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4: Adanma Masquerade


Back in my early 20s I belonged to a cultural dance group that performs at events such as burials , traditional marriages or chieftency title inaugurations.

We where at about 20 in total. 8 dancers and 12 singers and instrumentalist. Among us dancers where 3 girls and 5 guys. 2 of the guys where strictly male dancers while the other 3 of us (guys) danced as Adanma masquerade. For those who don't know and are not from the eastern region in Nigeria, Adanma masquerade is a masquerade which celebrates femininity in men.

I was/Am a sissy and joining the cultural dance group as an Adanma masquerade was an opportunity to be myself and flaunt my femininity to the fullest in public without the fear of being judged but rather celebrated.
Call me a narcissist but I always consider myself “the pretty one” compared to the other Adanma dance partners ( who I knew where envious of me).

My crew was invited for a ‘celebration of life’ (a term used in Nigeria for anyone who has died exceeding the age of 85 or 90). Our client as we where made to believe, had rich sons and one of his grand kids is a celebrity. We were paid without negotiation so we knew for certain we had to put up a good show. So we left Onitsha (our base) and drove all the way to a village in Udi in Enugu state. When we arrived , the event was just starting. Canopies Had already been put up, The DJ was playing Christian music so loudly you could hear it from hundreds of miles away. Guests had already begun to arrive

We started setting up the electrical equipment for the music after which we changed into our dance outfit.

We entertained the crowd so much that they sprayed us loads of money. All the while I was performing with my crew, I couldn't help but notice a certain man who sat in the family section of guests. He wasn’t particularly good looking and could be my father's age ( if not older); but there was something very attractive about him I couldn’t put a finger on. He nursed a bottle of beer and sitting next to him was a frowning woman who instantly reminded you of those “holier than thou” Christian extremists who neither wore jewellery nor make-up. She wrapped her hair In such a manner that made her look dirty and unkempt. Obviously she was his wife because they dressed alike. You could tell she was irritated and judging everything around her. From her husband’s beer to our traditional dance, everything screamed “ungodly” to her and clearly she was uncomfortable.

The man I was admiring simply looked like he didn’t care if his wife's face fell off her head from too much frowning. He seemed the type that did whatever he pleased and was not controlled by wife. There was a perpetual stubbornness in his look and I loved it.

The day was already getting dark and the next performance was the Adanma masquerade dancers. I refused wearing a mask like my other two mates. Rather , I took my time and made up to glorious perfection to the point I looked like a beauty queen. Because I have a feminine structure, no facial hair and was smooth all over like an eel, it was almost impossible to tell I was a man when on make-up; therefore, i refused padding my chest ( to create the illusion of breast like my counterparts ) so as to let people know I was male. After i wore my flawless well groomed feather weight wig, I was good to go.

The Adanma dance routine involved sashaying and teasing men; so myself and my dance partners did just that. We grinded on the thighs of men, fall off, and begin to limp as if we’ve been hurt. This made the crowd applaud and laugh so hard.

I noticed my crush was smiling at our performance so I took the chance. Doing cartwheels and summersaults, I made my way to his seat. I signalled the instrumentalist to increase the tempo of the music and they did. I made a hand gesticulation as if to size up his wife maliciously (this made the crowd roar with laughter). The lady seemed like she would explode out of anger but I didn’t care.

I got in front of my crush, parted his legs, turned my back to him and positioned the crack of my bubble butt directly on his dick (which I could feel it’s softness well tucked in his briefs) and began to vibrate my ass to match the ever increasing tempo of the music. I humped, twerked, rolled and butt clapped my ass very hard on his crotch. I did a half split over his now stretched legs while my both hands where on the floor to support my balance. Even when people had gathered and were spraying me money, I didn’t care as I used one of my hands and reached for his crotch from under my parted legs. Because my ass was fully over his waist, nobody saw what I was doing. I touched his turgid penis from in between his parted thighs and mhen, was I not disappointed. What i touched felt like a coke bottle.

I don’t know if he was shy, angry or scared but he quickly pushed me away which made me topple over. But immediately, I stylishly turned it into a front roll and did a pose as i landed which made the entire crowd roar in applause.

My crush tunic shirt covered this thighs so nobody saw his erection. He didn’t get up from his seat. He just threw few naira bills towards me and continued to sip his beer. His wife was now standing few feet away greeting and hugging some group of women. When I tried catching the eyes of my crush, he quickly looked away.

