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5: A Twist From A Setup


I have been following your stories and would like to share my story about my first gay sex experience.

I use to live with my uncle in Festac in Lagos and myself and my cousin (who was about my age) were quite close.

One day, he ( my cousin) called my attention to inform me that “one faggot” is disturbing his life. He called my attention on his laptop so I could see the messages the so called “faggot” was sending him on Facebook.

In the message, the guy was just telling my cousin that he admired him and would like them to be very close friends. I didn’t see anything wrong although I was surprised that a man will be sending another man such messages.

My cousin asked him how “close” he wanted the friendship and the guy told him he would like them to advice , encourage and “feel each other”.

I asked my cousin to show me the guys profile so I could have a look at his photo. When he did, the dude I saw was a handsome and very innocent looking dude. He seemed like a very religious person from a responsible family ( as indicated in his photos). Also, all his updates where either Christian or educational. I wondered why such a promising good looking guy will become homosexual.

My cousin suggested we set him up by playing along and though I was indifferent, I agreed to it. We requested for his number and he immediately sent it. I saved it on my phone and started chatting with him on WhatsApp.

We had an idea to request for nude videos and photos (which we will use as blackmail materials ) and to my surprise , he sent them. He went as far as showing his face. That was how innocent he was.

Honestly, the guy had a wonderful ass. Among the videos he sent was one he was fingering his ass hole which I use to use to wank along my other str8 porn ( All I do is assume it was a girls ass and wank).

Whenever the guy ask for a nude photo in return , we (My cousin and i) will tell him that the camera of the phone is bad and needed fixing. The guy will send us money and even air time with or without request. I felt guilty over what was going on but my cousin kept insisting he deserved worse cos he was homosexual.

We scheduled a date to hook up with the dude as well as hatched a plan as to how we would beat him up, extort money from him and humiliate him.

It turned out that on a Thursday night (2 days before the set up day) my cousin persuaded me to lock up the shop (which i worked as a shop assistant for my uncle (his dad)) and join him to a hang out. At first , i wondered where he got the money to want to hang out and why he was with his mother’s car. But because i know he occasionally drives that particular car on permission and he receives pocket money from his mum (who at the time was away on a religious retreat with my uncle) I guessed there was no cause for alarm.

I followed my cousin and we picked up one of his friend and 2 other girls to a bar. My cousin was spending heavy and ended up getting drunk. Cut the long story short; on our way back home, he bashed the car. His parents who where scheduled to come on a Sunday appeared the following day (Friday) and All hell broke loose.

After receiving dozens of slaps from my uncle for leaving the shop (one of my cousins reported me) my aunt began screaming “enough is enough” from her bedroom. Coming out, she held some bundles of money and was screaming that over 100 thousand naira was missing. She accused me of stealing her money and corrupting her son. Before I could open my mouth, my uncle descended on me with blows. I had to run out of the house for my life. He told me he doesn’t want me in his house by the same time the following day.

I sat outside and waited for things to subside.. When I got back into the house, I saw my cousin chatting and eating with his mother in her room as if nothing had happened.

I was so broken but I kept silent. As I packed my things, i was so terrified. Going back to the village was a horror I couldn’t deal with. Where will I start from? What will I do?

I couldn’t sleep that night. While I sat in the backyard feeling sorry for myself , my phone rang. It was the gay dude. He asked why I haven’t said a word to him since morning and when he asked me if everything was ok; for the first time (since I was 10 years old) I broke down in tears.

I poured out my heart to him. I told him what had happened. He didn’t ask me any further questions. All he said was I should meet him at a bus stop the next morning.

The following morning, I picked my bag and went to inform my guardian’s I was leaving. My aunt didn’t answer me. My cousin pretended as if he was busy. My uncle told me I shouldn’t forget to mention how he has helped me when I start going around spoiling his name.

I left the house without a word. When I got to the bus stop, I called the gay guy to inform him I was there. He told me He will be with me shortly. In less than 10 min he arrived. He was smartly dressed and looked so much better in real life. “ So I was planning to beat up this kind hearted guy who is saving my life?” I asked myself in deep shame.

He came with an elderly lady who I recognised from one of his face book photo. It was his mum. When we got into the car, he started talking about school to me and immediately I got the scope and flowed.

