy was using double entente on me. Wise-ass. To be of service? That would be the day! “Looking forward to seeing you again Greg. Godspeed,” I replied casually and went back to my iPad.

Momentarily, Sena returned. “Sir would you want something to eat? I had a chicken casserole warming in the oven. It should be done by now,” he said. Yes that would be nice, I said with an ominous smile.

He hurried to the kitchen and I watched his bubble butt wriggling like a girl’s. Since eavesdropping on them, my dick was as hard as a rock. And I must assuage that hunger. Butt how. What about if he rebuffed me? But it was a risk I must take.

I entered the house and locked the door. I met him in the kitchen, washing a plate. “Sir, I will just bring – “he started to say. I was behind him in a jiffy. I held his waist to my hard-on for him to feel. My hands closed on his flaccid dick while I kissed the back of his neck “Sir, I don’t think we should” – he protested weakly, his dick rising to the occasion. “You prefer Greg’s dick to my own?” I teased.

He spun around, his massive erection quite visible. “You knew? But how?” he looked dazed and puzzled. “I saw you two fucking,” I lied. I didn't actually see them but the evidence was apparent Sir, I can explain – he looked pleadingly and his vulnerability made my cock even harder. “Forget it. It will be our little secret just like after I fuck you now,” I said.

I removed his shirt and lowered his trousers, exposing that hungry bubble butt. I unzipped my fly and my nine inches dick sprang out. He gasped audibly at the sight “No, sir. That’s too big. I can’t – “ he said meekly. “Yes you can,” I said authoritatively.

I turned him over and he bent with his hands on the sink. I dipped my hand in his hole. Greg’s sperm had already lubricated him. The prospect of fucking him still retaining another man’s cum inflamed me.

Without much further ado, I plowed home. He gasped and moaned, bucking tight his ass cheeks. The friction caused me great pleasure. It was like fucking a virgin. I started moving in and out and before long, Sena started moaning. “Yesss sir. You are sweet. Give it to me daddy. Yes daddy,” he moaned.

I held on tightly to his waist and banged him with such ferocity that I feared I would do him injury. I didn’t care. With wild abandon, I continue fucking that succulent ass. He came but I went on. After a wild, we stopped and caught our breath. Then I resumed fucking him. Then I heard a car driving into the compound. The fear of being caught was so overwhelming I thrust harder and released jets of cum into his gut. I thrust twice more before withdrawing and zipping myself. I went out through the back door and accosted my wife trying to enter through the front door.

“Darl, I just couldn't bring myself to have fun there knowing that you were under the weather. Has Sena served you something?” she sounded genuinely concerned. Yes, he did serve me something, I thought. “No, I don’t have the petite. Now that you are back, I think I am going to be OK. I missed you,” I said oilily. “Come on Darl. You only left a couple of hours ago,” she responded good- naturedly. “That is to show you that my love for you will never die,” I said gruffly. “Aww, I love you too,” she said.

We hugged and kissed each other passionately. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Sena taking the mob and he winked at me!

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