After my team gathered the money which was sprayed on me, I took a bow at my audience and left while they still applauded. Our performance had ended. It was very late and we were scheduled to leave at day break back to Onitsha. Getting to the bus, I noticed food and drinks was already delivered but I really wasn’t in the mood to eat. The whole bus smelt of food and I didn’t want to sit inside; rather I grabbed a chair and sat next to the bus. I had already slept off when I heard someone cough not too far away from me. I ignored who ever it was and still shut my eyes hoping they would go away.

Soon after, A very deep baritone voice asked - “inwe lighter” (do you have lighter). I opened my eyes and right before me stood my crush. He had a cigarette in his mouth but it wasn’t lighted. I told him I will have to fetch it from my bag inside the bus. As I was about making my way to the bus, he said – “m'ga nno e'ba” (I’ll be right there) as he pointed to an uncompleted building in the dark.

When I got into the bus , my dance mates where already asleep. I fetched my lighter and made my way towards the exact spot he’d pointed. As i made my way, I noticed that the crowd was very scanty if not empty. The security lights where all pointing to the canopies which made it almost impossible for anyone under the light to see whoever was in the dark.

As I approached the building , I noticed the entrance door was locked with a big padlock. But the building had only one open widow on the ground floor while the rest windows were shut.

“Did this old man jump through the window?” I wondered. Instinct told me he did and as I suspected, someone snapped a finger from above me. Looking up, I saw his face looking down.

With a quick glance , I made sure I wasn’t watched as I quickly jumped inn. I mentally directed myself to where he was and he was sitting on a block of cement. I handed him a lighter and he thanked me. “ine'se siga?” (do you smoke cigarette) he asked me with his very rich baritone. I told him I smoke mostly weed. He asked me if I came with any and I said yes. He asked me if I could get some and come back while he waited for me- I said “fine”.

I quickly fetched it and made my way back to the uncompleted building. Scaling through the window and finding my way to my lion.

When I got back, He offered me a cigarette and lit it for me. He also had brought an extra block of cement which i sat on; and as I was smoking and rolling us a blunt, he held his phone light towards what I was doing to aid my sight.

He asked me to make his joint bigger and I did. We lit our spliff and began to smoke. He complimented my dance moves and asked if I used voodoo on him because he didn't know when he had an erection. I didn’t know for certain if he was lying or being honest but I laughed and told him a man’s dick is his true master. And added that what he had was a true master. He chuckled and said his master was small.

He asked me how long ‘ve been dancing and where I stayed. I answered him. He told me he is a road transport driver and was always on the road. While we talked, He stood up and came Next to me. “ka'm mmetu ike a'hu ofuma” (let me touch that ass very well). I smiled, stood up and dropped my trousers to my ankles. He stepped closer to me and rubbed my naked bum tenderly. “O'dika icho ka'm la gi okwaya?” (its like you want me to fuck you right?). He asked.

“ichori la'mu?” (do you want to fuck me?) I asked. He said the last time he fucked a man’s ass was in 1983 and it was when he was a junior student in CIC (an all male secondary school situated at the eastern region of Nigeria). Said he stopped having the feeling until I started dancing on his crotch and it made him erect.

He asked me if my was hole was open enough for a dick to enter. Without waiting for my reply, his thick rough fingers found my was hole and was forcing its way inside me. I urged him to use saliva and he went- “ewwooohhh o'eziokwu echefum” ( oohhhhh that's true....I even forgot). Sucking his fingers, he found his way back into my rectum.

I reached for his pestle thick cock and it was raging hard. I began to stroke it through his trouser and he quickly brought it out for me. My hand was full of thick meat. I asked for permission to take a photo of it and he agreed. Using the flash of my phone, I took couple of shots. It was so big.... Smooth...yet strong like steel. The dick head was fat and well shaped but wasn’t as thick as the middle and base of the dick. It looked as if the dick kept expanding until it’s base.

He told me it’s been many months he'd had sex or came. I asked about his wife and if she doesn’t give him pussy. He called her a mad woman and said he doesn’t have her time. He kept talking about some personal stuff and I was wondering if it was the weed or he was just looking for who to complain to. He told me he rarely masturbates but if at all he must do it, it was once in 2weeks or monthly. I asked him about prostitutes...after all, as a road transport worker who was always on the road , patronising them wasn’t far fetched. He said God forbid he spends his money in such women. That rather, they should be paying him for wasting his sperm and doing all the work. I laughed and took his fire wood into my mouth.