He had told his parents I was his class mate who was robbed on my way back to school and had to stop at Lagos. My face was still swollen from the beating from my uncle so it made the case more believable.

When we got to His house, I was humbled by his standard of living and how such a wealthy guy will stoop so low to help a wicked guy like me.

He let me share his room with him and introduced me to the rest of his siblings. This guy was the first son of his father and seeing the way he carried himself with dignity and how he was respected by everyone made me look at him with high regard.

I couldn’t compare the guy in front of me to the guy in the video who opened his ass hole and fingered it. Blackmailing him would have been a disaster. Thank goodness our evil plan didn't happen.

On my second night at his place while i slept, the guy began to touch me. I woke up suddenly; and my heart began to pound heavily in my chest. I had never done such before and it felt very odd to me.

He started caressing my hairy chest and nipples (which i enjoy alot) and my john Thomas began to rise even though I wished it will back down. The last thing I wanted was to be thrown out so, I just closed my eyes, laid still and allowed him do to me whatever gays do.

He knew i wasn't sleeping so he called my name and asked if he should stop what he was doing. I told him it was okay...even though I wished he will stop. I just laid still and allowed him carry on. He unbuttoned my shirt completely and began to suck my nipples while rubbing my chest hair. The sensation forced me to moan. He licked all over my body to the point i began to shiver without control. I have never felt such ecstasy before.

As He began to remove my trouser, I felt so shy. I just closed my eyes and waited.

When i heard him say “ beautiful" , it made me open eyes to be sure if it was my dick he was referring to. My dick is full of veins and curved to the left. I won't say its over size but the few girls I have fucked always tell me to stop or take it out from their vagina because it hurt them.

I watched him with almost closed eyes as he opened his mouth and took me in it. This guys mouth felt like pussy. He was slurping on my stick like it was some delicious chocolate bar. He began to play with my hairy balls as he sucked and then his hands rubbed its way up to my chest and found my nipples. He was twiddling my nipples and giving world class head. My whole body began to tremble and then he stopped.

I almost fainted out of shock....”WHY DID HE STOP ???!!!! THIS WAS PURE TORTURE” I was screaming in my head.

He smiled at me, stood up and went to get what looked like cream. As he came back, I almost felt like begging him to stop whatever he wanted to do to me but My mouth couldn’t open. I just laid like a corpse. Hands by my side, face facing the ceiling, eyes closed and dick; nodding and throbbing with full at attention.

Whatever cream he got was now being rubbed on my dick. It Felt so wet. I just closed my eyes and waited for whatever was next.

Then it came. A warm tight sensation on my dick cap. It kept inching it’s way down as it squeezed my penis. I was forced to open my eyes to see things for myself. My host was now squatting over me and was sitting on my erect dick. Inch by inch I watched my curved dick vanish into his ass hole. My whole body seemed to be lit up like a Christmas tree.

“is this anal sex for real?”

I asked myself over and over again because it felt so good.

He started humping on me so expertly that the sensation became extremely over bearing to the point that in less than 5 minutes, I couldn’t control what was coming. I just started discharging my sperm generously. I was so embarrassed. I felt I had disappointed him. I didn’t know how to start explaining that the reason why I came quick was because his ass was too sweet and that I can bang hard and stay much longer on my second and third round.

I just laid down like a zombie. He stood up, got a towel and cleaned my moist dick. I wanted to go for a second round but still my mouth could not open. He went into the toilet and I could hear the noise of wanking coming from the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then he came back and laid beside me. All I could say was “sorry”. He replied – “It’s okay” and told me he enjoyed it. He put his arms over me and laid his head on my chest. I thought it was kind to reciprocate so I put my arm around him and we slept off embracing.

The few days I spent with his family was heaven. They embraced me and took me like their child. When it was time for my new found brother and friend to go back to school , they gave me pocket money (alot) believing I had lost all my money to robbers. My new friend had decided that I follow him to campus because he had a flat all to himself and will love to share it with me since I had no where to go and I was grateful.

We got to his school and his flat was really nice. Because I didn’t want to be idle, I used the pocket money his parents gave me to start a small business and my friend also supported me.

About 2 months later, we both where alone in his flat at the campus and I was really horny. Even though I see cute girls around and they threw themselves at me, I couldn't make the mistake of messing up because I wouldn’t want situation where my friend will find out and begin to feel jealous.

