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3: Delusional Akin


In the block of flats where I live, there is this fellow called Akin and he is a very odd man indeed.

Despite he is in his 40s, he still lived with his mother and behaved like a teenager.

He would wear head phones (with the music playing so loudly that anyone close could hear) , sag his trouser and walk (more like bouncing) around the neighborhood.

Akin also has this very delusional thinking. Even though he is well educated even to the level of acquiring a PHD (only lord knows how manage), he still didn’t have a job.

Rather, he wants to be a rapper… constantly talking about how he will be signed under Jay Zs record label as a rapper and have sex with Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé when his brother ( who lives in America) invites him over.

He also has this habit of begging for money. He was capable of pestering your entire existence until you parted with your money.

For this reason, I did all I could to avoid him.

I forgot to mention that Akin was always horny and such a pervert. On several occasions he has been embarrassed by women in our block of flats including those who he had made advances on their house maids.

It so happened one day that I marked my birthday at my house after Sunday church service. Because I belonged in the choir ministry, mostly females where in attendance- and guess who showed up dressed like a rapper?


He looked ridiculous as he posed while feeling cool with himself. ( Obviously because of the many pretty ladies).

Though he was feeling like a rock star, he had no clue they were all laughing at him. He was trying to engage me in a fake/forceful conversation when one of my guest (who is married) walked up to us, greeted him politely and excused me because she wanted to have a word with me before she left.

Since that day, Akin began pestering me over her. He had assumed her saying “hello" to him meant she was interested in him. Despite i had told him she was married, he wasn’t having it.

He kept insinuating that it was because she was not fulfilled with her marriage that was why she came after him.

At one time, when he was visiting in my flat (and was still going on about the topic of the girl loving him secretly) , he said that he was sure her husband had a small dick and she was looking for a real man with a big dick like his.

That was how my ear opened.

“Do you have a big dick?” I asked curiously.

“Very big mhen…don’t you see how tall and strong I am? That is how my dick is bro" he boasted.

Immediately, I thought of a plan.

Since he was delusional about the lady in my choir, I decided to play along.

Few days later, I told him I had a discussion with the girl and she was excited when I told her he had a big dick. Akin was over the moon hearing this. He asked for her number but I told him she said it wasn’t safe because her husband was possessive and usually, goes through her phone.

Akin fell for it. TOTALLY!!!!

“Tell her I miss her"

“Tell her am thinking of her “

He will always always say to me to pass the message on.

One evening, I sent him a message on WhatsApp telling him that she wanted to see his big dick and had asked for a photo. He was hesitant at first. He asked me to invite her over to see it live instead but when I told him it wasn’t possible because her husband was in town, he mellowed.

Few minutes later, he sent a photo of a black fat flaccid cock.

“Let me know what she thinks about it" he said.

The next day, he was in my house..eager to hear what was the response. I lied and told him she thinks he got it from the internet and had insisted that I see it myself and personally take a photo of it for her to believe.

“Why does she trust you so much? Are you not sure you are fucking her?” he asked suspiciously.

I told him she doesn’t like guys like me… she preferred “ hard men” with big dick like him.

“ but Why are women so difficult?” he said with excitement and pride laced in his voice .

Obviously, he was happy because just as he assumed, his swag and cock has gotten her attention.

“And she wants to see it hard" I added.

Rubbing his hands in his usual comical thuggish way when excited, he gave it a brief thoughts and said – “cool… let’s do this".

“Bring out your dick" I ordered as I went to lock my door. By the time I got back to him, his cock was out. I got my body lotion, held his fat penis in my hand and poured some cream on it.

As I slowly stroked his cock, I was awed by the way it stirred like a beast and occupied my entire hand. His penis was thick…very thick and long. Indeed he wasn’t lying.

“that is 10.7 inches” he boasted.

And indeed for the first time, he wasn’t exaggerating. In fact, I could swear he was up to 12 inches +.

I brought out my phone and began taking pictures and videos as I stroked his giant meat. He was breathing heavily and choked in response as I tried to engage him in idle discussions.

I wanted the wanking session to be a mindless one. At some point, he held my wrist firmly as if in protest for me to stop what I was doing… I could tell from the way his muscles stiffened, that he was about to cum and he was fighting it.

Instead, I applied a little more pressure to his resistance and began wanking him faster.

“Ohhh fuck!!!!” he grunted and jerked as thick hot sperm shot out of his penis hole and soiled my hand. Loads and lots of loads of milk poured from his oversized cock while he kept gasping.

“She will love this....your sperm is fresh and thick" I said to him.

He asked me to take another photo of him with his lubricated and cum seeping dick. He also wanted his face to be shown so that she wouldn’t doubt him.

After he left, I used his video to wank myself. All I could think about was how it would feel having his monster penis penetrate my ass hole.

That same day, he sent me a message asking me for feedback. I told him she was super excited and wanted more videos.

He exploded with joy.

He began to pester me that he wanted her number and do a video call with her at least. I fed him with the "possessive husband” story again and he reluctantly accepted. But nevertheless, he was happy to do more videos.

At first, he said he didn’t like the idea of me wanking him but I was able to convince him that it was because I was involved that was why she was interested. He bought into it.

I began sending Akin photos of boobs and vagina I got from Twitter to his WhatsApp and told him it was from her. I warned him to delete after viewing because they were personal. He agreed without question.

When he asked for a photo that showed her face, I got angry with him for being selfish and inconsiderate for her as married woman and he apologized and never asked again.

He started pressuring me constantly for us to do more videos for her. Sometimes twice a day. I began to suspect it was the masturbation he was enjoying because anytime he came to my house, his cock was already erect.