He kept asking me if I can withstand hard fucking and multiple rounds while slowly thrusting his fat penis into my mouth. He was also fingering me as I sucked him. Sounding worried, he said my hole was too tight and if I was sure his dick can enter. I told him to finger me hard so it can be loosened. As if waiting for a “go ahead” he asked me to lie down side ways. I laid on his large tunic shirt on the floor and then laying astride me, he stuffed his cock into my mouth and put my thighs under his armpit. My ass was on his face cos I could feel his breath on my cheeks.

This man fingered my ass hole. In fact he finger pounded me to the point I kept farting. When I fart, he will slap my was hole and say “mechi onu osiso” ( shut up immediately). I wanked and sucked him simultaneously and he began to moan loudly. He kept spitting into my ass hole as he fingered. I begged him to lick My ass hole. At first he objected but after I promised I will swallow his sperm, he went for it. This man ate my ass hole like it was his calling . By the time he resumed fingering , 3 of his fingers could now enter my ass without stress.

Rolling on his back and rubbing a huge amount of spit on my hole, I stood over him and sat on his saliva wet big black extra thick igbo dick. It entered smoothly even though my ass was stretched to full capacity.

He didn’t wait for me to settle down properly when he began thrusting furiously. He gripped my waist to make sure I was steady as he blasted my hole. This man was a proper Horse power. He fucked me like a mad man.

He asked me to stand up and I did. Coming behind me, he entered me and continued slamming into my walls. His strong hands embracing me and squeezing my chest as if they were boobs. I was hurting all over.

He now asked me to touch my toes and I did. He pounded the life out of me as he destroyed my hole. Anytime I begged him to slow down, he will ask me why I want to disappoint him.

At a point, he removed his dick and told me I should rest small before we started part three.

Part What??????? I was confused. When did he cum ???? I looked at my phone and the time was about 3:25am.I remembered, when i used my phone to take a pic of his dick the time was 1:05am. Have we been fucking that long?

In his rich baritone voice, he told me not to be tired that he had one more round to go. As i put my finger in my ass , what i felt seemed like a vagina. My ass was wet , open and had silky touch. Indeed he had cum because my was as soaking wet as cum dribbled down my ass from my gapped hole. This man really fucked me asunder.

Thank goodness I wasn’t bleeding.

While we rested, he rolled us each a blunt and as we smoked, he told me he can fuck my ass everyday because it was too sweet. He asked me to lay down flat on my stomach and I did. He laid on my back and slowly fucked me while we still held a conversation (talked about random stuff) and smoking.

While he fucked me, he asked if truly I swallowed sperm and I told him I only did that when I love someone and we are committed. He asked me if I would loved him and would like us to date. I told him kindly that it was too soon and besides he’s a married man. Once again he reminded me his marriage was dead and that he hasn’t touched his wife for over a year. He said he just needed her to take care of the kids ( he had 3 children and they were in boarding house) while he was away. He informed me that even though he loves sex, he could stay weeks and even months without sex or wanking.

I don’t know why but instinct told me he was saying the truth. I asked him about distance and he told me Onitsha was his main route. He began to pound me harder as brought his mouth to the side of my head and began to kiss me. Because my neck was hurting from trying to kiss, I urged him to change the style to missionary and he agreed.

With my legs raised so high , he mounted me and began fucking me while we kissed slowly and passionately. “You go drink my sperm nah...” He pleaded into my mouth as we kissed. I agreed to take his offer and then he thanked me with gratitude. His tempo became more slow but hard. My ass hole was so soaked and the noise of our sex was echoing all through the uncompleted building. He began to moan and stick his tongue down my throat when suddenly he got up with his hands gripping the cap of his dick. “biko zian m'epe onu gi” (please open your mouth) he begged. As I did, he held my head and aimed for my opened my mouth. Once he released his hands, jets of hot cream flew into my mouth and I resumed sucking him.

Feeling totally exhausted and sleepy, I told him I needed to get back to the bus. We exchange numbers and parted ways.

We’ve since been seeing. My current apartment (which we now share) was paid by him. His estranged wife is still there though...

I have left the dance crew and now run my own business.

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