Also, Since the time he sat on my dick in Lagos, we haven't done any sexual stuff again. Deep inside me, I was hoping I will Have another opportunity to redeem myself from the embarrassment of the quick ejaculation incident which I was thinking was his reason for not making any more sexual advances towards me. He might have concluded I was a weak man; I thought.

One night my friend was reading a novel and wore only boxers. His ass was just looking like freshly baked bread and I wanted it so bad. Damn I was so horny and my dick was standing in full attention. I had wanked at about 25 minutes prior and I was ready for proper nacking.

Even though I was shy, I decided to be brave and make the first move. I laid next to him on the rug and casually put my hand on his bare back as I asked him what he was reading. While he explained, I ran my hands to his bum and left it there. I began to gently squeeze his soft big ass cheeks and he smiled (still talking about his book). “Where is that cream we used that time?” I asked shyly.

He just smiled more and began to kiss me. Even though am not a big kisser, i was determined to do my best. Our kissing lasted for like 4 minutes or over and then he got up and left for the bathroom. Few minutes later he arrived with the cream he used. He handed it over to me, removed his boxers and laid on his stomach.

It seemed me wanted me to do the work this time. I read the label on the container and discovered it was a lubricant for anal sex. I looked at his fresh, smooth, spotless caramel coloured ass and I was mesmerized. Just to avoid feeling guilty, I psyched myself by imagining he was a chick...Not just any chick; but my ride or die bitch. I grabbed his ass and began to squeeze them gently. When i parted his ass and saw his cute ass hole, my dick kicked madly. In my mind, this was pussy and there was one thing I loved doing to pussy. I loved to eat them.

I went for his ass hole with full force. I licked, chewed, sucked, kissed and tasted his ass hole. It was like I would die inside it. His moanings where like viagra to me because the more I heard it, the more I went for it. After spending quality time sucking his hole, I put my finger into his ass and FIAM!!!! It just entered easily. MHEN !!!! I felt my dick will explode. I quickly rubbed the cream on my dick and added some on his hole. I began to enter and GOODNESS GRACIOUS it was so juicy and warm. His hole just grabbed my dick like a cop on a criminal.

He moaned my name and i went crazy. I told him I was going to fuck him well this time and I meant it.

I began fucking him like i was competing for a gold medal. His ass was so sweet, so soft, so juicy. Truly pussy didn't feel this good. Now i understood why people were addicted to anal sex either from a chick or a dude. This was my first anal sex and I knew for a FACT that I will be doing this for a very long time.

While I fucked him, something strange happened.

I began having flash backs. Things I have been through as I child, hardship I have endured, depressions and frustrations I have encountered...everything just came in waves at once and I felt an odd emotional anger. It seemed like I was looking for who to blame and had decided to take out all my frustration on the guy below me.

I felt tears flowing down my cheeks. This was what life has brought me to. Fucking a man in his ass. I could hear my friend scream but it sounded like he was far away. He seemed to wanted me to stop because he began to struggle. I held him down in a lock position with one hand in his neck as I fucked him with furious frustration. I didn’t care. The only bliss and comfort I had which was some how warding off the sad darkness that was engulfing me was the comfort and bliss of my dick inside his ass. It was giving me a satisfaction like none before and I was determined to have as much as I could take.

I don’t know how long I fucked him when I began feeling my sperm coming like a chariot of fire from my loins. Never in my life had I felt such sensation. I was forced to scream because i couldn’t bear the sweetness of it. I gripped my friend so tight because it felt like I was having a dream and was afraid that if I woke up, he wouldn’t be there. It seemed like all my sorrows came out with my cum because once I released , i felt true peace of mind like never before.

When i regained my senses (after a while), I realised my friend ( who was still lying under me) was crying. I was surprised. I began to apologise. I didn’t know what came over me. My dick was still hard in his ass but I had to remove it even though i felt like fucking him some more.

When i removed my dick, I was scared stiff.

There was blood on my dick and on his ass. I quickly went to the bathroom , got a towel soaked in hot water and began to clean him up. I began to pet him and apologise again and he stopped crying.

“what happened?” he asked me as I cuddled him. “I let go of my past” was all I said.

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