He had now begun fully undressing during the wanking sessions as well. I had also started massaging his big hairy balls alongside (which he loved so much and gave him a shattering climax).

But things began becoming awkward. Akin who had now gotten fed up of hoping to meet the girl started behaving funny towards me (guess it was because I had ran out of excuses as to why she wouldn’t show up).

He also started sounding homophobic by asking me why I liked doing this “faggot shit" (referring to the wanking session). I immediately covered my track and feigned anger saying that it was actually because of him I was going out of my way to make the girl like him. Even though he apologized, I still maintained my anger. I had to withdraw from him because I knew how loquacious he could get sometimes. Last thing I wanted was a scandal.

Sometimes, even when he came to my house for a visit, (with his dick evidently standing in his trouser), I will refuse him entry or find a way to dismiss him.

I purposely became hostile despite how many times he apologized

Several weeks passed and it happened on this faithful day that I was super horny and was looking for a big dick to fuck away my stress. I really wanted Akins meat but fear wouldn’t let me pursue it.

So, There I was…home alone at night when suddenly, a message came to my WhatsApp.

Loo and behold it was Akin. He was begging me for money (as usual) and asking if I was still angry. I told him I had forgiven him and he was free to come down to my flat and collect the money.

In less than a minute, he was knocking. He had asked me for N200 initially but I had a N1000 note.

He started begging me to leave the change for him but I pretended to refuse.

In the cause of his plea, he was attempting to take the money from my hand and in that moment of body contact ,I playfully grabbed his penis.

“because you have a big machine gun you are misbehaving right?" I teased while still grabbing his member.

Shockingly, it became stiff like iron in less than 2 seconds.

He didn’t stop me.

He just smiled and said that he was upset that the girl disappointed him after going out of his way for her to the point of allowing me wank him.

I now cooked up a story that I got to find out the main reason why she never showed up was because I had suggested she sends him some money at least for going out of his way for her by doing videos.

But been the stingy bitch she was, she refused.

“Imagine!!!!” he exclaimed irritably.

One thing with Akin was that he was extremely gullible and had low I.Q.

He automatically took my words for fact and began talking about how he hates stingy women.

As he talked, I didn’t remove my hand from his cock. I stroked it through his trouser as it kept increasing in length and girth rapidly.

“Show me your dick…” I said. Cutting him off his boring sermon on wicked stingy women.

“Will you give me all the 1k?” he asked.

“Of course… and if am happy with you, you might have more". He suddenly became excited.

Akin was the sort that once you gave him money, he will loyaly stick to you like glue but won’t stop asking.

I knew if I gave him money, he’ll be hooked. It was the perfect bait. Right in front of me, he stripped off all his clothes with his superman dick standing at full attention.

As he talked about how he wanted to penetrate Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé with his giant dick when he travels to America, I had already gone on my knees.

I had never seen or received anything of that size in my mouth (and hole) and all I wanted was to push myself to the limit… I took him in my mouth and started sucking him.

“Damn you are a crazy nigga mhen" he chuckled chokingly as I forced my throat way down his massive dick.

As i took his hairy balls in my mouth, I felt his knees buck instantly.

He was evidently catapulted to the moon already.

As I sucked, to my surprise, he said- “Is like you love to be a bitch…” with a coy smile on his face.

Gasping for breath as I removed his meat from my throat, I replied

- “Hell yeah…”

and resumed my suffocation By stuffing my mouth with meat.

“You suck like a real bitch you know..?”

Damn…if there is anything I love in sex is a man who talks. He was ticking all my boxes

“Thank you daddy” I managed to reply.

“Open that pussy mouth wider" he commanded ; and I tried to obey even though it was impossible to do jaw had reached its stretch limit.

He held my head and forced his huge meat further down my throat. This made catarrh and spit gush out from my nose and I had to push him away because I was suffocating and almost vomited.

He started laughing at me as I struggled to breathe.

His cock was throbbing, moist and dripping with my saliva. I loved it.

Completely feeling as if something had taken over me, I begged him to hurt me with his monster dick.

“You want me to fuck your ass hole?” he asked sounding indifferent.

“…and hurt me” I added.

He did his comical thug hand rubbing and said – “you asked for it ooooh"

Few minutes later, I was all fours on my bed and he was right behind me…stretching and taking full possession of my man hole. MY entire body trembled with white hot pain that seemed to bolt from my rectum to my brain with such force that seemed I was been electrocuted as he penetrated me.

I literally cried as he went all the way deep inside my hole and started to fuck me without regard or sympathy.

My hole was suffering tremendously but I couldn’t ask him to stop.

I was loving it.

“You are now my bitch you know" he boasted into my ear as he hammered my hole with speed and stamina.

Akin indeed was a strong man. He really knew how to fuck.

Finally, he gave a loud roar and filled me up with his seed.

Couple of minutes later he was dressing up to take his leave. I gave him the N1k and as he left, he said

– “I will be calling you Nigga-B. Do you know what the B stands for? It stands for bitch. You are now a bitch” .

I warned him not to call me that outside but he laughed and left.

In less than 3 hours, he knocked on my door and told me he wanted to cum again. His dick was standing like a pole. He fucked me one more round and begged for another one thousand naira which I gave him.

Since that day, Akin has been on my neck for some booty hole. He really loves fucking my ass no doubt but also he has seen his ATM machine.

I think it's the money that is keeping him from talking. Some weeks ago he made close to 10k from me. And even though my hole is sore from his hard pounding, he will NEVER take "NO" for an answer.

Only heaven knows what trouble I have gotten myself into.

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